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Chapter 51 – When can the inside be…

Meeting The Wolf
71 Chapters

Chapter 1 - I think you are making things difficult for this little white rabbit! Chapter 2 - Naturally... a godly fast shooter. Chapter 3 - Spring has arrived, everything is back to normal and it’s time for… Chapter 4 - I’ll complete my homework. Chapter 5 - One poke and you jump, are you a rabbit? Chapter 6 - Shortie Chapter 7 - Where is my White Rabbit toffee? Chapter 8 - It's a loss for studying too well Chapter 9 - Awoooooo Chapter 10 - Crazily being on the verge of divine retribution Chapter 11 - Wandering on the edge of bullying the master and betraying the ancestor. Chapter 12 - I’ll give you my lesson Chapter 13 - The family is keeping a husky that looks like a wolf Chapter 14 - Little Brother Bai Ruan? Brother Bouncy? Chapter 15 - I'm afraid of my wife. Chapter 16 - I’m really doing it for you… Chapter 17 - Loan Casting! Chapter 18 - A delicate and loveable... gentleman. Chapter 19 - Four Little White Shoes! Chapter 20 - On the surface, a group of literal fox and dog friends. Chapter 21 - His heart was scalding and it was going to melt. Chapter 22 - The scene of a car rollover accident happened. Chapter 23 - Your Red Luan Star is about to be knotted. Chapter 24 - In the next second, being eaten by you. Chapter 25 - Not listening, not listening. The wolf cub is reciting scriptures. Chapter 26 - Happy like Pei Qi the Pig. Chapter 27 - Am I not shedding fur? Chapter 28 - I’ll not agree if there is one less vertical stroke with a hook in the character in our accounts. Chapter 29 - The Chinese cabbage that ended miserably. Chapter 30 - Blow the candles, Teacher Bai. Chapter 31 - Put Teacher on the table. Chapter 32 - A sudden earthquake. Chapter 33 - A 3D printer. Chapter 34 - Back to your original form and you are still wearing shoes? Chapter 35 - Slipping away. Chapter 36 - Animals under the nation's second-level protection. Chapter 37 - Longer than children. Chapter 38 - Wave-particle duality. Chapter 39 - Now every pen of yours is covered with my smell. Chapter 40 - Head hating on the ground. Chapter 41 - Actually I'm so bad, I can't even pretend. Chapter 42 - It’s a girl. Chapter 43 - My disciple-granddaughter has a hard life. Chapter 44 - Don't be afraid, it's just a ghost. Chapter 45 - Pack up and prepare for restoration. Chapter 46 - Are you balding? Chapter 47 - Want to hug Brother Bouncy while watching Peppa the Pig. Chapter 48 - An excellent milk wolf won’t be beaten twice by the same move from a rabbit! Chapter 49 - The pyjamas on his chest area were soaking wet. Chapter 50 - Are there no human rights during the embarrassing period!? Chapter 51 - When can the inside be… Chapter 52 - I have Canine Distemper Virus Chapter 53 - Your birthday present Chapter 54 - I will take you to see the farthest and closest things of the world. Chapter 55 - Say, Am I your boyfriend? Chapter 56 - Call you brother from now on, okay? Chapter 57 - My brother is in danger! Chapter 58 - Tell me, which boy do you like? Chapter 59 - A worrying and silly son! Chapter 60 - The innocent boy Lang Jing Feng. Chapter 61 - Front or Back? Chapter 62 - Seems... to be a shou. Chapter 63 - Just let them beat like this, beat like this all the time— Chapter 64 - Content introduction: Dedicate a whole chapter to describe Bai Ruan Ruan's supper, the author is also very busy… Chapter 65 - The daily life of Bai Ruan Ruan and the three crazy rabbits~ Chapter 66 - Extra Story [Physical Education Teacher Pretending to be sick] Introduction: Lang Jing Feng's daily life after becoming a Physical Education Teacher… Chapter 67 - Extra- [Senior Brother spares my life (1)] Brother Rabbit is a talker. Chapter 68 - [Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (2)] Chapter 69 - Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (3)] Chapter 70 - Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (4)] Chapter 71 - Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (5)]

Editor: SleepyMango123

The sides of the bathtub weren’t slippery, and both his arms were bound by Lang Jing Feng. Bai Ruan’s attempts to get up seemed more like he was twisting around in Lang Jing Feng’s arms.

“Okay, I won’t do it anymore.” Lang Jing Feng pressed his chin against Bai Ruan’s shoulder and rubbed it unhappily, thinking that he would have to tie a rope on Bai Ruan next time. He was outrageously fast.

