Chapter 22 – A Day Full of Sorrows, Meow

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1028’s voice cut between them and the white cat looked curiously over at Lin Jiabao before looking over at Ouyang Feng. Then, it went to lay down in the corner. Only Lin Jiabao knew that 1028’s aspect wasn’t as it seemed, its ears were perked up.

Lin Jiabao tried to turn his brain back on but he still didn’t understand how the catnip fell into Ouyang Feng’s hands.

Ouyang Feng saw Lin Jiabao’s confused gaze and realised that the other had completely forgotten what happened the night before. Ouyang Feng didn’t intend to remind Lin Jiabao of his embarrassingly adorable antics and instead, frowned and asked, “Baobao, did you eat or drink anything strange last night?”

“No.” Lin Jiabao’s brain paused for a moment. He was under the impression that he had eaten two buns and drunk a cup of milk that night. The buns were full of fresh meat, which had too much fat and was too greasy. 

Ouyang Feng pondered for a moment and waved the can of catnip in front of Lin Jiabao, asking, “Then, was this for your family’s cat to play with?”

In a sense, he was ‘teasing’ the cat with catnip. 

Ouyang Feng put the catnip back into his pocket and said seriously to Lin Jiabao, “I want to bring you to the allergy department to get a full body check-up.”

Earlier that day, Ouyang Feng had already given the can of catnip to the lab technician to examine; there wasn’t a problem with the catnip but the problem might be within Lin Jiabao’s body.

Lin Jiabao really couldn’t comprehend what he said so he had to repeat it to himself several times. “I’m not…a weirdo.” 

“I’m not saying you’re a weirdo, it’s just that you might be allergic to catnip. Last night, you… cough.”

“Last night, I?”

Ouyang Feng didn’t finish his sentence, as Lin Jiabao couldn’t recall the dumb things he had done last night. But he knew that going to the hospital for a check-up was something he didn’t want to do. What if there was something wrong with him? Lin Jiabao hurriedly waved his hand. “Won’t go, won’t go, it’s really nothing. I’ve used catnip for a long time and nothing has happened.” 

I’m done for…


1028 pretended to stretch its body lazily and let out a few comfortable meows, which carried a deeper meaning.

‘You little brat, what bad thing did you do last night?’

Lin Jiabao didn’t dare to make a single move. Seeing mummy’s gaze, Lin Jiabao knew that he wouldn’t have anything good to eat tonight. 

Upon seeing Lin Jiabao’s strong resistance to go to the hospital, coupled with the fact that he couldn’t bring up Lin Jiabao’s child-like antics last night, Ouyang Feng could only heave a sigh of relief.

“Just in case, you’re not allowed to buy catnip, in case there’s an accident.” 

“Definitely… definitely won’t buy it again!!”

His way of speaking was similar to that of a little soldier taking an order. Lin Jiabao couldn’t resist looking at 1028, who didn’t bother sparing him a glance and caused him to feel even more guilty.

Lin Jiabao wanted to change the topic and satisfy his own curiosity; he really wanted to know what he did last night. Why did big brother only finish half of his sentence? Furthermore, the catnip was in his hands. Lin Jiabao pulled on Ouyang Feng’s arm and asked, “Big brother, what happened last night? Tell me.”

It turned out that the old saying that curiosity killed the cat had some truth behind it. 

Ouyang Feng skipped the part where he saw Lin Jiabao naked and told him what happened last night. Lin Jiabao was muddle-headed so he called a doctor over to check Lin Jiabao and give him medication.

Lin Jiabao felt that he had done something really bad last night, even big brother didn’t want to say what happened. 

Only half of the story was laid out, but 1028 had already started to grind its claws.


Ouyang Feng drank his coffee, looking at work documents while listening to his subordinates’ report through the phone. 1028 didn’t plan to pay attention to Lin Jiabao as it licked its paws, laying on a chair on its belly. If Lin Jiabao were to rush towards it, it would use a death glare to scare Lin Jiabao three steps back before turning away, leaving no room for any sort of apology.

Ouyang Feng sent Lin Jiabao home again today but when Lin Jiabao was bidding goodbye, he was held back by Ouyang Feng. Lin Jiabao, who was holding a silent 1028, looked back and asked what he needed.

Ouyang Feng took out a box which had an English word written on it that Lin Jiabao couldn’t read. He passed the box over to Lin Jiabao. “I saw that you didn’t have much clothes in your closet. Autumn is coming so I bought you a few thicker clothes.”

“What… what’s the meaning of this?” Lin Jiabao hurriedly pushed it away. Ouyang Feng already gave him sneakers and now, he was giving him clothes. How could this guy be so extravagant? 

“The clothes weren’t expensive anyways. Just invite me to dinner next time, that boiled fish was delicious.”

“But…” Lin Jiabao still wanted to refuse but was interrupted by Ouyang Feng. 

“I just said that you’re pleasant to my eyes and now I wanna take you out. Turns out I’m not suitable to be Baobao’s friend.”

“How could this be, meow.” Lin Jiabao received the clothes again pitifully and continued, “Then, it’s settled. Next time when big brother comes, I’ll prepare a full course meal!”

Even if he wasn’t easily satisfied, Ouyang Feng was still happy to see Lin Jiabao hugging his new clothes, like a baby. If he were to give Ouyang Chen, that stinky brat, new clothes, it would be tossed to the side. How could the differences between two people be this great?

Sure enough, Lin Jiabao suited him well.

Lin Jiabao hugged 1028 and the clothes home. Just as he wanted to lie down on the couch to rest, 1028 jumped down ferociously from Lin Jiabao’s grasp and used its glare to get him to sit on the wooden stool instead.

Lin Jiabao, who had forgotten the terrible crime he did, immediately sat down on the chair.

‘Go ahead, exactly what’s going on?’

Lin Jiabao recounted everything that happened word for word to 1028, from buying cat litter to sniffing catnip. 

‘What is house rule 32?’

“I’m not allowed to use any prohibited herb without the supervision of the meow subordinates.”

‘What should your punishment be?’

“…One month of no eating dried fish QAQ”

“I was wrong, mummy, I won’t dare to do it again, meow! Please forgive me, meow!”

‘Don’t do that, you even hid this from me, you’re double guilty. Two months of no dried fish.’ 1028 used its claws to poke at the box, completely ignoring the dummy on the ground who was going to knock a hole in the ground with his head. It opened the box, the clothes were surprisingly soft and comfortable and the style was very delicate. At first glance, one could tell it was clearly not cheap.

‘Let me ask you, when did Ouyang Feng enter your bedroom and go through your closet?’


That’s right, just now, Ouyang Feng said that he was giving him new clothes as he saw that Lin Jiabao had very few clothes, but when did Ouyang Feng go through his closet?

‘You better think of who else you caused trouble for, the male lead definitely didn’t tell you everything.’

He didn’t need 1028’s reminder, he could already tell that much. But he really couldn’t remember what happened so he could only retrace his steps.

Last night, he took a shower and after his shower…

This morning, he put on his clothes, clothes…

So did he change his own clothes in his blurry state of mind?

As if he realised he had done something terrible, Lin Jiabao hid his head behind the cushions on the sofa, never wanting to raise it ever again.

Goodness meow, what on earth did he do last night!!

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