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Chapter 52 – I have Canine Distemper Virus

Meeting The Wolf
65 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

After fall began, the temperature dropped rapidly, rain was continuous, and the cold water that was swept by the wind and hit the face was as cold as a handful of icicles.

Bai Ruan entered the unit, put away the umbrella and shook a puddle of water onto the floor.

The house that Lang Jing Feng rented across from the school was on the third floor of this building. Bai Ruan was forcibly stuffed with a key, but he never came to see it. It was already November, and it was the first time he walked into this community.

This was because Lang Jing Feng called him to ask for sick leave this morning. His voice sounded serious. Moreover, the wolf demon had a strong physique and was not easily defeated by minor illnesses such as colds and fevers, so Bai Ruan left school ahead of schedule after two language classes to check his situation.

Bai Ruan ran up the third floor two steps at a time, stood at the door and was about to open it with the key. But the door opened by itself. Lang Jing Feng, with a tired expression, stood leaning against the door frame. The clean and handsome face was crimson, and even the whites of the eyes showed a touch of blood. His originally rosy lips were pale, which was an obvious indication of having a high fever.

“I heard you on your way up…” Lang Jing Feng coughed heartily without finishing his sentence, then turned sideways to let Bai Ruan enter the house. He looked at Bai Ruan with his sharp eyes that could peel people and faintly said, “Finally willing to come to my house?”

“How long have you had your fever? Did it start this morning?” Bai Ruan ignored the provocative second half of the sentence and raised his hand to touch Lang Jing Feng’s forehead, which was scorching hot.

Lang Jing Feng’s voice was hoarse, “It started last night.”

“Change your clothes, I’ll take you to the hospital.” Bai Ruan grabbed Lang Jing Feng’s arm and dragged him to the bedroom.

Lang Jing Feng lazily raised his foot, kicked the door and threw himself on Bai Ruan like a human-shaped cloak. He pressed his nose to Bai Ruan’s neck and took a deep breath to replenish his energy. His voice was particularly hoarse due to the inflammation, “Teacher Bai, you have entered the wolf’s den…”

Bai Ruan didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry. “You’re still in the mood to mess around? I’ll call a car now. You have three minutes to change your clothes.”

Lang Jing Feng kissed Bai Ruan’s earlobe. “No need to go, I went to my friend’s brother’s pet clinic last night.”

Bai Ruan carried the human-shaped cloak and walked to the bedroom. “What did the doctor say?”

Lang Jing Feng rubbed against Bai Ruan and said coquettishly, “I have gotten the Canine Distemper Virus 1  and am feeling uncomfortable.”

“Canine Distemper Virus!?” Bai Ruan jumped in shock, almost causing Lang Jing Feng to bite his tongue, “Do your parents know?”

Canine Distemper Virus was an extremely dangerous canine infectious disease. Bai Ruan had never raised a dog, so he didn’t know the details and only knew that it was life-threatening.

Lang Jing Feng chuckled. “They know. Our family of three has gotten it.”

“Then why are you still taking your time!? Hurry up!” Bai Ruan was so anxious that he rushed into the bedroom and flipped through his clothes. On a chair beside the bed, there were several pieces of clothing that he had worn yesterday.

Lang Jing Feng followed him staggeringly, staring at Bai Ruan’s anxious appearance with a look similar to desire. After a few seconds of silence, he said, “We are not scared of this canine plague.”

Bai Ruan held a sweater that was taken off inside out, and turned over the sleeves for a while. “You aren’t afraid?”

“Ordinary canines are susceptible to dying from this disease.” Lang Jing Feng took a few steps closer to Bai Ruan and smiled, “Wolf demons aren’t afraid and will just be like people who have gotten a bad cold. Last Sunday was my grandfather’s 160th birthday, and he is the Alpha Wolf. Thus, all the 100 or so wolves in our family went to celebrate his birthday. We don’t know who passed it.”

Then after the six-day incubation period passed, the patients became ill.

Bai Ruan’s aura immediately collapsed like melting ice cream, and he said with relief, “Why didn’t you say it earlier…”

Lang Jing Feng walked to Bai Ruan’s side and leaned against him. The 185 cm of the lean and firm muscles made Bai Ruan’s centre of gravity unbalanced at once. Bai Ruan staggered back a few steps, knocked his legs against the edge of the bed, and fell on his back with his knees soft.

“It’s rare to see you so nervous, so I want to relish in it.” Lang Jing Feng leaned on the bed with his elbows and took off most of his body weight, fearing that it would hurt Bai Ruan.

Bai Ruan turned his face away. “Did you eat anything in the morning?”

Lang Jing Feng touched his lips. “No, but I took some medicine.”

“Lie down and rest after taking some more medicine.” The soft and hot touch of the other’s lips made Bai Ruan’s heart skip a beat, “Is there any rice at home? I’ll cook porridge for you.”

Lang Jing Feng didn’t answer, grabbed the quilt beside him, and raised his arm.

The light suddenly dimmed all around, and the two of them were covered with the quilt. The bed had been set out in the sun about two days ago, and the breath of sunlight smelled particularly pleasant in the rainy weather.

“I want to eat a little rabbit.” Lang Jing Feng turned his head and coughed twice, his voice rough and coquettish, “If I eat it, I’ll be cured.”

In the past few months since the start of school, Lang Jing Feng had rarely been so close to Bai Ruan. On one hand, the aggravation of the learning tasks led to less thinking about such things, and on the other hand, Bai Ruan didn’t give him a chance either.