Then I won’t untie it unless he calls me husband… Lang Jing Feng licked his lips, and the more he thought about it, the more he tried to wipe a not very clean wolf’s paw on Bai Ruan’s body. It further left the scent of a beast, emphasising possession.

——In another two days, it would mark his half month of staying at Bai Ruan’s house. After two days, he would leave Bai Ruan’s house, and it would be difficult to find this kind of intimacy again. Thus, he had to try his best to take advantage and eat a few bites of the little white rabbit.

“What are you smearing on me…” Bai Ruan smelled it halfway through the question. His mouth closed in an instant, his muscles tensed like a bowstring, and a pair of red ears moved slightly, like a frightened rabbit.

“Still need to ask?” Lang Jing Feng gave a low chuckle. “You don’t know what you had just gotten out of me?”

Bai Ruan was extremely embarrassed. The wet place on his skin was obviously cold, but it burned like acid, causing him to ache.

“You,” Bai Ruan gritted his teeth, struggling to get out to wash the liquid off his body, but instead, wiped the wet substance even more uniformly while struggling, “Are you a pervert!?”

Lang Jing Feng said from the bottom of his heart, “According to human standards, I really am perverted.”

He admitted it frankly, and wasn’t ashamed at all. Bai Ruan didn’t even know what else to scold him about. The light pink-stained chest heaved greatly due to shame and excitement, and the crumpled pyjamas were stubbornly stationed in the crook of his arms, not willing to go down.

“You are not allowed to wash off the ‘medicine’ I put today, Brother Bai Ruan.” Lang Jing Feng said in a gentle tone, and then used his newly replaced teeth to nibble Bai Ruan’s ear like a demonic dog. Bai Ruan shuddered when he heard that clanking sound, and his neck shrank in a conditioned reflex.

After he finished speaking, Lang Jing Feng helped Bai Ruan put on the pyjamas. He wrapped his hands around the front to fasten the buttons one by one, his eyes darkened and he deeply breathed in the smell Bai Ruan was exuding at this moment, and said hoarsely, “Teacher Bai, your body is covered with my scent…when can your insides be…”

“Shut up!” Bai Ruan turned his head to rebuke him, but Lang Jing Feng grabbed his lips and blocked the rest of the reprimand.

“Teacher Bai,” after the kiss, Lang Jing Feng kept one hand on the back of Bai Ruan’s neck and asked, “Out of all the spells that you have, can none of them control me?”

Although this was a question, his tone was firm, and it seemed that Bai Ruan’s answer really wasn’t needed.

Bai Ruan lowered his eyes, didn’t look at him, and said firmly, “There isn’t.”

Lang Jing Feng smiled. “Your expression is showing that you’re speaking nonsense.” After speaking, he shook the hand around the back of Bai Ruan’s neck lightly, and said with a bit of ruthlessness, “When I finish the college entrance examination, I have to let you… “

“No, there is really no spell that can deal with you!” Bai Ruan was afraid that he would say something that would make him blush and cause his heartbeat to speed up, so he hurriedly interrupted.

In fact, if he were to carefully look through the ancient books left by Yun Qing, he might even find a suitable spell. But Bai Ruan’s tone of voice was very tight, even if he had already done more things he shouldn’t have done, he would not give in an inch. “If I had a way, I would have taken care of you long ago. How can I still have you run… so rampant?”

“Mmmm, yes yes yes, you are being forced.” Lang Jing Feng responded with indifference, and swiped on the tip of Bai Ruan’s nose affectionately.

After two days of mischief at Bai Ruan’s house, Lang Jing Feng, who was full from food and drinks, returned to his eighteen-year-old appearance, and was chased out by Bai Ruan.

Before leaving, Bai Ruan checked the four fangs of Lang Jing Feng’s original form again. Seeing that they were all long and pointed, each of them were white and razor-sharp, he was relieved—Ever since the permanent teeth were replaced, from time to time, Bai Ruan would check Lang Jing Feng’s mouth and look at his teeth.

Bai Ruan pushed Lang Jing Feng’s suitcase full of exercise books and papers to the door, and warned, “Don’t do that again in the future.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Lang Jing Feng licked his teeth, “You aren’t afraid of me anymore.”

Bai Ruan waved his hand. “I’m not just talking about this. What I mean is that you should discuss things with me before you want to make important decisions in the future. Don’t make up your mind in such a hurry.”

Lang Jing Feng gave him a deep look, and pinched the cute face. “I’ll remember. I’ll discuss everything with you in the future.” The conversation then went into the ditch. “My father listens to my mother at home, and I will listen to you in the future, which is considered as following our family tradition.”

Bai Ruan didn’t say a word and didn’t refute. Obviously, he had been cleaned up in the past two days.

