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Chapter 46 – Are you balding?

Meeting The Wolf
69 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

“Master, I’m coming” Lang Jing Feng responded and turned to enter the hall and closed the door.

After a while, a sturdy male wolf walked out of the door. That was Lang Jing Feng’s original form. His silver-grey fur was shiny and satin-like, his gait was light and neat , revealing a sense of graceful rhythm. He first walked around Bai Ruan on the rattan chair, then slumped on the ground docilely, putting his head on Bai Ruan’s feet like a large dog, and wagging his tail lazily. The tail was so strong that it seemed to be able to sweep a toy poodle away with one stroke.

Usually he had no chance to get close to Bai Ruan in his original form; now he couldn’t help but want to act like a baby with Bai Ruan and let him touch him.

Knowing that this was Lang Jing Feng, Bai Ruan not only had no fear, but also showed admiration for the satin-like fur. He leaned over and touched Lang Jing Feng’s back, and his five fair fingers were shallowly plunged into the intense but soft silver fur. Lang Jing Feng whimpered softly, turned his head and licked the back of Bai Ruan’s hand and wrist.

Bai Ruan was tickled, the roots of his ears became slightly hot, and he hurriedly withdrew his hand—Although he only stroked the other’s back twice, his hands were full of wolf fur.

“Your fur shedding is that serious?” Bai Ruan pretended to be surprised, and lightly tugged Lang Jing Feng’s body with three fingers. As a result, this tugging pried apart a bunch of fur. Bai Ruan’s fingers twitched and the wolf fur disappeared with the wind. After a while, Yun Zhen sneezed loudly.

“Then, are you losing hair?” Bai Ruan stared at Lang Jing Feng who looked like a dandelion.

With faint dissatisfaction on Lang Jing Feng’s wolf face, he arched into Bai Ruan’s hand with his wet nose and whispered, “Aoo, owoo.”

Not hair loss, this is summer moulting.

“I don’t understand.” Bai Ruan said, stretching out his hand to pull on the wolf’s head and then easily pulled out a bunch of fur.

Knowing that the amount of wolf fur loss had nothing to do with the amount of hair in the human form, Bai Ruan still pretended to be concerned, “The fur on the head also falls so much? Will your human form be bald during this season?”

Lang Jing Feng stood up, pacing anxiously in front of Bai Ruan, stretching his neck and trying to explain, “Owoo owoo—”

However, Bai Ruan was already looking at him with handsome eyes, and he couldn’t help but shake his head. “So what if you’re bald. Anyway, it’s only during the moulting season that you are bald. Your age and status shouldn’t be too focused on being ugly or beautiful…”

Lang Jing Feng’s eyes squinted, and he suddenly recalled that rabbits also shed their fur in summer. It was impossible for Bai Ruan not to know that fur loss had nothing to do with hair loss. He was teasing him.

“Awo owo!” Lang Jing Feng’s heart melted. He energetically got up, restlessly flew towards Bai Ruan, buried his head into Bai Ruan’s abdomen amidst Bai Ruan’s panicked cries, and took a few breaths. Based on his wolf shape, the visual effect wasn’t hooligan like. He stuck out his tongue and licked Bai Ruan’s delicate cheeks and neck a few times.

The adult wolf demon had amazing strength. Bai Ruan was sucked and licked on a rattan chair by Lang Jing Feng. He was unable to resist and shouted for help, “Master! Master!”

“It’s time to start.” Yun Zhen cast a glance at the rabbit and the wolf.

“The young couple are making out with each other.” Yun Qing, who was planning to call Lang Jing Feng to come over, waved his hands with a smile. “It’ll take half a month for the wolf pup to grow back to this age after casting the spell. Give them a minute.”

How understanding of him!

As a result, a minute later, Bai Ruan, who was so bullied by Lang Jing Feng, bounced from the rattan chair. He fastened his clothes button, and wiped off the saliva on his neck and collarbone, while Lang Jing Feng, who had taken advantage, happily wagged his tail and ran to the centre of the formation.

Once the operation began, Lang Jing Feng sat in the middle, while Yun Qing muttered some words, and his hands kept making seals. Yun Zhen stood behind him, holding a large umbrella that looked like a small pavilion, and caged Yun Qing from head to toe in the shade.

As Yun Qing continued to recite, a large number of talisman seals pasted on the ground to perfect the formation began to gradually light up from the outermost edge of the formation towards the centre. The blood-red lines on the ground also glowed from the outside to the inside. The closer to the middle of the array, the faster the paint and talisman would light up, as if an invisible fuse was ignited in the dark.

Suddenly, Lang Jing Feng, who was in the centre of the array, was completely swallowed by the scorching light. Then, his shape began to change, like a sculpture of a wolf heated to a melting point…

After a few seconds, the light dissipated, and the talisman seals all over the ground disappeared in smoke. The crimson paint on the ground also showed an ash-like lifeless dark colour. In the centre of the array, a little milk wolf who was smaller than a toy poodle was looking around anxiously.

The appearance of the ordinary little wolf pups was often not as cute as the pet dog pups specially bred to please humans. However, as the offspring of the head wolf, Lang Jing Feng had excellent genes—after all, the female wolf was selected by the head wolf and the male wolf selected by Lang Qian was the best in the wolf pack. Thus, Lang Jing Feng’s young wolf appearance value far exceeded that of ordinary young wolves.

The dense and soft wolf hair made him look like a small silver-grey hair ball, two triangular ears stood vigorously, a pair of faintly greenish black eyes were round and bright, and the back of his butt was still drooping. With a short and energetic tail, four chubby wolf paws pressed on the stone slab scorched by the sun. Because the paw pads of the young wolf were so tender, they couldn’t help being hot. Thus, the four small paws continued to rise and fall alternately.

