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Chapter 29 – The Chinese cabbage that ended miserably.

Meeting The Wolf
71 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

When the two came out of the utility room, the corridor was quiet and the students and teachers were all gone.

Bai Ruan escaped from the torrent of emotions. Recalling the kisses in the room and how he lost his composure, he couldn’t help but feel extremely awkward. He went to the toilet to wash his face, took the paper towel handed by Lang Jing Feng with his eyes down and wiped his face mechanically.

Feeling that his eyes were still slightly swollen, Bai Ruan wanted to go down the sewer pipe to hide for a while, and then come out to face Lang Jing Feng when his appearance was back to normal.

Lang Jing Feng smiled lightly and said with understanding, “Are you shy? You want to hide in the rabbit hole again?”

“No.” Bai Ruan turned and walked in the direction of the teaching building.

Lang Jing Feng knew that Bai Ruan had thin skin. As he’d just cried in front of his student, he must be feeling awkward. So he stopped teasing him and didn’t catch up. He only followed thoughtfully, pretending that he didn’t exist. His footsteps were light and were like a little wolf ambushing its prey.

After walking for a while, Bai Ruan’s mind settled down. He adjusted back to a teacher’s upright and serious tone, and said, “In the future, I won’t hide from you and will get along with you normally. You’ll also do the same and cannot neglect your studies. Before the midterm exam, you need to behave well most of the time, keep up with that energy, and don’t be distracted by what happened today, understand?”

“Okay,” Lang Jing Feng swiftly responded and jokingly continued, “If I can’t be admitted to the Teacher-training University and cannot become a physical education teacher at No. 2 Middle School, I’ll be miserable my whole life.”

Bai Ruan replied seriously, “Why? A physical education teacher is not the only way out…”

Lang Jing Feng said with a sad face, “Then, I’ll have to go home and inherit my mother’s company.”

Bai Ruan frowned and said solemnly, “It’s not easy to inherit a company. If you have this intention, you can actually consider going to finance and management in university…”

“I’m just teasing you.” Lang Jing Feng interrupted amusedly, “It’s just that studying finance and managing companies doesn’t fit my character… What about making trouble? My current mindset is to be a physical education teacher in this school. When there’s free time, together we can oppress the court, and I’ll accompany you… Do you play basketball? Since you’re pretty good at jumping.”

Bai Ruan was happy. “I’ll sometimes play with them during weekends.”

“Who are they?” Lang Jing Feng asked.

Bai Ruan answered honestly, “Just a few teachers from the school.”

“Bring me along during the weekend. I can be your little attendant and I’ll help you get clothes, water and towels.” Lang Jing Feng caught up with Bai Ruan, touched his shoulder lightly and said with a smile, “If you get upset after playing with them, you can beat me to relieve your anger.”

Bai Ruan was amused. “How could I beat you?”

“Anyway, we’ve agreed. In the future, bring me along.” Lang Jing Feng said as he suddenly stretched out his hand and stroked Bai Ruan’s back without any warning.

It was mid-May. Bai Ruan wore light clothing and only had a thin white shirt. Lang Jing Feng stroked along his spine, and the heat from his palm caused a bunch of faint electric currents. Bai Ruan jumped and turned his face quickly with his round black eyes staring widely.

Lang Jing Feng was amused by Bai Ruan’s obviously excessive reaction. “What’s the matter with you?”

“Don’t touch my back.” Bai Ruan said, seemingly guilty as he turned his eyes to look away.

“No, that’s not it” Lang Jing Feng withdrew his hand innocently, “I didn’t touch you on purpose. I was just curious about the talisman that you pasted on your back and I want to see if it’s still there.”

He remembered that Bai Ruan was covered with a yellow talisman when he first appeared in his original form. But after a series of things happened, Lang Jing Feng forgot to ask about the talisman. He just walked behind Bai Ruan and kept looking at his back. Suddenly recalling and without thinking too deeply, he raised his hand to touch it.

“I haven’t pasted it since last Saturday.” Bai Ruan spoke quickly, as if he was afraid that Lang Jing Feng would keep thinking about his back. “It’s called the Sealing Talisman. I improvised it. It can seal the upper and lower half of the body’s vent. I used to stick it to reduce the intake of your demon energy. I don’t need it anymore.”

Lang Jing Feng answered with an, ‘oh’ and turned the topic back, “Why do you have such a big reaction when I touch your back?”

Bai Ruan’s reaction just now didn’t look like an ordinary resistance, but rather like a cat being stepped on its tail.

