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Chapter 50 – Are there no human rights during the embarrassing period!?

Meeting The Wolf
65 Chapters

Chapter 1 - I think you are making things difficult for this little white rabbit! Chapter 2 - Naturally... a godly fast shooter. Chapter 3 - Spring has arrived, everything is back to normal and it’s time for… Chapter 4 - I’ll complete my homework. Chapter 5 - One poke and you jump, are you a rabbit? Chapter 6 - Shortie Chapter 7 - Where is my White Rabbit toffee? Chapter 8 - It's a loss for studying too well Chapter 9 - Awoooooo Chapter 10 - Crazily being on the verge of divine retribution Chapter 11 - Wandering on the edge of bullying the master and betraying the ancestor. Chapter 12 - I’ll give you my lesson Chapter 13 - The family is keeping a husky that looks like a wolf Chapter 14 - Little Brother Bai Ruan? Brother Bouncy? Chapter 15 - I'm afraid of my wife. Chapter 16 - I’m really doing it for you… Chapter 17 - Loan Casting! Chapter 18 - A delicate and loveable... gentleman. Chapter 19 - Four Little White Shoes! Chapter 20 - On the surface, a group of literal fox and dog friends. Chapter 21 - His heart was scalding and it was going to melt. Chapter 22 - The scene of a car rollover accident happened. Chapter 23 - Your Red Luan Star is about to be knotted. Chapter 24 - In the next second, being eaten by you. Chapter 25 - Not listening, not listening. The wolf cub is reciting scriptures. Chapter 26 - Happy like Pei Qi the Pig. Chapter 27 - Am I not shedding fur? Chapter 28 - I’ll not agree if there is one less vertical stroke with a hook in the character in our accounts. Chapter 29 - The Chinese cabbage that ended miserably. Chapter 30 - Blow the candles, Teacher Bai. Chapter 31 - Put Teacher on the table. Chapter 32 - A sudden earthquake. Chapter 33 - A 3D printer. Chapter 34 - Back to your original form and you are still wearing shoes? Chapter 35 - Slipping away. Chapter 36 - Animals under the nation's second-level protection. Chapter 37 - Longer than children. Chapter 38 - Wave-particle duality. Chapter 39 - Now every pen of yours is covered with my smell. Chapter 40 - Head hating on the ground. Chapter 41 - Actually I'm so bad, I can't even pretend. Chapter 42 - It’s a girl. Chapter 43 - My disciple-granddaughter has a hard life. Chapter 44 - Don't be afraid, it's just a ghost. Chapter 45 - Pack up and prepare for restoration. Chapter 46 - Are you balding? Chapter 47 - Want to hug Brother Bouncy while watching Peppa the Pig. Chapter 48 - An excellent milk wolf won’t be beaten twice by the same move from a rabbit! Chapter 49 - The pyjamas on his chest area were soaking wet. Chapter 50 - Are there no human rights during the embarrassing period!? Chapter 51 - When can the inside be… Chapter 52 - I have Canine Distemper Virus Chapter 53 - Your birthday present Chapter 54 - I will take you to see the farthest and closest things of the world. Chapter 55 - Say, Am I your boyfriend? Chapter 56 - Call you brother from now on, okay? Chapter 57 - My brother is in danger! Chapter 58 - Tell me, which boy do you like? Chapter 59 - A worrying and silly son! Chapter 60 - The innocent boy Lang Jing Feng. Chapter 61 - Front or Back? Chapter 62 - Seems... to be a shou. Chapter 63 - Just let them beat like this, beat like this all the time— Chapter 64 - Content introduction: Dedicate a whole chapter to describe Bai Ruan Ruan's supper, the author is also very busy… Chapter 65 - The daily life of Bai Ruan Ruan and the three crazy rabbits~


Mild spicy content ahead!

Editor: SleepyMango123

For a moment, Bai Ruan thought it was the wolf cub who wet the bed.

But this illusion was quickly shattered, as Bai Ruan found a round shape bulging under his pyjamas. In addition, the ball was shaking slightly, and there was a tingling sensation.

Bai Ruan was very familiar with this sensation. It was the feeling of the little milk wolf’s tongue licking his cheeks, slightly hot and moist, with small animal-like thirst and eagerness.

With a buzzing sound in his head, Bai Ruan stretched out his hand to lift the hem of his top, and found that there was a small cub under it.

The little milk wolf seemed to have not eaten in eight hundred years. A pair of hungry wolf eyes shone like two small lanterns in the dark night. It also seemed to know that being a food thief couldn’t continue for long. The soft and tender tongue licked its food with extreme frequency and carelessness. In any case, one more mouthful was an additional gain.

When the pyjamas covering his body were lifted up, the little milk wolf realised that he had been discovered by Bai Ruan, and hurriedly wagged the stubby wolf’s tail behind him. He squeezed out a coquettish sound through his nose, like a puppy and desperately tried to please Bai Ruan while his mouth kept licking.

Baji, Baji, Baji, Baji.1Slurp Slurp*

For a few seconds, Bai Ruan thought he was in some absurd dream, but the realistic touches all over his body reminded him that this was the real world.

