Chapter 1 – There’s a little kitty called baby

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In the dim glow of the wilderness, a dirty little kitten crouched down to make its way into a drain. It meekly placed the food it worked hard to get in front of a big cat, calling out to it. However, the big cat didn’t make a single move as if it didn’t hear the kitten’s cries. The kitten curled up next to the big cat, seemingly used to this.

The weather gradually turned cold and there were few passersby in that area. If no one saved this kitten, the little thing would either starve or freeze to death.

The kitten wouldn’t stop trembling. Out of the blue, the big cat opened its eyes, as if it was on standby. Its pupils shrank as it glanced down at the trembling ball of fur next to it. It wasn’t long before it had encircled itself around the kitten.

“System 1028 binding successful, user’s contract accepted.”

“Checking user’s condition: User has an infant form that has not yet gained intelligence, level 2 physique. Verdict is extremely poor.”

“System using new user points, binding with new user… 1%… 60%… 1000%.”

“Binding successful, 32000 user points deducted, 8000 user points left.” 

With a flash of light, the big cat and the kitten disappeared – not a trace of them left behind; save for the food the kitten had brought for its larger counterpart. 


The first month of the lunar year was just around the corner. The sun was shining brightly, and Dong Hua International Airport was full of people. A youth holding a white cat ran a few rounds outside the big hall before finally locating one of his mission objectives. 

‘You have practiced for very long. From today onwards, you’ll need to complete missions. Do you remember what I said?’

A disembodied electronic voice was transmitted into the youth’s mind. He nodded, still in a daze. Before he could utter a “meow”, he was interrupted. 

‘Stop. As a human, you cannot meow.’

The youth nodded his head vigorously. In an attempt to endear itself to the white cat, he rubbed his cheek against it.

‘Baobao1Could be a nickname for Lin Jiabao (林嘉宝). I’ll be using Baobao(宝宝)., I will emphasize this again. This world belongs to the original one, it doesn’t tolerate many mistakes; big conflicts and unreasonable boundaries are no stranger to this world.’

The youth instead shook his head, implying that the white mother cat would always be first in his heart.

1028 stretched out its paw and patted the youth’s face, sighing helplessly with its cat face.

Today, not only did they have to approach the target directly, but Lin Jiabao also needed to familiarise himself with the target’s face.

Ever since Lin Jiabao turned from a cat into a human, due to a lack of points, the amount of time he could stay in a human form was limited. As a result, 1028 couldn’t choose a good birthplace for him. However, an orphanage wasn’t too bad either. After it gave its host a good name, 1028 spent a great deal of time letting his little cub get used to human life. Fortunately, Lin Jiabao was very obedient; not only did he suppress his primal urges, he also studied hard to finish tasks for the system and earn points.

‘The female lead is just in front. Don’t stare at others with your cat eyes, look away.’

Lin Jiabao averted his gaze, obediently following 1028’s instructions——

‘The female lead, Bai Youlian, comes from City A like you. She took the Dong Chen’s2I’m guessing Dong Chen is the region/city and this is referring to the region’s college/university. entrance exam and enrolled into school the very next day, into a class full of aristocrats. She struggled to get along with them because of the disparity of their statuses and quarreled with them frequently. They mocked her because of her family’s situation. At the banquet, the CEO took a fancy to her and a messy romance took place after.’

Even though Lin Jiabao had no idea what 1028 was talking about, he still voiced his affirmation. 

‘Don’t bother with the rest, go do your best to learn well in class and create a positive learning environment. Of course, don’t start trouble or get bullied. If you get bullied, you must bully them back.’


Lin Jiabao’s voice was soft, slightly high-pitched and dragged – it made people’s hearts ache whenever they heard it. Since he wasn’t too familiar with speaking, he didn’t do so for long periods of time; It led people to think the teenager was just too shy.

After he watched the female lead walk away, Lin Jiabao took the airport express3A railway line found in airports. and soon arrived downstairs of his house. Despite being a relatively young orphan – with the help of the system – he managed to leave the orphanage young and rented a one-bedroom apartment. Usually at this time he would be working, but he had requested for leave for the day.

These two days, besides familiarising himself with the face of the female host, he had to collect daily necessities as well. Dong Chen College’s school fees were terrifyingly pricey, and no one was exempted from them; so, Lin Jiabao chose to attend a day school and get a part-time job instead. Dong Chen didn’t have night school anyway.

The environment of Green Meadow4Just the name of the neighbourhood he’s staying in. was decent; although it was a bit further from Dong Chen College, it was near the subway. Lin Jiabao opened the door and took his shoes off before hoisting the white cat directly onto the bed. He wrapped a quilt around themselves and yawned, curling into a ball.

He had managed to reverse his body clock – albeit after much difficulty – but his night owl tendencies were still there. If he could sleep more, he would. 

Simply put, he was ‘lazy’.

The system that took over the white cat did the same and even fell asleep faster than Lin Jiabao.

The little fishies in his dream were swimming around before Lin Jiabao was awakened by a ringing phone. In a daze, he reached out his hand and answered, “Meow?”

“My Baobao, is your body doing better?”

The crisp voice that came from the phone was a female, carrying obvious worry. The moment Lin Jiabao heard the manager’s voice, he snapped out his daze. He hurriedly started moving his little brain and thankfully, this was a phone call so no one would see him pause for a while.

Lin Jiabao held the phone tightly and paused before saying, “I’m… I’m better ba.”

This was the first time he was lying so his heart was beating extremely fast. Shame clouded his mind, but he feared the manager would see through his lie. He promptly reassured her, “Manager, you don’t have to worry.”

“You’re so small and you only have a cat at home. If you get sick, no one would look after you. How can I not worry? How about me and Old Jie5She’s not referring to ‘Old/Big Sister’ (老姐) but a person (老杰). She’s referring to her boyfriend, Song Jie who you’ll see in chapter 2. When you’re close to someone, you might call them ‘old (name)’. It usually shows your intimacy. I heard this from my mom though so it might not be accurate! come down to see you?”

“No… No need!” The hand that was clutched tightly around the phone began to tremble. “I’m really much better, I can continue to go to work tomorrow. There’s no need to worry.”

“…Okay ba.” The manager sighed. “Remember to rest well. If I find you to still be unwell tomorrow, you’ll get another day of leave, so please be careful of your little bum.”


“Whenever you get nervous, you meow like your cat.” The manager commented before saying, “Rest early.”

He hung up and buried his face into the blanket. Despite his racing heart, he couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from twitching up.

Being cared for feels so good~

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    • baobao is so cute indeed! baobao is his nickname as his name is Lin Jiabao (林嘉宝) but baobao (宝宝) also means baby! thank you for reading!


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