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Chapter 65 – The daily life of Bai Ruan Ruan and the three crazy rabbits~

Meeting The Wolf
69 Chapters

Chapter 1 - I think you are making things difficult for this little white rabbit! Chapter 2 - Naturally... a godly fast shooter. Chapter 3 - Spring has arrived, everything is back to normal and it’s time for… Chapter 4 - I’ll complete my homework. Chapter 5 - One poke and you jump, are you a rabbit? Chapter 6 - Shortie Chapter 7 - Where is my White Rabbit toffee? Chapter 8 - It's a loss for studying too well Chapter 9 - Awoooooo Chapter 10 - Crazily being on the verge of divine retribution Chapter 11 - Wandering on the edge of bullying the master and betraying the ancestor. Chapter 12 - I’ll give you my lesson Chapter 13 - The family is keeping a husky that looks like a wolf Chapter 14 - Little Brother Bai Ruan? Brother Bouncy? Chapter 15 - I'm afraid of my wife. Chapter 16 - I’m really doing it for you… Chapter 17 - Loan Casting! Chapter 18 - A delicate and loveable... gentleman. Chapter 19 - Four Little White Shoes! Chapter 20 - On the surface, a group of literal fox and dog friends. Chapter 21 - His heart was scalding and it was going to melt. Chapter 22 - The scene of a car rollover accident happened. Chapter 23 - Your Red Luan Star is about to be knotted. Chapter 24 - In the next second, being eaten by you. Chapter 25 - Not listening, not listening. The wolf cub is reciting scriptures. Chapter 26 - Happy like Pei Qi the Pig. Chapter 27 - Am I not shedding fur? Chapter 28 - I’ll not agree if there is one less vertical stroke with a hook in the character in our accounts. Chapter 29 - The Chinese cabbage that ended miserably. Chapter 30 - Blow the candles, Teacher Bai. Chapter 31 - Put Teacher on the table. Chapter 32 - A sudden earthquake. Chapter 33 - A 3D printer. Chapter 34 - Back to your original form and you are still wearing shoes? Chapter 35 - Slipping away. Chapter 36 - Animals under the nation's second-level protection. Chapter 37 - Longer than children. Chapter 38 - Wave-particle duality. Chapter 39 - Now every pen of yours is covered with my smell. Chapter 40 - Head hating on the ground. Chapter 41 - Actually I'm so bad, I can't even pretend. Chapter 42 - It’s a girl. Chapter 43 - My disciple-granddaughter has a hard life. Chapter 44 - Don't be afraid, it's just a ghost. Chapter 45 - Pack up and prepare for restoration. Chapter 46 - Are you balding? Chapter 47 - Want to hug Brother Bouncy while watching Peppa the Pig. Chapter 48 - An excellent milk wolf won’t be beaten twice by the same move from a rabbit! Chapter 49 - The pyjamas on his chest area were soaking wet. Chapter 50 - Are there no human rights during the embarrassing period!? Chapter 51 - When can the inside be… Chapter 52 - I have Canine Distemper Virus Chapter 53 - Your birthday present Chapter 54 - I will take you to see the farthest and closest things of the world. Chapter 55 - Say, Am I your boyfriend? Chapter 56 - Call you brother from now on, okay? Chapter 57 - My brother is in danger! Chapter 58 - Tell me, which boy do you like? Chapter 59 - A worrying and silly son! Chapter 60 - The innocent boy Lang Jing Feng. Chapter 61 - Front or Back? Chapter 62 - Seems... to be a shou. Chapter 63 - Just let them beat like this, beat like this all the time— Chapter 64 - Content introduction: Dedicate a whole chapter to describe Bai Ruan Ruan's supper, the author is also very busy… Chapter 65 - The daily life of Bai Ruan Ruan and the three crazy rabbits~ Chapter 66 - Extra Story [Physical Education Teacher Pretending to be sick] Introduction: Lang Jing Feng's daily life after becoming a Physical Education Teacher… Chapter 67 - Extra- [Senior Brother spares my life (1)] Brother Rabbit is a talker. Chapter 68 - [Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (2)] Chapter 69 - Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (3)]

Editor: SleepyMango123

Before the D Normal University’s curriculum started, Bai Ruan moved into the new house near Lang Jing Feng’s university to live with him.

