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Chapter 44 – Don’t be afraid, it’s just a ghost.

Meeting The Wolf
65 Chapters

Chapter 1 - I think you are making things difficult for this little white rabbit! Chapter 2 - Naturally... a godly fast shooter. Chapter 3 - Spring has arrived, everything is back to normal and it’s time for… Chapter 4 - I’ll complete my homework. Chapter 5 - One poke and you jump, are you a rabbit? Chapter 6 - Shortie Chapter 7 - Where is my White Rabbit toffee? Chapter 8 - It's a loss for studying too well Chapter 9 - Awoooooo Chapter 10 - Crazily being on the verge of divine retribution Chapter 11 - Wandering on the edge of bullying the master and betraying the ancestor. Chapter 12 - I’ll give you my lesson Chapter 13 - The family is keeping a husky that looks like a wolf Chapter 14 - Little Brother Bai Ruan? Brother Bouncy? Chapter 15 - I'm afraid of my wife. Chapter 16 - I’m really doing it for you… Chapter 17 - Loan Casting! Chapter 18 - A delicate and loveable... gentleman. Chapter 19 - Four Little White Shoes! Chapter 20 - On the surface, a group of literal fox and dog friends. Chapter 21 - His heart was scalding and it was going to melt. Chapter 22 - The scene of a car rollover accident happened. Chapter 23 - Your Red Luan Star is about to be knotted. Chapter 24 - In the next second, being eaten by you. Chapter 25 - Not listening, not listening. The wolf cub is reciting scriptures. Chapter 26 - Happy like Pei Qi the Pig. Chapter 27 - Am I not shedding fur? Chapter 28 - I’ll not agree if there is one less vertical stroke with a hook in the character in our accounts. Chapter 29 - The Chinese cabbage that ended miserably. Chapter 30 - Blow the candles, Teacher Bai. Chapter 31 - Put Teacher on the table. Chapter 32 - A sudden earthquake. Chapter 33 - A 3D printer. Chapter 34 - Back to your original form and you are still wearing shoes? Chapter 35 - Slipping away. Chapter 36 - Animals under the nation's second-level protection. Chapter 37 - Longer than children. Chapter 38 - Wave-particle duality. Chapter 39 - Now every pen of yours is covered with my smell. Chapter 40 - Head hating on the ground. Chapter 41 - Actually I'm so bad, I can't even pretend. Chapter 42 - It’s a girl. Chapter 43 - My disciple-granddaughter has a hard life. Chapter 44 - Don't be afraid, it's just a ghost. Chapter 45 - Pack up and prepare for restoration. Chapter 46 - Are you balding? Chapter 47 - Want to hug Brother Bouncy while watching Peppa the Pig. Chapter 48 - An excellent milk wolf won’t be beaten twice by the same move from a rabbit! Chapter 49 - The pyjamas on his chest area were soaking wet. Chapter 50 - Are there no human rights during the embarrassing period!? Chapter 51 - When can the inside be… Chapter 52 - I have Canine Distemper Virus Chapter 53 - Your birthday present Chapter 54 - I will take you to see the farthest and closest things of the world. Chapter 55 - Say, Am I your boyfriend? Chapter 56 - Call you brother from now on, okay? Chapter 57 - My brother is in danger! Chapter 58 - Tell me, which boy do you like? Chapter 59 - A worrying and silly son! Chapter 60 - The innocent boy Lang Jing Feng. Chapter 61 - Front or Back? Chapter 62 - Seems... to be a shou. Chapter 63 - Just let them beat like this, beat like this all the time— Chapter 64 - Content introduction: Dedicate a whole chapter to describe Bai Ruan Ruan's supper, the author is also very busy… Chapter 65 - The daily life of Bai Ruan Ruan and the three crazy rabbits~

Editor: SleepyMango123

“My master is joking. Come here, I’ll tell you what to move.” Bai Ruan hurriedly greeted Lang Jing Feng and quickly made him work with a nervous and panicked expression.

