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Chapter 60 – The innocent boy Lang Jing Feng.

Meeting The Wolf
65 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

In a blink of an eye, it was results day.

Lang Jing Feng’s goal was D Normal University1A normal school is an institution created to train teachers by educating them in the norms of pedagogy and curriculum.. It was a well-known comprehensive university and its admission method for physical education majors was based on physical education scores and the scores from high to low based on the performance of cultural courses. Lang Jing Feng’s college entrance examination score was 571, which wasn’t considered to be outstanding out of all the students of No. 2 Middle School—after all, he had fallen too far in his first and second year of high school. Especially for subjects like Chinese and English that required long-term accumulation were difficult to achieve overnight, and it wasn’t realistic to overtake the top academic students—but according to the admission method of the major he applied for, this score was good enough to enter D Normal University.

On the night of the results, Lang Qian was overjoyed and stared at the computer screen.

Because Lang Jing Feng had always behaved badly, Lang Qian didn’t dare to have high expectations for her son. She only hoped that he could get into a decent university and get a good job, instead of learning from the domineering second generation of demons to cause trouble everywhere. However, the results far exceeded her previous expectations.

“571!” Lang Qian patted on Lang Yuan Shan’s back to vent her excessive joy, “Your son! He scored 571!”

The happy couple picked up their mobile phones and were busy reporting the good news to their relatives and friends. Compared to them, Lang Jing Feng was surprisingly calm. One reason was that he had expected it, and the other was that he didn’t take the exam too seriously from the beginning to the end. This year’s diligence and hard work, in fact, were only for Bai Ruan.

Lang Qian became angry when she saw her son’s calm and indifferent appearance, shoved him, and urged, “Quickly call Teacher Bai ah!”

“I know.” Lang Jing Feng coughed lightly, got up and went downstairs into the yard. He passed through the vegetable garden and the curtains of the wisteria flowers, stood in front of the iron gate of the yard and took out his mobile phone to call Bai Ruan—His parents’ hearing abilities were too good, and what he and Bai Ruan said would be overheard if he didn’t go further. But in the eyes of Lang Qian and Lang Yuan Shan, it was their little wolf cub that was embarrassed.

Lang Yuan Shan didn’t care about his son’s relationship problems as much as Lang Qian did. He held the attitude of chasing after someone if he liked them, and being happy was important. The fact that the other party was Bai Ruan only surprised him for a few seconds and he only felt that Lang Jing Feng was worthy of being his son. He even dared to fight the homeroom teacher’s ideas.

“I’ve checked it. 571!” The phone was connected, and before Lang Jing Feng could say anything, Bai Ruan’s slightly trembling voice came from the other side, “You’re amazing!”

Lang Jing Feng turned his back to the window of the study room on the third floor, put his hand on the receiver, and said in a low voice, “This time I can really go to No. 2 Middle School and be a physical education teacher. Are you happy?”

“Happy!” Bai Ruan first expressed his joy fiercely, and then carefully suggested in a soft tone, “Actually, you can also consider other schools and majors with this score. It’s not that you can’t change your goal. In the first place, isn’t the reason why you wanted to come to No. 2 Middle School to be a teacher because of me? Now…”

After Bai Ruan said this, Lang Jing Feng’s heart was tickled by this half-sentence, and deliberately lured Bai Ruan into saying something nice, “What about now? Now, I also want to see you every day, and stick to you every day. What should I do if I don’t become a teacher?”

“Now,” Bai Ruan pretended to be calm, but in fact the speed of his speech accelerated without his realising it, “don’t come to No. 2 Middle School to be a teacher. Go elsewhere to work. When you come home from work every day, won’t you see me and get tired of me? We’ll definitely be living together by then.”

Lang Jing Feng laughed lightly. Thinking that he would be able to sleep with his bunny in his arms every day, his heart softened. He teased Bai Ruan in a low voice, and then said seriously, “I’ve thought about it. Being a physical education teacher is really suitable for me. It’s stable and there’s winter and summer vacations. I won’t be too busy with work, and I don’t have to sit in the office every day…” He snickered and continued, “My mother asked me for my opinion before, and asked me if I wanted to study finance or management and work in her company in the future. I think I’m not suited for it. In the third year of high school, I used up all the patience in my life. If you were to make me sit in the office every day and read reports on the computer, I would be suffocated to death.”

