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Chapter 61 – Front or Back?

Meeting The Wolf
69 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

There was a sofa and a low table in the corner by the window of the private room. Lang Qian got up and led Bai Ruan there. All the other wolves chatted with one another, and with this loud noise as part of the background sound, the corner by the window seemed suitable for a private conversation.

“Teacher Bai,” Lang Qian sat down gracefully and went straight to the point, “Jing Feng mentioned you when I was chatting with him a few days ago. He said that you are also a demon, is that true?”

Bai Ruan only knew that Lang Qian wanted to persuade him to accept Lang Jing Feng’s pursuit, but he didn’t know how she would start the topic. Thus he followed the principle of saying less and making fewer mistakes and replied, “…En, I’m a rabbit demon.”

He thought that Lang Qian would talk to him about the relationship between him and Lang Jing Feng next, but he didn’t expect Lang Qian to not mention this. It was as if she didn’t know about “Lang Jing Feng’s confession being rejected”, and only talked to Bai Ruan about various topics related to demons; how to cultivate, and the few local reputable demon families, and various anecdotes related to demons…

On the surface, her speech and behaviour seemed to be pulling Bai Ruan to chat aimlessly, but if you were think about it carefully, you could find that in fact, in between the lines, she was constantly weakening Bai Ruan’s identity as a “high school teacher”, which was meaningful only in human society. She also strongly emphasised the fact that Bai Ruan was a demon, and quietly twisted the relationship between the two from “teacher and student’s parents” to “demon race”, and from time to time she would also pull Bai Ruan to the same line as her, and belittled some of the more unreasonable aspects of human society.

“…We have to rely on human society to survive,” Lang Qian said slowly, “but the rules and regulations of human beings may not be suitable for us. We have lived here for a long time, and some ways of thinking have been subtly influenced by them. You can’t avoid this, but sometimes when you jump out of this circle, and if you think about it carefully, you will feel that many rules are actually unnecessary for the demon clan… Ai, here we are just focusing on talking. Please have some tea.”

Lang Qian smiled kindly and helped Bai Ruan fill a cup of tea, and the address unknowingly changed from the formal you to the casual you1from 您 to 你.

It didn’t matter whether what she said made sense or not. The key was the domineering aura when she spoke, and people with weaker characters could only be led by her nose. Bai Ruan acted in his true character throughout the whole process. There was a bit of pitiful and dazed expression between his brows and his words being completely dominated and held hostage.

At the end of the first phase of the conversation, Lang Qian observed Bai Ruan’s expression and was quite satisfied with the responses, so she started the second phase, showing off the Lang family’s local connections and wealth. She also implied how Bai Ruan could benefit under the shelter of the Lang family in the future. As long as their family was willing to take care of them, Bai Ruan could be promoted and raised to the top of the demon hierarchy.

Lang Qian had a high evaluation of Bai Ruan’s character, so she wasn’t shy to show him her strength and suggest various benefits. If it was a villain who was greedy for money, Lang Qian would quickly hide it away. In the final analysis, she didn’t think Bai Ruan would interact with Lang Jing Feng just because of these things, which would at most only provide a boost to the warming of the relationship between the two.

After the underlying meaning was conveyed, Lang Qian changed the topic to Lang Jing Feng, saying that this wolf pup recently seemed to have something on his mind. He was always unhappy with scoring such results in his college entrance examination, and when she asked him, he refused to say anything. Thus, she wanted Bai Ruan’s help to speak to him.

“This…” Bai Ruan hesitated, not knowing whether it was more natural to agree or not. He was hesitating when Lang Qian waved to Lang Jing Feng. “Jing Feng —come here!”

Lang Jing Feng strode forward, looking happy and slightly shy. His acting skills condensed into an invisible dog’s tail wagging behind his buttocks while Bai Ruan looked at him with a convincing expression.

“You guys go and have a good chat.” Lang Qian, who consciously laid the foundation for her son, got up and gave her seat. She glanced at Lang Yuan Shan, who was swallowing clouds and mist, and complained while fanning wind with her hands, “This smell of smoke!”. She raised her hand and pointed out the window, “You two go downstairs and walk around. There is a lake over there. Just in time to watch the sunset there.”

—— Even the sunset time was counted, and the scheming could be said to be profound!

“Teacher Bai, let’s go downstairs?” Lang Jing Feng asked softly.

Lang Qian was afraid that Bai Ruan would not be able to save his face, so she hurried back to Lang Yuan Shan, sat down and extinguished his cigarette.

As soon as she left, the expression on Lang Jing Feng’s face changed immediately. He smirked at Bai Ruan and said, “Go downstairs.

Bai Ruan nodded, and the two walked out of the private room one after the other.

Outside the building door was a green brick road that turned and went back and forth. It was embedded like a jade belt among the lush flowers and shrubs. Following the direction of the wooden sign at the fork, one could go all the way to the Huxin Pavilion.

The old wolves upstairs couldn’t hear them talking softly at this distance, but in this garden and Huxin Pavilion, they could see it from the window and there were no other pedestrians around. Lang Jing Feng kept a disciplined act with Bai Ruan. However, at a distance of one metre, he teased Bai Ruan, “What did you and my mother talk about? Was it to give you 10 million to fall in love with me?”

Bai Ruan was elated. “I would have agreed immediately.”

Lang Jing Feng also smiled, glanced at him sideways, and said, “I miss you. I haven’t been to your house for several days.”