Lang Jing Feng didn’t move, but a smile appeared on his lips—that was the smile that a hunter would only show when he had successfully tracked the whereabouts of his prey.

“Teacher Bai,” Lang Jing Feng deliberately emphasised the title very clearly, as if he could chew some pleasure out of these words, “Are you having a fake pregnancy?”

Bai Ruan was stimulated by the high concentration of embarrassment and gave an explosive performance. He instantly gathered his expression and said indifferently, “How is that possible?”

“If there wasn’t, you wouldn’t have glared at me,” Lang Jing Feng laughed, “With such a stern expression, at first sight, I can tell you’re lying.”

At this time, Yun Qing feared that the world would stop without any chaos, said to Lang Jing Feng, “It’s a girl. She is a good and caring girl. It’s a pity…”

“Master! Stop talking!” Bai Ruan broke down and interrupted. He used his hand and pressed down the round tail trembling with shame. He couldn’t do anything to Yun Qing, so he had to grab Lang Jing Feng’s wrist and dragged this newly announced father, who wanted to talk about parenting with Yun Qing, away.

“My mother also said that a girl is much more sensible than a boy…” Lang Jing Feng turned his head and desperately talked to Yun Qing as he was dragged away.

As the two of them walked further away, and seeing that Yun Qing didn’t catch up again, Bai Ruan sighed with relief. He shook off the wolf paw in his hand and said with a grim expression, “You take these and also these. Move them there.”

Seeing Bai Ruan was on the verge of collapse, Lang Jing Feng didn’t tease him anymore, and only hummed gently. He threw his school bag aside, rolled up his sleeves and began to move the bricks.

Anyway, looking at what today meant, in the next thirty days, Lang Jing Feng would have the opportunity to tease Bai Ruan again—he checked it out when he was bored last night. The pregnancy cycle of a rabbit was one month.

Fearful of the misfortune that the heart monster might be left in the school, Bai Ruan went around the school in his spare time for the next few days. Afterwards, he really did casually end up saving a few weak ghosts. He didn’t know whether it was the manifestation of the heart monster or the innocent ghosts passing by. But in any case, it was a good thing for the ghosts, so Bai Ruan didn’t bother to pry too much into it.

But this was not safe enough, because based on what happened to Zhang Tao, Bai Ruan had reason to suspect that the heart monster had embodied some campus ghost stories, but the “realised campus ghost stories” were not the same as ordinary ghosts. The difference was that ghosts in campus talks were based on stories, so most of them had conditions, such as “something strange will happen at twelve o’clock on Friday”, “students in red leather shoes will be targeted by ghosts”, or statues on rainy nights will come to life”… When the conditions were not met, even if Bai Ruan turned the school upside down, nothing would happen.

At this time, he had to find a way to gather information among the students.

During class on Friday afternoon, Bai Ruan took Lang Jing Feng, who had come to give a short report, to an empty corner at the end of the corridor and said, “Let’s talk.”

“I had self-study this afternoon and I listened to them telling ghost stories.” The gossip collector whispered, “It’s the kind that includes ‘my own experience’.”

“What ghost stories?” Bai Ruan had been mentally prepared for a long time, and was not surprised.

“In the beginning, Zhao Zi Rong said that when he walked down the west stairs to the first floor after school last night, he couldn’t go down the last step. After walking down the first step, the next step would grow again…” Lang Jing Feng thought it was very interesting and sneered, “He said that he walked five more steps and didn’t go down, so he was almost paralysed in fright. At that moment, Teacher Liu just happened to pass by and asked him what he was doing being in a daze at the top of the stairs. After that he was able to go down.”

Bai Ruan nodded and explained, “Teacher Liu is upright, and ghosts are also afraid of such people… Has Zhao Zirong never encountered this before? Does he usually go downstairs from the west side after school?”

