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Chapter 30 – Blow the candles, Teacher Bai.

Meeting The Wolf
75 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

The private high school that Lang Jing Feng studied before was relatively close to home. It was very convenient and he only had to ride a bicycle for five minutes to reach it. After transferring to No. 2 Middle School, the distance he traveled to and from school every day was much longer. Cycling was tiring and time-consuming. So presently, his main means of transportation to and from school was by taxi. Under normal circumstances, it would take half an hour for a single way. All in all, an hour a day would be spent on the road. It would also take longer if he were to be caught in a severe traffic jam.

When the taxi came, Lang Jing Feng sat in the co-passenger seat and fastened his seat belt. After reminiscing about the kiss in the utility room, he took out his phone, set the photo of Bai Ruan’s third birthday as the background, and rearranged the position of the application icons. He then clicked on an English vocabulary app, and used the time in the car to recite words and phrases.

…It would be great if I could rent a room opposite the school. After memorising for a while, Lang Jing Feng rubbed his eyebrows and raised his head, feeling dizzy due to the light of his mobile phone.

That night, as soon as Bai Ruan got home, he repeated his tricks to hug Yun Qing’s thigh and asked his Master if there was any way to make a wolf’s fangs grow again.

Yun Qing: “There is.”

Bai Ruan breathed a sigh of relief.

Yun Qing: “But…”

Bai Ruan’s emotions were relaxed for a second but were tense the next : “But?”

Yun Qing: “But you didn’t help this teacher run away last time. Bad Bouncy, smelly Bouncy, broken Bouncy. This teacher won’t care about your affairs anymore.”

Bad, smelly and broken Bouncy Bai was aggrieved: “I tried to help. But it’s beyond my capabilities if Uncle disagrees…Master, do you have any way to make a wolf’s teeth grow again?”

Yun Qing: “Yes, there is, but this teacher won’t be able to teach you as it requires first-hand teaching. However, at this moment, this teacher is forced by your uncle and has to travel with him to Venice, where water is abundant. I’m going for a training retreat and will be there for some time.”

Bai Ruan rebelliously translated these nonsensical sentences into adult words: “You are going to Venice for your honeymoon?”

Yun Qing: “It’s a retreat! Training Retreat!”

Bai Ruan: “…”

I’m afraid it’s a retreat in the honeymoon suite.

Yun Qing: “Wait for this teacher to return. I’ll help your little friend get his teeth back. You guys aren’t in a rush, right?”

Bai Ruan almost ate the phone in one bite: “Master, what are you talking about! That’s my student!”

Yun Qing: “Hehe. I was a bit embarrassed to talk in detail as a teacher in front of you last time. Both the Red Luan stars on the top of your heads are holding hands.”

Bai Ruan thought of the scenes that happened in the utility room today and his heart started beating wildly.

Yun Qing: “Although this stuff of fortune is not destined, but your fortune is so entangled that you can’t easily stop it. Bouncy, I think you should stop resisting.”

Bai Ruan became weak. Soothing his heart, he said: “He is my student.”

Yun Qing elatedly replied: “But he has a heart that loves you.”

Bai Ruan shook his head sharply: “In addition, he is a male…”

Yun Qing chuckled and replied: “Gender is not important.”

Bai Ruan’s expression froze: “These two sentences seem familiar.”

Revengeful Yun Qing: “Hahahahaha you were the one who told me these two sentences! Return them to you intact! Return to you, return to you!”

Bai Ruan, who often suspected Yun Qing’s true age was only three years old: “…”

In any case, knowing that Yun Qing had a way to restore Lang Jing Feng’s teeth, the large stone in Bai Ruan’s heart fell. He imagined Lang Jing Feng’s original form with fangs and claws. Amazingly, there was no fear in his heart. It was certain that Lang Jing Feng’s big move successfully dispelled his long standing shadow in one fell swoop.

At least, Bai Ruan was no longer afraid of this wolf cub.

No matter how sharp his fangs were or how strong his claws were.

