Chapter 12 – Life Requires Movement

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Ouyang Feng placed Lin Jiabao’s takeout box in the backseat and motioned for Lin Jiabao to sit in the passenger seat before asking for his address. Ouyang Feng drove the car steadily, causing Lin Jiabao to grow drowsy while still holding 1028.

Ouyang Feng, who was focused on driving, from the corner of his eye saw that Lin Jiabao’s head was lolling to the side. He then told him to sleep first and that he would wake him up when they reached his place.

On the road, he thought that if it wasn’t for his stupid younger brother, he never would’ve talked to this child and now his focus was mostly on said child.

When they reached a red light and the car stopped, Ouyang Feng covered Lin Jiabao’s body with his outer coat to prevent him from being too cold.

Although the streets were bustling at the beginning, as they drove towards the end, it got quieter and quieter. Once the shops were closed for the night, the people that walked along the streets also got less. The lights in the less prosperous part of the city shone faintly.

With another turn, they arrived at Lin Jiabao’s neighbourhood. Ouyang Feng woke Lin Jiabao up, who opened his eyes, only to realise he was already home.

He passed the coat back to Ouyang Feng and said softly, “Thank you.”

Ouyang Feng rubbed his head and reminded him to take his takeout box home. As it was too late at night, Lin Jiabao was too embarrassed to invite Ouyang Feng into his home. Only after sending Ouyang Feng off with his gaze did he enter his house.

When Lin Jiabao first stepped into his home, he put 1028 onto the bed first. 1028 slept very soundly, even its belly was facing upwards. He ate his heated up food and decided to turn on the heater to take a hot shower after debating with himself for a long time.

Why did cats hate showering? He also didn’t know. It was just that everytime he showered, there would be a feeling of being □□.

It made cats uncomfortable.

He quickly dried himself and put on his pajamas before crawling under the covers. Just as he was about to enter dreamland, he suddenly remembered that he had Ouyang Feng’s phone number. He took out his phone and thought for a while before sending him a ‘Goodnight~ (°°)’.

When he didn’t get a reply, he put his phone aside and fell asleep.

While he was sleeping, his phone screen lit up with a message—— ‘Goodnight’.


Question: What are Saturdays most suitable for?”

Answer: Sleeping in. 

Adhering to the spirit of sleeping in on Saturdays, the two cats rolled around in their bed; even their sleeping postures were the same. They were only awoken when they felt their hunger.

“Mummy, do you want to eat breakfast today?” Lin Jiabao asked 1028 as he changed out of his sleeping clothes.

1028 groomed its fur. ‘Anything will do. You go brush your teeth first.’

Lin Lan’s cafe had a rest day rotation system; sometimes Lin Jiabao’s rest day was on Saturdays and sometimes it was on Sunday. Today just so happened to be his rest day so he could sleep in comfortably and stay in bed to read a book.

After he fried the eggs, he placed one piece of ham and one egg in each of their plates and he was done with their breakfast preparation.

Lin Jiabao poured himself a glass of water and asked, “Mummy, where did you run off to last night?”

‘To help you settle some scores.’


About last night’s rowdy man, 1028 thought, how dare he try to bully its cub, this stupid human really didn’t want to live anymore. That man was also a type of gangster, the kind that didn’t want to live anymore. He went into the alleyway to meet his other goons, who were discussing how they wanted to vandalise Lin Lan’s store and break their necks and legs, to put on a good show for them.

1028 decisively used system points for some psychedelic drugs on them, causing them to start fighting each other and made themselves the headlines of the following day’s Dong Chen’s news outlets. The police arrested the relevant personnel, under the suspicion that they had taken contrabands and caused mental distress to themselves.

Lin Jiabao’s tail was about to stand up as he exclaimed, “Meow?! Mummy, are you alright?! Those people looked bad and dangerous!”

‘Little issue. Also, you’re about to spill your water.’

Lin Jiabao quickly held the water bottle properly and wiped the spilled water on the table away. He placed the water in front of 1028 and said with admiration, “Mummy, you’re so awesome!”

‘Yes, yes.’

When they finished eating, Lin Jiabao pulled open the curtains for the sunlight to shine on the bed. He then picked up a bunch of books and placed it on the bed. Today, he was going to laze around in bed and read books, it was a simple pleasure like fish soaked in honey.

After reading for a while, 1028 got him to rest his eyes before closing them, doing his eye exercises properly.  

Out of the blue, his phone suddenly rang and it gave him such a fright that he nearly dropped his book. Σ( ° △°|||)

The phone number on the screen, wasn’t it that big brother’s?!

“Meow, meow, meow, meow, mummy?!”

1028 used its paw to smack his head. ‘It’s just a phone call, what are you so afraid of?’

To most people, it was just a phone call and wasn’t that afraid, then why was he so nervous?

Lin Jiabao answered the phone call with shaky hands and said, “Meow?”

Ah, not right!


“Baobao, what are you doing now?” A magnetic voice came from the other side, making Lin Jiabao’s ears feel itchy. 

Lin Jiabao looked around before he replied, “I’m… lying in bed reading.”

“You haven’t woken up?”

“I already woke up.” He answered before adding in honestly, “Then I went back to lie down.”

What an honest and lazy Bao1Bao used here is 宝 so it can either be Lin Jiabao’s name or baby OwO, the Ouyang Feng on the other side felt the urge to smile, causing the expression of the Ouyang Chen on his side to change, as if he had seen a ghost.

“I just asked your shop manager, you don’t have work today. Are you free now?”


“Then, I’ll bring you to play badminton.”

“…Can I say that I’m not free?”

Ouyang Feng replied in a feigned cold tone, “En?”

“I was asking what time to go? QWQ”

Ouyang Feng raised an eyebrow and said unkindly, “What a coincidence, I’ll go down in a while to pick you up.”


His meow turned wronged.

After he hung up, Lin Jiabao spread his arms out on the bed, like a salted fish2In Cantonese (a Chinese dialect), a salted fish is a metaphor for a corpse and it usually refers to people who have no intention of doing anything (me!)

1028 heard their conversation clearly and even though he didn’t know why the male lead had sudden interest in its cub, their points weren’t deducted from the previous time Ouyang Feng had defended Lin Jiabao. If its cub could go out to exercise, it would support it with all its paws.

Even mummy betrayed him, Lin Jiabao’s heart was hurting until he couldn’t breathe.

dreamy here! i hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as i did, i really like seeing Lin Jiabao’s daily life with his ‘mummy’, 1028.

thanks for reading and i’ll see you next week!

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