This home wasn’t far from No. 2 Middle School. It was convenient for Bai Ruan to go to work and Lang Jing Feng to attend classes. The four bedrooms and two living rooms were also spacious, making it more comfortable to live in than Bai Ruan’s apartment. The only problem was that the bunnies in Bai Ruan’s house couldn’t be left unattended.

At first, Bai Ruan was worried that Lang Jing Feng would find the bunnies annoying, so he suggested that they live separately and meet every weekend, but Lang Jing Feng categorically rejected the proposal, and stated that Bai Ruan had to bring the bunnies to live with them.

The bunnies were all in a state of open spiritual consciousness, and they were even more obedient and sensible than some human children. Some time ago, Bai Ruan’s occupational disease came out, and some of the smartest bunnies were selected to be the team leaders. The team leaders managed the bunnies and didn’t let them be mischievous.

Thinking that the bunnies were really worry-free, Bai Ruan moved over with these fluffy drag oil bottles1Drag oil bottle is a Wu dialect, referring to the children born by the ex-husband who remarried and brought to the later-husband’s house in the old society. In fact, the correct statement should be “dragging the disease” rather than “dragging the oil bottle”. In ancient times, the widow remarried, and the later husband married the widow as his wife, the family situation would generally not be very good. In the olden society, natural disasters and man-made disasters were frequent. If the children brought by the widow had some shortcomings, they would often be blamed by the ex-husband’s relatives., intending to try it out for a while. If Lang Jing Feng was not used to them, he would then bring the bunnies back, but the bunnies performed very well. Two months later, Lang Jing Feng showed no signs of irritation. He was even addicted to the bunnies and often played with them.

Bai Ruan had to supervise a self-study period two nights a week. These two days, he couldn’t get home until after 9 o’clock in the evening. Every time he came home, he would see Lang Jing Feng changing tricks to play with the baby bunnies. Once, he changed his original shape and carried the bunnies on his back and ran around the house, euphemistically being ridden like a big horse. Bai Ruan could clearly hear the giggling sounds of the bunnies through the thick security door.

It was simply family bliss!

This Sunday morning, Lang Jing Feng routinely went out for a run, while Bai Ruan stayed and lazed around at home until eight o’clock.

After getting up, Bai Ruan took five minutes to prepare the pasture and drinking water for the bunnies. When he checked the rabbit potty, he found that Lang Jing Feng had cleaned it up, so he opened several rabbit cages and let the bunnies come out to eat.

After watching the bunnies eat and drink, Bai Ruan changed his original form and majestically squeaked, “Jiji!”

Little children, come and gather!

The little clouds jumped over from all directions and squatted in three rows in an orderly manner according to their body size.

Bai Ruan, “Ji.”

Take a break.

Twenty or so rabbit claws stretched out to the side and front, and more than forty rabbit ears were flattened against their head. This was the message of resting invented by Bai Ruan.

Bai Ruan, “Ji!”

Stand at attention!

The twenty or so rabbit claws retracted, and the forty or so rabbit ears stood up straight. This was the alert rabbit pose invented by Bai Ruan.

At this time, there were familiar footsteps in the corridor outside the door. Lang Jing Feng pushed in the door with meat buns and lean meat porridge. He had just finished running five kilometres, his hair was soaked with sweat, and the sweat dripped down the bridge of his high nose.

Bai Ruan raised his claws and scratched the fluffy back of his head. He seemed a little embarrassed and urged, “Ji? Ji.”

You’ve come back? Quickly go and take a shower.

Lang Jing Feng went to the toilet and washed his face, then pulled up a chair beside Bai Ruan, sat down without any restraint, and said with a smile, “You can do whatever you want. Don’t worry about me.” After speaking, he took out a meat bun and took a bite, showing that he didn’t have the intention to take a bath first.

—It’s because what was going to happen in front of him was so fucking cute!

Bai Ruan raised his head to look at Lang Jing Feng and shook his rabbit ears. “Ji.”

Then you are not allowed to laugh.

Lang Jing Feng could probably guess what Bai Ruan meant, and assured the other, “I won’t laugh at you guys. I just want to take a look.”

Bai Ruan nodded, turned to the assembled bunnies, and patted both front paws. “Jiji, Jijiji.”