After today, Bai Ruan’s life barely recovered. Lang Jing Feng’s enthusiasm for learning didn’t diminish. According to Bai Ruan’s understanding, in the past few days, Lang Jing Feng’s attitude during lectures and assignments in various subjects were satisfactory to all the subject teachers. His attitude towards Bai Ruan in public was normal, and there were no problems in general.

Sunday soon came.

Bai Ruan had a quiet personality and never had the habit of calling friends to celebrate his birthday. Previously when he was staying with his adoptive parents, they would prepare gifts for Bai Ruan every year. When Bai Ruan was in elementary school, they would take him to the park and playground. In middle and high school, beautiful teenagers like Bai Ruan were very popular in the class and received so many gifts on their birthdays that their hands trembled under them all. However, with the end of school days and independence from his adoptive parents, Bai Ruan gradually regarded his birthday as a completely ordinary day.

At nine o’clock in the morning, Bai Ruan, who was sleeping in the small grass nest, heard his phone ring.

Bai Ruan’s marshmallow-like body trembled in dissatisfaction. His two ears drooped, his two front paws lifted and held the tips of the ears. The ears were buckled tightly against the fluffy head, achieving the effect of closing his ears.

But the caller was quite stubborn. Bai Ruan covered his ears for a while, but soon realised that the other party would definitely not let him go without answering the phone. He crawled out of the small grass nest next to the pillow, jumped to the end of the bed and looked down sleepily.

—It was Lang Jing Feng.

Bai Ruan’s super-small heart thumped twice and the rabbit paws swept across the screen. The moment it connected, he changed into his human form. “Hello?”

Lang Jing Feng’s voice over the phone sounded very anxious. “Teacher Bai, where do you live? Are you at home now?”

Bai Ruan lay on the bed with his ass naked, rounding to the nearest equivalent of a naked sex chat, “Why are you asking this?”

“I’m at school. I have something to give you right now.” Lang Jing Feng continued anxiously, “Hurry up! The address! You’ll know it when you get it!”

Bai Ruan panicked. “What is it?”

Ai, don’t ask that now,” Lang Jing Feng frantically created a tense atmosphere, “It’ll be spoiled if it can’t be delivered immediately. Be obedient Teacher Bai, what’s your address?”

Bai Ruan nervously handed over his address. Although he knew it was too late, he couldn’t help but say, “I’ve told you before. I don’t have a habit of celebrating my birthday.”

“Then you can start getting used to it this year,” Lang Jing Feng chuckled over the phone, “From now on, I’ll spend it with you every year.”

Bai Ruan’s heart suddenly shrank, as if someone had pinched it. Before the feeling settled, he heard Lang Jing Feng speak on the other side, “Baby, wait for me at home.”

He instantly hung up the call after saying that.

Bai Ruan was not given a chance to refute this title at all!

Bai Ruan was in a mess as he knelt down on the bed, holding the phone. After a while, he went to get dressed and wash up.

Fifteen minutes later, Lang Jing Feng’s call came again. “Teacher Bai, come downstairs now.”

Bai Ruan deliberately dressed casually, with a half-sleeve t-shirt, slippers and big shorts. There was a lock of hair on his head. However, this did not deter anything from his looks, as his face was too attractive to look at. Not only did it not ruin his image, but on the contrary, he showed a homely atmosphere full of kindness and cuteness.

There was a taxi parked downstairs at the apartment. When Bai Ruan walked out of the apartment door, he just saw the taxi driver get off and walk around to the co-passenger seat to open the door. Lang Jing Feng carefully held a box, and held a handful of something like a bouquet of flowers in his right hand. The bouquet was covered with a white plastic bag in a beautiful manner, and Bai Ruan couldn’t see what it was.

Lang Jing Feng got out of the car and was about to greet Bai Ruan when a gust of wind blew from the right.

“Fuck, stop blowing.” Lang Jing Feng suddenly turned to the left, and blocked the wind with his back. He protected the plastic bag in his arms, and moved sidewards towards Bai Ruan like a crab.

