Chapter 2 – Little Kitty eats Fish

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Lin Jiabao, 16 years old, grew up to be white and tender. He wasn’t tall in stature and looked quite young. At that time, the system had brought him out to look for a part-time job. 1028 had carefully chosen a cat café for Lin Jiabao to try out at. Originally, the manager didn’t accept children like Lin Jiabao. Although he looked clean and obedient, it was obvious that he wasn’t grown up yet, and how could the shop manager make a minor work? However, with the help of 1028, the shop manager somehow agreed to let Lin Jiabao work there. The shop manager didn’t let him do any heavy work and only made him memorise the menu. It seemed that Lin Jiabao was made for this job – all the cats (under the threat of the system) only obeyed Lin Jiabao’s words. They always turned around for him and he soon became the lucky mascot of the shop.

Later when it became known that Lin Jiabao was an orphan who was staying alone, the shop manager really started to treat Lin Jiabao as her own little brother. When Lin Jiabao went to take the Dong Chen examination, she even paid for it. She would call him regularly, worried that the pressure from the examination would tire him out. This time, when Lin Jiabao fell sick, the shop owner almost thought it was because school was about to open and that he was too nervous about it. She almost brought her boyfriend to barge into Lin Jiabao’s home to check on him.

Fortunately, on the second day upon seeing Lin Jiabao was healthy, she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Manager, you’re twisting my face…”

Lin Jiabao went straight to report to the shop manager in the morning to calm her nerves, Lin Lan lao ban niang1老板娘 lǎo bǎn niáng = boss (female). On the other hand, just 老板 = boss (male) was only relieved after seeing him. After that, her hand started to itch and she reached out to pinch his white, tender little face.

Lin Lan found Lin Jiabao’s face to be strange and said, “Look at your face’s skin, it’s so thin. I didn’t even pinch it for that long and it’s already red.”

“Today, I’ll give you another day off. Have you packed your school bag for tomorrow? Old Jie2She’s not referring to ‘Old/Big Sister’ (老姐) but a person (老杰). She’s referring to her boyfriend, Song Jie. When you’re close to someone, you might call them ‘old (name)’. It shows your intimacy. Heard this from my mom so I could be wrong! and I will bring you out to eat at noon to celebrate.”

Lin Jiabao’s face was finally released and he hurriedly used his hands to massage it. It took awhile for him to finally snap out of his daze and react. “Celebrate?”

“Silly boy.” Lin Lan used a finger to flick his head. “Celebrate you starting school~”

This kind of thing also needed celebration? Lin Jiabao’s heart was filled with suspicion but he was helpless as the omnipotent system mama had already ran to the shelves to bask in the sun after being carried into the store by him and couldn’t explain to him what the manager meant.

“Of course. By the way, Baobao3Could be a nickname for Lin Jiabao (林嘉宝). I’ll be using Baobao(宝宝). Please take note of this, I won’t be putting it in footnotes from the next chapter onwards., you go to help Old Jie to feed the cats. He’s a big, clumsy, old man. Even when feeding the cats, he could make a mess. He’s so stupid!”

Lin Jiabao nodded and headed directly to the cat playpen4It was censored in the raws but I’m guessing it’s the area where the cats chill out.. Old Jie was the manager’s boyfriend, Song Jie. He was an extremely tall man. The manager had said that he had a fierce face but the heart of a young girl. He loved to play with the cats, especially when they were eating. As a result, when Lin Jiabao took a day off yesterday, the number of scratches on Old Jie’s arms increased, which he deserved.

Lin Jiabao had just gone in when he saw Old Jie teasing a cat. The cat was laying down comfortably but he just had to disturb it. He stretched his hand out to it, which was immediately swatted away by its paws. The cat was being harassed continuously and finally couldn’t take it anymore. It wanted to bite Old Jie, who thankfully managed to take his hand back in time.

He wanted to continue teasing it but it ignored him. It lazily walked up to Lin Jiabao and stretched out its paw, signalling for him to stroke its fur.

