Chapter 14 – A Big Kitty, A Small Kitty

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After a fierce battle in badminton, Lin Jiabao was finally exhausted to the point that he couldn’t move his body anymore. He sat on the chair, almost melting into it. He was too lazy to even drink the water that was kept by his side.

Looking at the time, it was coincidentally already 5:30pm. Ouyang Feng pushed the unnecessary meal cart away and walked in front of Lin Jiabao, passing him the water.

Lin Jiabao accepted the cup with his eyes closed and gulped it down with a ‘gulugulu’ sound. There was no need to mention how fast he drinked it.

As he drank, he heard the person in front of him ask, “I’ll treat you to dinner later?”

Cough, cough, cough, cough…” Lin Jiabao accidentally choked on his water.

Ouyang Feng helplessly patted his back. “Are you that excited over me treating you to a meal ba?”

After a while, Lin Jiabao recovered his composure and immediately straightened up. However, his waist was too sore to straighten so he had to curl back into himself. His tone, on the other hand, was firm, “Big brother, let me treat you to a meal!”

This thought of his indeed didn’t have any other thought behind it; he didn’t even know what he was going to eat. Lin Jiabao just felt that he should thank the person who was so nice to him. But he was worried the other person wouldn’t be willing.

Ouyang Feng’s action of patting Lin Jiabao’s back paused. He was indeed treated to many meals by many people. They didn’t even have the rights or qualifications to do so. This was the first time he was asked out for dinner by a kid, who was so nervous he didn’t know where to put his hands. However, his eyes were filled with burning fire and Ouyang Feng unexpectedly let out an ‘En’.

Lin Jiabao saw that Ouyang Feng agreed and smiled until his eyes became slits. However, when he got ahold of himself, he realised he couldn’t afford the big restaurants and inviting Ouyang Feng to eat in the small restaurants seemed too insincere. What to do ne, did he have to invite Ouyang Feng into his home for a meal?

Yi, this idea wasn’t that bad~!

He got an idea but saying it outloud made him a little shy ( ω ). 

Ouyang Feng saw Lin Jiabao opening and closing his mouth a few times to speak but swallowed his words. Seeing that Lin Jiabao was turning in circles, he took the initiative to ask, “What’s wrong?”

“That, this, that uh.” Lin Jiabao fiddled with his clothes before asking quickly, “Can I invite you to my house to be a guest?”

This could be possibly the fastest sentence he ever said and Ouyang Feng almost didn’t catch it. He had to repeat it to himself a few times before he finally understood.

Lin Jiabao, upon seeing that Ouyang Feng didn’t reply for a while, pulled on the corner of Ouyang Feng’s clothes and couldn’t help asking coquettishly, “Come ba, come ba.”

Huff, this little action shot right through Ouyang Feng’s heart. He originally didn’t want to reject but if he did, what would Lin Jiabao do?


Lin Jiabao saw that Ouyang Feng wasn’t reacting. He still didn’t let go of the corner of Ouyang Feng’s clothes and raised his head to gaze at the other who seemed deep in thought, with his cat-like eyes. 

However, Ouyang Feng didn’t react for half a day and Lin Jiabao’s anticipation slowly turned into disappointment. He had to wrap his head around the other’s refusal, no matter how uncomfortable he felt.

He had played enough. Ouyang Feng rubbed Lin Jiabao’s head and said, “Okay.”

He can only invite the other next time…


Lin Jiabao looked up suddenly and found that the other was smiling at him. Only then did he realise he was being teased. 

The cat in his heart couldn’t stop meowing and he hurriedly nodded his head. The joy he felt was even more than when he was able to serve the shuttlecock properly during badminton. 

As they were leaving, Ouyang Feng was holding the door open and realised Lin Jiabao wasn’t behind him. When he looked back, he saw that Lin Jiabao was actually picking up all the shuttlecocks on the court. After he picked up the shuttlecocks, he would place them on the table. If Ouyang Feng didn’t call Lin Jiabao to stop, this child would probably even arrange the chairs properly.

