Chapter 17 – Catnip

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His homework was finished but there was still work to be done on the experiment summary. Lin Jiabao rejected Bai Youlian’s help and left the school with the experiment booklet. 

Towards Lin Jiabao, Bai Youlian was honestly a little puzzled. Lin Jiabao loving to study was something everyone had heard of, but no one had ever seen him stay late in school to do self-study. 

Seeing the back view of Lin Jiabao leaving the classroom, Bai Youlian wore her glasses and slapped the back of Ouyang Chen’s head.

“F*ck, are you sick?” 

Wei, young master, let me tell you…” 

When Lin Jiabao first left the school, he first went to the pet store in the mall. Since there was no more cat food in the cafe, he bought 3 big bags on the way there. He chose two of the preferred cat food brands and even sneakily bought a small can of catnip. 

The vet working there was familiar with him and smiled at Lin Jiabao, asking, “Buying some catnip for your kitty at home to play with?”

It was actually for himself to play with… 

Since mummy didn’t allow him to play with catnip, he tore off the label after he bought it. He hid it anxiously in the pocket of his trousers, getting ready to sneakily smell some at night. 

He carried two bags of cat food in his two hands and another one in his embrace. Lin Jiabao took a break after walking two steps and took a breath after taking three steps. In addition, his thighs were still a little sore. After walking for half an hour, it was only a cross road before he reached the door of the store. 

Ouyang Feng was driving not too far behind Lin Jiabao and noticed someone holding various sizes of bags at the intersection. The person’s bum was twisting around and their figure looked a lot like Lin Jiabao’s. He drove up to Lin Jiabao and wound down the window. “Put your stuff in the back, I’ll drive you there.”

This was akin to receiving coal in the middle of a snow storm!

“Thank you, big brother!”

When the car stopped, Ouyang Feng helped carry two bags of cat food into the store with Lin Jiabao following close behind with one bag of cat food. After he put the bags he was holding away, he took the two big bags that Ouyang Feng handed him and placed them in the cabinet.

“I still have work so I’ll go first.” Ouyang Feng nodded at Lin Jiabao. “I’ll contact you tonight.”

“Okay, bye bye. ( ^_^ )/~~” Lin Jiabao saw him walk far away before reacting. Wait a minute, contact tonight for what?

As he was about to start work, he had to push this question to the back of his mind first. The little ladies from the university opposite the cafe were going to come to touch the cats. The cat masters had to be fed until they were full. If they weren’t, they would go on strike. 

Ever since fat Orange was injured, it would act as if it was afraid of humans and sneakily took extra days off. In the end, it only went back to work after it was scolded badly by 1028.

In the shop, it was a star. It was so fat it was almost suffocating and climbing up a chair was like climbing up the Himalayas. It would attract a group of people who would stand around to take pictures of it. The orange cat cleverly used its meows to yell at the group of the cat slaves for being obnoxious, while being teased by customers. The whole atmosphere was very harmonious.

Seeing Lin Jiabao had adjusted the fruit drinks again, Orange pushed away the apple puree handed by the young lady next to him with its claws and made its way over to Lin Jiabao’s legs like an emperor.

Lin Jiabao avoided the orange cat’s claw while quietly asking, “What’s wrong, Orange?”

Orange lowered its meow. “The boss will participate in the Cat Street election tonight and asked me to tell you to go home early to sleep, don’t wait up for the boss.”

The Cat Street election was the election of the cat boss in Donghua City. 1028 had been re-elected as the leader of the cats for many years. This time, it was the same thing and 1028 would continue to be in-charge.

Lin Jiabao rubbed the catnip in his pocket and his heart was filled with both guilt and joy.

Orange tilted its cat face and asked Lin Jiabao, “Why does it feel like you’re a little happy?”

“Your feeling is wrong.” Lin Jiabao placed down the half-empty glass of juice and carried Orange to the lady’s side, saying into its ear, “Do your work properly la, don’t try to secretly slack.”


So mummy wouldn’t be at home, hehehe.

Lin Jiabao hummed to the tune of Rainbow Meow as he served the drinks to the customers. 

Not long later, Orange came over again. It was so fat that its legs couldn’t be seen and it looked as if it had flown over. It used its claws to pull on Lin Jiabao’s pants, indicating it was hungry and that it wanted dinner. 

“It’s too early to eat, the other young masters are still busy. Be careful not to be seen by the shop manager or she’ll make you run on the treadmill.” Lin Jiabao carried Orange back to the ladies.

Its old heart was broken!

The little ladies took Orange over from Lin Jiabao and lifted its paw. “Aiyo, so fat. However, it seems to really like you, do you want to play with us?”

“No… No need. I have to do something, big sisters, you continue.” Seeing the green eyes of the ladies, Lin Jiabao hurried off. 

When it was dark and Lin Jiabao got off work, Lin Jiabao came out of the shop and realized that he had been thinking about catnip, forgetting to write the ending of the experiment summary. He used his hands to slap his own cheeks, the first thing he had to do when he got home was to finish it.

Excessive indulgence was not good. Lin Jiabao wrinkled his little face, forgetting the experiment report was too much.

He would punish himself by taking two sniffs of catnip.

When he stepped into the house, Lin Jiabao obediently took out the experiment summary first and slowly packed the area. Filling up the report took about an hour. He glanced at the time, it wasn’t early anymore. He decided to take a hot shower as he heard they would help soothe sore muscles. Lin Jiabao held onto a yogurt carton and opened the washroom door with a bitter face.

The freshly-showered Lin Jiabao immediately rushed into the bedroom and laid on the bed, thinking of sleeping but recalled the catnip in his pants pocket. Wrapped in a towel, he ran back into the washroom and dug the can of catnip from the pocket of the pants, smiling like a kitty who was planning to steal fish.

Ah, not correct, it should be a kitty who was preparing to steal, taking advantage of when mummy wasn’t at home to do ‘bad things’.

Lin Jiabao held the can tightly and took a deep breath of its contents before gently closing it. He originally only wanted to take one breath but in the end, he took breath after breath. Only when he had a little clarity left did he finally seal the lid.

Not long after, Lin Jiabao suddenly laid down on the bed with a silly grin, hehehe, so many fishes were swimming over the bed. 

Lin Jiabao laid on the bed and rolled around. He kicked and kicked, turning the bed sheets into a ball, even the bath towel around his body was kicked off. His whole body was left bare and white. He acted like he used to when he was young, crying ‘meow’ and ‘mi’  incessantly. 

The phone by the bed suddenly rang. On the first ring, Lin Jiabao was still rolling around on the sheets and forgot about it. It was only until the second ring did he stumble up to grab the phone and pressed the accept button to answer in a foolish manner.

Wei.” At one listen, it was obvious that it was Ouyang Feng’s voice. 

“Meow mi, meow mi, mi meow…”


Ouyang Feng checked the phone number, he didn’t call the wrong number ah?

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