Good morning, children. Brother Bouncy is going to lead everyone to do morning exercises.

In Bai Ruan’s view, doing exercises could train the body, and it could cultivate the collective obedience consciousness of the bunnies. It was easy for animals to acquire spiritual knowledge, but it depended on talent and luck whether they could achieve Taoism. These bunnies might not be able to achieve Taoism and some might always remain as intelligent rabbits. In addition, if they didn’t cultivate the habit of obeying Bai Ruan’s command from a young age, it would be difficult to raise so many rabbits.

The bunnies were high-spirited, all of them puffed up their fluffy little chests, and responded in unison, “Ji!”

Bai Ruan jumped on the spot, shouting as he jumped, “Ji, Ji.”

The first exercise, jump on the spot.

Following Bai Ruan’s order, the bunnies also jumped up and down. Three rows of white dumplings rose and fell like wind and wheat waves, and the pair of swaying bunny ears were dazzling.

Lang Jing Feng resisted the urge to pounce and rubbed his thighs.

After jumping for four to eight beats, Bai Ruan stopped and said sternly, “Ji, Ji.”

The second exercise, stretching.

After he finished speaking, Bai Ruan sat on the floor with his two hind legs. The front paws and his head desperately stretched upward, extending for a beat, and then retracting for the next beat.

Bai Ruan, “Jijijiji, Jijijiji…”

One two three four, two two three four…

The bunnies also imitated Bai Ruan and sat upright on the ground, trying to stretch their front legs upward. Due to the excessive stretching, some bunnies who couldn’t grasp the centre of gravity lost their balance and leaned back one after another. As a result, they rolled into small lantern balls. Seeing this, Lang Jing Feng hurriedly leaned over and fiddled with the overturned bunnies, so that they could keep up with Bai Ruan’s instructions.

After the stretching exercise, Bai Ruan continued to issue orders, “Ji, Ji.”

The third exercise, back leg kick movement.


Just like that, Bai Ruan led the bunnies to complete a set of rabbit-style radio gymnastics invented by himself. After a set of exercises, the rabbits weren’t affected. However, it was Lang Jing Feng that was affected. He was in a trance and was made restless upon seeing such a scene. He whole-heartedly just wanted to grab Bai Ruan and rub him frantically, rather than being addicted to loving rabbits.

After the gymnastics, Bai Ruan began to teach the bunnies.

The bunnies knew emotions like joys and sorrow. They were much smarter than ordinary rabbits. In this case, it would be inhumane to keep them in the rabbit cage from morning to night. Thus Bai Ruan planned to slowly change the rules of the house and to teach them about safety issues, so that when he and Lang Jing Feng weren’t home, the bunnies could come out to play, and they wouldn’t be bored in the cages all day.

“Ji,” Bai Ruan jumped to the power supply next to the TV cabinet, “Ji.”

First was to review what was taught yesterday.

Bai Ruan pressed his paw onto the power supply with a solemn expression. “Jiji, Jiya.”

This white and rectangular power supply cannot be touched. You will die if you touch it.

After he finished speaking, Bai Ruan laid down on his back with a puff and pretended to be electrocuted. His four claws twitched continuously, and then his head tilted, his tongue sticking out from the three-flap mouth and drooping to one side.

“Ji! Ji!” Brother! Brother Bouncy! The bunnies panicked and were agitated. They jumped up and down like a pot of boiled dumplings.

Bai Ruan jumped up and comforted, “Ji, Ji.”

Brother is okay. I’m just showing you guys.

The bunnies breathed a sigh of relief. In order to test the results of the electric shock safety education, Bai Ruan randomly selected two bunnies and purposely made them go near the power supply. He tested, “Ji?”

Want to touch?

The two bunnies turned their heads, and jumped back to the army like a bouncy ball off the string, determined not to touch electricity.

At the end of the review, Bai Ruan raised his claws and pointed at the toilet. “Jiji.”

Teach the kids how to use the toilet today.

Then, Bai Ruan jumped into the toilet, and the bunnies followed in.

