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Chapter 41 – Actually I’m so bad, I can’t even pretend.

Meeting The Wolf
71 Chapters

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-Hi Guys! there is a slight dirty talk/action. Not detailed. But just wanna warn those who might be uncomfortable for these kind of things-

Editor: SleepyMango123

The inverted ghost was restricted by Zhang Tao’s setting and could only appear on the third floor, so it had been jumping around between the east and west stairs. Bai Ruan immediately became the first hatred target of the ghost, and with banging kowtow sounds, it quickly approached him.

Bai Ruan stood in the center of the battle, his eyes were firm, and he was not afraid of danger. The male rabbit was full of this sort of demeanor.

Five seconds later, the inverted ghost jumped in front of him, and Bai Ruan quickly took a step back. Seeing that there was nothing unusual on the ground, the spirit wasn’t suspicious of deceit, and jumped straight to the position where Bai Ruan stood a second ago, with a pair of feet facing the sky in front of him.

The eight cleansing charms in the formation caught the Yin energy, and in an instant, the resurrection formation was automatically activated.

——The chalk lines that made up the evolving formation were lit up, and the tones were soft and clean as the light of the sky leaked from the edge of the cloud. The thin and straight silver lights surrounded this ghost in a cage of soft light and the inverted ghost felt something was wrong. But no matter how hard it struggled, it couldn’t leave the light prison.

Activate!1(Actual words: 起阵) The Chinese meaning is the shout at the start of the battle. ” Bai Ruan yelled. In an instant, the demon energy in his whole body soared, and the dense and soft demon energy poured into the formation fiercely like a stream. His forehead was swept back by the wind instigated by the demon energy, and it revealed his smooth forehead. His usual gentle and easy going temperament seemed to be blown away, showcasing the reliable side of the heroic spirit inside.

Although he was still carrying a large amount of demon power “loan”, Bai Ruan’s demon energy was naturally suitable for purification and healing, and could have a multiplier effect when overwhelming ghosts. Therefore, the handstand ghost in the resurrection formation had no power to fight back. After a short and meaningless struggle, he screamed and was swallowed up by the silver light.

The spirit had reincarnated and disappeared, and the formation immediately fell silent. Eight scrapped clean charms floated on the ground and were then picked up by Bai Ruan in the dark.

“All done,” Bai Ruan pressed forward the hair on his forehead that was blown back by the wind, turned his head and whispered, “Let’s return the table and chair…”

Before he finished speaking, Bai Ruan’s voice stagnated.

——Slight footsteps came from downstairs.

It sounded like two people were heading up from the first floor to the second floor from the two stairs on the east and west sides of the teaching building.

The security guards? Lang Jing Feng mouthed.

Bai Ruan nodded vigorously in the dark, and gently placed the chair he had just lifted back on the ground.

At this distance, Bai Ruan and Lang Jing Feng could hear the footsteps of the two security guards, but the two security guards shouldn’t have been able to hear Bai Ruan’s voice just now.

Bai Ruan took out his phone and looked at the time.

It was exactly eleven o’clock.

At this time, a high school homeroom teacher and a high school second-year student moved a set of tables and chairs and placed them in the corridor of the third-year senior group and stayed silent in the dark… It looked terribly suspicious. Bai Ruan hesitated for a moment, completely unable to make up for the reasons for his actions. The legitimate reason for doing this was that even though the security knew him, even if he couldn’t make up a reason, he wouldn’t send them to the Public Security Bureau. However, Bai Ruan still wanted to avoid this embarrassing situation where he was interrogated but couldn’t explain anything.

Go in? Lang Jing Feng gestured with his mouth, referring to the utility room a few steps away from the two of them.

Bai Ruan had a little bit of a psychological shadow of the utility room and he twisted his eyebrows. Thinking of other ideas, he could simply cover his face and rush downstairs. In any case, the security guard couldn’t catch up with them. However he heard Lang Jing Feng speaking in a very light voice, “I want to shout now. There is a certain teacher who is dating students in the middle of the night.”