“I’m leaving now, Teacher Bai. See you at the beginning of the school year.” Lang Jing Feng took the suitcase in his hand and walked out.

“Wait.” It was sunny outside, and Lang Jing Feng was too embarrassed to hold an umbrella, so Bai Ruan grabbed the baseball cap hanging on the wall by the door and put it on him. Lang Jing Feng smiled and took off his cap, leaned over and stole a light and shallow kiss. He put the hat on again, turned around and strode out the door.

Five minutes later, Bai Ruan received a WeChat message.

Lang Jing Feng: “Look inside the first drawer on the left of the desk in the study.”

Bai Ruan went to the study, opened the drawer and saw that there was a thick stack of money lying in it.

Bai Ruan: “What’s going on?”

Lang Jing Feng: “Money for this half month’s food.”

Bai Ruan hurriedly put down the phone, counted, and transferred the same amount back to Lang Jing Feng, saying: “You don’t need to give me money.”

The teeth grinding was originally because of him, so Bai Ruan regarded it as his duty to help Lang Jing Feng restore his teeth, and he didn’t bother about the cost of food at all. He originally meant this, but Lang Jing Feng on the other side became affectionate: “We are family anyway, so I don’t have to pay for meals. Do you mean it like that?”

Bai Ruan: “…No.”

Lang Jing Feng: “It’s not that I don’t accept it.”

Bai Ruan had a headache for a while: “Then you don’t need to give me so much. One tenth is enough.”

Lang Jing Feng: “Then you can help me cook chicken soup a few more times for nourishment. I like to drink it, okay?”

In short, he didn’t want to let Bai Ruan suffer being with him. Seeing that the money was not returned, Bai Ruan had to keep this in mind in advance, and was ready to buy Lang Jing Feng something of the same value and return it to him.

The last vacation time before the third year of high school had passed in a flash, and the second year, class four officially became the third year, class four of high school. At the beginning of the new semester, the classrooms of the third years had also been moved to the third floor.

The first two days of school usually had a thorough exam for the students. Lang Jing Feng was under the personal supervision of the head teacher for half the summer vacation. The degree of completion of the study plan was extremely high, and the results of his preliminary examination had improved several places compared to the end of the term, and he was placed in the top 30 of the class.

In fact, after the final exam of the second year of high school, Lang Qian first wanted to fulfil her promise, and secondly, she had considered that Lang Jing Feng might not have any stamina this year if he didn’t have fun before the third year of high school, so she let Lang Jing Feng fly. She had been mentally prepared for her son to be beaten back to his original form when he started the school examination. She never imagined that this child would get better grades instead of retreating after having a fun summer vacation.

Taking advantage of Lang Qian’s excitement, Lang Jing Feng put forward a long-planned idea, saying that it was a waste of time to spend an hour on the road every day to and from school, and he wanted to rent a house opposite the school. In fact, Lang Qian also had this intention. Not only did she happily take care of the rent, but she also wanted to arrange for Grandmother Zhang to live there to take care of Lang Jing Feng’s clothing, food and daily necessities.

“There is no need, mom.” Lang Jing Feng winked at Grandmother Zhang, who was standing by, and said, “There is nothing to take care of. I’ll eat in the cafeteria, and use the washing machine for laundry.”

Lang Qian frowned, worried, “Can you eat the food in the cafeteria?”

Lang Jing Feng replied, contrary to his heart, “Our school cafeteria is delicious, hygienic, and convenient. I don’t have to leave the school at all.”

Grandmother Zhang also smiled and said, “Then I’ll go there two or three times a week to clean up.” After speaking, she turned to Lang Jing Feng and said politely, “I’ll choose the days you’re at school and go.”

“Then it’s settled, Mom.” Lang Jing Feng gave Grandmother Zhang a thumbs up secretly.

Lang Qian had a strong executive force. The next night, Lang Jing Feng moved into a newly rented house. It was the first building in the community opposite No. 2 Middle School. Standing close to the window, the teachers and students on duty at the school gate could be seen. The house had two rooms, a bedroom and a study, as well as one living room. The decoration style was simple and clean. The study was more spacious and brighter than the bedroom. It looked like it was made for students.

Lang Jing Feng got three sets of keys, gave one to Mrs. Zhang, who came to clean every other day, kept one for himself, and gave the other to Bai Ruan, saying that he could take a nap at noon.

Bai Ruan was very moved but didn’t dare to go, for fear that taking a nap would cause his behind to hurt.

The author has something to say:

Lang Jing is crazy: Everything is ready. The only one missing is Teacher Xiao Bai, who needs to take a nap. 🙂


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