The toilet was the squatting type, and the flushing pedal was very low on the ground, which was suitable for petite rabbits. Bai Ruan squatted by the urinal and explained the correct posture to go to the toilet. He immediately stood up and pressed the flush pedal with only the front paws, and pressed down with all his strength…

The roar of the water sounded, and the timid bunnies who were naturally sensitive and nervous were startled by the aggressive water, so that they squeezed each other, and their ears were erect, forming a large airtight rabbit blanket. Lang Jing Feng, who was leaning against the door to watch the excitement, squatted down and touched the big rabbit blanket from east to west, from south to north. Wherever the big hand touched, the ears of the bunnies collapsed. As soon as the hand left, those bunny ears popped up again.

“Jiji?” Do you children remember how to go to the toilet? Teacher Bai asked.

Once the bunnies learnt how to use the human toilet, the odour problem in the house could be completely solved. Previously, Bai Ruan had taught them to simply clean their bodies by licking their fur every day, and they would also be bathed regularly. 2Rabbits do lick their fur but owners should regularly comb their fur so that they do not ingest too much of their own fur. Ingesting too much, may lead to G.I or blockage of the stomach. Also, please do not bathe your bunnies, they could go into shock and die. Their fur isn’t meant to touch water and it takes a long time for their fur to dry. PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!Thus, the bunnies didn’t smell bad.

“Ji, Ji…” Some courageous bunnies responded with trembling fear, looking at the flush pedals that could attract thunder and floods, while the more hesitant bunnies simply drooped their ears into balls and pretended to be a lantern ball.

Bai Ruan wasn’t in a hurry. Cowardice was the nature of the rabbit family, and many things had to be adapted slowly.

“Ji…” Children don’t need to be afraid… Halfway through Bai Ruan’s words, he was suddenly picked up from the ground by Lang Jing Feng and pushed down on the washstand, exposing his white belly in humiliation!

“Ji, Jiya!” I’m in the midst of conducting a class! Bai Ruan kicked his hind legs hard.

“You’ve been selling meng in front of me all morning. You’re looking for a kiss huh?” Lang Jing Feng buried his face in Bai Ruan’s belly and kissed him. The bunnies didn’t know what was happening and only thought that their brother was being bullied, so they jumped up and hit Lang Jing Feng on the knee.


Just like that, with the training and education of the bunnies had been going on, after a few months, these little rabbits were as smart as though they had become spiritually conscious.

That night, Bai Ruan and Lang Jing Feng came home after eating outside. When they pushed open the door, they saw more than a dozen bunnies sitting one by one in a fluffy row on the sofa in the living room. The TV in front of the sofa was playing a cartoon, the group leader bunny sitting on the far left of the sofa held the remote control. The rest of the bunnies on duty were not watching TV, but two groups of rabbits were pressing the left and right sides of a rag with their front paws, and their hind legs jumped and kicked forward, gathering the rabbit fur scattered on the floor together, waiting for Bai Ruan to clean it up. The floor of the living room was clean and the air was fresh. No one would have imagined that there would be a large group of little rabbits here.

Seeing Bai Ruan and Lang Jing Feng come back, the little snow groups flocked to the door one after another, reporting their performance today to Bai Ruan, asking for compliments and petting. Bai Ruan smiled gently and touched their heads one by one for encouragement.

There was the demeanour of the patriarch of the rabbit demon clan!

“Baby, we all have a holiday tomorrow,” Lang Jing Feng suggested, playing with a little rabbit leisurely, “Shall we take them out to play?”

“Where?” Bai Ruan asked.

“What can these small children do?” Lang Jing Feng rubbed the little rabbits around his feet. “Would you like to take them to a picnic in the mountains?”

The suggestion was pretty good, but Bai Ruan hesitated, “Do you really want to go? Don’t you want to do something else during the holiday?”

Lang Jing Feng pinched Bai Ruan’s waist and teased him with his mouth like a train running, “It’s hard to take a day off. It’s too outrageous for me, a father, not to accompany my children, right?”

Bai Ruan was so amused by this bad egg that he was too lazy to refute, and just said with a business-like tone, “Then let’s find a mountain with less people…”

In the middle of his sentence, a warm hand suddenly covered the back of his neck, and the upper body was pushed by the hand involuntarily in the direction of Lang Jing Feng. Lang Jing Feng also pressed against him and almost rudely bit his lips.

“Hmm…” This surprise attack made Bai Ruan’s heart skip a beat, and his legs were so weak that he almost knelt down.

