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Chapter 48 – An excellent milk wolf won’t be beaten twice by the same move from a rabbit!

Meeting The Wolf
69 Chapters

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There may be some sensitivity issues that people might be annoyed/ disgusted about. It’s pretty innocent but I shall just state a warning just in case. 

Editor: SleepyMango123

At 10:30 in the evening, it was time to pack up and prepare for bed, Bai Ruan turned off the TV, put down the little milk wolf snuggled in his arms, got up and went to the bathroom. As he walked, he said, “I’ll prepare some water for you to bathe.”

Bath!? Lang Jing Feng’s eyes burst into two clusters of faint green flames. He spread his short legs and ran at full speed, followed by jumping around excitedly. His whole body was like a candy stick on Bai Ruan’s calf, and the four fat legs burst out with a disproportionate appearance. He vigorously hugged Bai Ruan, and howled with his neck stretched out, “Owooo wooo wooo wooo wooo!”

“What’s wrong?” Bai Ruan walked into the bathroom with the milk wolf clinging onto his leg, turned on the hot water and threw the shower head into the pet bathtub.

“Aowo! Owooo!” Seeing Bai Ruan’s incomprehension, Lang Jing Feng became anxious. He came down from his calf and ran to the bathtub. He stood up, and grabbed the edge of the pet tub with his front paws and overturned it, causing the hot water to splash all over the place.

“What are you doing?” Bai Ruan hurriedly turned off the water, while Lang Jing Feng jumped on the bath stool and into the bathtub using the bath stool as a pedal. He ran two rounds around the tub and howled excitedly.

Bai Ruan understood, washed the bathtub with the shower head and leaned over to wipe off the floating dust inside with the palm of his hand. “Want to use the bathtub to bathe? Sure.”

Occasionally, he also wanted to take a human-style bubble bath, so he also installed a bathtub during the renovation.

However, Lang Jing Feng shook his head, raised his head and grabbed Bai Ruan’s cuff, and pulled Bai Ruan into the bathtub with all his strength. “Awo wuu wuu!”

Bai Ruan’s eyebrows twitched slightly, and his face sank a little. “…What do you mean? You want to wash with me?”

Lang Jing Feng nodded, the short tail behind his butt was wagging like a small fan.

Bai Ruan calmed down. “Cough, don’t think about it.”

Lang Jing Feng jumped out of the bathtub with a splash, ran a few steps with his tail between his thighs, and sat down facing the corner of the wall with his back to Bai Ruan. The wolf’s head drooped, showing that this boss was unhappy, and he left a trail of plum blossom footprints drenched in water behind him.

“…It’s useless to act like a spoiled brat with me. You’re all grown up, and you’re not really three years old. How can this work on me?” said Bai Ruan, who had already experienced a lot of deliberate requests today.

“Wu wuu…” Lang Jing Feng pretended to choke, his tender and fluffy body trembled.

Bai Ruan stretched out his hand and poked him. “Lang Jing Feng, can you be more normal? Stop pretending.”

Lang Jing Feng turned around like a child throwing a tantrum, avoiding Bai Ruan’s hand. Seeing that the cuteness didn’t work, he ran into the bedroom with sadness and anger, and slipped under the bed, ready to act shamelessly.

Bai Ruan lied on the floor and looked under the bed where only the robot vacuum could get in, like a pooper scooper trying to get the master cat out. In the narrow darkness, two glass ball-like eyes were glowing brightly.

“It’s useless,” Bai Ruan stiffened his heart and threatened, “If you have the ability, you can stay there for half a month. When the time comes, you better not come out even if you want to.”

Lang Jing Feng seemed to be unable to understand human language, and only whimpered under the bed. The milky voice and mournful tone of the song, Moon Reflection In Erquan1Link, made one’s heart swell.

Bai Ruan couldn’t sit still after listening to it for a while, so he went to the bathroom to get a mop. He extended the mop rod under the bed, and tried to pull Lang Jing Feng out, but before the mop rod got close, Lang Jing Feng launched forward with a cold breath and bit the head of the mop with a small deciduous tooth. Bai Ruan naturally didn’t dare to go in. It was useless to chase him out, so he could only pull, but just after trying to do so, Lang Jing Feng let go and retreated to the depths under the bed.

After ten minutes of stalemate, Bai Ruan gave in. “Let’s wash together? Come out.”

Lang Jing Feng made a suspicious upward tone, “Awo owu?”


“Of course it’s true.” Bai Ruan guessed what the wolf call meant, and threw the mop away in exhaustion, “I’ll do what I say. Do I look like a liar?”

Lang Jing Feng retorted in a low voice, “Owoo woo awooo wooo.”

He obviously likes me, but he lied and said he didn’t.

Seeing that the little milk wolf came out, Bai Ruan went to fill the bathtub with water. When it was two-thirds full, he grabbed Lang Jing Feng and used the shower head to wash away the floating dust that Lang Jing Feng had caught from being under the bed, and then threw the wet little wolf into the bathtub.

Lang Jing Feng entered the water, wagging his tail impatiently to embrace the big wave of benefit, but saw Bai Ruan turn his handsome face slightly to the side. He smiled slyly at him, and then he turned into his original form. A white-haired fur ball flopped into the water with a splash.

——Bai Ruan knew that Lang Jing Feng would not have any desires for himself in the shape of a rabbit, so he would not feel ashamed to be naked in front of Lang Jing Feng in his original form.

Lang Jing Feng licked the drops of water splashed on the tip of his nose, and called out in a daze, “Ow.”

It wasn’t the same as what he had imagined while sharing a bath.

Bai Ruan squinted his eyes comfortably. His velvety white fur spread out in the water, and he rowed with his four rabbit legs, swimming quietly and calmly on the water, his two willow-like ears standing up in vigilance.

