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Chapter 28 – I’ll not agree if there is one less vertical stroke with a hook in the character in our accounts.

Meeting The Wolf
71 Chapters

Chapter 1 - I think you are making things difficult for this little white rabbit! Chapter 2 - Naturally... a godly fast shooter. Chapter 3 - Spring has arrived, everything is back to normal and it’s time for… Chapter 4 - I’ll complete my homework. Chapter 5 - One poke and you jump, are you a rabbit? Chapter 6 - Shortie Chapter 7 - Where is my White Rabbit toffee? Chapter 8 - It's a loss for studying too well Chapter 9 - Awoooooo Chapter 10 - Crazily being on the verge of divine retribution Chapter 11 - Wandering on the edge of bullying the master and betraying the ancestor. Chapter 12 - I’ll give you my lesson Chapter 13 - The family is keeping a husky that looks like a wolf Chapter 14 - Little Brother Bai Ruan? Brother Bouncy? Chapter 15 - I'm afraid of my wife. Chapter 16 - I’m really doing it for you… Chapter 17 - Loan Casting! Chapter 18 - A delicate and loveable... gentleman. Chapter 19 - Four Little White Shoes! Chapter 20 - On the surface, a group of literal fox and dog friends. Chapter 21 - His heart was scalding and it was going to melt. Chapter 22 - The scene of a car rollover accident happened. Chapter 23 - Your Red Luan Star is about to be knotted. Chapter 24 - In the next second, being eaten by you. Chapter 25 - Not listening, not listening. The wolf cub is reciting scriptures. Chapter 26 - Happy like Pei Qi the Pig. Chapter 27 - Am I not shedding fur? Chapter 28 - I’ll not agree if there is one less vertical stroke with a hook in the character in our accounts. Chapter 29 - The Chinese cabbage that ended miserably. Chapter 30 - Blow the candles, Teacher Bai. Chapter 31 - Put Teacher on the table. Chapter 32 - A sudden earthquake. Chapter 33 - A 3D printer. Chapter 34 - Back to your original form and you are still wearing shoes? Chapter 35 - Slipping away. Chapter 36 - Animals under the nation's second-level protection. Chapter 37 - Longer than children. Chapter 38 - Wave-particle duality. Chapter 39 - Now every pen of yours is covered with my smell. Chapter 40 - Head hating on the ground. Chapter 41 - Actually I'm so bad, I can't even pretend. Chapter 42 - It’s a girl. Chapter 43 - My disciple-granddaughter has a hard life. Chapter 44 - Don't be afraid, it's just a ghost. Chapter 45 - Pack up and prepare for restoration. Chapter 46 - Are you balding? Chapter 47 - Want to hug Brother Bouncy while watching Peppa the Pig. Chapter 48 - An excellent milk wolf won’t be beaten twice by the same move from a rabbit! Chapter 49 - The pyjamas on his chest area were soaking wet. Chapter 50 - Are there no human rights during the embarrassing period!? Chapter 51 - When can the inside be… Chapter 52 - I have Canine Distemper Virus Chapter 53 - Your birthday present Chapter 54 - I will take you to see the farthest and closest things of the world. Chapter 55 - Say, Am I your boyfriend? Chapter 56 - Call you brother from now on, okay? Chapter 57 - My brother is in danger! Chapter 58 - Tell me, which boy do you like? Chapter 59 - A worrying and silly son! Chapter 60 - The innocent boy Lang Jing Feng. Chapter 61 - Front or Back? Chapter 62 - Seems... to be a shou. Chapter 63 - Just let them beat like this, beat like this all the time— Chapter 64 - Content introduction: Dedicate a whole chapter to describe Bai Ruan Ruan's supper, the author is also very busy… Chapter 65 - The daily life of Bai Ruan Ruan and the three crazy rabbits~ Chapter 66 - Extra Story [Physical Education Teacher Pretending to be sick] Introduction: Lang Jing Feng's daily life after becoming a Physical Education Teacher… Chapter 67 - Extra- [Senior Brother spares my life (1)] Brother Rabbit is a talker. Chapter 68 - [Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (2)] Chapter 69 - Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (3)] Chapter 70 - Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (4)] Chapter 71 - Extra Story [Senior Brother, please spare my life (5)]

Editor: SleepyMango123

Lang Jing Feng tilted his head slightly and kissed Bai Ruan’s lips.