Bai Ruan’s eyes widened and he angrily replied, “You dare?”

Lang Jing Feng raised his decibel a little bit and said, “Dare.”

Bai Ruan was startled, Lang Jing Feng adjusted his tone again and pretended to threaten, “I still dare to kiss you in front of them——”

Bai Ruan’s face became redder as he retorted, “I’ll change my form.”

Lang Jing Feng’s true intention was revealed. “If you dare to change your form, I’ll touch your back a hundred times to make you fake a pregnancy.”

Bai Ruan choked in shock and couldn’t squeeze a word out. “…”

At this time, the footsteps of the two security guards had met in the middle of the corridor on the second floor, and both turned towards the third floor.

Lang Jing Feng took a deep breath and seemed to be ready to shout. Bai Ruan hurriedly pressed his mouth, Lang Jing Feng grabbed Bai Ruan’s wrist and kissed the back of his hand. Immediately, Lang Jing Feng no longer gave Bai Ruan the opportunity to refuse, and directly princess-carried him into the utility room.

Entering the room, Lang Jing Feng silently pressed his back against the door that opened inward and gently placed Bai Ruan on the ground, pulling his waist into his embrace.

“What’s the matter with you today?” Bai Ruan asked in a low voice.

Although Lang Jing Feng was usually relatively strong, he had never unreasonably threatened and forced Bai Ruan. Apart from the previous three kisses, Lang Jing Feng was usually restrained with his physical contact. He also made vegetable cakes, picked dandelions, and for the first time, held hands with someone… It felt like he was a slightly naughty yet innocent teenager. At this moment, Bai Ruan wasn’t sure what kind of rabies was suddenly let loose.

“Teacher Bai,” Lang Jing Feng’s voice was hoarse, “You’re particularly seeking to be bullied tonight… Don’t you know that?”

“What’s wrong with me?” Bai Ruan was so wronged that he wanted to jump into the sea. He obviously didn’t do anything tonight except exorcise the ghost. If he had to say what was different, he felt that tonight he had shown a different and tougher side than usual. It should have been shocking for Lang Jing Feng.

“It’s not the same as usual. You were more handsome, with a bit of an overbearing aura.” Lang Jing Feng licked his dry lips.

“That…” Bai Ruan’s mind was blank.

Because he seemed domineering, he attracted more bullying? Bai Ruan couldn’t understand the logic.

Lang Jing Feng’s eyes were shining, and it made one panic. He pressed his lips to Bai Ruan’s ears through a door panel and whispered, “I knew that you could cast spells, but your little appearance…It always made me feel that you were very delicate and weak, and it made me really anxious till I didn’t know what to do. I might have ended up crying and dared not to bully you too hard…”

As Lang Jing Feng said, he tore off the well-behaved milk dog mask, crumpled it a little and whispered, “This time, I dare… Teacher Bai, I’m actually very bad, I can’t put on the act anymore.”

Bai Ruan hurriedly self-deprecated himself, “Nonono, I’m really delicate and weak. I’m crying now.”

Keep pretending!

Lang Jing Feng laughed in a low voice, squeezed Bai Ruan’s waist, and said gruffly, “I’m going crazy, Teacher Bai. In fact, when I go to your Chinese class every day, all I think about is how to press you on the desk. Strip your shirt and trousers and only use a tie to bind your hands…Aren’t you most afraid of teacher-student love and the violation of teacher ethics? I’ll let you look at the writing on your blackboard while… “

“Shhh—” Footsteps came from the stairs on the east and west sides of the third floor, Bai Ruan’s heart beat wildly, and he made a silent gesture with a red face and ears.

“Want to shut my mouth?” Lang Jing Feng broke Bai Ruan’s leaning face and kissed him roughly.

“Mmng…” Bai Ruan let out a muffled sound, and the footsteps in the corridor became stagnant. It seemed that the security guard was confirming whether there was a noise or not.

Lang Jing Feng stepped back a little, and pressed Bai Ruan’s wet lips with his index finger, while pursing his lips slightly, making a “hush—” mouth shape, and only a finger was between their lips.

