Chapter 23 – Come On, Team Up to Visit the Coffee Shop

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As autumn approached, the green leaves on the trees were gradually losing their color and the sleeves on people’s shirts started to get longer. 

On the last day of the experiment, the classroom was filled with students from different classes. This class was part of the closing lesson and the instructor was going to let the students know what was the final project.

“This time, a group summary is going to be needed to be handed in and every group member must contribute. The deadline is next Monday and the work must be handed in to the class representative.” The instructor glanced over the students, staring especially hard at the most troublesome student. “This must be submitted no matter what. This final report will be recorded on your transcript and it will be useful to the students who are going overseas.”

It wouldn’t be good if someone had to meet the student director just because they didn’t submit this piece of work!

Lin Jiabao couldn’t resist turning over to the two who were currently having a cold war. “I think it’s just me, but I feel the teacher was looking especially over here.” 

Bai Youlian scoffed, the contempt in her eyes was obvious. 

Tsk, I said that I’d write it this time, who was the one that wanted to fight me for it.” 

Bai Youlian acted as if she didn’t hear anything and tidied up the table. As if remembering something, she said to Lin Jiabao, “Little Bao, let’s go over to your place to do the report together. My house is filled with bear children1Bear children are basically children who are ill-disciplined, almost as bear-like as Ouyang Chen.”

“The weekend…” Lin Jiabao used the book to scratch his head and turned to look at Ouyang Chen.

“Don’t look at me, I’ll have you know that I have a big brother at home and he looks like a monster. His temper is terrible and scary too. If you guys come, you’ll be frightened till you cry.”

They didn’t ‘plan’ for this behind the scenes but they unanimously asked Lin Jiabao to open his house for them to ‘visit’.

“I live alone.” Lin Jiabao’s head was hurting and he said pitifully, “But I work on the weekends.” 

“You already started to work? What are you doing?”

“Why did you start working, you still need two more years to become an adult!”

Ouyang Chen and Bai Youlian had asked different questions but the unsurprising thing was that both made Lin Jiabao feel a little embarrassed.

“It’s just two more years, I’m almost an adult. I’m working at the cafe near my house to earn some money.”

Ouyang Chen smiled. “I couldn’t tell that Little Bao was so independent, so amazing.”

Bai Youlian adjusted her glasses, which reflected the good intentions in her eyes. “This isn’t so bad, let’s go to the cafe you work at to do the experiment report. You’ll be able to work at the same time.”

Yi, this seemed like a good idea. If he said that his classmates were coming, the shop manager wouldn’t mind, right?

He should call and tell her first.

Lin Jiabao nodded to show his agreement. He thought for a while and said, “Do you want to choose a time to come? Our store only opens at 9am.”

“Then, we’ll come at 10. Tell us the name and location of your store. See you tomorrow.”

As Song Jie was going to be working at the store the whole day, Lin Lan wanted to call Lin Jiabao to let him know that he didn’t need to come tomorrow and to rest well. In the end, it was Lin Jiabao who called her.

“So Baobao’s new friends want to come? They’re welcome to come here. Should I dress up nicely? Old Jie, you should stay in the back, hehehe.” Lin Lan was surprised to hear that Lin Jiabao had made new friends and even wanted to bring said friends to meet her. She even had an urge to close the store for one day to entertain them exclusively. 

“Were you also added into Little Bao’s group?”

“Shut up, Little Bao’s grandpa.”

“Manager…” On the other side of the phone, Lin Jiabao had a feeling that more than one person wanted to be his elder(?).

1028 was also curious to know who Lin Jiabao’s new friends were but when it heard that his new friends were the supporting male lead and the female lead, its logical codes were all deleted. 

‘I see you have a fairly good relationship with those in the plot.’

Lin Jiabao shook his head. “Where do I have a good relationship, mummy, haha.”

‘I’m not praising you, didn’t I say not to interact too much with the main leads? You have to be careful or you might become a character contradictory to your original settings. Go scuttle over there and fill the leads’ good meters.’

“Meow…” Lin Jiabao’s cat ears drooped down.

‘If the male and female lead met, what would you do?’

“Meow meow…” Lin Jiabao’s cat tail was going to turn into a dead knot soon.

That’s right, what if big brother Ouyang Feng came that day and ran into Bai Youlian. Then the two of them… the two of them…

He didn’t know why his heart turned more and more sour and it was a little unbearable. He couldn’t say the reason, it was probably due to him being unable to complete the task and he would bring shame to mummy.

“What should I do, mummy?” The more Lin Jiabao thought about it, the more nervous he got. He was waiting for the white cat before him to give him ideas.

‘What else can we do, we can only take it one step at a time, silly.’

Lin Jiabao hugged the bolster on the bed and rolled around. 1028 couldn’t watch any further and used the blanket to cover him, even wasting a few system points to make the blanket heavier. This made Lin Jiabao give up rolling and he started to struggle under the covers.

“I was wrong, mummy, I was wrong!”

‘You stay under there and rest for a while, disobedient little thing.’


Ai, Lin Jiabao who was trapped under the blanket gave up struggling and couldn’t find a way to escape no matter how hard he tried. He could only stare at Ouyang Feng’s contact on his phone.

He really couldn’t take it anymore and thought carefully about what message to send. He reread it several times before finally sending it, ‘Big brother, are you coming to the cafe tomorrow?’

Message delivered——

After a while, he got a notification and Lin Jiabao hurried to open it.

‘Tomorrow I might be too busy to come. I’ll bring you a small fish cake when I come next time.’

(*@ο@*) Wah~ fish cake!

Lin Jiabao felt both disappointed and relieved. He picked up his phone and carefully typed out another message, ‘All the best at work ↖(^ω^)↗, rest early =3= ~!’

‘You also be good, sleep early =3=.’

Hehe, big brother Ouyang Feng sent him a kissy emoji, it made him so shy he covered his face!!


The weather on the weekend was unexpectedly cool, it was neither hot nor cold. The clouds were high and light in the sky, it was very suitable for going out. Those who had to work and do homework were pitiful. No matter how beautiful the weather was, it was still an unfortunately busy day.

Lin Jiabao left home early. 1028 wanted to follow him but the cats and dogs across the street were fighting and it had to settle their scores. It was unwilling and could only watch as Lin Jiabao hurried to leave, feeling upset.

Lin Lan opened the doors of the cafe and was even wearing new clothes today, which made Song Jie unhappy. She couldn’t recognize him.

As Lin Jiabao was worried Ouyang Chen and Bai Youlian couldn’t find their way, Lin Jiabao wiped his hands on his uniform’s apron and stared outside through the cafe’s windows. 

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