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Chapter 47 – Want to hug Brother Bouncy while watching Peppa the Pig.

Meeting The Wolf
75 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

Lang Jing Feng surrounded himself with demonic energy, and in the blink of an eye, the little milk wolf, who was paralysed on the ground with his belly on display, disappeared, and was replaced by a little boy with an exposed bottom.

The shota version of Lang Jing Feng’s appearance was only two or three years old, and it was estimated that he was less than one metre tall. On his small face the size of a palm, his eyebrows and eyes were very dark and handsome, and the lines on the tip of his nose, lips and chin were also delicate. It was comparable to Bai Ruan’s appearance from when he was a child. It was just that this miniature version of Lang Jing Feng still maintained the temperament of his adulthood. There was a wild energy in the corners of his eyes and brows. He looked like a kindergartener carrying a play thing, and if he wasn’t satisfied, he would chase and chop down the children with the wings of a toy aeroplane.

“Your ears and tails… can’t they change back?” Bai Ruan slowly took a deep breath and asked.

Lang Jing Feng shook the wolf’s tail behind his butt, and replied in a sweet and soft childish voice, “I can’t change them back. My demon power is now at the level of a three years old child.”

Bai Ruan, who had no resistance to cute things, was almost torn apart by the wolf-eared boy, and his chest couldn’t help surging with a fistful of fatherly love. With a kind expression on his face, he said, “I see. You should change back to a wolf first, don’t catch a cold. Teacher will alter the pants for you.”

When he moved away from his adoptive parents’ house, Bai Ruan brought his childhood things to his new home, including the various clothes he wore since he was a child. Lang Jing Feng’s size would increase every day for half a month and it would be a waste to buy children’s clothes. Thus, Bai Ruan packed up and washed his old clothes beforehand, in preparation for Lang Jing Feng. As for the so-called “changing pants”, there was a slit in the back of the trousers so that Lang Jing Feng could stick out his tail.

Bai Ruan altered the pair of children’s overalls, picked a small shirt of the right colour and put it on the bed together, along with a pair of children’s slippers by the bed. He urged the little milk cub who had been lying on his feet warmly, “Come on, since you’ve changed into your human form, wear some clothes.”

Lang Jing Feng turned into a wolf-eared little child1 again, grabbed Bai Ruan, who was about to walk out of the bedroom, with a small hand that was so fat that the palm joints turned into small pits, and said in a milky voice, “Brother Bouncy, help me wear it.”

Bai Ruan laughed. “Don’t make trouble, it’s not that you don’t know how to wear it.”

“I want Brother Bouncy to help me wear it. I want Brother Bouncy to help me wear it!” Xiao Lang Jing Feng, who was more like a showman than a wolf spirit, pouted his mouth aggrievedly.

Bai Ruan was in a trance for a while by his superb acting skills. “…You really didn’t lose your 18 years old memory?”

Lang Jing Feng, “I didn’t lose it.”

Bai Ruan asked suspiciously, “What is the value of sin 30° and sin 90°?”

“1/2 and 1,” Lang Jing Feng answered the question calmly and continued to softly play the rogue, “I want Brother Bouncy to help me wear it. I also want to hug Brother Bouncy—”

This guy was Lang Jing Feng. Bai Ruan, come on, wake up! Don’t be fooled by his appearance! Bai Ruan shook his head sharply, his eyes became resolute!

Thus, five seconds later…

“Raise your left foot and put it in,” Bai Ruan stretched out the left leg of the bib with a loving face, “Okay, then lift your right foot.”

Lang Jing Feng held back his smile until his wolf’s ears trembled. “Brother Bouncy, am I obedient?”

——Three days before “the delivery”, the wrong progesterone concentration in Bai Ruan’s body was about to peak, and the direct consequence of this hormone change was that Bai Ruan would become fatherly and eager to take care of small animals and children. His low resistance would even fall below the warning line. It could be said that in his current state, as long as Lang Jing Feng didn’t go overboard, it would be difficult for Bai Ruan to ruthlessly refuse some of his small requests.

This situation was beyond Bai Ruan’s expectations. After all, he had never experienced a false pregnancy before, and had not considered the details of the psychological changes caused by the hormone changes.