Lang Jing Feng leaned over and touched Bai Ruan with the tip of his nose. Bai Ruan also touched Lang Jing Feng’s soft fur wet with water with his rabbit’s paw. The two fluffy little cuties came and went, nudging at each other, but this harmonious scene only lasted for about a minute. Lang Jing Feng, who was provoked wildly, suddenly stood up, kicked the bottom of the bathtub with his two fat hind legs, and pressed the little white fur ball into the bathtub with his two front feet against the wall.

“Ji!?” What kind of situation is this!? Bai Ruan was startled.

There was no bath salt in the water, and the little milk wolf licked and sniffed the little white rabbit contentedly. The wolf pup licked the long ears with his pink tongue, used his innocuous deciduous teeth and nibbled the rabbit’s three-petaled mouth lightly, and curiously licked his front teeth.

After being almost bitten by the big teeth of the irritable little white rabbit, the milk wolf didn’t dare to go near the ​​three flaps again, and instead used the small black nose to nudge the white rabbit’s soft belly. While the little white rabbit was struggling, he turned him over, licked the fluffy back with his tongue from bottom to top. With his fleshy front paws, he fiddled with the quivering round tail, and at the moment when the little white rabbit conditioned his hind legs to kick, he cautiously gave way to the side. With a bang, water splashed all over the place, and the little white rabbit kicked his hind legs in the air, but his round tail was caressed several times by the milk wolf with his front paws.

A good milk wolf will not be beaten twice by the same move from a rabbit!

“Jiya Ji Ji Jiya!” After a series of thunderous roars, the small white rabbit’s chubby body suddenly softened, like a broken rabbit doll lying on the wall of the bathtub and the little milk wolf. In between, a faint moan escaped from the three flaps’ mouth, “Ji…”

It seemed that he had completely given up struggling.

The whole process took less than a minute.  

The clear bathtub water was slightly cloudy, perhaps because the two small animals shed their fur, or perhaps because of something else.

“Owo wu?” Lang Jing Feng let out a low growl. 


“Ji…” Bai Ruan’s eyes were blurred, he never expected Lang Jing Feng to not even spare a little white rabbit that turned into its original form. The guilty excitement faded, and he subconsciously touched his flat belly with his front paws. This was because his brain sent an instruction to his body, “Three days before labour, there will be a chance of premature birth, so let’s see how the baby is doing.”

“Wu.” Ha. Lang Jing Feng licked the fluffy back of Bai Ruan’s head. “Awo owo?” Are you afraid Lang Xiao Bai would be uncomfortable?

“Ji Ji Ji!” Get lost, get lost, get lost! Bai Ruan fluttered in the water, finally breaking free from Lang Jing Feng, swinging his four legs and swimming to the corner of the bathtub diagonally away from Lang Jing Feng, silently checking on the baby.

… Check what fart baby! Bai Ruan was so agitated that he couldn’t wait to wash his brain that was damaged by progesterone.

Lang Jing Feng had almost taken enough advantage for the next half year today, so there was no more mischief, and Bai Ruan took a bath with peace of mind. Two small animals were in the bathtub; one at the head and the other at the end.

After taking the bath, Bai Ruan’s anger didn’t subside. He jumped out with three flapped mouths drooping. He and Lang Jing Feng each rolled a few times on the bath towels prepared in advance at the bathroom door. Immediately, Bai Ruan pressed the large hair dryer on the ground. Switching on and off, a wolf and a rabbit stood side by side in front of the tuyere, enjoying the hot air blowing through.

The scene was too warm, which offset most of Bai Ruan’s anger.

Ruan decided not to return to his human form. Anyway, it was time for bed. Bai Ruan jumped into the small grass nest on the floor beside the bed. The cell phone and a small dish of dried carrots had already been placed in the grass nest—to eat before going to bed. Playing with mobile phones while having small snacks before bedtime was really enjoyable.

“Ow wuu.” Lang Jing Feng put his head into the grass nest, and found that it was very spacious, and it wouldn’t be a problem for a milk wolf to join.

“Ji Ji.” Bai Ruan raised his chin, motioning Lang Jing Feng to go to bed, his eyes stern and firm.

Lang Jing Feng retreated and jumped onto the bed, and found that there was also a small dish of beef jerky for him, his mobile phone… and an English language book.

Lang Jing Feng, “…” 

Bai Ruan commanded sternly, “Ji.” 

Go through the language book and play later on.

After all, memorising things before bedtime was much more effective!

Lang Jing Feng was eating beef jerky with love and memorised words, while Bai Ruan ate dried carrots and scrolled through Weibo2China’s version of Facebook.Link with his rabbit’s paw, making laughing ‘Ji Ji’ sounds from time to time.

At 11:30, seeing Lang Jing Feng had fallen asleep on the bed, Bai Ruan threw the empty dishes and mobile phone out of the nest. He then jumped out of the small grass nest, turned off the light with the remote control, and went back to the nest to fall asleep—He slept soundly. After all, Lang Jing Feng didn’t have hands tonight, so he couldn’t move him to bed together with the rabbit nest and cuddle him to sleep.


However, ten minutes after the lights were turned off, Lang Jing Feng silently jumped out of bed, crept into the small grass nest and carefully surrounded Bai Ruan, who was stuck in the grass nest, with his body.

The two fluffy furs clung to each other without any gaps, and their breaths blended together. The silver-grey wolf hair and the snow-white rabbit hair were also mixed together.

A peaceful and quiet night.

The author has something to say:

Lang Jing Crazy: Addicted to sucking rabbits.

Bai Ruan Ruan: Addicted to sucking wolves.

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