As the third year of high school was so important, Bai Ruan was afraid that Lang Jing Feng would be distracted, so he repaired the teacher-student boundary that had been trampled by the wolf’s claws. He only chatted with Lang Jing Feng on WeChat every night to cheer him up. No matter how flirtatiously Lang Jing Feng acted, how cute and stalkerish, he didn’t agree to the other’s requests of dating and cohabitation. The little wolf cub couldn’t hold back, and several times in school, when no one was in the corridor, he forced Bai Ruan into the utility room to get close… Thus, Bai Ruan had a conditioned reflex towards the utility room at the end of the corridor.

…Pitching a tent when he saw the utility room sounded rather perverted.

“Uh, I’ll cook the porridge first. You can drink it and get a good night’s sleep.” Bai Ruan stretched out his hand and lifted the quilt covering the two of them, but Lang Jing Feng quickly pulled the hand back.

Lang Jing Feng didn’t answer, he just lowered his head and kissed Bai Ruan’s palm, and said, “Canine plague doesn’t infect you… So it’s fine for me to kiss you.”

It was followed by a scorchingly high fevered kiss.

Bai Ruan opened his mouth slightly, and his skin and mucous membranes had the illusion of being burned by Lang Jing Feng. He opened his eyes a little blankly, thinking that his body must be uncomfortable with such a high body temperature, so he responded unconsciously and licked Lang Jing Feng repeatedly. The tip of the hot tongue seemed to want to cool him down with his relatively cold tongue.

Lang Jing Feng’s movements were stagnant, their lips pressed together, and Bai Ruan felt that he seemed to be smiling.

“Teacher Bai,” Lang Jing Feng kissed his cheek, and went all the way down, “You are too cute… Do you really want to give it to me only after the college entrance examination?”

“Give you… what?” Bai Ruan’s heart skipped a beat.

Lang Jing Feng smiled softly, and changed it to a straightforward statement, “If I want to do it with you, do I have to wait after the college entrance examination? I promise not to let it affect my studies, okay? What are we two adults holding back here?”

Bai Ruan shook his head as far as possible in the small space. “Don’t even think about this! Why are all these things in your head? If you can use this energy in your studies, you’ll definitely make big progress in the upcoming midterm exam…”

Lang Jing Feng clicked his tongue and said, “Isn’t it normal for a teenager to be like this? When you were eighteen, didn’t you also have a few desires?”

Bai Ruan murmured in a low voice, “I am a pure-hearted person with few desires ah.”

“Nonsense.” Lang Jing Feng laughed out loud, “Who was the one who had to release himself six times in half an hour to get rid of his desires? Little kinky baby is more like it.”

Bai Ruan’s face and ears turned red, and he was speechless.

“Forget it,” Lang Jing Feng squeezed Bai Ruan’s chin and shook it gently, “I’ll listen to you. Save it, save it until I finish the college entrance examination, and you won’t want to get out of bed in June next year.”

Bai Ruan’s limbs were as soft as a rabbit being stared at by a wolf, but his nerves were very excited. The disorder of the demon caused the round tail behind his butt to emerge. Being held down by Lang Jing Feng, he sighed involuntarily.

On the bed, the quilt that covered the two of them was arched back and forth, and kept changing shape. From time to time, Bai Ruan’s light hum and suppressed low-pitched screams could be heard, as well as Lang Jing Feng’s hoarse voice——

“Hold it, Teacher Bai is good.”


“Teacher Bai, I meant for your hands to hurry up. I didn’t ask you to be faster.”


“Next time I’ll plug something in you. I read it in a novel.”

“Don’t…don’t look at those messy things…” Bai Ruan still didn’t forget to educate the student at the critical moment, and was very dedicated.

Half an hour later, Bai Ruan finally crawled out of the quilt in a dishevelled manner, and ran to the kitchen to cook porridge for Lang Jing Feng.

Grandmother Zhang came every two days, and every time she came to clean up the house, she cooked a big meal for Lang Jing Feng, so there was no shortage of ingredients and utensils in the kitchen. Although patients should eat lightly, for Lang Jing Feng not to eat meat for a meal was almost equivalent to not eating. Thus, Bai Ruan pulled out some chicken from the refrigerator, thawed it in the microwave, and cut it into thin and digestible shredded meat. He then got out a few more salted duck eggs, cooked a pot of salted egg yolk and shredded chicken porridge for Lang Jing Feng.

When the porridge was done, Bai Ruan opened the cabinet door to look for a bowl, but didn’t see any. Instead, he only saw several large bales of grass, including fruit tree grass, timothy grass, and various kinds of rabbit snacks that Bai Ruan often ate. The mouth-watering plant fragrance of leaves of grass and rabbit snacks wafted toward him, and Bai Ruan was immediately hungry.

He closed the cabinet door and opened another, found a large bowl, and left the rest of the porridge warm in the pot. He then took the fragrant porridge to the bedroom to feed his little wolf.

Lang Jing Feng had just tossed and his energy was exhausted. He laid limply on the bed. When Bai Ruan walked into the bedroom for the second time, he found that the place where the second pillow should have been placed on the double bed was actually a grass nest that was exactly the same as the one in his house.

“Get up and have some porridge.” Bai Ruan ordered.

Lang Jing Feng shook his head but pushed himself to stand up.

Bai Ruan carefully handed him the porridge bowl, pointed to the grass nest, and said, “Why did you buy this? And the grass in the kitchen…”

“In case you come and live here. The food you eat is not easily available to buy, so it’s best to prepare in advance.” Lang Jing Feng scooped up a spoonful of shredded chicken porridge and drank it, “I’ll hold this nest for sleeping, and pretend that you are in the nest. It’s… really fragrant.”

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Lang Jing Crazy: I, a tall, rich, handsome and domineering school grass…have the Canine plague??? 🙂


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