Chapter 42 – A Short Chapter

Meow! A Kitten Stumbles into a CEO Novel!
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Chapter 1 - There's a little kitty called baby Chapter 2 - Little Kitty eats Fish Chapter 3 - School Has Opened la! Chapter 4 - Young Master Ouyang Chen Chapter 5 - President is Stroking a Cat? Chapter 6 - Homework Service Chapter 7 - Physical Education is Difficult for Shorties Chapter 8 - Successfully Obtained Phone Number (1/1) Chapter 9 - Opened the Instance of the Demonic College (Hard) Chapter 10 - Meow Still Has to Learn to Grow Up Chapter 11 - To Deliberately Provoke Chapter 12 - Life Requires Movement Chapter 13 - Playing Badminton, Meow Chapter 14 - A Big Kitty, A Small Kitty Chapter 15 - Ka-Cha, Ka-Cha Chapter 16 - Experiment Group Chapter 17 - Catnip Chapter 18 - Suspected Dropping of Catnip? Chapter 19 - I, Ouyang Feng, am a Pervert Chapter 20 - Before the Badminton War (Not) Chapter 21 - Teenage Cat’s Problem Chapter 22 - A Day Full of Sorrows, Meow Chapter 23 - Come On, Team Up to Visit the Coffee Shop Chapter 24 - Gossiping is in the Nature of Cats Chapter 25 - Fate Decided that You Must Die Today! Chapter 26 - Today’s Coffee is Especially Delicious Chapter 27 - (??▽?)? Sorry, I Couldn’t Think of a Title Today Chapter 28 - Murong Nanqiu Chapter 29 - That Letter Chapter 30 - The Door is Blocked! Chapter 31 - Change of Original Intention Chapter 32 - Lunch Event Chapter 33 - Upcoming Holidays Chapter 34 - Making Trouble Chapter 35 - Holidays are not for Romance Chapter 36 - Sprinkle Sugar Chapter 37 - School Holiday Chapter 38 - Fishing for Cats Chapter 39 - Gradually Enlightened Chapter 40 - Go on Holiday Together Chapter 41 - Ouyang Chen: Laozi is going to give ge a Big, Big Surprise! Chapter 42 - A Short Chapter

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People of similar age tended to stick together, and Ouyang Feng couldn’t stop it no matter how upset he was. He could only watch as the little kitty happily played with Ouyang Chen and knocked on Bai Youlian’s door.

1028 meowed once, watching from the side with cold eyes.

It was still early, and Bai Youlian had not washed up yet. Hearing someone knock at her door, she got up and placed down the notebook she was writing in. She opened the door to see two figures—one big and one small—standing before her with their hands raised as if in the middle of knocking the door. 

Bai Youlian, who had just been used by Ouyang Chen to take the blame, was unhappy to see his face. With a low tone, she asked, “What?”

On the other hand, Ouyang Chen was in high spirits and placed a hand on the doorframe as if saying ‘laozi is very bored’. “Come play ah.”

However, Lin Jiabao noticed the blue veins popping out on Bai Youlian’s forehead and felt regretful for following Chen Chen over. He took a deep breath. “Sorry if we disturbed you, I’ll leave right away!”

He immediately turned around.

“Wait!” Bai Youlian used one hand to grab Lin Jiabao’s collar and pressed a foot on Ouyang Chen’s. “What do you want to talk about?”

Hiss, fuck.” Ouyang Chen pulled his foot back and replied with a grin, “Let’s talk in your room.”

Bai Youlian let them in, and the three of them sat by the chairs at the balcony, starting to sip on the tea as if they were old people.

Lin Jiabao suspiciously glanced at Ouyang Chen. Didn’t he say he wanted to talk about studying, so why were they drinking tea?

Ouyang Chen placed down the teacup and sighed heavily before asking Lin Jiabao, “Xiao Bao, did you really go over to my ge to study?”

Lin Jiabao nodded his head, sitting quietly as he waited for Ouyang Chen to continue.

“Let me ask you, has my ge’s behaviour been suspicious lately, such as going through menopause?”

Seeing as Ouyang Chen asked this question, he must really be swimming in a sea of misery.

“No.” Lin Jiabao learned from Ouyang Chen and took a sip from his teacup, only to find it too bitter before placing it down.

Ouyang Chen clicked his tongue twice before finally saying, “If you’re close to my ge in the future, help me keep an eye on him.” 

These two brothers were sick in the head and all looked for Lin Jiabao to carry out Mission Impossible style missions.

Lin Jiabao made an ‘en’ sound before curiously asking them, “How were your studies?”

“It was okay ba.” Bai Youlian furrowed her eyebrows, seeming to have recalled an unpleasant memory.

“I wasn’t in the same company as this female tigress. I was drilled by my second ge.” Ouyang Chen looked exhausted when he thought of his past week, looking pitiful and starved. “However, that psycho followed me over and ended up making a scene.” 

“That’s right, Murong Nanqiu didn’t bother you ba?”

Lin Jiabao shook his head, he’d forgotten about her over the past week.

“Isn’t this unscientific?” Ouyang Chen rubbed his chin. “Could it be that da ge got rid of his facade with the Murong family?”

Bai Youlian adjusted her glasses and didn’t speak. In fact, she was also relatively tired. There were more troubles than usual when she was studying, as if someone was deliberately trying to make her stumble. She had thought it was Murong Nanqiu who had done it, but she’d denied it.

If Murong Nanqiu tried any crooked ways, Xiao Bao would’ve died 3 or 4 times by now.

“Lian Lian, are you tired?” Lin Jiabao lowered his voice. Talking about studies seemed to make her tired, did she not rest well?

Bai Youlian waved her hand, showing that she felt fine. She took a sip of tea and cleared her throat. “Does the Murong family have a company there?”

Ouyang Chen looked at the stars outside of the window and thought for a while. “They probably do, but it’s just a start-up, it’s not big.”

“Murong’s eldest miss seemed to have been sent there to clean up.”

Was it…

Bai Youlian was silent, as if thinking about something.

“Ah, now I remember, I heard that their family’s eldest miss is chasing my da ge hahahaha.”


What the meow!!

All of Lin Jiabao’s attention was taken away by Ouyang Chen’s words, and he was unable to think properly. He also didn’t know what to say.

Just as he wanted to speak, there was a sound from outside the door.


Ouyang Chen lazily said ‘enter’, only to see the door knob move on its own and Ouyang Feng walk in. 

“You should sleep, you still have to go skiing tomorrow.”

Ouyang Feng looked at Lin Jiabao and warmly reminded him.

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