“…You!” Bai Ruan jumped up and sat up, grabbed the little milk wolf by the back of the neck and picked it up. Stammering so much that he couldn’t say a complete sentence, he asked, “You..drinking, what are you drinking?”

“Aowu!” The little milk wolf wagged his tail excitedly, flipped his tongue up, and licked the bit left on his little black nose.

Bai Ruan was so embarrassed that even his butt was burning red. He came down from the bed, put on his slippers, and hastily took a few steps, but didn’t know what he was going to do. The little wolf in his arms whimpered and fluttered desperately. Upon seeing such a scene, Bai Ruan’s heart softened and his hands loosened. The grey fur ball threw itself onto his leg and stuck there with all four limbs, whimpering endlessly, as if there were a thousand words in his stomach but he couldn’t speak.

“Don’t touch me!” Bai Ruan growled red-faced. He then leaned over and picked up the little milk wolf again, strode to the rabbit cage, opened a cage to empty the baby bunny inside. He then threw the little milk wolf into it, closed and locked the door.

“Aowu! Aowu—” The little milk wolf was aggrieved and his neck stretched out as he growled. Because his head was raised too high, the centre of gravity was unbalanced and he fell down. Originally, it would definitely make Bai Ruan laugh, but this time Bai Ruan didn’t have the mood to appreciate cute things, and thus rushed into the bathroom with a blushing face and checked his body in the mirror.

It wasn’t known if this was the case after all false pregnancies, or if the brain mistakenly thought that Lang Jing Feng, who was nestling against Bai Ruan’s lower abdomen, was a rabbit who needed to be fed. In short, after Bai Ruan relaxed his guard, the remaining progesterone turned around and fired a round of shots.

Bai Ruan took off his pyjamas and dumped them into the sink angrily. He turned on the faucet, and swiped the water to wash off the sticky layer on his skin. After washing it with cold water, he lost the excitement of the outside world and began to calm down. His body stopped trying to feed the bunny, at least his appearance seemed to return to normal. Bai Ruan combed his hair back and let out a long sigh.

He was embarrassed to think about what happened just now. It was too far below the limit. The only thing fortunate was that Lang Jing Feng was currently in the state of a young wolf, which made the picture easier to accept. If it was changed to that adult human form, a big man with the height of 185 centimetres, with a handsome and wolf-like face…

…what are you thinking!? Bai Ruan was embarrassed by the lewd and shameless fantasies in his head. His cheeks were so red that he could fry an egg, and he punched the washstand.

After all, he was also a male rabbit who couldn’t move his head. In addition, the other party was Lang Jing Feng, who was quite tempting to him. Therefore, shame and anger extended in Bai Ruan’s brain like two parallel lines. Both of them existed, but neither one affected the other. Not even the pain from his knuckles could stop the spread of delusions. Bai Ruan was furious and suddenly wanted to release himself.

Lang Jing Feng was still whining in the rabbit cage. Bai Ruan went back to the bedroom to get his mobile phone, and didn’t look at him. Instead, he just had a stoic face the whole way back.

After taking out the phone, Bai Ruan went back to the bathroom, closed the door, and calmly opened his phone to The Animal World…

“In spring, everything recovers, and it’s time for rabbits to mate…”

After a while, Bai Ruan, who had no change in his heart when he looked at the beautiful little female rabbit, turned off The Animal World. He daringly flipped through his photo album, when he found the one from the day the Temple collapsed and he had accidentally photographed Lang Jing Feng —At that time, he wanted to take pictures of the dark smoke in the sky, and it was purely an accident that he had taken a picture of Lang Jing Feng, yet he wasn’t willing to delete it.

That day, Lang Jing Feng was very handsome and looked particularly striking. He also wore a badass ear stud on his ear. He happened to look at the camera at the moment when he was captured. It was just like he was looking at Bai Ruan. That look…

What’s the deal treating your own students like this? Bai Ruan, how can you be such a person! Bai Ruan was tortured by his sense of morality and put down his phone embarrassingly.

I am a rabbit, forget being a human! After three seconds, Bai Ruan decided not to be a human being, and picked up the phone with a firm look.

After a short period of pleasure, Bai Ruan put down the phone, threw the paper into the trash, and threw the pyjamas into the washing machine. He then took a shower while standing under the shower head.

The aftermath of tonight’s incident was that Lang Jing Feng would show a bizarre interest in Bai Ruan’s chest in the next few days. He would rush to do something strange whenever he got the chance.

Bai Ruan had no resistance to the little milk wolf who was so cute that his blood vessels were bursting in response. It stood to reason that he wouldn’t refuse too much, but the embarrassing thing was that as time went by, Lang Jing Feng entered an awkward period—one that that was familiar to people who raise cats and dogs, a well-known period in which pets would become obsessively ugly in a certain range between the juvenile and adult states. They would become cute pets after the time passed. The wolf cubs in the embarrassing period looked neither cute nor menacing. They weren’t majestic, but rather like a miniature bald donkey. Every day when his demon power was exhausted and he returned to his original shape, Bai Ruan would be disgusted by his appearance.

“Awoooooooo!” I’m a milk wolf and I want to drink milk! The little bald donkey shook his head tiredly as he tried to take advantage of Bai Ruan’s chest.

