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Chapter 62 – Seems… to be a shou.

Meeting The Wolf
71 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

After the Teacher Appreciation Banquet, Lang Qian and Bai Ruan gradually got to know each other.

While Bai Ruan was reluctant to accept the hospitality of his students’ parents, he had no stance or reason to refuse the ardent care from the seniors of the demon clan. Lang Qian seized this mentality and resolutely assumed the attitude of a senior demon taking care of her juniors, and invited people over every three to five times to introduce her various demon friends to Bai Ruan. She wanted to help Bai Ruan expand his contacts in the local upper-class demon society. Bai Ruan didn’t refuse this kind of care, and was very grateful to Lang Qian.

Every time Lang Qian invited Bai Ruan out to socialise and have fun, she would bring Lang Jing Feng with her, and she often created opportunities for the two to be alone. She had designed this several times and Bai Ruan’s attitude towards Lang Jing Feng quickly softened. Lang Qian was able to see the results and felt quite proud of her talented skills, otherwise she still wouldn’t know how much her foolish son would suffer.

… Little did Lang Qian know that Bai Ruan had long ago softened into syrup in front of Lang Jing Feng, and he had to rely on his righteousness in front of her.

Some time ago, Lang Qian gave Bai Ruan a set of free VIP coupons for a resort stay experience and said that it was opened by a friend. Bai Ruan’s heart was like a mirror, he didn’t refuse much, accepted the voucher and made an appointment according to the procedure. After he made a reservation over the phone, the customer service girl who was instructed to report to Lang Qian that the VIP surnamed Bai had made a booking, who in turn immediately reserved a room for her son in the room next to Bai Ruan’s, forcing them to meet by chance.


In the villa’s guest room, Bai Ruan opened the floor-to-ceiling windows of the room.

The mountain breeze smothered in the green mist in the forest suddenly filled the guest room, making it an unbelievably cool day in August when the national average temperature was 30°C. Bai Ruan took a deep breath. After several rounds, he felt that his lungs had been cleansed. He was thinking about whether to go to the open-air pool of the small courtyard and wait for Lang Jing Feng to come, when there was a hurried knock on the door.

Bai Ruan ran to open the door. As soon as the door was opened, Lang Jing Feng couldn’t wait to squeeze in. He grabbed Bai Ruan and locked the door with one hand. “I’m going crazy just from missing you.”

“Go take a shower first.” Bai Ruan took the initiative to propose, “There is an open-air pool in the yard.”

There was a closed independent courtyard outside the floor-to-ceiling windows of this row of guest rooms, where guests could take a bath, and enjoy the breeze during the night. No one could see what they were doing in the courtyard.

Within seconds of these words, Lang Jing Feng’s expression became gloomy. He put the tip of his nose on Bai Ruan’s neck and chest, sniffed a few times, and asked with an annoyed face, “Who touched you just now?”

Bai Ruan wanted to explain, but Lang Jing Feng had already pulled the tie of his bathrobe, and the tip of his nose was gently against his chest, sniffing all the way down, he disgruntledly exclaimed, “Fuck, they even touched your waist. “

“I went for a massage just now!” Bai Ruan said embarrassedly, “Don’t let your imagination run wild. There’s already something between us, how can I have someone else…”

Unexpectedly, Lang Jing Feng didn’t doubt him at all. “I know.”

Bai Ruan frowned. “Then you still…”

“I’m not happy. Your body is full of other people’s smells.” Lang Jing Feng’s tone was stubborn, he took off his clothes in two or three seconds, took off the bathrobe on Bai Ruan’s body, and threw it on the ground in disgust. Immediately, he wrapped Bai Ruan’s thin body into his arms, rubbing and stroking, and using his wolf smell to carve out territory on Bai Ruan’s body.

Bai Ruan blushed from his rubbing, staggered back a few steps, and was pushed down on the sofa naked.

In fact, scent was very easy to adhere to, and it wasn’t necessary to be in contact for that to happen. Sometimes, Bai Ruan would be in a confined space such as subways, taxis, elevators, or offices for a long time, and he would have other people’s scent on him…. Bai Ruan himself couldn’t smell it, but if he had stayed in these places, Lang Jing Feng would know when he hugged him. Sometimes Lang Jing Feng could even smell who Bai Ruan was talking to at close range.

Lang Jing Feng was very clear about how clean Bai Ruan was, so although his possessiveness was a little abnormal, he had never gotten angry with Bai Ruan about this kind of thing to cover up the scent of others. The main reason why he was being like this was that he was under the control of Lang Qian during this period of time—although his mother’s actions were purely out of good intentions—he couldn’t be as touchy with Bai Ruan as much he wanted, and as a result, he became perverted due to holding back. It wasn’t easy for him to indulge himself today, thus he had to rub and bully Bai Ruan to make him feel satisfied, and had tried his best to act coquettish with Bai Ruan.

Lang Jing Feng pressed Bai Ruan down and messed around. After teasing, he lowered his head and smelled Bai Ruan. He felt that there was still the smell of strangers. “The person who massaged you, was it a man or woman?”

“Uh…” Bai Ruan’s brain was overloaded and he struggled for a moment. He didn’t know whether Lang Jing Feng hated men or women more.

Male, Bai Ruan was now gay; female, Bai Ruan used to be heterosexual… There would always be a problem if he answered this question.