“He said he had always used the west stairs in the past and had never encountered it before. However, on that day, he walked slowly and didn’t go downstairs until about 8:40pm” Lang Jing Feng smiled, “I’ve been eavesdropping, and he said that he would be using the east stairs today.”

Bai Ruan wrote down the information in the memo on his mobile phone. “Thursday at 8:40, cannot go down the last step of the first floor of the west staircase.” He continued, “Anything else?”

Lang Jing Feng continued, “Yes, there is. Shen Jia Han said that she went to the music classroom during the big class on Tuesday night—the day I skipped class—to take the glasses that she had dropped there, and heard someone playing the piano. She didn’t take it seriously, thinking that some students were practicing there. She pushed the door and found that the piano cover was indeed opened, but there was no one on the bench. The sound of the piano immediately stopped… Then she was scared away and went with two girls on Wednesday morning to get her glasses back. Nothing happened afterwards.”

Bai Ruan wrote down the time and place in the memo and confirmed, “She just said this today?”

“Yes,” Lang Jing Feng continued, “If Zhao Zi Rong didn’t take the lead in talking about this, she might have held back.”

Bai Ruan thought about Shen Jia Han’s character, she was indeed the type who would not dare to say anything if something happened and asked again, “Anything else?”

“Nothing else.” Lang Jing Feng smiled. “I’ll continue to observe.”

At this time, the class bell rang and Bai Ruan waved at him. “You go back to class.”

Lang Jing Feng turned his head and looked at the corridor. The students were rushing into their classrooms. The corridor was empty in less than ten seconds. Lang Jing Feng said softly, “Teacher Bai, I’ve missed you.”

Bai Ruan met the bright, youthful eyes, and his heart flickered. His imposing force didn’t reach its limit and he responded vaguely, “…Aren’t we seeing one another every day?”

“Isn’t the more often you see, the more you miss?” Lang Jing Feng replied with a smile and took a step to block Bai Ruan with his body.

With such a block, even if someone looked to this side in the corridor, he could only see his back. Immediately, he bowed slightly, gently pinched Bai Ruan’s fingertips, and held that hand to the part where his heart was beating and asked, “Can you feel it?”

Bai Ruan was at a loss. “Feel what?”

“My heart is empty.” Lang Jing Feng said in a very pretentious tone, “I can’t study anymore. Isn’t the teacher obligated to add some fuel?”

Bai Ruan felt dizzy by the young boy’s captivating move. He hesitated to respond, and his lower jaw was suddenly raised by a very gentle force, followed by a light kiss on the cheek.

“You’re crazy…” Bai Ruan did not expect that Lang Jing Feng would dare to kiss him in the corridor of the school in broad daylight. Before he could finish his sentence, he was gently kissed on his lips.

“Lang…” Another kiss.

“I’m listening,” Lang Jing Feng said, “No one is behind.”

Bai Ruan was about to speak when he felt a sudden nausea in his stomach. “Huuk—”

Lang Jing Feng’s handsome face froze for a moment. “Are you disgusted by my kisses?”

“No, no,” Bai Ruan instinctively denied, afraid of hurting his self-esteem, “It is…”

Lang Jing Feng quickly recalled his words, gave a low laugh, and then took the two words that Bai Ruan swallowed back suddenly. “Morning sickness, baby?”

“I’ve eaten something bad.” Bai Ruan’s face glowered, and he was about to send Lang Jing Feng back to the classroom to study, but the wolf boy put a hand on his lower abdomen and gently touched. His fatherly love was surging and his face was full of love. “Lang Xiao Bai, Dad is sorry. You can’t be born.”

“W-What kind of name is that!?” Bai Ruan smacked away Lang Jing Feng’s hand. Under the influence of the false hormone, he instinctively changed his hand to cover his stomach.

“Your action…” Lang Jing Feng cast his eyes down at Bai Ruan’s hand.

