Chapter 19 – I, Ouyang Feng, am a Pervert

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Ouyang Feng opened the can and took a closer look. This didn’t look like a toxic substance, could it be there was some problem? 

It was pointless to think anymore, maybe he should call for a private doctor to come look at it. Ouyang Feng pulled his phone out to give his private doctor over, giving the address to him. Just after he hung up the phone, Lin Jiabao hugged Ouyang Feng, as if wanting to hug a bolster to sleep and started to snore. This time, Ouyang Feng noticed that Lin Jiabao wasn’t wearing any clothes. If the doctor were to see this, it would be awkward. 

He’d definitely be labelled a pervert. 

He placed his phone down and hugged Lin Jiabao with one arm to help him to the bedroom. Lin Jiabao hugged Ouyang Feng’s jacket tighter around himself and obediently shrinked into Ouyang Feng’s embrace. In the past, Lin Jiabao’s bedroom would be neat and tidy but now, it was messy beyond belief, especially the bed. It would make people wonder what kind of ♀unspeakable♂ thing happened. 

Finding a relatively clean place to sit down, Lin Jiabao wanted to lie down and roll around as soon as he was set down. Seeing Ouyang Feng, Lin Jiabao quickly snuggled into Ouyang Feng’s arms. Ouyang Feng pinched his cheek. “Aren’t you afraid of catching a cold?”

Lin Jiabao felt some pain in his face but no matter how he shook his head, he couldn’t get Ouyang Feng’s big hand off his face and he only ended up dizzy. 

“Don’t run off, you hear me, I’ll get you some clothes to wear.” 

Only when Lin Jiabao heard his words and nodded to show his agreement did Ouyang Feng finally leave. 

Lin Jiabao was like a wooden person and didn’t even think of moving, only staring at Ouyang Feng. Wherever Ouyang Feng moved, Lin Jiabao’s eyes followed. 

Lin Jiabao’s closet was the children’s kind and there was only one wardrobe. At one look, it was obvious that it had been used for many years, even the paint was chipping off. He didn’t have much clothes but they were all placed neatly; the pants were on the top and the bottom were for shirts. He glanced through but couldn’t find any sleepwear and could only choose a loose and slightly larger shirt. 

The question was, where were his underwear? 

This question made Ouyang Feng, who was holding the shirt, pause and his locked gazes with Lin Jiabao.

He knelt before Lin Jiabao who was seated on the bed in order to be on the same eye level and asked, “Baobao, where do you keep your underwear?”

Lin Jiabao seemed to think hard but his head was empty and he looked back at Ouyang Feng when he recalled something, looking as if there was an exclamation mark over his head. He hurriedly got off the bed and if it wasn’t for Ouyang Feng holding him, he would have fallen down.

Then, Lin Jiabao opened the drawer besides his bed and pulled out a small pair of underwear for Ouyang Feng to see, as if he was presenting some sort of treasure. 

Ouyang Feng knew that he was a pervert but was feeling rather shameful at the moment. He even judged how Lin Jiabao’s underwear looked; the yellow duckie ones weren’t bad, the panda ones weren’t bad either. Tsk, this kind of four-cornered underwear are one of mankind’s failed inventions.1Probably because you can’t see much skin..??? Either way, Ouyang Feng is a pervert!! 

Baobao looked cute wearing whatever, this pair of strawberry undies hugging his bum would look especially beautiful. 

Stop it, my dirty, dirty big brain. 

Ouyang Feng raised an eyebrow and after serious consideration, he chose the strawberry underwear. He first helped Lin Jiabao to put on a shirt. His waist was so small. Lin Jiabao lifted his leg up and Ouyang Feng inevitably squeezed on his waist. 

“Come, you wear it like this, pull it up.”

He had only pulled it halfway up when the doorbell suddenly rang. Lin Jiabao didn’t even wear it properly before walking towards the door to answer it. He was stopped by Ouyang Feng who hurried to help him put it on. He got him to sit on the bed to wait. 

Ouyang Feng opened the door to reveal a young man wearing a peaked cap2Peaked cap, I think? Correct me if I’m wrong please and holding a bag who had the posture of having just knocked on the door.  After he looked Ouyang Feng up and down, he said unpleasantly, “I see that you’re fine. It’s so late at night and you’re still running about!”

“Be quiet and get in here.” 

“Yes, emperor.” 

He followed Ouyang Feng past the door and looked around the house curiously. Upon entering the bedroom, he got a shock. “Ouyang Feng! I didn’t think you were such a beast!”

“Quieten down, what nonsense are you sprouting?!” 

The man went silent. 

The young man’s volume was too loud and it awakened Lin Jiabao from his half-asleep daze. Seeing that there was a stranger, his brain didn’t even react straight away. His first thought was to hide under the bed but he saw that Ouyang Feng was there and wanted to hurry to crawl to his side. 

Ouyang Feng hurriedly appeased Lin Jiabao and explained that the young man was here to check his body, getting him to lay down. After Lin Jiabao laid down, Ouyang Feng pulled the young man to his side. “Chen Yao En, you help check his body, his behaviour is odd. Can you tell what’s wrong with him?” 

Chen Yao En clicked his tongue twice and seeing Ouyang Feng’s state, he went to give Lin Jiabao’s body a check up with satisfaction. 

Wu, he doesn’t have anything major, his consciousness just seems to be a little dazed. It also doesn’t seem as if he took any medication. That’s right, what did this child eat?” 

Ouyang Feng passed the can of catnip over, which Chen Yao En checked. He looked at Ouyang Feng as if he was crazy, “What did you give me catnip for?”

“He touched this and turned dazed.” Lin Jiabao flashed a silly smile after hearing Ouyang Feng’s words, causing Ouyang Feng’s hand to itch with the want to pinch his face. 

“Don’t joke anymore, brother, people aren’t cats. Hiss, could it be that he had an allergic reaction and it confused his mind?” Chen Yao En shook his hand and kept the tools in his hands. “I’ll prescribe him some soothing medication for you to feed him. After he eats it, he can sleep. He’ll be okay tomorrow morning. “

“You’ve worked hard.” Ouyang Feng took the medicine over and sent Chen Yao En to the door. 

“You’re so polite, you have to pay me overtime anyways.” 

“Hurry scram, you irritant.”  

Ouyang Feng looked towards the kitty sleeping on the bed, feeling both angry and the urge to smile. He definitely can’t touch this thing tomorrow. He fed the naughty kitty some soothing medication and helped him to make the bed, covering him with the blanket. Seeing that Lin Jiabao wasn’t willing to let go of his hand, his heart softened and he rubbed his head gently. He pulled out his hand and softly said by his ear——

“Goodnight, baby.” 


The morning alarm woke Lin Jiabao up, who stretched his waist lazily. How comfortable, he even had a wonderful dream last night. He rubbed his face, it seemed as if he had brought big brother to look through his underwear. That was too shameful, how could he have that kind of dream?!

He got ready to change into his school uniform and realized that he was already wearing clothes. He wondered for a long time, when did he put on clothes? Could it be that the catnip confused him?

Right, what about my catnip?

Lin Jiabao searched for a long time for the can of catnip but still couldn’t find it. He scratched his head confusedly, he always felt like he had just taken a whiff of it. It seemed as if he had gone through many things?

He won’t buy it next time. If he was found out by mummy, he would definitely get scolded _(:3_|)_

Ah meow, it’s such a happy morning!

Author has something to say:

I made some changes to the doctor’s name. 

dreamy here! i realised i’ve been ignoring the author’s notes for a while :sweat: will put it in future chapters!

thanks for reading!

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