Chapter 11 – To Deliberately Provoke

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“You’re making unfounded accusations!” The man felt panic surge up in his heart. He originally just wanted to get some monetary compensation for being bitten but who would’ve expected the shop’s staff to know his actions clearly.

“Then call the police ba.” Lin Lan suddenly came out from the crowd, suppressing her anger. “The shop may be small but the security cameras are working fine.”

The man didn’t think that the situation would be this serious and grew flustered. He screamed, “Just you wait and see!”

After that, he immediately slipped away and while he was fleeing every cat in the cafe was staring at him dead in the eyes. In his panic, he didn’t notice a white tail following behind him.

“Tsk, with such an ugly attitude, what is he playing at?!” Lin Lan spat out this sentence before embarrassedly apologizing to all the customers in the store.

“Young master Ou, help me bring Baobao to the back to check for injuries. I’ll take care of the problem here.”

“I’m okay, manager.”

“Then go check the orange fatty, check on yourself while you’re at it. This whole thing was already stupid enough.”



Ouyang Feng found it hard to be ordered around but this time, he was willing to do so. Seeing that Lin Jiabao couldn’t hold the fat cat for much longer, he took the cat into one of his hands and held Lin Jiabao with the other before walking to the back.

The back room was a small room meant for resting but the staff rarely came here to rest. Instead, the cat overlords came here to secretly slack off.

When they first entered the room, a few big cats circled around them, mostly Lin Jiabao. They were too afraid of approaching Ouyang Feng due to his imposing aura.

“Looks like you’re very welcomed here.”

Lin Jiabao shook his head and explained, “They were concerned about us.”

After the cat crowd made a way for them to walk through, Ouyang Feng led Lin Jiabao to sit on the couch, checking for any injuries on Lin Jiabao. Lin Jiabao suddenly reached over to Ouyang Feng, causing his whole body to freeze up.

Turns out it was just to rub a cat.

Orange wasn’t a particularly expensive cat; he was of mixed blood and was orange in colour. When he was young, he would curl up into an adorable orange dumpling, hence he got the name Orange. According to it, his size was due to the online curse saying that out of ten orange cats, nine of them will be fat. He couldn’t withstand the strong curse powers and thus turned fat.

He rubbed Orange’s body. Except for the initial shock from just now, it seems like there weren’t any other issues. Lin Jiabao even specially rubbed Orange’s tail.


“Now it’s your turn.” Ouyang Feng rubbed Lin Jiabao’s head.


“Really need to check ma? I feel fine…”

Ouyang Feng ignored his refusal and gently pressed on Lin Jiabao’s elbow.

“Meow! Painful…”

“You still said you were fine. It can’t be that you were stunned like the shop manager said.”

Ouyang Feng rolled up Lin Jiabao’s sleeve and took a look before pointing at the bruise, “Do you see a bruise forming?”

Lin Jiabo, like a little student, obediently said, “Yes.”

Ouyang Feng looked at it carefully; it wasn’t serious and neither was it swelling. He heaved a sigh of relief and asked, “Where’s the first aid kit?”

The first aid kit was on the table in front of the sofa. Ouyang Feng took out some oil to rub on Lin Jiabao’s bruise. Then, he checked Lin Jiabao’s body for any more injuries, causing Lin Jiabao to laugh uncontrollably.

“Itchy… itchy!” He laughed until tears were threatening to spill from his eyes .

This action gave Ouyang Feng a lot of joy and he used a small cloth to wipe Lin Jiabao’s tears away, causing Lin Jiabao’s face to heat up.

However, Ouyang Feng pulled Lin Jiabao up, who looked at him with teary, suspicious eyes, “?”

Ouyang Feng asked seriously, “Does this happen often in your shop?”

“Not often.”

It really didn’t happen often, when Song Jie was around, no one dared to make a scene. This was due to him being born in a family of army who most could tell wouldn’t hesitate to hit someone.

Seeing that Lin Jiabao was telling the truth, Ouyang Feng put down his worry and said, “Next time something like this happens, don’t run out to the front like an idiot. Do you want to get beaten up by people who are looking for trouble?”

“Hei, hei.” Lin Jiabao gave a silly smile. “Thanks, big brother. I’m going back to the main room.”

“Let’s go together.”

The main room had already been cleaned up by Lin Lan. As Lin Jiabao and Ouyang Feng took a while to come out, Lin Lan was about to go in and check on them after washing her hands. Just then, the door opened and they came out.

Lin Lan looked at Lin Jiabao and asked, “Is everything alright?”

Lin Jiabao shook his head. “Orange is fine but his heart is hurt. He said he needs a vacation.”

Lin Lan pinched Lin Jiabao’s face. “I’m asking about you, are you okay? Your face is so red.”

Ouyang Feng naturally pushed Lin Lan’s hand away and said, “It’s nothing serious, he has a bruise on his arm. I already put medicine on it.”

Lin Lan took her hand back. “That’s good. Luckily, young master Ou came back on time.”

“You’re welcome.”

As his injury wasn’t serious, Lin Jiabao decided to continue working. There were many people in the store, Lin Lan couldn’t possibly handle it by herself.

He made two more hot cocoas, taking a break secretly. He looked around and realised 1028 wasn’t in the store anymore, growing worried.

Ouyang Feng took over the hot drink Lin Jiabao made. Despite his dislike for sweet drinks, he still accepted it. He asked with an eyebrow raised, “What are you looking for?”

“Mummy is missing, isn’t that weird?”


Lin Jiabao hurriedly covered his mouth, realising his slip of the tongue. He continued to explain. “My… my cat.”

“Maybe it went to play. It’ll come back soon.”

Is that so…

Lin Jiabao nodded and went back to work.

After a long while, the bell hung on the door rang but a person didn’t come in, instead it was 1028 who had pushed the door open with its paws. He rushed forward and asked, “Mummy, where did you go?”

1028 stuck out its paw, signalling for Lin Jiabao to pick it up. ‘Hurry find me a place to lie down and rest. I’m dead tired.’

Just as Lin Jiabao placed 1028 on a chair to rest, he was suddenly slapped on the shoulder by Lin Lan.

“Go back and rest first ba.” Lin Lan waved the phone in her hand around. “Old Jie said that he is on the way here. He’ll be here soon.”


As the two of them didn’t eat dinner yet, Song Jie bought takeout but when he came back, the food was a little cold. Lin Lan asked Lin Jiabao to go home and heat up the food.

Lin Jiabao hugged 1028 and held the takeout box while waving goodbye. He was considering hailing a cab as it was too late to take public transport.

“I’ll send you home.” Ouyang Feng suddenly walked up to him and even helped him to hold his takeout box. “Your arm’s injured, don’t move around recklessly.”

This was too embarrassing! Lin Jiabao hurriedly said his thanks, mentally shedding the scary image of the male lead he had in his mind. The Ouyang Feng in his heart had reached a new height.

In the shop, Song Jie bumped Lin Lan’s shoulder and asked, “What’re you looking at?”

Lin Lan turned around, rubbing her chin. “I feel something’s off with Ouyang Feng.”

“What’s off about him?”

“Not good to say, not good to say.”

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