Chapter 20 – Before the Badminton War (Not)

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Morning passed by quickly and during recess, Lin Jiabao handed in the experiment report and skipped into the classroom. The smile on his face was similar to a flower. He ran back to his desk and took out his book, wanting to go through his homework. 

Bai Youlian put down the book in her hand and used a pen to poke Lin Jiabao’s shoulder, getting him to turn around. She raised her head, asking, “What, your leg isn’t sore anymore? Why are you smiling so happily?”

Lin Jiabao used his hand to rub his face, asking in a small voice, “Is it?”

“Look, even your dimples are out.” Bai Youlian sighed, “Do you need me to help you buy yoghurt?” 

“No need, no need.” Lin Jiabao shook his head. “Yesterday I slept very well, my waist and thighs don’t ache anymore. Don’t mention me having more energy hehe.”

“That’s good, I thought you slept until you were dumb. Today, there are two physical education lessons, are you happy?” 

“Meow meow meow?!” 

Lin Jianbao took out the little book with his timetable written in it to take a look at it. After he saw his timetable, his face turned sour and he collapsed on the table, saying softly, “Don’t be like this, meow.”

“But there’s an inspection today, do you want to inform Chen Chen, who was absent from morning classes?”

“If you don’t know his phone number, how are you gonna contact him? Worry about your short little legs first.” 

Lin Jiabao collapsed on his desk again and played dead. His heart carried a great amount of sorrow, his legs weren’t that short, it was because his body was small. At least his legs were longer than those of the munchkin cats back at the shop. 

Talking about height was really sad ah… 

Lin Jiabao thought for a while and decided that he still needed to contact Ouyang Chen. If it was found out that he was skipping classes, it would be directly updated into his online profile and would affect his morality points. 

He took out his phone from his bag and as to not disturb the students resting in the classroom, he ran out of the classroom to look through his phone’s contacts. 

Wu… found it!

As he didn’t have Ouyang Chen’s phone number, Lin Jiabao could only contact Ouyang Feng. He asked if he was familiar with Ouyang Chen and whether he had his contact information. Until now, Lin Jiabao didn’t know that they were brothers. He had completely forgotten the relationship chart that his mummy had given him.

To make a call was a little odd, what if big brother was taking a break from doing something important? 

Lin Jiabao retreated from making a phone call and decided to send a text instead——

“Big brother, do you know Ouyang Chen?”

He waited around 2 minutes and he didn’t receive any messages. His phone suddenly rang, giving Lin Jiabao a fright to the point he almost threw his phone on the floor.

He hurriedly held his phone tightly and answered the call. He whispered into the phone sneakily, “Hello?”

“Baobao, what’s wrong?”

When he heard Ouyang Feng’s voice, he wasn’t as nervous as he was before. It was similar to Ouyang Feng’s magnetic voice in yesterday’s dreams and a red glow appeared on his cheeks.

“Big brother, can you contact Ouyang Chen?”

“I can contact him, what’s going on?”

“It’s nothing.” Lin Jiabao pulled on the collar of his shirt and continued to speak, “Then, can you ask him to come back to school? There’s a class in the afternoon that he can’t miss.”

“He didn’t come to school in the morning?”

En, en. I don’t have his contact number so I can’t reach him.”

Ouyang Feng massaged his forehead. The little brat went out to make trouble and made Lin Jiabao worry, he’ll contact this bear child1Bear children refer to ill-disciplined children..

“Right, Baobao, will you be working at the cafe tonight?”

“Should be?” Lin Jiabao thought for a while, he just didn’t know whether he’d be able to crawl to the cafe after his physical education lesson.

En.” Ouyang Feng satisfiedly nodded his head and said, “In the evening, I need to tell you something. If you aren’t at the cafe, I’ll go directly to your home.”


Today’s surprises were coming one after the other!

He hurriedly hung up. Although he didn’t know what Ouyang Feng wanted with him, his tone sounded very serious. 

On the other hand, Ouyang Feng called Ouyang Chen.

Ouyang Chen picked up the phone impatiently, “What’s up, big brother?”

Ouyang Feng said coldly, “Hurry to class. If you aren’t there for afternoon class, I’ll freeze all your credit cards.”

Ouyang Feng hung up after he said what he wanted to, giving Ouyang Chen no time to react.

“F*ck, how did he know I skipped class?”

When Ouyang Chen walked into the classroom with an unhappy face, Lin Jiabao hurriedly packed his table. He pretended to look at his book while looking at Ouyang Chen’s angry expression while wanting to go behind to hide.

After Ouyang Chen slapped Lin Jiabao’s head, his heart was slightly soothed.

But just as he was about to sit down, Bai Youlian opened her mouth and said, “I thought the young master wasn’t coming for afternoon classes, I was actually looking forward to your absence.” 

Ouyang Chen feigned a lax pose and suddenly approached Bai Youlian, saying to her, “What, you’re so concerned about the young master’s state? 

!!! This is bad, why are they so close, they aren’t about to start fighting, are they?!! (It’s not)

Lin Jiabao used his two hands to grab Ouyang Chen’s collar and said seriously, “Beat… beat, beating people is wrong!”

It would’ve been more convincing if he didn’t stammer.

Bai Youlian let out a chuckle.  

Ouyang Chen turned his head and helplessly picked up Lin Jiabao’s book, pressing it on his head. “Does this little child want school violence?”

So the original plot was written like that. He took the book pressed on his head and hugged it to his chest before honestly apologising.


Bai Youlian pushed up her glasses and replied on Ouyang Chen’s behalf, “It’s nothing, it’s his fault for being so ugly and scaring little Bao.”

Lin Jiabao saw Ouyang Chen’s unfriendly gaze and hurriedly shook his head, “Handsome, extremely handsome.” 

It was time for physical education class. The salt-fish-like2Salt fish refers to people who don’t have the intention to do anything. Lin Jiabao was pulled away by Ouyang Chen. Seeing Lin Jiabao’s painful smile, Ouyang Chen smiled, “Aren’t you a school bully, is physical education class that difficult?”

Lin Jiabao rubbed his nose. He was just a little cat who could play badminton.

Lin Jiabao was pulled along to do the warm-up exercises. Bai Youlian took Lin Jiabao’s card and swiped it at the badminton station. Lin Jiabao didn’t even react fully and could only take back his ID card back dumbly.

He looked at Bai Youlian, feeling wronged. She smiled at him. “Didn’t you learn to play badminton on Saturday? Let’s play together.”

“Yo, so it turned out little Bao played badminton on Saturdays.” Ouyang Chen rushed over and passed the basketball to another teammate. “Then I won’t be playing ball today.”

Ouyang Chen swiped his card at the badminton station and said to Lin Jiabao with a terrifying expression. “Come on, little Bao. Let big brother see your ability?

See his strength? Lin Jiabao simply felt that humans were bad and the kitty in his heart couldn’t stop turning.


dreamy here~ firstly, i want to apologize for there being no chapter last week. if you didn’t know, one of my relatives passed away two weeks ago and it really hit me hard. i still miss them a lot but there’s no point in me moping around.

secondly, my grandmother has fallen very, very ill and school starts in less than a week. updates for MKSC will be sporadic for the time being as i try to juggle spending time with her at the hospital and doing my assignments but i will try my best to post every week!

lastly, thank you so much for being so understanding about my situation and for sticking around to read this. i love reading everyone’s comments <3  i may not reply to all but i do see every single of them so please leave one if you’d like. they really are what’s pushing me to to pump out more chapters!

apologies for the long note! stay safe and happy, everyone ヾ(•ω•`)o

dreamy o(*°▽°*)o

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