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Chapter 27 – Am I not shedding fur?

Meeting The Wolf
65 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

“What are you looking at?” Bai Ruan concentrated for a moment, but still couldn’t catch the slightest hint of a wolf demon’s energy and his eyes trembled slightly.

At this moment, if Lang Jing Feng’s identity was not known, Bai Ruan would have mistaken him for a human being. In just seven days, Lang Jing Feng had really succeeded in restraining his energy.

When Bai Ruan was a child, he also practiced restraining his demon energy. Knowing how difficult it was to cleanly restrain it in seven days, he raised his eyes and quickly scanned Lang Jing Feng’s bloodshot eyes. His heart suddenly trembled, and he blurted out, “Did you sleep these past two days?”

Lang Jing Feng grasped Bai Ruan’s wrist and dragged him toward the utility room at the end of the corridor. He turned his face to the side, smiled mockingly, and said, “I slept for a while in the self-study class this afternoon. Thank you for your concern, Teacher Bai.”

What he implied was that he hadn’t slept for these two days except for the afternoon self-study classes.

Bai Ruan felt his heart palpitate. He couldn’t bear to scold Lang Jing Feng, but he didn’t dare to be alone with him in a small enclosed space. He struggled a while and said in a low voice, “Stop walking. Whatever you want to let me see, take it out now. Can’t you just show it here?”

A few students passed by in the corridor and cast curious eyes at them. It was easy for Lang Jing Feng to forcefully drag Bai Ruan away, but he was afraid of hurting Bai Ruan and having others look at them. He stepped back and moved closer to Bai Ruan and whispered, “I really can’t show it here.”

Bai Ruan didn’t know what he was thinking of. Turning his face aside, he stammered, “T-then, I won’t look at it.”

“Where is your mind wandering off to?” Lang Jing Feng was happy, and continued frankly, “It’s not yellow1Pervertic..”

Bai Ruan frowned, and couldn’t think of what Lang Jing Feng would want to let him see. Based on his current impression of this wolf cub, Bai Ruan suspected that he wanted to coax himself into a secluded place and do something that shouldn’t be done. He firmly said, “I’m not going to look. Let go of me.”

Lang Jing Feng slowly took a deep breath, and recalled the news about a programmer who stayed up late working overtime and died suddenly a few days ago. Inspiration flashed and his face sank as he replied in a low voice, “Teacher Bai, I’ve been following that tutorial and practiced for several days. I didn’t sleep properly, and now my heart is beating very fast. Don’t be angry with me.”

Bai Ruan couldn’t help but feel sorry for his student. His tone softened, and said, “I told you last Thursday not to overexert yourself like this. It’s not an urgent matter and yet you didn’t listen to me…”

“I’ve already exerted all my strength. Let’s not talk about this.” Lang Jing Feng stroked his chest, and said in a roguish tone, “I’m currently having shortness of breath. If you upset me, I may suddenly die.”

“You…” Bai Ruan was so angry that he almost gave Lang Jing Feng a demonstration of what sudden death was.

Lang Jing Feng could see what Bai Ruan was worried about. In order to show his sincerity, he released the hand holding Bai Ruan’s wrist and said, “I do have something to show you. I’m serious. I promise not to randomly touch you or kiss you.”

Bai Ruan glanced at him with suspicion.

Lang Jing Feng gritted his teeth and fiercely said, “If I kiss or randomly touch you today, I’m a fucking dog!”

Since the other party had said so to this extent, if he didn’t go, it would seem as if he were hypocritical. Bai Ruan rotated his numb wrist that was being held and replied, “Let’s go.”

They lingered in the corridor for quite a while until the students who ended their classes were almost gone. The two walked into the utility room one after another, and no one saw them.

Lang Jing Feng locked the door after he closed it. Standing in front of the door quietly blocking the way out, he took his schoolbag and threw it on the ground. Then, he took off his uniform jacket and began to untie his tie.

“Why are you undressing?” Bai Ruan was wary and even wanted to scream.

“Don’t think too much. I’m changing back to my original form.” Lang Jing Feng kept moving, and said with a tut, “I have to take off my clothes first and then change. Am I not shedding fur?”

Bai Ruan’s facial muscles twitched slightly as he smiled and said, “Then why do you need to change to your original shape?”

“You’ll know after I shift and I definitely won’t bite you.” Lang Jing Feng observed Bai Ruan’s expression and saw that he was smiling, so he tried to joke to make Bai Ruan happy. “As soon as the season changes, our family of three will shed fur, making our house full of it. My mother has to give my auntie extra allowance every month, otherwise, it’d be too hard for her to clean the sticky fur every day. This is true.”

Bai Ruan lowered his eyes and imagined the miserable situation during the seasonal change at the home of Lang Jing Feng and asked with a smile, “Doesn’t your auntie think it’s weird?”

“She is also a wolf.” Lang Jing Feng watched Bai Ruan’s smiling face intently, threw the last piece of clothing on the ground, and then grinned. “She’s an old wolf, and her fur shedding is more severe than the rest of us.”

After he finished speaking, Lang Jing Feng became short in stature. In the blink of an eye, the figure of a person disappeared, and there stood a young and strong male wolf on the ground. The wolf had a shiny and smooth coat, a thick and long tail lazily dangling behind him and a scorching pair of eyes, bright in the dimly lit utility room.

