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Chapter 36 – Animals under the nation’s second-level protection.

Meeting The Wolf
69 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

When the heart demon retreated tactically, a few more wolves appeared in the study. A pair of cold wolf eyes like inorganic green glass locked onto Bai Ruan, who was sitting on the desk. Their gaze didn’t seem to be that of one looking at a living person but rather, it was like sizing up a pile of adult-shaped meat.

These were Bai Ruan’s most hated and most dreaded gazes in the past two decades. They involuntarily activated Bai Ruan’s defense mechanism. His hair stood upright, muscles were tight, and his bones and joints seemed to be covered in white cold Frost——Fear was a weapon engraved in the rabbits’ genes. It could produce adrenaline, making rabbits run desperately and survive from the teeth of their predators. However, at this moment, these useless fears only provided more raw materials for the heart monster. The wolves in the study room had not been resolved yet, and the harsh sound of claws scratching the wooden board came from outside the door. It was not known how many wolves the heart monster had created outside the room.

Bai Ruan didn’t know if the wolves appearing outside the study was the demon at will, or if he spied his deeper fears—this kind of situation where outside the rabbit hole was full of natural enemies and not knowing the specific number of natural enemies was the most daunting to Bai Ruan. It was better to just have them appear in the study.

In the study room, Lang Jing Feng, who was familiar with the weaknesses as he had the same kind of body, buckled a wolf’s head, slammed the fragile wolf nose against the corner of the desk. While the wolf was sobbing in pain, he used his foot to stomp another wolf’s head, grabbed the root of its tail and snapped it up. After a crackling sound, there was a wave of stern and terrifying howls.

After easily solving four of them in just ten seconds, Lang Jing Feng grabbed Bai Ruan’s arm and dragged him under the table and said, “It’s dangerous!”

With the sound of the wind approaching from behind, Bai Ruan jumped off the table like a cat with the help of Lang Jing Feng’ strength. When he landed, he accidentally stepped on a soft wolf’s corpse. Bai Ruan’s fear exploded, and in an instant, two more evil wolves appeared in the study. It could be said that once a pole was set up, you could see its shadow!1(Actual words: 立竿见影) It means to get instant results.

The moment Bai Ruan jumped off the table, the evil wolf who had rushed towards him was faced with Lang Jing Feng’s fist. As the wolf was unable to turn in the air, it was blasted by the young man’s punch. Its bright red tongue became slanted and it slumped outside. Even if the wolf was not dead, it was half dead.

“Five of them.” Lang Jing Feng pushed Bai Ruan into the corner formed by the bookshelf and the wall, blocking Bai Ruan’s body, and staring at the remaining two wolves with more ferocious eyes than them. These two wolves were not stupid. First they were suppressed by Lang Jing Feng’s imposing manner. Then they saw the wolf corpses everywhere in the study room. They all tucked their tails and shrank in the corner. Snarling at Lang Jing Feng with a mouthful of sharp fangs, they whimpered and barked, but didn’t charge forward.

Taking advantage of the breathing space, Lang Jing Feng asked in a deep voice, “How much more? There are probably many outside.”

Bai Ruan stretched his long neck and straightened his ears and looked around, trying to find the trace of the heart monster, but failed. But since the study still had wolves, it meant that the clone of the heart monster hadn’t run far. It was likely to be gloating in the living room or bedroom separated by a wall, or even in a corner of the study. Bai Ruan closed his eyes and didn’t look at the two wolves. He desperately suppressed his fear and trembled. “There isn’t an end. The more I fear it, the more it creates.”

Before he finished his words, a wolf howl suddenly came from outside the door. This howl activated the chain reaction in the wolves. They whipped their necks one after another, and the sound of a gust of wind passed through the gap. It sounded like a huge group of hungry wolves, which not only caused serious mental injury to Bai Ruan, but also quite disturbed the people around him. After a few rounds of howling, it seemed that Bai Ruan wouldn’t need to call the police on his own, his surrounding neighbours would help instead.

“…Aoowooo—Aowoowoowoowoooooo—” Lang Jing Feng was driven by instinct. For a moment, his mouth was itchy and he followed the howling.

