Chapter 13 – Playing Badminton, Meow

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Ouyang Feng could see Lin Jiabao from afar standing at the gate of his neighbourhood, waiting for him dejectedly. He stopped the car in front of Lin Jiabao, who didn’t respond, and only when he pressed the horn did Lin Jiabao finally look up.

Lin Jiabao had waited under his block for 5 minutes now and when he saw that no one had come yet, he looked down to use his feet to draw on the ground. When he heard the car horn, he thought he was blocking someone’s way and didn’t think that it would be Ouyang Feng.

This time, he didn’t fall asleep in the passenger seat. Instead, he sat like a little student going to class, straight as a ruler. At one glance, anyone would know that he was very nervous——

Ouyang Feng turned on the radio and asked Lin Jiabao offhandedly, “How’s your arm?”

“Most of the bruise is gone.”

“That’s great.” Ouyang Feng said with a hint of a smile in his voice. “If your arm wasn’t good yet, I wouldn’t have been able to bring you out for a movie or to play basketball.”

Bruise, bruise ah, why are you so weak? He hated the cat for not turning into a tiger. 1It’s a figure of speech, similar to the one that goes along the lines of ‘hating iron for not being steel’? Something like that

After sitting there for a while, he looked over at Ouyang Feng and asked the question he had been wanting to ask since getting inside the car, “Big brother, where are we going?”

“You are only now asking me where we’re going? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll just sell you off?”

When this question left his lips, it caused Lin Jiabao’s eyes to open wide, looking exactly like a frightened cat.

Ouyang Feng looked to the person beside him and couldn’t help waving a hand in front of Lin Jiabao’s face. “I was just teasing you. I can’t believe you believed it.”

Not long after, Ouyang Feng parked the car in an open parking lot and undid Lin Jiabao’s seatbelt before letting him out of the car. Lin Jiabao looked around after getting out of the car, this parking lot was very big and it had an automated system which looked high-end. There were few cars in the parking lot and Lin Jiabao couldn’t recognize the models of the cars but they looked very expensive.

Even if he sold a hundred of those, he still wouldn’t be able to afford to even change a wheel. _(:3_|)_

At this moment, Ouyang Feng suddenly grabbed Lin Jiabao’s hand, who was then led away like a stray kitty. Lin Jiabao’s ears couldn’t help growing hot.

 Outside the parking lot was a modern-looking building that looked to be around five to six stories high. It was tall and imposing. Ouyang Feng explained that the building was a private exercise building and that he wasn’t going to sell Lin Jiabao away.

Ouyang Feng seemed like he came there often as the staff at the entrance simply bowed to them and didn’t approach them to ask their questions.

Ouyang Feng pulled Lin Jiabai into a private elevator which was very strange; it didn’t have the buttons for the second to fifth floor, only the sixth floor. This made Lin Jiabao’s curiosity grow but as the elevator suddenly moved, it made Lin Jiabao’s paws grab onto Ouyang Feng’s arm reflexively, who turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Baobao, you get airsick even in an elevator?”

Lin Jiabao was unmoved and only released his paws when the elevator stopped moving, causing a silly smile to appear on Ouyang Feng’s face.

Ouyang Feng took out a card and swiped it at a card reader, which caused the doors to open. He led Lin Jiabao out by the hand and teased him, “Next time when you sit on planes, you might even jump onto the roof.”

How was that possible? He wouldn’t have the money to afford the plane. (He missed the point)

Behind the large doors was a large space that was full of exercise equipment. Lin Jiabao hid behind Ouyang Feng and observed the equipment quietly, he only recognized the treadmill and railings. However, it seemed that Ouyang Feng didn’t use those often, but past the equipment was another room — an indoor badminton court.

The entire court belonged to them as it was unbelievably empty but in reality, the entire floor belonged to Ouyang Feng, which Lin Jiabao was unaware of. According to the plot, this was where Ouyang Feng played with Ouyang Chen’s friends and met the female lead. The female lead played with Ouyang Feng and that was how their relationship blossomed.

But compared to the plot, Ouyang Feng was far more attentive to Lin Jiabao than he was to the female lead. He looked attentively at Lin Jiabao’s shoes and pulled out his phone to make a call, “Bring me a pair of new shoes, male ones.”

“What’s the size?”

“Baobao, how big are your feet?”

Lin Jiabao was suddenly asked about his shoe size and grew suspicious. “37.”

‘His feet are so small’, Ouyang Feng repeated to himself in his heart.

Not long after someone came with a pair of shoes; their working was very efficient. Lin Jiabao embarrassedly took the shoes over. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that I had to wear sports shoes QAQ.”

Ouyang Feng rubbed Lin Jiabao’s head and said, “It’s your first time here. I was wondering if you knew how to wear these types of shoes. Hurry up and put it on.”

Lin Jiabao sat on the chair and obediently took off his shoes, revealing his panda bear socks and Ouyang Feng couldn’t help laughing. However, Ouyang Feng felt like a pervert, he was staring at people’s feet.

But it was so small ah, how cute.

Ouyang Feng placed the badminton racket into Lin Jiabao’s hands and asked if he could play, to which he replied he couldn’t.

“I’ll teach you.”

Ouyang Feng held Lin Jiabao’s hands and told him, “Hold it like this, this is a forehand pass and this is a backhand pass.”

Lin Jiabao listened attentively, even following along with Ouyang Feng’s movements.

“Come, try serving.”

How to serve? Lin Jiabao took the shuttlecock over dumbly. He recalled how he saw other people serve and tried to imitate them. He held the shuttlecock in one hand but ended up smacking said hand with the racket.

“Painful, meow!” Lin Jiabao cried without tears. What just happened? What did he just do?

Ouyang Feng watched with wide eyes as Lin Jiabao smacked his own hand and his heart was filled with the urge to both laugh and cry. He immediately rubbed Lin Jiabao’s hand and said helplessly, “Baobao, were you hitting the shuttlecock or hitting yourself?”

Lin Jiabao thought Ouyang Feng’s question was genuine and answered seriously, “The racket hit me QAQ.”


“You have to do it like this.” Ouyang Feng held Lin Jiabao’s hand and got Lin Jiabao to hold the shuttlecock properly. Out of the blue, with a flick of his wrist, the shuttlecock flew.

Lin Jiabao’s round eyes widened and he hurriedly replied that he’d try again. Ouyang Feng released Lin Jiabao’s hand and let him try.

Lin Jiabao was so happy he wanted to jump around.

This guy was too easy to please. The shuttlecock obviously didn’t go over the net, it was as if it was hit by an idiot.

“Now you try, hit the shuttlecock higher, over the net.”

Lin Jiabao hurriedly nodded his head and continued to practise. Although nine out of the ten hits he made didn’t make it over the net, the final hit gave him a little sense of achievement…

Ouyang Feng praised half-heartedly, “Not bad, not bad. It’s pretty good.”

Really? Lin Jiabao scratched his head, feeling that something was off.

dreamy here with meow 13!! look at how adorable my boy is, playing badminton. i love him so much omg

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