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Chapter 59 – A worrying and silly son!

Meeting The Wolf
71 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

Lang Jing Feng pretended to be anxious and turned his head away, and said vaguely, “I don’t like anyone.”

“You aren’t saying huh.” Lang Qian opened her ten fingers, admiring her glossy fingertips, and hummed, “If you continue not to say anything, I’ll stop your pocket money.”

Lang Jing Feng became serious. “…I’ll say.”

“Let’s talk about whether he is a human or a demon first,” Lang Qian asked the most concerning question, afraid that Lang Jing Feng would resist answering, and explained, “Compared to humans, our lifespan is a few hundred years apart. After a few decades, he will leave this world first. It’ll be you who suffers. You children don’t want to think about such practical questions, so we have to help you think about it, so answer whatever mom asks you.”

Lang Jing Feng seemed to be persuaded, and began to confess, “He’s a demon.”

Lang Qian breathed a sigh of relief, and threw out the second important question, “Is he a local? Which university will you be studying at? Have you thought about having a long-distance relationship?”

“I have thought about it.” Lang Jing Feng nodded and said decisively, “I’ll apply to the local university. I can be admitted.”

Lang Qian pondered the firm expression of her son and sighed silently. She was also a wolf, and was very clear about the nature of the wolf. The ordinary wolf in nature was still monogamous and loyal. The wolf demon who had been influenced by the moral orientation of human beings would only become more stubborn in this regard. Once they were touched, it was hard to let go.

Seeing this, she had to help this silly boy catch up, Lang Qian thought to herself.

Lang Qian wasn’t in a hurry to understand minor issues such as appearance, character, and personality. She knew how picky Lang Jing Feng was. If these conditions weren’t good, her son would definitely not like the other party. Economic strength need not be taken into consideration as well.

Lang Qian thought about it for a moment, then asked another important question, “Does he like men or women?”

Lang Jing Feng, “It should be men.”

Lang Qian nodded and continued, “That’s easy to settle. What kind of demon is he?”

Lang Jing Feng pursed his lips into a line, was silent for a moment, and replied, “He’s a little rabbit.”

“A rabbit demon?” Rabbit cultivation was too difficult. Lang Qian had never seen a rabbit demon in her life. She was so shocked that her facial mask fell off, and she sat up straight. “That person isn’t afraid of you?”

Lang Jing Feng wiped his face. “He’s afraid… that’s why I haven’t managed to woo him yet.”

At this time about a year ago, Lang Jing Feng learned that Bai Ruan was afraid of the wolf demon energy in him. At that time, he practised without sleeping and eating, and stayed up all night for several days. Within seven days, his demon energy was completely restrained. However, he was afraid of being caught by his parents. Thus, he only restrained it at school and pretended not to be able to at home, so until now Lang Qian didn’t know that Lang Jing Feng could conceal his demonic aura.

Lang Qian burst out laughing. “I was still just thinking why did you go out and carry a bag of vegetables these few days… It really is a waste for you to be so handsome. You call that wooing someone? Why don’t you give 50 catties of rice and two buckets of oil to him?”

“Mom—” Lang Jing Feng looked at his mother resentfully with said handsome face.

Lang Qian waved her hand. “Forget it, how far have you guys progressed?”

“It’s not much,” Lang Jing Feng wilted, as if he had canine distemper, “I gave him gifts and he didn’t accept them. I wanted to ask him out to play but he didn’t agree.”

Lang Qian thought that the two had at least progressed to the point where they went out for a few meetings, but when she heard the words, she was flabbergasted. “You can’t even go out on a date with him?”

Lang Jing Feng had grievances written all over his face. “En.”

Lang Qian stared at him for a moment, shoved him angrily and hilariously in equal parts, and scolded, “You smell yourself. What are you looking at me for? You can’t smell it? You don’t know how to conceal your demonic energy. The other party is a rabbit demon who knows that you are a wolf as soon as they smell it. He can’t wait to hide away from you and you still want to date him? Such wishful thinking.”

“I’m still practising to restrain my demonic energy.” Lang Jing Feng muttered unconvincingly, “He’s very good at it. I didn’t even know he was a rabbit demon.”

—This sentence was true.

This silly son. Lang Qian shook her head and sighed. “Since you weren’t on a date, why did you go out early and come back late every day?”

“Ai… Mom, don’t ask anymore.” Lang Jing Feng hesitantly, with a guilty conscience.

When he went to Bai Ruan’s house these days, he would take off his clothes as soon as he walked in, and hang the clothes on the balcony. He would take a shower every night before leaving. The body wash was the exact one he used at home. After taking a shower, he would put on the clothes he arrived in before going back to his house to make sure that he didn’t have the smell of Bai Ruan on his body. He had a pair of parents with scary noses, and a lie would take a lot of time to make up for it.

Lang Qian smacked her hands on the table. “Say!”

Lang Jing Feng lowered his head and rubbed his fingers, whispering, “I put the things I gave him at his door every day, then stay in the coffee shop across from his house and wait for him to come downstairs…”

Lang Qian’s eyes lit up. “So what happened after he came down?”

Lang Jing Feng’s eyes flickered. “…I followed him.”

Lang Qian rolled her eyes and was furious at him. “You’re crazy ah! You’re not good at chasing people, what’s the difference between you and a stalker!?”