Lang Jing Feng was so excited that he gasped for breath. He hugged Bai Ruan’s waist tightly, and asked in a rough voice, “So obedient, you aren’t refusing?”

After asking, without waiting for Bai Ruan to answer, he kissed him again, and hugged Bai Ruan by the waist while kissing. The bunnies who had gradually understood in the past six months instantly retreated from left to right to make way for Lang Jing Feng.

Lang Jing Feng strode towards the bedroom with Bai Ruan in his arms. His tone was gentle, and there was a bit of coquettishness towards Bai Ruan, “We have given birth to so many little rabbits, can brother Bai Ruan give me a little wolf tonight? “

It looked quite like a human couple discussing the issue of having a boy or a girl.

Bai Ruan couldn’t hold back. His jawline suddenly tensed, his face blushed, and he whispered, “…I’m a male, I can’t conceive.”

Lang Jing Feng bit his lip and smiled. “If you can conceive, is Brother Bai Ruan willing to conceive my little wolf?”

Answering this question was a blow to the dignity of the male rabbit. Bai Ruan raised his eyelids, looked at him begging for mercy and was embarrassed to answer.

Lang Jing Feng pretended to be dissatisfied and sighed, “Alas, if you don’t want to…”

“No,” Bai Ruan buried his face on Lang Jing Feng’s shoulder, revealing only a pair of red ears hidden by his black hair, his voice as small as a gnat, “If I can, I…will, will…”

Thus, within the next second, Bai Ruan was dragged onto the big bed in the bedroom.


The next morning, the two of them worked together to prepare things to take the bunnies for a picnic. Lang Jing Feng loved outdoor activities and had taken Bai Ruan to a picnic outside before. He packed up his things and was familiar with the road. Bai Ruan couldn’t help much, so he went to pack what the bunnies needed.

As their spiritual consciousness gradually stabilised, the bunnies not only became smarter, but also knew that they loved beauty. Bai Ruan noticed this, so he purchased some small head scarves, small jewellery and children’s bow ties.As they went out to play together today, he had planned to dress up the bunnies to take pictures.

The bunnies voluntarily formed two teams according to male and female. When a fluffy little head came over, Bai Ruan took a small floral square to cover the rabbit’s head, and then used the two corners of the square to tie a slipknot at the chin. The group of little female rabbits wearing floral head scarves gathered in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror and looked in the mirror, discussing who wore the headscarves the cutest.

“It’s your turn.” Bai Ruan clapped his hands, and the little male rabbits who were waiting in a gentlemanly manner also gathered around. Bai Ruan helped them tie children’s bow ties with black bows one by one, and the little male rabbits became little gentlemen.

When putting a bow tie on the last little male rabbit at the end of the line, this little male rabbit was reluctant. He avoided Bai Ruan’s hand, twisted his fat little butt, and looked enviously at the extra one piece of square scarf with a cherry blossom pattern.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Ruan stroked its head.

The little male rabbit stepped on Bai Ruan’s arm and jumped into his arms. Fearing that people would hear him, he stood up and grabbed Bai Ruan’s shoulder, anxiously. “Jiji, ji…”

Bai Ruan smiled and picked up the small square scarf to put it on the women-clothing loving boss.

The little male rabbit was wearing a cherry blossom head scarf, and jumped in front of another little male rabbit with joy, and arched his three-petaled mouth. The little male rabbit who saw it was stunned for a moment, and then arched back with a giggling smile.

Bai Ruan, “…”

It seemed that he wasn’t only a women-clothing loving boss, but also a shou.

After packing up, Lang Jing Feng carried a large mountaineering bag with picnic supplies, while Bai Ruan carried a small bag with baby bunny supplies. The two then went out. The bunnies were arranged in two groups according to gender and jumped behind Lang Jing Feng. Bai Ruan walked at the end of the line to monitor whether there were any bunnies left behind. They were like a group of elementary school students and two teachers on an outing.

Lang Jing Feng took his driver’s licence test during the winter vacation after his freshman year. After he left the building, he went to get the car. Bai Ruan and the bunnies stood at the door of the building to wait. Passers-by were all immersed by the cuteness of the bunnies wearing flower headscarves and gentlemen’s bow ties. Some people even took pictures with their mobile phones. The bunnies were very clever, and when they saw strangers, they would deliberately not stand so neatly.