Bai Ruan let out a dry chuckle. “I was shocked by you.”

After a few seconds of silence, Bai Ruan emphasised, “It’s not that there is something special about my back.”

Lang Jing Feng immediately understood the peculiarities of his back. Without a word, he took out his mobile phone and opened the web page to search for the keywords, “touching the back of a rabbit”.

After a while, Lang Jing Feng’s words were full of emotion as he recited, “… Stroking the rabbit’s back may cause a rabbit’s orgasmic reaction and false pregnancy…”

“Shut up!” A certain tense string in Bai Ruan’s brain snapped and he turned around to grab Lang Jing Feng’s phone.

Lang Jing Feng raised his mobile phone with his tall arms, and teased in a flirting tone, “Snatch it from me ah.”

Before he could finish his words, Bai Ruan had already jumped, grabbed the phone and landed firmly on the ground.

Lang Jing Feng, “…” Worthy of the name Bouncy Bai.

Bai Ruan flipped his phone twice like a basketball, glared at him angrily and said, “I’ve snatched it.”

Lang Jing Feng was amused. “I finished reading it when I was saying it out loud. Rabbits can have fake pregnancies? Is it possible for a male rabbit?”

“Of course not, you… have you ever seen any male animal who can get pregnant?” Bai Ruan’s tone became flustered, and completely ignoring Lang Jing Feng’s correction of “not a pregnancy, it’s a fake pregnancy, it’s different”, his lips pressed into a line. He quickly closed the web page with the little secret about the yellow 1Perverted.storm of the rabbit clan and pressed the home button. As a result, he caught a glimpse of the wallpaper of Lang Jing Feng’s phone.

It was a photo that was taken secretly. In the photo, Bai Ruan was standing on the podium, looking down at the preparation notes spread out on it, holding a chalk in one hand and about to turn around to write on the blackboard. The windows and doors directly opposite the podium were open, and the draught threw the white curtains up high, and the sun searched for gaps in, smearing a thin layer of summer light on Bai Ruan’s face. The dazzling white skin lined the dark eyelashes made it more picturesque.

In the photo composition, Bai Ruan was in the middle, and the various application icons on the screen surround Bai Ruan. There was a humanoid position in the middle. No application was blocking Bai Ruan, which was convenient for Lang Jing Feng to unlock the phone after appreciation.

“You secretly took pictures of me?” Bai Ruan narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Otherwise, I’ll publicly take a picture? There was no such picture in your circle of friends.” Lang Jing Feng asked humbly. Seeing Bai Ruan choking uncomfortably, he begged for mercy with a smile. “Teacher Bai, when I saw your photo, I thought of how I could be colleagues with you in the future, and it helped to motivate me to study.”

Bai Ruan softened his attitude as soon as he heard that it was related to his learning, and silently threw the phone back into Lang Jing Feng’s arms.

“I was wrong for the sneaky shot. I’ll delete this one.” Lang Jing Feng lowered his head and fiddled with the phone a few times, but it was not known whether it was a genuine or a false deletion. Coquettishly like a milk dog, he asked, “Will you take the initiative to give me one, Teacher Bai? Big Brother Bai Ruan?”

Bai Ruan ignored him and walked with his head down. Lang Jing Feng followed behind with both hands in his trouser pockets and asked Bai Ruan for a photo. He was like a human pouch filled with flirtatious words and with a gentle tap, a field of teasing words were released.

“I’ll send you one. After you receive it, don’t ask for more.” Bai Ruan was dizzy with amusement.

“You have to take your front face.” Lang Jing Feng demanded.

“Okay.” Bai Ruan promised happily and sent a picture to Lang Jing Feng.

Lang Jing Feng opened his WeChat account to see, but couldn’t laugh or cry.

In the photo, there was a fluffy little white dumpling. It looked like he was celebrating a birthday. A small dot was spotted on the forehead painted with lipstick. There was a heavy silver longevity lock on his body and in front of him were several large and oversized cabbages. The Chinese cabbages were in a miserable situation and three candles were forcefully inserted into it, making it look like a birthday cake.

“…Was this celebrating your birthday?” Lang Jing Feng asked.

“Yes,” Bai Ruan smiled slyly, “My third birthday after becoming a cultivated spirit…The picture is for you, so you can’t ask for anymore.”

It was the first time in his life that Lang Jing Feng saw such a shabby birthday cake, and for a while, he couldn’t even bother to pursue Bai Ruan’s fooling him.

Bai Ruan could guess what he was thinking, and explained, “I can’t eat the cake that people usually eat, so my Master got me a cabbage.”

