Chapter 4 – Young Master Ouyang Chen

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The surname of the female lead in this world was Bai and her name was Youlian. In this world, she was a hard working straight-A student. Her family financial situation could be considered well-off and with a small amount of money, she could be enrolled into Dong Chen college. However, the above information was limited to the female lead who had never met someone like the male lead before.

Once the two meet, the plot would start to unfold quickly, like a violent chemical reaction. It was said that their love not only caused ethical problems, but also death. At the end, the male lead encountered family conflicts and financial issues. Talking about a love like theirs was simply frightening.

But at this moment, the female lead – who was taller than him – looked indifferent. She wore a pair of glasses and spoke in a mild tone. However, when she realised that she had frightened Lin Jiabao, she adjusted her tone into a warmer one. “Are you a new student of class 4 as well? Why aren’t you going in?”

Lin Jiabao dumbly nodded his head and followed the female lead into the classroom.

As it was the first day of school, the seating plan wasn’t set yet and was still on a first-come-first-serve basis. Bai Youlian chose the seat that was in the middle and all the way in front. Lin Jiabao wanted to sit next to the female lead but at the same time was a little conflicted. After some internal struggles, he chose to sit directly in the middle of the classroom.

The angle there was good, it was near enough for him to be convenient to observe the female lead while maintaining some distance, enough to soothe his nerves.

With the ringing of the preparation bell, the students started entering the classroom. Some entered as a group and some entered alone, like him.

It was obvious that everyone wasn’t familiar with each other so it was less rowdy and noisier than the other classrooms.

Out of the blue, the classroom door was pushed open with ‘bang’ and a tall, lean boy walked in alone. His gaze swept over the room and maybe because he found the place boring, he let out a scoff and sat down at the furthest seat with his legs crossed.

This act made the people around him furrow their brows, silently scolding him in their hearts, including the female lead. This also left people both unhappy but not daring to speak. Nobody dared to speak to him, especially Lin Jiabao who knew his background.

Despite vaguely feeling that the man from the restaurant had a temper, he never would’ve thought that it’d be this bad.

Lin Jiabao buried his head in his arms; it was better not to provoke him and stay further away from him.

With the ringing of the class bell indicating the start of the class, teacher Li walked in. He started off by distributing the class schedule then got the students to come up to do a self-introduction. They could also self-recommend themselves to whatever class committee was there as a member.

Bai Youlian sat more to the front. She went up to the stage in a natural manner, introducing herself, “Hello, fellow classmates, I’m Bai Youlian; ‘Bai’ as in the color white, ‘You’ as in carefree and ‘Lian’ as in lotus.1Her name is 白悠莲. ‘白 means white, 悠然 means carefree and 莲花 means lotus. My hobby is reading and I hope to get along with everybody. I also hope to be chosen as class monitor, I will be responsible…”

How brilliant! Lin Jiabao stared in admiration at the female lead who was speaking so eloquently. He was not only timid but also got nervous easily, he already started to write down what he wanted to say in a piece of paper despite his brain being blank.

It was finally Lin Jiabao’s turn. He felt as if his ahoge2 Ahoge, a Japanese slang, is an exaggerated cowlick (click here to see). According to Wiki, it adds cuteness to a character and is usually indicative of character traits like airheadedness. was going to fall off. When he was walking up to the stage, due to how nervous he was, he was walking while swinging the same hand and feet like a robot. People couldn’t help but chuckle.

He stiffly turned around to see many students gazing at him and almost couldn’t hold back the urge to meow. With his body trembling, he said, “I… I’m called Lin Jiabao. I like, like to eat sweet and sour fish, that…”

He suddenly forgot what he wanted to say and lowered his head to secretly look at the little piece of paper in his hand, oblivious to the fact that the whole class saw him doing so. “I… I’ll study hard, meow!”

He still let out a meow. He immediately covered his mouth before realising that that wasn’t too right and removed his hand. “Thank you, everyone!”

This child was so teasable, it was just a pity that he was too introverted.

Bai Youlian thought of how this Lin Jiabao kid let out a ‘meow’ from time to time. This slip of the tongue really made him seem like a cat. Anyone who was younger than year two was definitely cuter than the guy who just walked in.

At the last round, it was that bad-tempered male’s turn, who had a dismissive attitude towards this self-introductory thing. However, despite being irritated, he didn’t want to make trouble and said ‘I’m Ouyang Chen’ before walking off the stage.

Teacher Li also didn’t obstruct this little young master. He clapped his hands to draw the freshmen’s attention. He welcomed everyone to the school before assigning the different class committee roles.

Uncoincidentally, Bai Youlian was chosen to be the class monitor. The shocking thing was that Lin Jiabao was chosen to be in charge of the grades of the class. Teacher Li explained that Lin Jiabao did extremely well in the entrance exam.

The little cat in Lin Jiabao’s heart was about to adopt the OTZ pose, with his little head on the table.

The final agenda for the morning was the seating issue. The classrooms in Dong Chen college were built tilted – as long as your eyesight was fine, even if you sat at the back, your line of sight wouldn’t be obstructed.

As a result, teacher Li had the students with poor eyesight to sit all the way in the front and drew lots to decide the others’ seats.

According to the plot, the female lead would draw the lot to sit with the rich second-generation and then the two would develop feelings for each other.

This time, there was an extra variable. Lin Jiabao the little butterfly was flapping his wings diligently but a tornado wouldn’t be created no matter how hard he flapped. However, this time was a real mess-up.

He had drawn the lot which made him sit next to Ouyang Chen and Bai Youlian’s seat was far away but he could still silently observe the female lead. He had mixed feelings; he felt frightened and wanted to cry; it was bittersweet.

He moved slowly to sit beside Ouyang Chen. This gave Lin Jiabao a feeling of ‘excitement’, as if the peeping toms were all sitting together.3I think Lin Jiabao says peeping tom cause he’s observing the female lead (to make sure she is acting according to the plot’ and believe Ouyang Chen is doing the same because he’s into her. OwO

He stared at Ouyang Chen, he really looked like the guy at the restaurant. It was just that the aura was different. His aura wasn’t as dignified.

Suddenly, he remembered that he shouldn’t stare directly at people because that wouldn’t be ‘peeping’. Instead, it’d be called ‘spying’.4The word used here is 视奸 shì jiān, which is to look at something/someone in a suggestive, maybe even perverted, manner. It’s like committing assault with your eyes. 👀 He silently turned his head back and discreetly looked at Ouyang Chen.

In the end, he was still caught staring by Ouyang Chen and was shocked from his daze.

“What are you looking at, bookworm?”

“No… Nothing!”

Ouyang Chen saw that his deskmate’s stature was on the smaller side and he rubbed his jaw before using his hand to call him by tapping on the table. “From now on, you’ll obey me. You help me run errands and do my homework, then I’ll take care of you.”

He totally didn’t give Lin Jiabao the option to reject. Lin Jiabao thought for half a day before seriously replying, “Running errands is okay but doing homework is no-no, that isn’t good.”

He really was a bookworm. Ouyang Chen looked as if he didn’t hear a word Lin Jiabao said. Lin Jiabao’s opinions all went unheard.

listen idc if he’s the male lead or whateva but talking to my baby boy like that??? and expecting to live?? no no, i don’t think so i’m gonna cut him up

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