Bai Ruan became dizzy by the sudden kiss, and the only clear cognition in his mind was “I can’t make a sound now. If we were to be found out, no explanation can redeem it”, so he opened a pair of misty eyes and nodded obediently.

Lang Jing Feng cursed secretly, looping his arms around Bai Ruan’s head again, and kissed him. This time the attack was even more fierce, but the two of them didn’t make a sound. As the fierce kiss continued passionately for a while, Lang Jing Feng’s hand slowly fell down to his neck, swept across the shirt collar and down, touching Bai Ruan’s back.

Bai Ruan shuddered reflexively, but Lang Jing Feng thought he was going to struggle and punishingly took a bite on the tip of Bai Ruan’s tongue, stroking the other along his lean back.

The hot palm was pressed firmly on the sensitive back, and the other party did have some good feelings about Lang Jing Feng that he just didn’t dare to admit. The electric current flowed through his body and Bai Ruan felt his hands and legs losing strength.

He felt that his back was lit by Lang Jing Feng’s hand. The fire was flowing scorchingly along the blood vessels, and it flowed to the heart. His heart beat rapidly, and the scorching fire flowed to his neck, and there was a burst of smoke from his parched throat. From there, it flowed to the ears, his eardrums roared endlessly, and continued to his lower abdomen…

“Fuck,” Lang Jing Feng kissed Bai Ruan’s lips fiercely, “Teacher Bai, you’re really feeling it.”

Hearing the name Teacher Bai, Bai Ruan, who was in a state of confusion was startled and tried in vain to break free, but Lang Jing Feng’s hand on his back did not stop for a second. It kept repeating the movement from the back of the neck to the tail vertebrae—The act of stroking the back itself didn’t contain much lust, and it was mostly warm.

But for the rabbit, the meaning of this move was completely different.

Lang Jing Feng’s movement of touching his back was repeated about six or seven times. In less than a minute, Bai Ruan suddenly shuddered, squeaked softly, and laid motionless in Lang Jing Feng’s arms.

Lang Jing Feng was stunned.

Bai Ruan’s eyes were blank. His forehead was sweaty and he was panting heavily.

Lang Jing Feng’s lips moved but they tightened again. After a short half-minute of silence, he couldn’t bear it anymore, lowered his voice, and asked, “…Baby, so fast?”

Hearing the word “fast”, Bai Ruan instantly sobered, and desperately struggled to get out of Lang Jing Feng’s embrace. For a while, he didn’t know what was more embarrassing: flying high in the arms of his student, or if he was more ashamed that he performed for less than a minute. Either one was enough to make Bai Ruan not dare to look anyone in the eye.

“…Would you like some tissues?” Lang Jing Feng consciously fumbled, took out a pack of facial tissues from his trouser pocket, turned off this topic related to male dignity, and said, “Wipe.”

“…” Bai Ruan felt the moist coolness from his body.

With a bang, something exploded in Bai Ruan’s mind.

Seeing that Bai Ruan didn’t continue the conversation, and was frozen in a daze like a clay sculpture, Lang Jing Feng smiled and teased him more vigorously, “Teacher Bai, don’t become pregnant with my little wolf cub, okay?”

The author has something to say:

Lang Jing Crazy: I’m going to reveal my true self. 🙂

Bai Ruan Ruan: I’m going to fake pregnancy. 🙂

The belly of a fake pregnancy will not get bigger…! Don’t worry, hhhh, it’s just that there will be an urge to vomit, sleepiness, subconsciously always touching the belly, having the urge to build a nest… and so on, there will be no physical changes… En [doge]

Terribly sorry guys! There will probably be no updates for next week.

I’ve been swamped with work and wasn’t able to translate any this week for sleepy to edit.

Hopefully, work becomes better and I’ll be able to translate some when I have the time.

Thanks for understanding^^


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    (Actual words: 起阵) The Chinese meaning is the shout at the start of the battle.


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