After learning the lesson of using too much force to kiss Bai Ruan and turning him into a little white rabbit, this time, his kiss had a bit of probing intention. The force was light, gentle enough to be torture, as if kissing a fragile reflection in the water.

This was completely contradicting with the stubbornness and assertiveness that Lang Jing Feng had shown a moment ago. On the contrary, it disintegrated all of Bai Ruan’s defenses in an instant.

Bai Ruan didn’t move, hide, or try to break free. Even his moral sense temporarily retreated and pretended to be deaf and dumb. After all, no matter how many reasons Bai Ruan had, it seemed cruel to refuse such a gentle kiss under the current circumstances.

Lang Jing Feng stroked Bai Ruan’s lips, leaned slightly, and cautiously stepped back, asking in a low voice, “Are you afraid? Did it make you want to change to your original form?”

—He was also left with a psychological shadow by the little white rabbit.

“I’m not afraid, I don’t want to.” Bai Ruan’s ears were hot.

He currently didn’t have the slightest fear of Lang Jing Feng, but thinking about what he did, Bai Ruan felt a pang of sadness.1(Actual words: 心里一酸)

“Your fangs… Did it hurt when you filed them?” Bai Ruan asked in a low voice.

“It didn’t hurt. I took anesthetics.” Lang Jing Feng breathed in the warm smell emitting from Bai Ruan’s body. “I have a friend. His brother is a veterinarian. I asked his brother to help out as I was afraid of damaging them. If I did it on my own, wouldn’t that be called self-harm?” After a pause, Lang Jing Feng continued in a relaxed tone as if he was recalling something happy. “I told his brother that I like a little bunny and had to find a way to make him not afraid of me. His brother scolded me for being stupid while filing them and said what if our eight characters of horoscope didn’t match, I’d be a fool if you didn’t get together with me after executing such a drastic action.”

This was the question that Bai Ruan wanted to raise but dared not. But since Lang Jing Feng mentioned it himself, Bai Ruan gritted his teeth and forcefully asked while trembling, “Then y-you never thought, what if there was no way for me to be with you… what would you do?”

Bai Ruan didn’t dare to reprimand Lang Jing Feng for being too reckless, too rash, or too arrogant this time. But this was indeed a fact, and given how many chances were given to him, he couldn’t believe that Lang Jing Feng would be so cruel to himself when the situation was still uncertain.

Lang Jing Feng smiled faintly and said, “What should I do? Isn’t it just a few teeth?”

Bai Ruan bit his lip and his eyes were filled with discomfort.

“Do you also think I’m foolish?” Lang Jing Feng asked, “And that I was too impulsive?”

Bai Ruan vigorously shook his head until his neck was almost twisted. Against his conscience, he denied, “No, I don’t think so. It’s just…”

“If you think it is, then so be it. Truthfully, it really is a bit silly.” Lang Jing Feng interrupted in a relaxed tone, and joked with a smile, “Who made me become one of the three sleigh fools.”

This fake husky was very entertaining!

Bai Ruan didn’t know what kind of expression to have when facing him.

“…Truthfully, if I were to meet you when I’m twenty-eight, I may not be impulsive at all,” After a moment of silence, Lang Jing Feng continued with a serious face, “I’d have to check 18 generations of your ancestor household registration first, see your real estate certificate, and look at your salary slip again. I would ask if you have any ex-boyfriends, how many ex-boyfriends you had, how will the housework be divided between us in the future, who is in charge of the money at home, will we be able to give birth, how much dowry can you give, how much dowry you want to receive from me, the house to be under whose name… I’ll have to ask everything clearly.”