“So obedient.” Bai Ruan’s eyes curved as he took out Lang Jing Feng’s little wolf’s tail from the seam behind his overalls, and held a wolf’s ear in one hand and rubbed it.

Yun Qing bought Bai Ruan’s clothes when he was a child. Out of the master’s bad taste, Bai Ruan’s old clothes were inseparable from the element of rabbits. There was a big cartoon rabbit head printed on the big pocket in front of the overalls, and carrots were printed on the sleeves for matching. There were also two pairs of rabbit ears standing on the left and right on the children’s slippers. For the high-value little Lang Jing Feng who wore such an attire, it was estimated that he would be kidnapped when he walked on the street.

Bai Ruan, who was addicted to milk cubs, asked casually, “Do you have any younger siblings?”

Lang Jing Feng was so displeased that he even forgot to act cute, “For what? I don’t have one.”

Bai Ruan was slightly disappointed. “Oh.”

Lang Jing Feng squinted at him and with a dangerous tone, he warned, “Even if there is one, don’t even think of touching them. You can only touch me.”

Bai Ruan instantly woke up from the hallucination!

Lang Jing Feng quickly regained his displeased expression, wagging the wolf’s tail, and threw himself into Bai Ruan’s embrace in his rabbit costume. Raising Bai Ruan’s hand to touch his wolf’s ear, he coquettishly said, “Brother Bouncy has me. Isn’t that enough? Brother Bouncy, come and touch my ears.”

Bai Ruan fell back into the hallucination in a second!

Rubbing the wolf’s ears indulgently, Bai Ruan finally remembered his identity as a teacher, and let go of Lang Jing Feng, who was eating tofu in his arms. He put his face down2To be determined., and said solemnly, “…Shouldn’t you start your homework?”

Lang Jing Feng hooked Bai Ruan’s neck with two fat lotus-root-like arms, put his little face on Bai Ruan’s neck, and said coquettishly, “Want to hug Brother Bouncy while watching Peppa the Pig.”

Bai Ruan strongly suppressed the love aroused by Lang Jing Feng’s appearance, and summoned his reasoning, “How old are you and you’re still watching Peppa the Pig?”

Lang Jing Feng raised his eyebrows, revealing his true form. “Then hug Brother Bouncy while watching a movie?”

Facing such a cute creature, Bai Ruan didn’t feel violated and molested at all. However, he was worried that his own children would learn to talk nonsense, so he raised his hand threateningly and shouted, “What nonsense are you sprouting? I’ll hit your behind ah!”

Lang Jing Feng chortled, and the wolf’s tail flicked lazily.

Bai Ruan took out a father’s demeanour and said, “Go do your homework. With your current demon power, transforming into your human form is only for a limited time in a day, right?”

Lang Jing Feng estimated, “It should be able to last until six o’clock in the evening.”

“Then why don’t you hurry up and write while you have your hands? You still have additional tasks!” Bai Ruan picked up the wolf-eared child, strode into the study, and put him on the chair.

The extra tasks referred to the questions that Lang Jing Feng planned to solve in addition to the summer homework for various subjects. Now that he had caught up with the rest, he had to work harder than other students if he wanted to progress further.

“I’m short.” Lang Jing Feng sat on the chair, stretched his neck and rested his chin directly on the table.

“I have a cushion.” Bai Ruan took out the cushions prepared in advance and placed them under Lang Jing Feng’s bottom, layer by layer, successfully solving the issue of Lang Jing Feng not being able to reach the table. Immediately, a thick stack of reference books for exercise sets slammed onto the table, followed by a bag full of black water-based pens and twenty refills were put in front of Lang Jing Feng.

Lang Jing Feng’s immature body was completely submerged by books!

“Let’s start, write from now until six o’clock in the evening.” Bai Ruan put a small photo frame on the corner of the table, and a piece of paper was mounted in it. It had fourteen motivational and powerful characters, “The wind, the waves, the sky, grasp the sun and conquer the dragon gate”3Part of the motivational quotes just for high school students’ examinations. Link:  .