In a hurry, Bai Ruan stammered, “I-I don’t know if it was a man or a woman.”

Lang Jing Feng was amused by his response. “You don’t know whether the person giving you the massage is a man or a woman?”

Bai Ruan was afraid that Lang Jing Feng would be angry, so he lied, “En, I didn’t pay attention… That person’s appearance wasn’t obvious.”

Lang Jing Feng narrowed his eyes slightly, pinched at Bai Ruan’s waist threateningly, and pretended to be displeased. “Say the truth. If not, I’ll be really angry.”

Bai Ruan begged for his survival. “Seems… to be a shou1bottom.”

“…” This answer was too safe. Lang Jing Feng didn’t know how to eat the remaining half filled cylinder of vinegar for a while.

“Where did he massage you?” Lang Jing Feng changed his entry point and his eyes were vigilant, “I have to touch it again.”

Bai Ruan swallowed his saliva, and his clear voice was slightly hoarse, “After you entered the door, didn’t you already… touch all over?” After he finished speaking, he automatically hooked his arms around Lang Jing Feng’s neck and pressed him gently towards him. Swallowing his embarrassment, he wrapped his legs around Lang Jing Feng’s waist and leaned against Lang Jing Feng’s forehead with his. A pair of dark eyes looked at him pitifully, his voice was gentle, and he replied with a brother-like indulgence, “Then you first…don’t go to the shower. Let’s do it first.”

Feeling that Lang Jing Feng’s eyes were piercing him like a red-hot needle, Bai Ruan looked away and explained softly, “Then won’t my whole body have… only your smell?”

“Here I am going crazy and you’re still teasing me?” Lang Jing Feng pressed Bai Ruan on the sofa like a little hungry wolf who hadn’t eaten enough for a few days…

Both of them sweated profusely, their scents mixed together, and the scent of strangers had completely disappeared. Once Lang Jing Feng was liberated, he went crazy and carried Bai Ruan from the sofa to the carpet, the washstand, the floor-to-ceiling windows… Finally, he went all the way to the open-air pool, went in again, and took a mandarin duck bath2refers to couples taking bath together and being intimate..

Bai Ruan was so exhausted that he was forced to change to his original shape by Lang Jing Feng. When Lang Jing Feng kept pushing him against the wall of the pool to bully him, a round and white fur ball poofed out small bubbles and floated up to the water surface. He spread his four little white paws and swam in the direction away from Lang Jing Feng, but Lang Jing Feng picked up the fur ball as soon as it swam less than a metre away.

Bai Ruan panicked, and his feet fluttered in the air. “Jiya, jiya!”

No, I can’t! I really can’t!

Lang Jing Feng snuggled the bunny, walked out of the open-air pool, and strode back to the guest room. He wrapped the wet white dumplings in a bath towel, wiped and dried him with a hair dryer, and used the hotel brush to comb Bai Ruan’s fur. He then put him back on the bed.

“Ji…” Bai Ruan, who thought he would be grabbed and rubbed by Lang Jing Feng, breathed a sigh of relief.

“Want to go for a ride?” Lang Jing Feng scratched Bai Ruan’s soft fur.

“Ji?” Are you driving? When it came to going for a drive, it was natural to think of taking a car for a ride. Bai Ruan tilted his head and expressed confusion with body language.

Lang Jing Feng could probably guess what Bai Ruan was asking, and replied, “Without a car, I can run at a speed of 60 kilometres per hour with my legs. Wouldn’t it be for a ride if I carry you on my back? It’ll be quite nice to see the stars on the top of the nearby mountain.”

Bai Ruan giggled and his ears nodded in agreement.

Lang Jing Feng lifted Bai Ruan out of the guest room, and walked familiarly to the foot of the mountain near the villa. At this time, it was already dark, and only the stars and lights were interspersed in the black velvet-like night. Standing at the foot of the mountain and looking up, the Milky Way in the sky was already looming. The starry sky would be more beautiful at the top of the mountain without artificial light pollution.

There was no one around. Lang Jing Feng put Bai Ruan on the ground, stripped off his clothes, folded them, and placed them on the head of a nearby stone sculpture, then turned into a wolf, lying flat in front of Bai Ruan. Bai Ruan jumped up onto Lang Jing Feng’s back, using his four little white paws to try to stabilise his body.

Lang Jing Feng flew up the mountain road. His speed was extremely fast and his body was stable. When the wolf claws landed, a silent, grey-like gust of wind swept through the mountain path. Bai Ruan sat on his back, and he didn’t sway very much. He saw thin and messy tree shadows quickly retreating back, and sometimes grass blades and calyx brushed against his body. The small animals they passed by were frightened by Lang Jing Feng and screamed wildly. They dashed desperately in the direction of their nest. Bai Ruan sat on Lang Jing Feng’s back and unexpectedly experienced a predator’s perspective.

In the past, he would have been frightened by wolves and shrieked in the forest. He had never received such treatment.

“Ji.” Bai Ruan held his head high. His thick and soft chest hair fluttered in the wind, and his male dignity was greatly satisfied!

After a while, the wolf and rabbit arrived at the top of the mountain.

The top of the mountain had not yet been developed, and it was in its most primitive state. In summer, when the mountain flowers were blooming, the clusters of inconspicuous white flowers were dazzlingly bright under the stars and moon, like fine snow sprinkled all over the top of the mountain.

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    refers to couples taking bath together and being intimate.


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