Lang Jing Feng had an expression of one deserving a slap as he counted one by one with his fingers and said, “After a thorough investigation, I’ll then compare it with other prospective partners and see—Oh, this Teacher Bai has the best conditions. Being a teacher is a stable job, that’s good. Let’s just fall in love with Bai Ruan. I’ll sign a contract with you again. The contract would state that if my teeth were filed, you must be together with me. If you want to break up, you’ll have to pay for my four porcelain teeth… As this brother is so handsome, let’s not talk about whether our eight characters of a horoscope matched or not, I’ll not agree even if there is one less vertical stroke with a hook in the character in our accounts.2(Actual words: 别说八字没一撇,大写那‘捌’字差个竖勾我都不答应) meaning, he wouldn’t even agree to marrying Bai Ruan if there was a single mistake, such as a vertical stroke with a hook at the end in the chinese characters in his account books.

Bai Ruan’s eyes were originally filled with tears but when he heard that he was going to pay for the four porcelain teeth and the wrongly spelt character, it made him chuckle.

“But, I’m only eighteen this year,” Lang Jing Feng lowered his head and rubbed his chin against Bai Ruan’s shoulder. “Isn’t it just the right time to do foolish things for the person I like?…Teacher Bai, let me be foolish. Don’t talk about reasoning, it hurts my feelings.”

This was indeed something that could only be done by a young man who had not yet matured his mind, someone who had never left the family safe haven, nor experienced many setbacks, and drew his sword in anger and recklessness. After he passed the age of eighteen or after Bai Ruan’s age, perhaps Lang Jing Feng would never again have such indomitable stupidity and impulsiveness in his life.

Bai Ruan’s heart was hot. He suddenly raised his arms, wrapped Lang Jing Feng’s back, and gave him a strong hug.

“Hugging me so tightly, are you being proactive now?” Lang Jing Feng teased.

“…No.” Bai Ruan’s arms loosened, feeling a little embarrassed.

The hug was mainly touching, gratitude and comfort. Bai Ruan was attractive, young and had a good personality. In fact, he had been admired by other students during his teaching period, but Bai Ruan had always adhered to the bottom line and never crossed the thunder pool3(Actual words: 绝不越雷池一步)  Thunder pool originally refers to the ancient water flowing from Huangmei County, Hubei to the southeast of Wangjiang County, Anhui, and accumulates into a pool; later, it is compared to a certain range and boundary. The full-sentence metaphor goes beyond the existing boundaries and scope..

Bai Ruan had always believed that this was the bottom line of his values for being a teacher. If he couldn’t even control this, his teacher qualification certificate should be revoked. Therefore, even if he was touched, Bai Ruan couldn’t persuade himself to immediately agree to the courtship of a male student. This was too deviant and far beyond Bai Ruan’s bottom line and expectations.

“For the moment.” Lang Jing Feng blew into Bai Ruan’s scorched ears. Since he didn’t expect to catch up immediately, he was not disappointed. He continued in a smiling voice, “We, two fools, are pretty well matched.”

Bai Ruan’s neck shrank by the tingling from the ear pinna, and asked softly, “Why am I a fool?”

“Don’t you think you are foolish as well? I paid a price because I like you, but you’re even better. In order to save Shen Jia Han, you even went as far as to have a deficiency of two years worth of energy… Fuck.” Lang Jing Feng’s face became black, and asked Bai Ruan fiercely over his shoulders, “It can’t be that you like her ba?”

“How is that possible!” Bai Ruan felt so wronged that he wanted to jump into the sea. “That’s my student, how can I have that kind of idea!”

Lang Jing Feng breathed a sigh of relief, his eyes turned, and he rushed to Bai Ruan’s lower three roads. “After this incident, do you have enough demonic power? Your tail will appear all the time. If others were to see it, they’ll think that you’ve got something stuffed behind.”

At first, Bai Ruan was still dumbfounded, thinking what his tail had to do with stuffing his behind, and it wasn’t about his trousers not having back pockets. Until he met Lang Jing Feng’s narrow gaze, his cheeks became red and he became annoyed. “…Lang Jing Feng! What are you talking about!?”