In the past few days, Lang Qian controlled Lang Jing Feng very tightly, afraid that this silly son would be hated for being a stalker, continuously waiting downstairs at Bai Ruan’s house. Thus, he wasn’t allowed to freely go out.

Bai Ruan replied obediently, “I miss you, too.” After a pause, he called out in a gentle tone, “Jing Feng.”

“En?” Lang Jing Feng was familiar with Bai Ruan calling his name together with surname. Even in bed, he had to coax Bai Ruan to call him husband and had not been called without his surname before. But when he heard it, his heart suddenly trembled. “Baby, why are you calling me that?”

“I heard your mother call you that just now,” Bai Ruan said, “It sounds good.”

Lang Jing Feng couldn’t help but stick closer to him. “Say it again.”

Bai Ruan replied softly, “Jing Feng.”

Lang Jing Feng was restless and spoke with a rough voice, “I want to touch you.”

When Bai Ruan heard the words, he raised his head slightly to look at the window of the private room on the fourth floor. He shrank at a glance, lowered his eyes and warned, “Everyone is watching, don’t make trouble.”

——The dozen or so old wolves were gathering by the window at this time, watching their clan’s little wolf cub tease the rabbit with great interest. No amount of intimacy between the two could escape the eyes of these old wolves.

“Then I’ll touch you with my eyes.” Lang Jing Feng said leisurely. His burning gaze like a tangible object stroked inch by inch on Bai Ruan’s body.

“Whatever you want…” At first Bai Ruan had to act like he didn’t care, but the thickness of his face was not enough, and he was defeated after a while. The two ears that were hidden by the black hair were almost red, and he gritted his teeth. ” D-Don’t look.”

Lang Jing Feng chuckled, looked away, and turned to harass him with his mouth, “Have you been doing it by yourself these days?”

Bai Ruan, “…Doing what?”

Lang Jing Feng licked his lips and threatened, “I’ll kiss you here if you play stupid again, and I’ll tell my mother that I can’t help being a hooligan towards you.”

“Don’t,” Bai Ruan said anxiously, “I did.”

Lang Jing Feng asked in a low voice, “Front or back?”

It wasn’t known how many times they have been teasing each other back and forth in the past two weeks. The excitement level of fighting a gun from a distance of one metre was not inferior to that of a real gun.2LJF couldn’t meet BR for a long time, so they could only tease each other over the phone. Thus, it was much more exciting face-to face compared to over a distance. Bai Ruan’s heart beated wildly, and the pumping blood rushed to his face, causing his legs to be lose energy. He unconsciously slowed down and stammered, “B-Both…”

Lang Jing Feng bit his lower lip, restraining the urge with pain. He couldn’t help but ask, “Did you think of me while doing it?”

Bai Ruan’s throat was dry. “Yes…”

“What did you think of me?” Lang Jing Feng insisted, “How did I do you? What positions? Say something.”

Bai Ruan’s footsteps were fluttering, and he was ashamed to speak, but this wolf cub didn’t see him for a few days and made a mess. Bai Ruan couldn’t refuse, and was forced to describe the details of his fantasy. Lang Jing Feng asked a question, and he answered honestly. It was like squeezing toothpaste. When he entered the Huxin Pavilion, Bai Ruan felt that he was about the same as a tube of toothpaste that had been squeezed out. He weakly sat on the stone bench in the pavilion and whispered, “Don’t ask anymore…”

Lang Jing Feng was about to be driven mad, but he spared Bai Ruan with great mercy, and sat down on the stone bench opposite Bai Ruan. The two of them leaned on the stone table in front of them with their elbows, tacitly resting their chins with their hands at the same time, and their gazes intertwined for a moment. Both looked impatiently at the lake that was partially blocked by the vermilion pavilion.

In the eyes of the outsiders, this scene was as innocent as a literary movie, but the two people with lovers’ signs on the top of their heads had already performed a whole series of yellow films in their hearts.

“My mother may think of various ways to help me ask you out during this time.” Lang Jing Feng said with a smile, “You just pretend that you can’t refute her, and just refuse a few times for show.”

Bai Ruan sighed and slowly said, “Actually, I couldn’t outspeak her. I’m just acting as how I normally am.”

Lang Jing Feng, “Your future mother-in-law is very powerful.”

Bai Ruan glanced at him and praised from the bottom of his heart, “You are also very good, this acting… It’s a pity for you not to pursue acting.”

“I can’t act when you’re not there.” Lang Jing Feng raised the corners of his mouth lazily, “I didn’t know I could lie so much before, but when I thought about being with you in an upright manner, I felt like my talent bloomed.”

Bai Ruan’s heart was hot, and he stretched out one foot from the side of the short table leg below the stone table. Relying on the table leg to block the view from upstairs, he gently hooked Lang Jing Feng’s calf with his ankle. He had never done such a thing in his life before. After teasing the other for a while, Lang Jing Feng didn’t have any response and Bai Ruan instantly regretted it and felt that this performance was too dissolute. “uh… Sat till my legs are numb. I’m just stretching my legs.”

“Wait for me.” Lang Jing Feng’s Adam’s apple rolled, wishing to strip Bai Ruan and eat him.

Bai Ruan lowered his eyes, his eyelashes trembled slightly like butterfly wings blown by the wind, and said obediently, “Okay.”

“You agreed to this, you…” Lang Jing Feng gritted his teeth bitterly, and rubbed Bai Ruan a thousand times in his heart.

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    from 您 to 你
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    LJF couldn’t meet BR for a long time, so they could only tease each other over the phone. Thus, it was much more exciting face-to face compared to over a distance.


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