“What is that?” Bai Ruan was filled with curiosity, but the boxes and plastic bags were opaque.

“This brother personally made it for you. Let’s go in and open them.” Lang Jing Feng drew from the wind while holding the box in his hand steadily and walked into the apartment door in a hostile manner.

In fact, Bai Ruan didn’t bother to care about what Lang Jing Feng called him, so he treated it as not hearing anything and ran to press the elevator.

When the two entered the elevator, Bai Ruan realised that Lang Jing Feng’s clothes were particularly eye-catching today. From head to toe, he couldn’t see the brand, but the tailoring of the shape seemed to be especially made for him. It accentuated his broad shoulders, thin waist and long legs. Even people like Bai Ruan who didn’t understand fashion at all could see that this was definitely not cheap.

“Am I handsome today?” Lang Jing Feng’s face suddenly turned to one side, directly meeting Bai Ruan’s gaze.

When Lang Jing Feng moved under the light, Bai Ruan realised that he was wearing an earring. The earring was like a hormonal switch, and instantly quadrupled the charm of this little wolf boy. Bai Ruan’s eyes trembled and suddenly he was too embarrassed to look again. As his heart was pounding hard, he turned his head to look at the floor and said, “We’re here.”

When the two entered the apartment, Lang Jing Feng went straight to the kitchen, put the box and bouquet that he had carefully held all the way on the dining table, and exclaimed, “Teacher Bai, happy birthday.”

After speaking, he lifted the lid of the box.

It seemed to be inspired by Yun Qing’s Chinese cabbage with three candles in it. The box contained a vegetable birthday cake made for little white rabbits.

The carrot sticks cut to the thickness of fingers form a circular fence on the outermost layer, which became the outer frame of the cake. A long slender straw rope was wrapped around the carrot fence to have a fixed shape. Inside the round carrot fence was a cake body filled with layers of round cabbage leaves.

From the top looking down, the whole round “cake” was divided into two. The cabbage leaves in the left half circle were densely and neatly lined with cherry radishes, cucumbers and pumpkins that were cut into small round slices. Red, white, yellow, green and warm orange covered the left semicircle perfectly, which looked a lot like a fruit cake commonly seen on human birthdays. On the right half circle of the cake, it was decorated with light purple kale, emerald green dandelion leaves, tender lettuce, and broccoli that acted as a gypsophila1Also known as baby’s breath.. Among the lush green leaves, there was a water radish carved into a little rabbit lying on the ground. The little water radish rabbit was crystal clear, and it looked like white jade.

—It was a birthday cake made out of actual vegetables.

“Most of them are grown in my yard,” Lang Jing Feng smiled and opened his left hand wrapped with three band-aids. “Some of them were bought… The little rabbit was carved for me by my aunt. I really couldn’t carve the bunny even if I chopped my hands. As for the others, I got up at five o’clock this morning and did everything by myself.”

Because his fragile intestines and stomach couldn’t withstand human food, Bai Ruan had never eaten a proper birthday cake. Upon seeing this sight, his eyes lit up with anticipation.

“Blow the ‘candle’, Teacher Bai.” Lang Jing Feng tore off the plastic bag, and showed up a handful of fluffy dandelions that he had been protecting all the way for fear of being blown away by the wind. “I swept a two-kilometer radius of my house in the past two days, and finally found twenty-six…It wouldn’t be unreasonable if you include me in your wish, right?”

The author has something to say:   

Lang Jing Crazy: The children in my family have birthday cakes for their birthdays, so my little brother also has to have them, too.

Bai Ruan was very moved, and gave a set of Huanggang secret scrolls2It is a set of college entrance examination reference books popular in the supplementary education market in mainland China. It first appeared in the market around 2003 and became popular throughout the country for more than a decade. in return.

  • 1
    Also known as baby’s breath.
  • 2
    It is a set of college entrance examination reference books popular in the supplementary education market in mainland China. It first appeared in the market around 2003 and became popular throughout the country for more than a decade.


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