Your reflex arc is quite long.4Saying that his reaction was pretty slow.” Lang Jing Feng’s shoulders trembled with laughter.

Bai Ruan’s anger rose within a few seconds, but when he thought about the price Lang Jing Feng had paid, he wilted again. Pressing back the round tail with his hand, he pursed his mouth and was too embarrassed to lecture the other. The redness of his face enhanced his features and they became extraordinarily delicate and beautiful.

Lang Jing Feng’s heart trembled. He held Bai Ruan’s face with both hands and kissed him again. This time his kiss wasn’t so gentle. With two pieces of soft and warm lips sucking and biting, the tip of his tongue couldn’t resist. It hooked against the other’s and wrapped together with Bai Ruan’s tongue.

The sound effect was very good in the small cluttered room. The humming sound when the lips and tongue were close and separated, the watery chuckle when agitated, and the uncontrollable ‘en’ and ‘wu’ nasal sounds, all appeared very clearly. In addition, the wolf and rabbit had an extremely keen sense of hearing. Although it was just a kiss, the stereo surround sound effect was really incredible

Bai Ruan suspected that he was going to be melted by Lang Jing Feng’s kisses, and was irritated by the moral sense of being a teacher and the taboo of being kissed by the same gender. However, he stubbornly endured, neither struggled nor resisted, until Lang Jing Feng let go of his lips, and went downwards to suck and kiss his neck. Suddenly, Bai Ruan became agitated, he whispered, “Don’t continue downwards.”

Lang Jing Feng kissed Bai Ruan’s lips again and helped him re-tie his loose tie. He carefully observed Bai Ruan’s expression and said, “Teacher Bai, you’ve just let me kiss you. It wasn’t because you were touched by my actions but because you felt guilty?”

Bai Ruan didn’t dare to say anything.

He suspected that he was a little touched, because when Lang Jing Feng kissed him…he didn’t have any feelings of disgust. He even had a little floaty feeling, like a balloon.

But Bai Ruan didn’t want to engage in a teacher-student relationship. Even if he wanted to be with Lang Jing Feng, it would be after Lang Jing Feng graduated from high school. Besides, Bai Ruan wasn’t sure if he was truly touched or not. These things happened so suddenly that his mind was still a mess.

As for the guilt, that made it sound very hurtful. Bai Ruan was entangled and remained silent.

“Say, is it pure guilt?” Lang Jing Feng squeezed Bai Ruan’s thin waist.

Bai Ruan was at a loss, like a dog.

Lang Jing Feng urged, “Baby, say something.”

Bai Ruan’s eyes widened. “What do you call me?”

Lang Jing Feng chuckled. “Finally know how to speak?”

“I don’t know,” Bai Ruan had to answer him honestly, “But I do feel guilty… moved but guilty. If I knew you were going to handle it this way, I wouldn’t tell you about the biting incident. I really…” Bai Ruan continued feebly, “I don’t know how to face you.”

“You don’t need to feel guilty,” Lang Jing Feng frowned, and half-jokingly said, “My claws and fangs can still grow, or should I order four porcelain fangs? But don’t you have a psychological shadow about that?”

Bai Ruan’s eyes slightly lit up, and he asked cautiously, “Can you put it back? I have no psychological shadows, and it won’t be like that in the future.”

“I don’t know and I didn’t ask.” Lang Jing Feng saw that Bai Ruan indeed felt unbearably guilty, and in turn comforted him, “The molars are not as serious as you think. I was born as a demon, and I have long been used to living in a human form. It doesn’t affect me much at all. You see, there are so many people on the street, and no one has those four teeth. Aren’t they just eating and drinking normally?”

Bai Ruan’s heart was still in denial. “But even if you don’t use them anymore, it’s a symbol…I used to see wolf totems5In Native American cultures, animal totems hold the protective powers of the animals they represent. Thus, the wolf totem is a helpful symbol for manifesting more protection, better instincts, and stronger relationships.. It said that the wolf’s tooth is the honor of the wolf, and it is more important than a wolf’s life. A wolf, who has no teeth, would rather…”

Bai Ruan didn’t dare to go on.