After a while, Lang Jing Feng’s car drove over. Bai Ruan opened the rear door, and small white cannonballs slammed into the back row, and groups of five to six voluntarily burrowed into the carriers placed on the rear seat.

The bunnies didn’t have child safety seats, so they could only use carriers instead. Bai Ruan closed and locked the carriers one by one, and told Lang Jing Feng, “Drive slowly.”

Lang Jing Feng smiled. “Don’t worry, I promise to drive slower than I run.”

Forty minutes later, the two came to the foot of Qingxiu3To describe how a sprouting plant would be. Mountain. This Qingxiu Mountain had a decent name. In fact, it was very short and was just a small hill so it wasn’t challenging to climb. However, the scenery on the mountain was still beautiful, and there was a flat ground on the top of the mountain, so some local beginners would occasionally come here to experience it.

Bai Ruan opened the carrier to release the rabbits, and the bunnies swarmed up the mountain road. They seldom came out to play in groups like this, and they got carried away with excitement and played in the wild flowers blooming in the grass. A few mischievous bunnies were stacking up like a pyramid beside a dead tree, wanting to send one of them to explore the tree hole. When Bai Ruan walked over, the bunnies panicked, and the pyramid tower on the edge of the tree hole turned into marshmallows.

“What are you guys nervous about? I’m not scolding you.” Bai Ruan’s lips curled up, and he lifted the curious bunnies one by one, and let them look at the tree hole. Seeing that there was nothing in the tree hole, the bunnies were disappointed. But that disappointment was soon overshadowed by other novelties.

Just like that, Bai Ruan led the way. Wherever the flowers bloomed well, he stopped and let the bunnies play for a while. Lang Jing Feng was at the end of the line, and whichever bunny ran too far away would be caught by the wolf.

The two walked with the group of bunnies, and it took more than an hour to climb to the top of the mountain. On the top of the mountain, the grass was soft and the breeze was pleasant. After the picnic, the bunnies laid on the grass, exposing their well-fed belly, basking in the sun and the blowing breeze that was full of the fragrance of green grass.

Bai Ruan was itching to do it as well upon seeing it, so he changed into his original form and jumped to Lang Jing Feng, lying on his knees to dry his belly. Lang Jing Feng smiled, and gently scratched Bai Ruan’s soft hair with his fingertips, and massaged Bai Ruan with his own techniques. Bai Ruan was kneaded into a small body of pancakes and was so comfortable that his eyes became smaller and smaller. In the end, there were only two slits left, and they were completely closed by Lang Jing Feng’s soothing hums.

He basked in the heat of the sun and slept soundly, lying on his back. After sleeping for a while, his three-petaled mouth opened, revealing the red, bright and soft tongue and the two square teeth above and below. Lang Jing Feng kept teasing the little rabbit tongue with his fingertips, and was instinctively licked twice by the sleeping Bai Ruan.

Lang Jing Feng lowered his head and kissed Bai Ruan’s fluffy forehead.

The corners of the raised lips seemed to condense into sunlight.

Hello! I know we are currently in the extras and I would really love to finish the whole story all in one go but I’ve been recently feeling burnt out with work and my bunny has been on and off unwell. I’m just exhausted:(

Sorry for the sudden announcement of taking a break. I’ll be back!!!


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    Drag oil bottle is a Wu dialect, referring to the children born by the ex-husband who remarried and brought to the later-husband’s house in the old society. In fact, the correct statement should be “dragging the disease” rather than “dragging the oil bottle”. In ancient times, the widow remarried, and the later husband married the widow as his wife, the family situation would generally not be very good. In the olden society, natural disasters and man-made disasters were frequent. If the children brought by the widow had some shortcomings, they would often be blamed by the ex-husband’s relatives.
  • 2
    Rabbits do lick their fur but owners should regularly comb their fur so that they do not ingest too much of their own fur. Ingesting too much, may lead to G.I or blockage of the stomach. Also, please do not bathe your bunnies, they could go into shock and die. Their fur isn’t meant to touch water and it takes a long time for their fur to dry. PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!
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    To describe how a sprouting plant would be.


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