Chapter 3 – School Has Opened la!

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This sweet and sour fish was especially delicious. Not only was the color of the fish bright, the smell was tangy and the soup was thick and delicious. It melted in one’s mouth and caused Lin Jiabao’s chopsticks to move on its own to pinch more flesh off the fish, even causing the previous guilt of being caught peeping to disappear without a trace. 

He couldn’t resist letting out two meows while eating; if he was in his original form, his tail would be raised high. 

While he was too happy eating, the people he was previously spying on had finished eating and left the restaurant, but this wasn’t noticed by Lin Jiabao at all. Only when he finished his food and prepared to leave did he realise this.

When it came time to pay for the bill, Lin Lan went to the counter to pay but didn’t tell Lin Jiabao how much it cost. No matter how much Lin Jiabao asked her, she would avoid them. When he was finally sent home by them, he questioned 1028 about it. 1028 didn’t tell Lin Jiabao the actual numbers and instead told him to transfer four to five hundred over by AliPay1Alipay is basically China’s paypal. and to add some small change to the amount.

Lin Lan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh after receiving the money and could only set it aside to give this little idiot as a bonus.

Lin Jiabao, under the surveillance of 1028, went to take a shower before carrying the white cat to bed.

Suddenly, the youth on the bed had two cat ears sprout of his head. Lin Jiabao rubbed the cat ears on his own head and realised today was the weekend, the system’s energy was almost finished.

Basically, every weekend night, he would turn into a youth with cat ears or directly turn back into his original kitten form. The transformation situation and time depended on the amount of energy the system had left –  if it had enough, he would turn into a youth with cat ears and would be back to normal by the next morning. If he turned into a kitten, the amount of time needed for him to turn back was hard to determine.

Lin Jiabao rubbed the white cat’s tummy and asked, “Meow, meow, meow?” 2He meowed like crazy here @.@ so many meows!!!!!

1028 swatted Lin Jiabao with a paw and said, ‘Speak like a human, you need to practice it well.’

Lin Jiabao meowed one last time before asking in a small voice, “Meow, mummy, what was today’s mission target’s objective?”

The white cat got up and stretched itself before replying, ‘Which one are you asking about?’

“The tall one, meow.” Lin Jiabao used his hands to make some gestures, his ears shaking about.

‘That’s the male lead. He’s a big CEO, he’s a big billionaire and like the other billionaires in the world, he has an arrogant look.’

If his eyes weren’t good31028 said his ‘眼神不好’ and 眼神 means eyesight while 不好 means bad. Baobao is a dummy so he took it literally (;´д`), why didn’t he wear glasses? This question made Lin Jiabao’s mind fly in a loop before flying away.

“Do I have to prevent the female lead from meeting the male lead?”

Previously, 1028 mentioned that a certain interaction between another male and female lead caused the world to grow unstable and their task was related to maintaining the stability of the world. To Lin Jiabao, he wanted to lessen the meetings between the two with great luck, to lessen the number of interactions.

‘Don’t make trouble. If you were to go against the male lead, as a cannon fodder, you’d be destroyed.’


‘Perhaps you should pay attention to the people close to his side. Those were the people the female lead came into contact with first, they’re also the bridge between the male and female leads.’

Finally, after a careful discussion with 1028, they formulated the following action guidelines: 

  1. Study hard.
  1. Pay close attention to the people around the female lead. If anything urgent happened———immediately report it to the dean.

Despite being a private and noble school, Dong Chen had extremely strict rules. Otherwise, the talents that came from this school would not be in large numbers. As long as one entered Dong Chen college, they would have basically gotten the opportunities to get into top universities, go overseas and the like.

“Okay.” After they finished their discussion, Lin Jiabao opened the blanket and slipped in, ready for bed. He suddenly thought of something. “Since our school’s so strict, why are their relationships so messy?”

‘Because not only do they have money, but also know how to fight guerilla warfare4Hit and run tactics.. Child, what are you thinking about, go to sleep.’

Lin Jiabao obediently nodded his head and slept with anticipation for tomorrow’s events in his heart.


The night passed and the sun rose. The ringtone of a happy rainbow cat woke everyone up in the house.

“Meow~ meow! Meow meow~ meow~ meow meow meow~ meow~ meow!”

Lin Jiabao, in his half-awake state, meowed along with the music until 1028 couldn’t take it anymore and turned the alarm off.

‘Brush your teeth first and get ready to leave, don’t forget to bring your school bag.’


Lin Jiabao, with his bedhead, got out of bed, changed into his school uniform, brushed his teeth, washed his face and combed his messy hair.

After finishing everything smoothly, he opened the fridge to take out eggs to fry and made a sandwich. Finally, he carried his school bag and bid goodbye to the white cat. 1028 felt a strange feeling, like a parent seeing their child grow up and leave the nest.

He walked directly to the train station. There weren’t many people who took the morning train but maybe because today was earlier than usual, as it was only six thirty now. Lin Jiabao sat down, dozing off with his head resting on the glass panel next to his seat. When he fell asleep, his head knocked against the glass panel. The pain woke him up to see which stop he was at before he continued to sleep.

This could also be counted as a gift, he sat down for another forty minutes but didn’t get off at the wrong stop. He got off the train without a problem and waited at the bus stop for ten minutes for the school shuttle bus to bring him to school.

When he arrived at the North gate of Dong Chen college, it was already half past seven, half an hour before the start of class.  

Lin Jiabao took out a post-it note, on which was written which train line to sit, which train carriage to sit, even where his new classroom was, which road was nearer was written clearly. It answered all the possible queries he could have. 

Gifted building A304, yi, where did this name ‘gifted’ come from?

Dong Chen college was most famous for the four buildings in the North campus. When the college was being built, the sponsors funded a lot of money. The liberal arts building was called ‘virtuous’, the science building was called ‘sensible’, the freshmen building was called ‘gifted’ and the highest laboratory was called ‘wise’.

The entire Dong Chen college was very big but the four buildings were unique. Not only were its facilities always up to date but there was also a reading room on every floor. The number of books in each reading room was comparable to the number of books in a medium-sized library and there were also self-study libraries available in the college.

After walking around in circles for half a day, he finally found the entrance of the gifted. Lin Jiabao looked up dumbly at the outside of the building, how high!

Even though Lin Jiabao’s classroom was on level 3, he still chose to take the lift. Few people came to this certain building so when he looked around, he realised he was the only one around. Due to psychological reasons and the weightlessness he felt, each time he took the lift, he would hold the handle tightly out of habit and only let go when he had to get off.

When he found the classroom, he realised the lights were on. Surely there couldn’t be people?

He silently hugged the wall and stuck his head past the door frame, seeing that the furniture were all neatly arranged and that the projector placed in front of the classroom was turned off. The entire classroom was empty and quiet and probably because there was nobody, until——

“What are you doing?”


Lin Jiabao was shocked into shrinking his neck when he suddenly heard a sound behind himself and only turned around after half a day. He realised the person behind him was a young lady with a high ponytail and glasses staring curiously at him.

Wait, this face, wasn’t this the female lead??

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