Lang Jing Feng rejoiced. “Bouncy Bai still looks at the wolf totems? No, what kind of mentality do you have when you look at the wolf totem?”

Bai Ruan drooped his head and said, “That is… Know yourself and your opponent, and you won’t end up in a hundred battles.”

“Teacher Bai, look at me,” Lang Jing Feng pointed to himself, with a sly smile, “Am I a person who cares about their glorified image? Besides, I’m a wolf demon, not a wolf. The difference is quite big. Okay, let’s say… Do you think the same as those ordinary rabbits in the big forest? Ordinary rabbits would think about sex everyday. Have sex this, have sex with that. After finishing the top and then starting with the bottom.6I believe its after oral sex, then have the actual penetrative sex, etc. You’re good, I just want to kiss you and yet I get tortured…”

Bai Ruan thought that he actually wanted to have sex all day long, but this couldn’t be said.

“Don’t be uncomfortable, Teacher Bai.” Lang Jing Feng smiled and continued seriously, “As much as you think I care about those four teeth, I actually don’t. If I don’t have it, so be it. I won’t die.”

Bai Ruan shook his head. “Then won’t it affect how you eat in the future? Also, in the future if you need to defend yourself, should you suffer a loss because you can’t beat others…”

“Care about me that much?” Lang Jing Feng’s heart beated fiercely, suppressing the small evil thoughts in his heart, and honestly said, “I usually live in my human form. The wolf form is too inconvenient. I don’t have hands and I can’t play with my mobile phone.”

—The demons who cultivated by themselves, liked to transform back to their original form at every turn. For example, Bai Ruan would often change into his original form at home, and retained the habits of a rabbit. He would occasionally use his animal instinct to think about problems, and cultivate a large number of little white rabbit henchmen at home.

But most of the second generation of demons had no obsession with their original form. The second generation of demons was born and raised in human society, and were born in human form. They rarely lived in their original forms and tended to be more human-like compared to the first generation demons. The second-generation and the third-generation demons would even feel that they were just human beings with “transforming skills”.

“For eating meat or gnawing bones, human teeth are enough. I also rarely use my wolf fangs during a fight. Remember the last time I singled out the five demon dogs? My fist is enough for them to choke. If I were to add on my fangs, wouldn’t they be dead?” Lang Jing Feng continued, curling his mouth in disgust, “Furthermore…the one who bites, likes to be clean. One bite of that black mud is enough for me to feel disgusted.”

This was the first time Bai Ruan had heard that a wolf was disgusted when they bit their prey.

Lang Jing Feng kissed Bai Ruan’s hot cheeks and said softly, “I didn’t file my teeth to make you emotional, nor to tie you down with a few broken teeth. I just want you to be less afraid of me, not hide from me. We don’t have to be together straight away but to at least give me a chance to get along with you. At most you can wait for me to graduate.”

Bai Ruan was startled.

In fact, even if Lang Jing Feng didn’t care about his wolf fangs, he could still behave as if he cared very much, and he could earn a lot of sympathy points in front of Bai Ruan. It was no secret that Bai Ruan’s heart and ears were soft. If he had a crooked idea and used Bai Ruan’s personality loopholes to act coquettish and pretend to be pitiful, it was likely that Bai Ruan would force himself to compromise.

But Lang Jing Feng did the opposite, displaying all his cards.

But when he did this, Bai Ruan was even more touched, and the shock brought by this openness and sincerity was not weaker than that of filing of his teeth.