“Mom—” Lang Jing Feng held back a smile and fiddled with Lang Qian’s arm carefully, “I’m not a stalker…”

“They should call the police and arrest you!” Lang Qian raised her eyebrows and slapped the wolf’s paw, “In the past you had a talent of provoking others, why don’t you focus it on practising to conceal your demonic energy? Maybe he will be willing to go out with you…”

Lang Jing Feng hurriedly explained, “I’m not, I just followed him once. I didn’t follow him anymore when he was angry. I just waited for him downstairs at his house to catch a glimpse of him… Besides, it wasn’t because he was afraid of me that he disagreed.”

Lang Qian glared at him fiercely and she couldn’t get rid of the knowledge her “son was a stalker”. “What’s the reason? He isn’t single?”

“No, because of something else.” Lang Jing Feng scratched his head and lowered his eyes, his dark eyelashes made his profile look rather melancholy, “I have liked him for a long time, and I never dared to let him know all this time. After the college entrance examination, I finally gathered up the courage to talk to him, but he…he disciplined me, saying that it was impossible for me to be with him, I…” Lang Jing Feng slowly let out a breath and performed emotionally, “In fact, it has been quite suffocating.”

When Lang Qian heard this, there was a hint of certainty in her tone, “Do I know him?”

“Yes… If I were to tell you, don’t scold me.” Lang Jing Feng took a deep breath, and then said in a thin voice that was not commensurate with this big breath, “I… like Teacher Bai.”

Lang Qian’s eyelids twitched, and she calmly confirmed, “Bai Ruan?”

The reason for being calm was because this answer was within the range pre-set by Lang Qian. She had been in contact with Bai Ruan over the past year, and she felt nothing about the appearance and personality of this Teacher Xiao Bai could be scrutinised. In addition, Lang Jing Feng listened well to Bai Ruan’s words, so she also had some vague guesses in this regard, but she hadn’t explored it in depth. When Lang Jing Feng told her that he was 26 years old and was working locally, the first guess that flashed in her mind was Bai Ruan.

“Yes.” Lang Jing Feng sat on the sofa, leaned forward, leaned his elbows on his legs and knees, stroked his forehead painfully, and said, “I couldn’t hold back the day I confessed, I… I kissed him. It was just a little peck.”

Lang Qian was at a loss for words, and she didn’t know what to do with her own stupid son who was so pure!

Lang Jing Feng held his breath and recalled Bai Ruan’s obedient and enthusiastic performance in bed last night, and finally a rare blush appeared on his face, and said in a low voice, “He’s very angry. He thinks I’m his student and it’s immoral… I told him that I was willing to listen to him and study hard because I liked him. I thought he would be moved, but he became even angrier. I don’t know what to do now, he doesn’t even want to see me…” Lang Jing Feng held his forehead, his hair drooped down to cover his brows and eyes, looking more and more melancholy, “Mom, don’t simply look at me on the surface, but I’m actually going crazy inside…”

He didn’t perform this for fun, but he thought that “Bai Ruan relentlessly rejecting himself” was a very important part at the point of just graduating from high school, and it had to be seen by Lang Qian. Because of this, Lang Qian would have no doubts about whether Bai Ruan had seduced or ambiguously expressed his feelings towards Lang Jing Feng during the teacher-student relationship. In terms of ethics, Bai Ruan would be invincible.

“Aiya, you’re really… stupid! Terribly stupid!” Lang Qian got up and paced back and forth two times, hating iron for not being steel, “Teacher Bai is your homeroom teacher, and his positioning for you is that of a student. If you were to just anxiously approach him like that, how can that not scare him away?”

Lang Jing Feng pretended to be tired and sat on the sofa without saying a word.

“You really can endure, and yet, you still dared to kiss him?” Lang Qian squinted at him, “It’s already considered a good thing that he didn’t slap you.”

Lang Jing Feng muttered in his heart that he still dared to have sex with him, but on the surface he defended, “It was on impulse…” After a pause, Lang Jing Feng glanced at Lang Qian quickly, and asked softly, “Mom, is liking Teacher Bai immoral?”

That expression reminded Lang Qian instantly that Lang Jing Feng was still a little milk wolf who could only eat meat and looked at the flesh and bones while drooling. There were few mothers in the world who could face the child’s eager appearance and remain indifferent. Lang Qian originally wanted to say something to Lang Jing Feng, but seeing him like this, she swallowed all the words that came to her lips, waved her hand, and said with partiality, “It’s nothing serious. Falling in love is between two willing parties. It’s fine as long as the two of you are happy. Who cares about those rules… Besides, you have graduated now and you are not his student. He just hasn’t turned around. “

“Then what should I do now?” Lang Jing Feng’s eyes lit up after hearing this.

“What about this,” Lang Qian pondered for a moment, and said, “The grades will be out the day after tomorrow, and when the grades are out, Mom will be able to speak to him. Then, I will try to create opportunities for you to meet more often… You should be a little bit more courageous. If you don’t know how to flirt, go online and learn!”

“I got it, Mom.” Lang Jing Feng responded quickly, holding back his laughter until his abdominal muscles were sore.

The author has something to say:

Lang Qian: I’m so worried, I’m so worried. This silly boy is so innocent, he can’t even chase after someone!

Lang Jing Crazy: You had a granddaughter named Lang Xiao Bai… 🙂


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