“You still follow them and howl! Which side are you on!?” Bai Ruan nagged and violently poked Lang Jing Feng’s waist.

Lang Jing Feng calmly replied, “I’m scolding ah, spit out a bit of trash talk to anger them… There are more? Were you scared again?”

Bai Ruan looked at the four wolves in the study, guilty and helpless, he said, “I-I can’t help it… They howled and I panicked again. I’m not afraid of you, but I still fear other wolves… The heart monster uses fear as energy, I’m equivalent to charging it all the time.”

Due to the addition of two more companions, the two wolves who were afraid to charge forward regained their spirits, and thus the four wolves surrounded Lang Jing Feng, in an outflanking manner.

Bai Ruan wiped the fine sweat that appeared on his forehead, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration. His eyes lit up and he said, “Quickly make me faint. I won’t know what fear is when I’m unconscious. These talismans, you can use them on yourself.”

“How can I bear to do so?” Lang Jing Feng chuckled, raising his long legs and with a flying kick, one wolf flew up like a cannonball, and collided into another wolf. The two wolves were in so much pain that they both let out whimpers and sobbed.

“Then I’ll go and hit myself against the wall.” Bai Ruan turned around, facing the wall with bitterness and resentment.

Wasn’t I just afraid of one wolf? Who did I provoke and offend, for me to encounter them this often in the past month?

“Don’t make trouble, I have a solution.” Lang Jing Feng settled the other two wolves, turned around and strode forward to Bai Ruan. He raised his hand to poke the rabbit ears that Bai Ruan had not withdrawn, and put his hand around Bai Ruan’s waist, bringing him into his embrace

As Bai Ruan wore a loose and large shirt, at first glance, his waist couldn’t be seen. Only after hugging did it appear. Lang Jing Feng squeezed his thin waist lightly, and softly said, “’Wouldn’t it work if I distract you and let you forget about being afraid of wolves for a while?”

“Are you thinking of…” Feeling something was wrong with the atmosphere, Bai Ruan slapped his mouth and his eyes turned wary.

Lang Jing Feng smiled, hummed in approval and said, “You’re right. I was just thinking of that.”

After he finished speaking, he lowered his head and gently kissed the back of Bai Ruan’s hand, which was covering his mouth.

Bai Ruan fell into his trap and put down his hand like there was an electric shock. Lang Jing Feng naturally tilted his head, and his soft lips stuck together. He didn’t go deep and just rubbed it. Immersed in nostalgia for a moment, he said in a slightly aggrieved tone, “Teacher Bai, it has been a week since I’ve kissed you.”

The two of them pressed their lips tightly together. Bai Ruan didn’t dare to speak, his ears were a fiery red as if they had been boiled in water. He wanted to hide, but his back fit seamlessly against the glass door of the bookcase behind him, and his forehead was pressed against Lang Jing Feng’s forehead. One of his arms was immobilised on the side of the body by Lang Jing Feng’s hand, and his other hand was being clamped by the wrist, against the glass door.

Lang Jing Feng gently rubbed the tip of Bai Ruan’s nose with the tip of his nose, and the hand gripping Bai Ruan’s wrist slipped upwards, and intertwined with Bai Ruan’s ten fingers. The pair of murderous eyes from a moment ago was curled in a soft arc,and his tone was that of an innocent teenager, “Teacher Bai… This is my first time holding hands with someone.”

As he spoke, the lips of the two seemed to separate, and the warm and soft breaths from time to time gently rubbed Bai Ruan’s nerves like the paws of a little milk cat. In an instant, the howls of wolves outside the door seemed to be submerged in water. It became vague and dull. The sound of Lang Jing Feng’s heavy breathing gradually became clear in his ears, and he asked a question filled with faint jealousy. “What about you?”

“…What about me?” Bai Ruan turned his face and their lips separated. Half of his attention was still focused stubbornly on the wolves outside the door and the heart monster who he didn’t know where it escaped to. For a while, he didn’t understand what Lang Jing Feng was asking.

“Have you ever held hands with anyone?” Lang Jing Feng tightened his fingers that were interlocked with Bai Ruan’s ten fingers. He stared at Bai Ruan like a wolf that wouldn’t allow others to be involved with his prey and threw out this question that he had long wanted to ask but had never had the opportunity to do so.