“Don’t be touched. It’s almost interesting. It’s worth the registration fee I spent at the pet hospital and the few injections of anesthetics.” Lang Jing Feng held Bai Ruan’s face and saw that tears were rapidly gathering in Bai Ruan’s eyes. He continued hurriedly, “I didn’t quarrel with you, and I didn’t say anything wrong. Your heart is too soft and once you’re touched, you become confused. Then when the time comes, and you don’t know whether you like me or are just being touched and might say that you like me when you actually don’t. Or there might be things that you do not like, you might not even tell me at all… If that’s the case, I might as well fool you and tell you now, “Teacher Bai, my most important teeth have been filed for you. You see how much I love you, hurry up and let’s have sex so you can comfort me.’ I don’t want it to be like that.” Lang Jing Feng said and he became happy, “Listen to me, teeth filing isn’t as serious as you think.”

Bai Ruan turned his head, closed his eyes and tears started falling down.

“Fuck…Don’t cry.” Lang Jing Feng wiped Ruan’s wet face with his thumb. “Don’t cry Teacher Bai. I made a mistake, okay?”

Bai Ruan wiped his face roughly with his sleeve, bit his lips to stop the tears, but it couldn’t stop it at all. He asked with a trembling voice, “Why are you so foolish?”

“Teacher Bai, you think so,” Lang Jing Feng held Bai Ruan’s face, and shook it gently like a child. “But if you hadn’t saved me, I would have been hacked back and forth by Heaven a few times. So what about my teeth? You have even saved this life of mine. This kind of minor issue, you don’t have to worry about it, okay?”

After speaking, Lang Jing Feng wondered if Bai Ruan might feel embarrassed crying in front of his student. He pressed Bai Ruan’s head and pushed him into his arms, causing the young teacher to bury his face in his clothes and have a big cry.

The author has something to say:   

Bai Ruan Ruan: QAQ

Lang Jing Crazy: In the face of the great opportunity to do whatever I want, I chose to be human. 🙂

In other words… Lang Jing Crazy didn’t really take his wolves’ fangs seriously. As a second-generation demon, the wolf cub was born in human society and lived in human form most of the time. He is more human than wolf. The way of thinking is different from that of ordinary wolves.

So why don’t you give up yourself for love, self-mutilation for love, in fact, there is nothing~ Wolf Cub didn’t think so much, and it is not so tragic~ (Suddenly it feels like I lied to everyone’s tears 2333……………… The wolf pup is really hardworking, this is not mixed with water.. There is only tragic loss of claws and fangs, not tragic ending ~

The nature of this matter is not as serious to the wolf pup than plastic surgery. If the wolf pup really regards his teeth as more important than his life, then he will not easily file his teeth. At any rate, he has to stay with Ruan Ruan for a while, confirm the look in his eyes, right~

However… Bai Ruan Ruan is the first generation of demons, living with the form and identity of an animal, he values ​​things like “the honor of being a wolf” more than Lang Jing Crazy, so no matter what he thinks, Bai Ruan Ruan feels heartache for him~

Then… There is no need to regret and make everyone depressed. Anyway, Bai Ruan Ruan has gotten Wolf Cub’s heart, and will never be afraid of him again.

So… this kind of time for the versatile and skilful Master Doraemon Yun Qing to appear. The porcelain teeth are the wolf pup’s stupid idea hhh, let Master show him some kind of teeth growing spell…

  • 1
    (Actual words: 心里一酸)
  • 2
    (Actual words: 别说八字没一撇,大写那‘捌’字差个竖勾我都不答应) meaning, he wouldn’t even agree to marrying Bai Ruan if there was a single mistake, such as a vertical stroke with a hook at the end in the chinese characters in his account books.
  • 3
    (Actual words: 绝不越雷池一步)  Thunder pool originally refers to the ancient water flowing from Huangmei County, Hubei to the southeast of Wangjiang County, Anhui, and accumulates into a pool; later, it is compared to a certain range and boundary. The full-sentence metaphor goes beyond the existing boundaries and scope.
  • 4
    Saying that his reaction was pretty slow.
  • 5
    In Native American cultures, animal totems hold the protective powers of the animals they represent. Thus, the wolf totem is a helpful symbol for manifesting more protection, better instincts, and stronger relationships.
  • 6
    I believe its after oral sex, then have the actual penetrative sex, etc.


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