Lin Jiabao indeed did want to rub the cat’s fur but it was a pity for Old Jie to be left to the side so he waved to Old Jie while stroking the cat, “Hello, Brother Jie.”

“Baobao, is your body okay?” Song Jie finally stopped teasing the cats. Upon seeing Lin Jiabao’s complexion, he finally put half of his worry down.

“En, en.” Lin Jiabao rubbed the cat before adding in, “The manager wants me to feed the cats.”

“Tsk, your sister Lin won’t even let you rest properly. I can feed them.” Although his excuse was full of holes, the outcome was still in his favor.

However, Song Jie didn’t stop Lin Jiabao from pouring the cat food. Their store could be said to be rather odd; the cats here were all big masters but they all loved Lin Jiabao and acted intimate with him. Even the biggest masters who acted like little princesses acted cute in front of their store’s mascot. It was truly a spectacle to behold.

When the cats were fed and their fur were brushed, Lin Lan saw that it was about noon. She called Old Jie and Lin Jiabao and locked up the store, got in the car and got ready to head out to eat.

Song Jie drove the car up to them and asked, “What do you want to eat for lunch?”

“Eat something mild. Baobao, what do you want to eat?”

Lin Jiabao hugged 1028 and didn’t speak, implying he was okay with anything. Of course, in his heart, there was a secret – if he could get two licks of catnip, that would be the best.

“Then, let’s go to Fu Ke Lai and eat some good food today.”

Fu Ke Lai could be considered to be one of the big high-classed restaurants in Dong Chen. If you didn’t make a reservation, then you wouldn’t be able to get a place. Naturally, Lin Jiabao was unaware of this matter. He was only responsible for nodding his head and agreeing.

Three people didn’t need a private room, just eating in the main lobby was fine. Song Jie stopped the car and let Lin Lan bring Lin Jiabao off the car before passing the keys to the service staff for them to park the car. Lin Jiabao was then brought to a good seat in the North of the restaurant.

Lin Lan motioned for the waiter to pass the electronic menus to Lin Jiabao first, who was getting dizzy from looking at it. There were too many dishes but no prices were written. He didn’t know what to eat. He decided to get the fish after getting the system’s opinion. Meow. =w=

Lin Lan took over the menu to add more dishes. After all, a certain old man had a big appetite. 

The service at Fu Ke Lai was swift, and the appetisers were ready to be served. As the VIP guests even brought a cat, they had to prepare cat food as well.

The three of them were very rowdy, sharing with Lin Jiabao their schooling experience. Of course, besides their academic experience, they also told him not to get bullied at school. And told him that if someone smashed his face, he should also smash that person’s face back. Lin Jiabao felt like he couldn’t understand what they were saying, probably because it was his first time attending school.

He listened half-heartedly until 1028 told him to snap out of it —— ‘There’s a new mission target nearby, three of them. They’re behind you.’

Once he heard that there was a new mission target, he turned his head directly and saw the people behind him. A dignified-looking man who wore a serious expression along with a younger boy and girl were sitting behind him. The boy and girl both had youthful and beautiful appearances, and they chattered as they discussed what to eat. If they disagreed on anything, they would quarrel. The handsome, imposing-looking older man looked as if he wasn’t here to eat, but to inspect the place. He knocked on the table and the pair immediately fell silent, ordering food quietly.

As if he sensed Lin Jiabao’s gaze, the man suddenly turned to look at him. It nearly gave him a heart attack and hurriedly turned back.

“What is it Baobao, what are you looking at?” It was the first time Lin Lan saw Lin Jiabao behaving like that and grew nervous. “The food hasn’t been served yet. Don’t worry, if you’re hungry, eat something first. I’ll go and hurry them.”

Lin Jiabao hurriedly shook his head to express that he wasn’t hungry.

1028 crawled up from Lin Jiabao’s calf onto his knee, spanking his bum. ‘I asked you to secretly look, not stare dumbfoundedly at them. You scared yourself.’

Lin Jiabao rubbed the system’s paws and couldn’t resist secretly looking back once after a while, only to realize the man was staring at him. It frightened him so much that he quickly retracted his gaze and didn’t dare to let it wander anymore.

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