Bai Ruan answered honestly, “Don’t have…No, there are so many wolves outside the door, you…”

Why are you suddenly starting to flirt!?

At this moment when Bai Ruan wasn’t paying attention, a cloud of black smoke that had been lying in ambush for an unknown amount of time in the corner of the study slyly crawled through the wall to reach Bai Ruan’s feet. It created a finger-like long black mist, and held onto Bai Ruan’s calf, as if it wanted to absorb some 3D printing materials.

“I’m distracting you ah,” Lang Jing Feng said with a stern face, seemingly serious, “Teacher, cooperate a little… was that time your first kiss?”

With a stern expression, Bai Ruan said, “I don’t know!”

“So that was your first kiss,” Lang Jing Feng bit his lip and couldn’t help but smile. “Teacher Bai, can I ask you… Why have you been single all this time?”

This question hurt Bai Ruan’s beacon of hope, and instantly made him puff up because the idea of him still being single at twenty-six was indeed unbelievable.

Bai Ruan showed a fierce light in his eyes. “If you continue to ask me this, I’m going to test your interpretation of classical Chinese.”

In any case, the attention had indeed shifted away. Even though outside the study were surrounded by wolves, the avatar of the heart monster at Bai Ruan’s feet was like a dog who couldn’t get its paws on food. It was weak, pitiful and helpless. Not only did it not inhale the delicious food of fear, it was also forced to swallow a ton of dog food.

“It seems that there is a reason.” Lang Jing Feng smiled without further questioning. Seeing that there had been no wolves in the study, and knowing that Bai Ruan had almost calmed down, he continued. “I’ll go out and beat the remaining wolves. You change back to your original form. I have a way to make you not afraid.”

Bai Ruan didn’t ask any more questions. His figure shook slightly, and the clothes that had lost his body’s support spread across the table.

“Teacher. Sorry to make you feel uncomfortable.” Lang Jing Feng leaned over, gently grabbed the little dumpling Bai Ruan, opened the desk drawer and threw him and a mobile phone inside, and closed the drawer.

Bai Ruan, who was caught off guard by being stuffed and locked in a drawer. “…”

The heart monster unwillingly floated to Lang Jing Feng, spied for a moment, but did not find anything that Lang Jing Feng was particularly afraid of, so it floated away unhappily.

“It’s absolutely safe in the drawer.” Lang Jing Feng said with a lazy intonation, “So don’t be afraid, play Solitaire for a while.”

After he finished speaking, he picked up Bai Ruan’s chair and squeezed it twice and found that it was made of teak, which was estimated to be expensive. So he put down the swivel chair he had just sat on, used it as a shield to protect Bai Ruan, and then pushed the door open and left.

The snack drawer was dark and it exuded the fragrance of grass cake and apple wood. Bai Ruan sat on the phone and listened uneasily with his pair of small ears. The sound of fierce fighting outside the drawer continued for more than a minute. Suddenly, a ray of light entered the drawer. It was Lang Jing Feng who opened the drawer half-way.

“It’s over, Teacher Bai.” Lang Jing Feng wiped off the wolf blood on the corners of his lips with his thumb.

“Ji!” Bai Ruan saw blood, and his fluffy rabbit fur stood up in shock.

“It’s not my blood.” Lang Jing Feng neatly smoothed the corners of his clothes, kicked the wolf corpse that was by his feet away, and frowned. “How do we deal with this?”

After a pause, Lang Jing Feng continued in a faintly proud tone, “They’re all the nation’s second-class protected animals. If they can’t be handled well, it’ll cause trouble.”

The Chinese white rabbits which cost 15 dollars for one and 25 for a pair, were too jealous to say anything, “…”

The author has something to say:

Heart Monster: …the biggest villain of my full story, you just used such an unscrupulous means to deal with me. I feel so disrespected. 🙂

Lang Jing Crazy: Whose love do you think you rejected? What you refuse is the love of the nation’s second-level protected animals!

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    (Actual words: 立竿见影) It means to get instant results.


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