At that time, Yun Qing bullied Bai Ruan for being ignorant, and wickedly held the Chinese cabbage while asking Bai Ruan for credit. “Bouncy look, this is the cabbage made for you by your teacher. Cooking for the first time has made your teacher tired. Look how nice the candle is, how neat the leaves of the cabbage are. This is a piece of Chinese cabbage that the teacher put together according to the number of the five elements, referring to the changes of the sun, the moon and the stars.”

Yun Zhen, who was watching the excitement on the sidelines, suddenly sneered.

The three-year-old Bai Ruan, who was inexperienced, vaguely felt something was wrong and asked, “So, who made the cabbage in that mountain?”

Yun Qing was serious. “The wild cabbages in the mountains were made from their wild cabbage mother ah.”

Yun Zhen spat out a mouthful of tea.

The three-year-old Xiao Bai Ruan understood, and replied with a grin in his voice, “Thank you Master. Master, you’ve worked hard.”

Yun Qing looked poignantly. “Then, how are you going to show appreciation to your Master?”

Xiao Bai Ruan turned into his original form. He turned his body over, and offered his fluffy little white belly to the Master, who worked hard for him, to snuggle with him.

…My master is truly wicked. Twenty-two years later, Bai Ruan stood at the gate of the No.2 middle school thinking faintly how his master was trying to fool a child.

Lang Jing Feng looked at the photos of Bai Ruan’s third birthday, and couldn’t stop laughing. After a while, he suddenly remembered that he didn’t know his birthday and asked, “By the way, when’s your birthday?”

Bai Ruan scratched his cheeks. He was hesitant and seemed reluctant to say, “I don’t remember when I was born, so Master regarded my birthday as…”

“On which date?” Lang Jing Feng urged.

Bai Ruan replied embarrassedly, “Children’s Day.”

Lang Jing Feng was happy at first, and his eyes widened when he counted the days. “Fuck, isn’t it this Sunday? Fortunately, I asked you, otherwise this year, I’d have unknowingly missed it.”

“If it’s missed, so be it. This originally has nothing to do with you.” Bai Ruan looked down and gave Lang Jing Feng a prevention vaccination. “I never have a habit of celebrating my birthday. You don’t need to prepare anything. If you want to make my birthday a joyous one, just study hard.”

Lang Jing Feng insincerely responded with “um”s and “ah”s, but there were already several ideas for Bai Ruan’s birthday floating in his head.

The author has something to say:   

Lang Jing Crazy: Can male rabbits also fake pregnancy?

Bai Ruan Ruan (Misleading him): Of course not, you… have you ever seen any male animal who can get pregnant?

Lang Jing Crazy: I know you can’t get pregnant, but can you fake pregnancy?

Bai Ruan Ruan (looking right and left, and talking about other affairs): People are born to their mothers, demons are born to their mothers, and cabbages are born to their mothers. Whether was it a person, a demon or a cabbage, it has nothing to do with their fathers.

Lang Jing Crazy: …I didn’t ask you this.

Bai Ruan Ruan (change the topic): Let me test you now. What is the next sentence after ‘listening to the rain beating on the leaves’?2《定风波·莫听穿林打叶声》is a poem written by Su Shi, a writer of Song Dynasty. This word refers to the trivial matter in life that encounters wind and rain on the way to the wild, to see deep meanings in simplicity, to create wonders in ordinary places, to show a broad-minded and detached mind,and to embody an extraordinary life ideal.

Lang Jing Crazy: Ha ha, it seems like you can fake pregnancy. 🙂

If you don’t have the ability to get pregnant, you really can’t give birth, but if you overly teased your brain, it will send wrong pregnancy signals to your body… Hehehehehe~ (The above is the author’s nonsense, don’t take it seriously.)

In fact, the wolf cub is too possessive. He was a little uncomfortable to hear Bai Ruan Ruan playing with the other male teachers. [doge]

This point of possessiveness will be more obvious in the future [doge]


Apologies for the error!

My brain wasn’t functioning and it seemed I uploaded the wrong chapter.haha. whoops.

Do let me know via discord if the same thing ever happens yea!

Thank you for your patience!


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    《定风波·莫听穿林打叶声》is a poem written by Su Shi, a writer of Song Dynasty. This word refers to the trivial matter in life that encounters wind and rain on the way to the wild, to see deep meanings in simplicity, to create wonders in ordinary places, to show a broad-minded and detached mind,and to embody an extraordinary life ideal.


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