Why am I covering my belly!? Bai Ruan gasped, and slapped his hands on the trousers line. He stood in a military posture on the spot.

Lang Jing Feng snickered until his shoulders trembled.

Bai Ruan became angry with embarrassment. His eyes were wide and bright, and he raised his hand and pointed towards the classroom. For the first time in three years of teaching, he exploded towards his student, “You…get into the classroom! Right now!”

“Okay, okay—” Lang Jing Feng was very satisfied. With bulging cheeks like a little milk dog, he coaxed the other, “I was wrong. Teacher Bai isn’t pregnant with my little wolf pup. Don’t be angry.”

This sort of apology was just as good as not apologising. Bai Ruan almost passed out in anger, but Lang Jing Feng had already run back to class.

Shen Jia Han met the ghost at the end of the last class in the afternoon. Bai Ruan prepared the cleansing talisman and the chalk for drawing symbols, and came to the music classroom.

The gorgeous and gloomy piano sound came out through the door, and a slender figure stood against the window outside the door. It was Lang Jing Feng.

“I knew you’d come and see.” Lang Jing Feng walked towards Bai Ruan. He raised his hand and threw a small black object over which Bai Ruan instinctively tried to catch. He opened his hand to see that it was plum candy.

Bai Ruan, “…”

Lang Jing Feng, “Eat it. I went out to buy a big bag during the break.”

Bai Ruan didn’t like sweets, but now that he saw the plum candy, thinking of its sour taste, there was a burst of gluttony.

Bai Ruan swallowed, and the sound of swallowing was loud enough that Lang Jing Feng’s ears could hear from a hundred meters away. “I don’t like eating it.”

Lang Jing Feng smiled. “Okay. I’ll follow whatever you say.”

“Did you hear the sound of a piano playing?” Bai Ruan asked in a serious tone.

“…No.” Lang Jing Feng drew his ears, “You heard it?”

“En.” Bai Ruan nodded, opened the door of the music classroom and looked around, turning his head to comfort Lang Jing Feng. “Don’t be afraid, it’s not an evil ghost… just an ordinary ghost.”

Lang Jing Feng was amused by him. “Baby, do you know what you’ve just said is worth a spanking?”

Bai Ruan also wanted to laugh a little. He walked into the music classroom and used chalk to draw on the ground. Lang Jing Feng also followed up, closing the door with his back to prevent students from entering by mistake.

The piano ghost sat on the piano bench and looked at Bai Ruan with a sad face. Knowing that Bai Ruan wanted to exorcise himself, he stretched his neck and wanted to slip away. But Bai Ruan, who was squatting on the ground, stood up and stood in front of him with a cleansing talisman. He made a gesture, and in a stern yet polite voice ordered, “Please go back and sit down.”

The super easily bullied piano ghost floated back to the bench and sat down, curling up like a shrimp.

“I know, you ghosts naturally repel this past life.” Bai Ruan said with the attitude of one who had an ongoing occupational disease, and said with good faith, “but being reborn is a good thing for you. The afterlife means a new reincarnation, a new life. You don’t want to keep living this kind of life that doesn’t even have an entity all the time, do you? For you to reincarnate, be reborn and properly live once again, isn’t it better?”

Lang Jing Feng’s brain hurt for a while.

The piano ghost nodded like it was pounding garlic, like an honest student who didn’t dare to refute the teacher. Because he nodded too hard, his head rolled under the piano stool.

“Come on, stand by yourself in the formation.” Bai Ruan beckoned to the piano ghost kindly.

The author has something to say:  

Bai Ruan Ruan: Actively respond to the call of a harmonious society, do not engage in fighting and killing, harmoniously exorcise ghosts, and have a civilised law enforcement.

Still having a hard time at work. Probably will be better after this month. HAHA!(Pray for me)

Chapters may or may not be consistent for the next 2 weeks but I’ll try my best!

Thanks for understanding.



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