Bai Ruan understood Lang Jing Feng’s personality and stopped persuading him. He obediently said a few good words with his gentle voice. Lang Jing Feng heard it and his heart accelerated. After chatting with Bai Ruan for a long time, he was afraid that his parents would figure something out, so he reluctantly hung up the phone.

After the results were released, Lang Qian organised a Teacher’s Appreciation Banquet, and personally went out to invite Bai Ruan to create a chance for her son. Bai Ruan refused according to Lang Jing Feng’s script before agreeing “reluctantly”. Lang Qian was quite proud, consciously relying on her three-inch tongue that was honed in the business field to persuade Bai Ruan, but she didn’t know that she had already entered the trap set by her son.

In fact, with the insight Lang Qian and Lang Yuan Shan had acquired in the business field and on the front line of fighting crime, no matter how good Lang Jing Feng’s acting was, it might not be able to get past them. But whether it was because Lang Jing Feng was their own son, or a son who had changed his ways, it would make both of them a little dizzy across the three-metre-thick parental filter.

Lang Qian was afraid of scaring Bai Ruan, so she didn’t dare to invite more people. There were only a dozen people invited. In addition to the wolf relatives who were closest to Lang Jing Feng, there were also several old wolves who were the leaders in charge of the Lang family. When they were invited, Lang Qian specially reminded them to cleanly conceal their demonic energy, so as not to scare Teacher Bai.

On the day of the Teacher Appreciation Banquet, Bai Ruan prepared ahead of time and was well-dressed. Lang Qian sent someone to pick him up. When he went downstairs, he was surprised to find that the “driver” Lang Qian sent was actually Lang Yuan Shan.

“Teacher Bai, quickly get in the car.” The co-passenger was deliberately occupied with various things by Lang Qian, thus Lang Yuan Shan opened the rear door very naturally.

Lang Jing Feng, who was sitting in the back seat according to Lang Qian’s instructions, raised his eyebrows and smiled at Bai Ruan. He revealed two small white fangs, and said “Hello, Teacher Bai.” The moment Lang Yuan Shan swept his eyes over, his expression changed. There was a sense of panic and confusion, just like a pure and innocent boy.

“…” Bai Ruan suddenly felt that this little wolf cub was really wasting his skills in wanting to become a physical education teacher. With such talent and looks, he could be a movie star in the entertainment industry.

Bai Ruan knew that in front of Father and Mother Lang, he had to pretend to refuse to fall in love with Lang Jing Feng, but his acting skills weren’t good, so he didn’t dare to say a word and kept his distance.

His stiff appearance in Lang Yuan Shan’s eyes coincided with the setting of “feeling embarrassed after being confessed by a student”. Lang Yuan Shan didn’t doubt that and drove towards the hotel where the banquet was held after a few polite words with Bai Ruan.

There was a long tunnel on the way to the hotel. When the car drove in, the surrounding light suddenly dimmed. The lights on the wall were dragged into bright streamlines under the effect of the residual vision. While Bai Ruan was looking out of the window in a trance, his hand lying on his knee was suddenly grasped by someone.

Bai Ruan turned his head to look at Lang Jing Feng, but Lang Jing Feng just stared straight ahead as if nothing had happened. He held that kind of juvenile innocent anxiety on his face. However, his hand rubbed the back of Bai Ruan’s fair and clean hand, causing Bai Ruan’s heart to jump. There was a kind of excitement no less than cheating, so he courageously squeezed it back. As a result, the hand that was so far-reaching was encouraged, and as if it was a snake, it slittered to the area in between Bai Ruan’s thighs…

“…” Bai Ruan didn’t dare to say a word, bit his lip and pinched the back of Lang Jing Feng’s hand, but the hand not only did not retreat. It even relied on the fact that Bai Ruan’s lower body was in the blind spot of the rearview mirror, retaliating on Bai Ruan’s thigh by pinching the tender meat on the inside.

Bai Ruan’s face was burning red hot, but Lang Jing Feng’s face reflected in the rearview mirror was full of innocence. Bai Ruan reacted quickly due to those few strokes and grabbed Lang Jing Feng’s wrist to compete with him. He was so anxious that his tail popped out. When the two were at a standstill, dim white light leaked from the front, and the car drove to the end of the tunnel. Lang Jing Feng calmly retracted his hand, and the warmth still lingered in the palm of his hand. Seeing Bai Ruan’s blushing face that was pressing his tailbone to retract his tail, Lang Jing Feng finally didn’t hold back. He turned his head towards the window and raised the corners of his lips, letting Bai Ruan’s sharp, piercing annoyed gaze penetrate the back of his head.