“…You’re not a milk wolf.” Bai Ruan picked up the little bald donkey expressionlessly, opened his mouth, and said dryly, “Open your mouth and let me look at your teeth.”

Lang Jing Feng opened his mouth. The deciduous teeth were almost replaced. At present, only a few small fangs that grew in front had fallen out and no new ones had grown, which made him not only embarrassed in his original form, but even his human form. Once he opened his mouth, a row of missing teeth forming a gap could be seen. Thus, his selling meng power plummeted.

“The growth looks pretty good.” Bai Ruan was relieved, “Is the root of the tooth itchy? Is it uncomfortable?”

“Awowu Awoooo—” Itchy. It wouldn’t be itchy if Teacher Bai kisses it. The little bald donkey nodded, wagging its tail desperately into Bai Ruan’s arms, rubbing against Bai Ruan’s chest.

Bai Ruan put him back on the ground, and put a dog snack in his mouth. “Then bite this.”

Lang Jing Feng, “…”

Fuck! Was there no human rights during this embarrassing period??

In the morning, there were a few people on the street.

The scorching sunshine and the sultry air had slowed down the progress of humans since the early morning, but that didn’t affect the enthusiasm of the male cicada to flirt with his female. Bai Ruan was awakened by the noisy cicada, and could not sleep any longer. The grass nest trembled, and he jumped all the way into the bathroom.

These days, he slept in his original shape in the grass nest at night. Before going to bed, he would put the clothes that he was going to wear the next morning on the washstand in the bathroom. When he got up, he would go to the bathroom, close the door and turn back to his original shape to put on clothes, so as to avoid the embarrassment of being naked in front of Lang Jing Feng.

Just as Bai Ruan put on some loose home clothes and planned to go to the kitchen to cook a pot of meat porridge, the door opened just a crack and Lang Jing Feng squeezed in.

In the past half month, Lang Jing Feng had grown as fast as a small tree. All the deciduous teeth had been replaced by sharp and beautiful permanent teeth. As of now, he was about sixteen years old, and his thin and slender body was full of youthful feeling. Bai Ruan raised his hand gloomily and compared, feeling that Lang Jing Feng seemed to be two or three centimetres taller than when he slept last night. Obviously, the height difference was not discernable yesterday, yet today Bai Ruan had to slightly look up at him.

He’s so tall at 16 years old… Bai Ruan was envious.

“Morning, Teacher Bai.” Lang Jing Feng blocked the bathroom door with his body, and the corner of his mouth revealed an unfriendly smile.

“Morning, I’ve finished washing. You can use it now.” Bai Ruan had a bad premonition and reached out to push Lang Jing Feng out of the way, but Lang Jing Feng turned and locked the door.

Bai Ruan: “…What are you doing?”

“Teacher Bai.” Lang Jing Feng emphasised the word “Teacher”, stepped forward to get close to Bai Ruan, and said with a smile, “I have encountered difficulties in life.”

Bai Ruan’s mind turned fast, and he lowered his eyes subconsciously.

Lang Jing Feng had no clothes on his upper body and only had a pair of loose pants underneath.

Sure enough… Bai Ruan glanced at him, pretended not to understand, and said solemnly, “You have to solve difficulties on your own. Give way, give way, I’ll cook porridge for you.”

“How to solve it?” Lang Jing Feng’s youthful face was full of pure kindness and innocence. He held Bai Ruan’s wrist, put his forehead against Bai Ruan’s shoulder, his lips and ears were at a distance, and he asked softly, “Is it necessary to rub medicine? It seems to be swollen and a little painful, do you think it was bitten by a mosquito?”

Bai Ruan’s anger almost made him chuckle. “Is it fun to pretend to be stupid?”

Lang Jing Feng pretended to be a young boy in the play. His eyes were blank, and his voice was clear, “I don’t know what medicine to apply. Older brother, teach me.” As he spoke, the hand holding Bai Ruan’s wrist became stronger, leading Bai Ruan to put his hand on his body, biting Bai Ruan’s earlobe while doing this, and said coquettishly, “I’m only sixteen years old, I don’t understand anything, Brother Bai Ruan…why are you swollen as well? Were you also bitten by a mosquito?”

“I wasn’t!” Bai Ruan hurriedly pushed his hand away and wanted to go out, but was pushed by Lang Jing Feng all the way to the wall beside the bathtub. After struggling in every way to no avail, he was forced to give this ignorant boy who claimed to have just turned sixteen a half-hour physiology and hygiene class. After class ended, his legs were soft.

——Primary school application question: It is known that someone releases himself once every three minutes, and rests for two minutes. How many times does he release himself in thirty minutes?

3x 2x=30,x=6。

“Stop doing it…” Bai Ruan struggled to get out of the bathtub.

The author has something to say:

Lang Jing Crazy: It’s delicious, really fragrant.

Bai Ruan Ruan (actually feeling very good but can’t say it): …

So, I had a busy week.. IM SORRY GUYS T.T

I’ve recently been into draft beers… gonna get a beer belly soon.

Let me see if I can get the next chapter out asap.


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