The little milk wolf opened his mouth, revealing a row of thin white deciduous teeth, and let out a tender wolf howl, “Aowo?”

Is it done?

“It’s done.” Yun Qing clapped his hands, his face full of complacency, and waved to Bai Ruan who was standing on the sidelines and watching, “Bouncy, come and take your wolf pup away.”

This restoration technique temporarily only changed the body, and didn’t affect the mind and memory of the person subjected to the operation. Seeing Bai Ruan walking towards the core of the array, Lang Jing Feng also spread his four short legs and rushed towards Bai Ruan, running and wailed milkily, “Aowoo! Awooooooo!”

Bai Ruan lacked resistance towards small animals. When the little cub rushed towards him, he was stupefied. In addition, Lang Jing Feng’s appearance was really confusing. Therefore, Bai Ruan was completely unable to establish a connection between this non-threatening little milk wolf and the strong male wolf who pressed him under him, licking and sniffing him moments ago. He leaned over to pick up Lang Jing Feng and embraced him.

Lang Jing Feng was also happily pretending to be a kid. He pushed Bai Ruan’s arm with his hind legs, and put his two front feet on Bai Ruan’s collarbone, sticking out his pink tongue and licking Bai Ruan’s face happily. He took the opportunity to steal an unknown number of kisses.

“Haha. Enough, enough.” Bai Ruan was tickled and wanted to laugh from the little tongue lapping at him. He stroked Lang Jing Feng’s back like a puppy, but didn’t hide much. It wasn’t until Lang Jing Feng started licking his face and on his lips that Bai Ruan grabbed him with both hands and lifted him high. Forcing himself to put a serious face towards this fluffy little cute thing, he said sternly, “Don’t go overboard ah. It’s not like I don’t know who you are.”

“Aowo…” Lang Jing Feng wailed. His short tail together with the tip of his ears drooped, and his two big black eyes looked at Bai Ruan innocently, as if he didn’t even know what he did was wrong.

Bai Ruan couldn’t help confirming to Yun Qing, “…Master, his mind and memory have not changed?”

Yun Qing looked at the two juniors, with an uncle’s smile. “It hasn’t changed, don’t worry.”

“Don’t lick my mouth and neck.” Bai Ruan made a three-chapter agreement with the little milk wolf. “Understand?”

Lang Jing Feng opened his eyes innocently and tilted his head. “Awoo?”

“Still pretending!” Bai Ruan rubbed the young Lang Jing Feng mercilessly as punishment!

It wasn’t good for the national second-class protected animal to be openly displayed outside. Thus, Bai Ruan put Lang Jing Feng into the pre-prepared carrier box and called for a ride. He originally wanted to help Yun Qing wipe the ground formation clean before leaving, but Yun Qing said that the rain would wash it away and there was no need to wipe it. Bai Ruan acted with the flow, carried the carrier and boarded the car.

Bai Ruan was sitting in the back of the car. The driver was a taciturn uncle, who didn’t talk or look back at him. Lang Jing Feng couldn’t help himself, he used his fluffy forehead against the door of the carrier box, and whined to get out. Seeing Bai Ruan ignoring him, Lang Jing Feng bit the metal bar on the cage door with his baby teeth. The sound made one’s heart sour.

Bai Ruan was helpless. He was afraid that Lang Jing Feng would bite until his teeth hurt, and opened the small door to let him out. As soon as the cage door opened, Lang Jing Feng jumped onto Bai Ruan’s thigh. He squatted harmlessly between Bai Ruan’s thigh and lower abdomen, seemingly inadvertently pressing his small claws down on his body.

“Lang Jing Feng! Are you that shameless!?” Bai Ruan grabbed Lang Jing Feng by his back and shook him.

Lang Jing Feng hurriedly changed into a foreign language. “Ruu…Ruff! Ruff Ruff Ruff!”

The driver glanced through the rearview mirror and said carelessly, “Your dog’s name is like a person’s.”

Bai Ruan laughed, ​​replied perfunctorily, then gave Lang Jing Feng a threatening look, and held him in his arms. Lang Jing Feng contentedly rubbed Bai Ruan’s thin pectoral muscles, feeling that becoming a cub was really worth it.

When he got out of the car, Bai Ruan stuffed Lang Jing Feng back into a carrier, and carried him back into the apartment.

“Can you change back into your human form now?” Bai Ruan opened the cage to release the wolf. The little milk wolf ran out, stood up and hugged Bai Ruan’s calf with his two front paws.

Bai Ruan squatted down, fiddled with Lang Jing Feng’s young body and directly overturned him. Lang Jing Feng laid on his back on the floor with his feet up, revealing his little white belly.

Bai Ruan stroked Lang Jing Feng’s belly, never expecting that one day he would be enchanted by Lang Jing Feng’s adorableness.

Lang Jing Feng looked at Bai Ruan docilely, with his two front feet drooping on his chest. As soon as Bai Ruan touched him, he touched Bai Ruan’s hand with his two front paws. If it wasn’t for his strange expression, he looked no different from a well-behaved pet milk dog.

Three minutes later, Bai Ruan had enough fun. He let go of Lang Jing Feng and asked with a serious expression, “…To what extent can your human shape change now?”

The author has something to say:   

Lang Jing Crazy: Being ruthlessly played by Teacher Bai.

Bai Ruan Ruan: Lang Jing Feng! You deserved it!


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