When the three of them arrived at the hotel’s private room, the other guests had already arrived. A dozen or so wolf demons were sitting around a round table. When they heard the door slammed open, more than two dozen sharp eyes were directed towards Bai Ruan.

Bai Ruan had never seen so many wolves in his life, and in a trance, he couldn’t help but have the illusion that he shouldn’t be eating at the table, but be a dish on the table.

“Teacher Bai is here, please take a seat.” Lang Qian greeted Bai Ruan warmly. There were three vacant seats beside her, Lang Yuan Shan occupied one, and the remaining two were reserved for Lang Jing Feng and Bai Ruan—This chance for her son to get closer to his sweetheart was also worrying for Lang Qian.

Bai Ruan sat down next to Lang Jing Feng, because he was afraid of being exposed. His expression was a little stiff, he didn’t take the initiative to speak, and didn’t dare to pay attention to Lang Jing Feng. Looking at it, Lang Qian became more and more certain of Lang Jing Feng’s rejection by Bai Ruan, so she winked at her son and told him to be courteous.

Lang Jing Feng smiled secretly, and used the public chopsticks to serve Bai Ruan. There were more than a dozen wolves who didn’t eat any vegetarian dishes, but half of the dishes on the table were vegetables. Not only that, these vegetarian dishes were also cooked using light methods such as stir-frying, steaming, and boiling. It seemed to be stingy food, but they were actually catering to Bai Ruan’s taste buds.

Throughout the course of this meal, Bai Ruan was taken care of by Lang Jing Feng under the gaze of everyone. The vegetables on the plate didn’t stop, and the warm water in the cup was always full. The dozen or so wolves in the audience seemed to be afraid of frightening Bai Ruan. Upon the arrival of this little rabbit, all of them spoke softly, and even the always serious Alpha Wolf had a kind and friendly smile on his face. Bai Ruan’s instinctively tense nerves slowly relaxed.

The wolves were satiated, and the topic gradually moved away from Lang Jing Feng’s admission to university. As they talked to each other in groups of twos and threes, Lang Qian wiped her mouth gracefully, turned her head to Bai Ruan and said, “Teacher Bai, there’s something I would like to discuss with you.”

The author has something to say:

The innocent boy Lang Jing Crazy: sneakily touches the little hand of Teacher Bai. QAQ

I’ll be posting the message below in ATST as well. So, if you guys had already read this over there, you may skip this part:

Hello everyone,

Not sure if you read the announcement on the discord channel, but my bunny was terribly ill and I had to stop everything I was doing to attend to her. Me, being retarded decided to wait for another 6 hours the next morning (She was not eating and pooping the previous night) and was hoping that she would all be better with time. In the late afternoon, she still wasn’t better and I brought her to the vet. I called so many vets and they were all fully booked and I had to do a walk-in which all of them couldn’t tell me the time (apparently some even waited for hours). Luckily the one I went to that day immediately help me when I was there knowing the seriousness. So, apparently, she had a blocked stomach which cause her to be in pain and not wanting to eat. Her stomach was also bloated. My heart dropped when the vet said that they may have to tube her if she wasn’t getting better after the drip and in their experience, it isn’t a good thing.. complications may arise and may lead to death. It was the worst feeling ever. She’s only 1.5years old and I felt like the worst owner ever. The anxiousness, anxiety, and the lump in my throat… Gosh.

Long story short, she responded well to the drip. I don’t give her many treats now cause they said her blood work didn’t look that good (It kinda sucks not giving your pet much treats… not sure if any pet owners can relate?) Recently, I had to force-feed her meds and some critical care cause she suddenly wasn’t eating again. Stayed up the whole night just to see her eat her hay and poop normally. I’ve never been that happy to see her turd*2Following the Johnny Depp & Amber’s case. Pretty interesting. in my entire life.

Anyway, I was so stressed out. But it’s getting better. she’s kinda normal now. Still monitoring her from time to time. Kinda scary, but I shouldn’t have delayed. Lesson learned. The bill for her overnight stay at the vet came up to half of my one month’s pay. I’ll probably need to start eating bread and butter for my meals now. HAHA.

Thank you for hearing me out and if you guys have any tips, do let me know. In the meantime, it’s time for me to calm my chaotic heart and soul.


  • 1
    A normal school is an institution created to train teachers by educating them in the norms of pedagogy and curriculum.
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    Following the Johnny Depp & Amber’s case. Pretty interesting.


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