Lang Jing Feng, “…”

Lang Jing Feng was helpless, thinking that he had taken enough advantage of Bai Ruan, he grabbed the pen with his chubby hand, his ears drooped, and he began to study hard. Bai Ruan pulled over a lazy sofa and sat by the window, taking out a book from the bookshelf to read. The distance between the two was less than three metres and Lang Jing Feng glanced at Bai Ruan from time to time. Seeing that Bai Ruan’s eyes had been on the page and his expression was calm and peaceful, his restless mood also seemed to be infected, and he gradually calmed down. Without realising it, he started to study diligently.

At 6:20 in the evening, Lang Jing Feng’s demonic energy was exhausted, and a pen rolled from the wolf’s claws, which couldn’t hold anything, and fell to the ground with a clatter.

Bai Ruan suddenly raised his head from the book, and saw Lang Jing Feng squatting obediently on the pile of high cushions, looking at him with his small head tilted.

“Come here.” Bai Ruan waved at the little milk cub. The small being dexterously jumped off the chair and into Bai Ruan’s arms, with two front paws stepping on Bai Ruan’s chest.

Bai Ruan clicked on the takeout app, slowly swiped down one by one, and said, “Just call out if there’s a restaurant you want to eat from.”

A skewer shop appeared on the screen, and Lang Jing Feng let out a young wolf howl, “Owoo.”

Bai Ruan clicked into the store and slowly flipped through the menu. If Lang Jing Feng wanted to eat, he would tap the dish pattern on the screen with his small paws. The two cooperated tacitly, and the dishes were quickly ordered.

Forty minutes later, the takeout was delivered. Bai Ruan took down all the meat on the skewer with chopsticks and put it on a plate. He then put the dish full of meat and the little milk cub on the dining table. After he settled Lang Jing Feng, Bai Ruan opened the cage to let the baby bunnies roam free and put several large pots of alfalfa in front of the cage. After he took care of them, Bai Ruan took his plate of grass and vegetables to the table to eat.

Lang Jing Feng was full from food and drinks, and became interested in the group of bunnies on the floor. He lightly jumped to the ground, stretched out his paws and fiddled with the tail of a certain bunny that was grazing…

With a screeching Ji, the always domineering school tyrant milk wolf was kicked by the little white rabbit’s hind legs and rolled over. His feet turned to the sky, his belly turned white, and a pair of black wolf eyes stared at the ceiling in disbelief.

…Being a wolf for 18 years and I’ve got beaten up by a rabbit!?

“Are you alright?” Bai Ruan hurriedly picked up the limp milk wolf. Seeing that he wasn’t injured, and it just looked like his self-esteem had suffered, he felt relieved and emphasised, “The hind legs of the rabbits are very strong, and it hurts when they kick. Don’t provoke them.”

“Owoo!” Lang Jing Feng didn’t care about the pain at all, but when he saw Bai Ruan’s distressed face, he pushed his nose up against his face and used his small head to push hard into Bai Ruan’s arms, wailing non-stop, “Owwoo—wuu—”

Bai Ruan’s heart melted, and he stroked Lang Jing Feng’s back in a warm voice to comfort him, “Alright, alright, where were you kicked? Let me give you a rub.”

Lang Jing Feng immediately turned over, laid on his back onto Bai Ruan’s thigh, grabbed Bai Ruan’s hand with both front claws and pressed them on his chest, and whispered bitterly, “Owo wu—”

Bai Ruan rubbed his chest for him, his fingertips drew clockwise circles, his strength and expression were too gentle.

From time to time, Lang Jing Feng licked Bai Ruan’s fingers with his pink tongue. His black bean eyes were full of milky dependence and nostalgia, his tail swept around as if touching Bai Ruan’s thigh, but Bai Ruan didn’t say anything.

…It’s too intoxicating, isn’t it? The little milk cub, who was full of cuteness and grievances, thought fiercely in his heart, he didn’t want to change back. Damn!

The author has something to say:

Lang Jing Crazy: I’ve been this old all my life, it’s so exhilarating to be a kid. 🙂

Bai Ruan Ruan: Don’t be a little brat, there are more exhilarating things…

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    To be determined.
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    Part of the motivational quotes just for high school students’ examinations. Link:  


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