“Let’s go, someone else will clean up later.”

He couldn’t tolerate Lin Jiabao’s overthinking and directly pulled Lin Jiabao into his embrace with one hand, leading the other out.

Lin Jiabao used his free hand to hold his old shoes, obediently following Ouyang Feng out.

He let Lin Jiabao get into the car first before making a phone call, getting them to cancel a reservation.

There were fewer traffic lights so the return journey was shorter and they arrived at their destination. As there weren’t enough parking lots in Lin Jiabao’s neighbourhood, Ouyang Feng parked the car outside the estate1I wasn’t sure on how to translate this nicely into english ahah. It’s something like a condo complex and Lin Jiabao led him in.  

The little estate used to be an old building. It wasn’t an illegal building and had been there for many years. It had a simple design and as it was located in the city area, the old rooms didn’t have low rent. Lin Jiabao spent a large portion of his salary on rent and the remaining portion was for daily necessities and saving.

Ouyang Feng looked out of place when he stepped into the estate, where would an old estate ever see such a high-class person. Even the little girls couldn’t stop looking over but they didn’t approach them due to Ouyang Feng’s aura and strict face.

The lively and bubbly Lin Jiabao didn’t notice this point and happily showed Ouyang Feng where he was staying.

Arriving at Lin Jiabao’s block, it was poorly-lit, causing Ouyang Feng to find safety issues. Of course, said issues were nothing to Lin Jiabao, who had natural night vision. Following Lin Jiabao to the 4th floor, Lin Jiabao opened the door for Ouyang Feng. Lin Jiabao’s slippers2slippers as in home slippers weren’t suitable for Ouyang Feng so he took out the ones he previously used for Lin Lan and Song jie and passed it to Ouyang Feng.

“Meow?” A white cat jumped from the sofa and suspiciously looked over. Why was there someone here?

‘Baobao, why did you bring someone home?’

As there was an outsider, Lin Jiabao naturally couldn’t talk to 1028 in front of Ouyang Feng. He winked at 1028, implying the other was here to be a guest.

“Big brother, you can sit on the sofa.” Lin Jiabao had Ouyang Feng sit on the sofa and passed him a glass of water. “What do you want to eat and what can you not eat?”

“You’re cooking?”

Lin Jiabao nodded.

“Where’s your family’s guardian?”

This question made Lin Jiabao unconsciously look over at 1028, who stepped on Lin Jiabao’s foot. Lin Jiabao replied, “I’m an orphan.”

Ouyang Feng was speechless and a pain rose in his heart. “…Sorry.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, haha.” His family’s guardian was 1028 but he couldn’t say that. _(:3|)_

Ouyang Feng’s tone turned warm, “Anything will do, a guest will be at the convenience of the host.”

Lin Jiabao nodded. “Big brother just sit here, I’ll be in the kitchen. If you need anything, just call me.”


Lin Jiabao slipped away into the kitchen with 1028.

Actually, when Lin Lan hired such a young waiter and went to such great lengths to take care of him, Ouyang Feng found it weird. In his opinion, the people from the Lin family were like steel. In the business world, they were very decisive and it wasn’t like them to do random acts of kindness. He thought it was due to this child’s good personality that had Lin Lan make an exception but who would’ve thought…

Ouyang Feng assessed Lin Jiabao’s home; it was small and it could be said to be of a suitable size for Lin Jiabao and his cat. But to Ouyang Feng, it was too small and cramped. The entire living room was devoid of furniture – only an old television set, a wooden table and a very old sofa was there. However, the layout was very cozy. The old, broken vase held fresh flowers and there was a stack of paper cranes instead of wind chimes. There was a childhood picture hanging behind the television; it was of a big kitty and a small kitty holding hands. It looked funny but felt warm at the same time.

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