Bai Ruan knew that Lang Jing Feng would not hurt him, but when he really saw a wolf so close to him, he was still stunned. His voice quickly urged, “What…what on earth do you want me to see?”

Lang Jing Reng raised his wolf’s tail and unskillfully shook it at Bai Ruan. The wolf’s face showed a docile look. With his four legs firmly fixed on a spot, he opened his jaw to Bai Ruan as slowly as possible without frightening the young teacher.

Bai Ruan’s scalp exploded, and while swallowing nervously, he was driven two steps back by instinct.

His psychological shadow on the wolf’s jaw was extremely large— in addition to the sharp incisor fangs of the wolf, there were also four extremely lethal, long and pointed canine fangs that were significantly tougher than the incisors. These were the things that the wolf depended on for survival. It was the best weapon for wolves when they fought and hunted. Back then, he had suffered from these four canine teeth. One of his hind legs was bitten through. Those two heart-wrenching blood puncture wounds and four white fangs often visited his dreams when he was young. He would often wake up from his little grass nest with petrified ‘JiJi’ sounds. It was not until the age of ten that the bloody nightmare gradually faded from his life.

“Woo…” Seeing Bai Ruan’s eyes lost focus and he wasn’t looking at the other at all. Lang Jing Feng let out an urgent cry from his throat.

Bai Ruan suddenly became alert after being in a daze and forcefully looked at Lang Jing Feng’s wolf jaw—

The four sharp canine fangs were no longer sharp and tough. The tips of the top fangs had been smoothed, leaving only four shiny, harmless surfaces.

Bai Ruan was taken back for a moment. His heart trembled as if he’d been hit hard by something.

These four sharp teeth were the honour of a wolf for being born as a wolf. In nature, a wolf’s fangs were even more important than its life. A wolf would rather die than to have four such fangs that cannot bite into its prey. But Lang Jing Feng had just filed them flat.

Bai Ruan’s chest hurt.

“Owoo…” Lang Jing Feng whispered and licked the cross-sections of the four wolf fangs with his tongue. He seemed to want to prove to Bai Ruan that his teeth were really blunt. Seeing Bai Ruan standing stiffly in place, Lang Jing Feng cautiously walked toward him on four legs.

Bai Ruan barely managed to come back to his senses. The psychological shadow that swept through the intense guilt and distress was almost nothing. He lowered his head mechanically and saw Lang Jing Feng sitting at his feet. With a very gentle force, his front paws were pressed on his knees, as if he wanted Bai Ruan to look at them.

“Your paws also…?” Bai Ruan seemed to suddenly forget how to write the word “Fear”. He knelt down on one knee and grabbed Lang Jing Feng’s front paws and looked closer. The original sharp nails on them were also sharp like the tips of a wolves’ teeth. Lang Jing Feng filed them fiercely, and only the thin layer of pale white epidermal tissue was left; he could almost see the flesh underneath.

“Aoo, owo.” Lang Jing Feng howled softly, and carefully approached, touching the tip of Bai Ruan’s nose with his small wet black nose.

Bai Ruan was stiff but did not hide. The cool touch on the tip of his nose stirred up layers of ripples like a dragonfly on water. Starting from the heart, the waves spread out gently and warmly, leaving Bai Ruan’s whole body itching from the water wave that had been touched…He blushed a little.

“You… this is too…” Bai Ruan’s lips trembled, he noticed that he was blushing, and the blushing itself was an inducement of shyness, causing a stronger colour. Bai Ruan’s face became hotter and hotter and he wanted to cover his face.

Lang Jing Feng seemed to be afraid of frightening Bai Ruan, so he quickly retracted himself from that position to sit down after touching the other with the tip of his nose. Then he raised his head, stretched his neck, and whispered, “Owo, owo, oo—”

“What do you want to say? Change back first.” Bai Ruan said softly with a red face.

Lang Jing Feng shook his head and barked awkwardly several times before finally squeezing out, “Woo…Woof!”

Bai Ruan’s expression and mood were both unspeakably complicated.

Lang Jing Feng, who successfully mastered the pronunciation of a foreign language, stood up happily, and wagged his tail madly at Bai Ruan. He exclaimed happily, “Woo-Woof! Woof, woof, woof!”

It was actually for love that he became a dog.

Bai Ruan bit his lip, feeling warm and sad, touched and guilty. First he was amused by Lang Jing Feng, but then there was a sense of having a sour nose2It refers to heartache to the extent where your nose becomes sour.. There was an indescribable feeling in his heart, but it didn’t last for long. It didn’t take much time for this to be sternly shunned by the moral sense of a teacher. Like a small animal, it curled up in the corner…Many contradictions quickly entangled in Bai Ruan’s brain in a mess, leaving him at a loss and speechless.

Lang Jing Feng sprinkled joy in front of Bai Ruan for a while. His body swayed and he turned back into his human form.

“You’re back? Put on your clothes first…” Bai Ruan whispered. With the speed of light, he shifted his eyes, having only seen two sharp collarbones.

Although Lang Jing Feng didn’t know how to be ashamed, he also felt that flirting with bare buttocks was a bit perverted, so he put on his clothes as quickly as possible. He then strode to Bai Ruan, smiling and teasing him, “Teacher Bai, starting today. I’m a husky. You don’t have any psychological shadows against Huskies, right?”

Bai Ruan shook his head in a bashful manner, and said distressed, “Your fangs, will they remain like that in the future?”

“It’ll stay like that.” Lang Jing Feng slowly approached Bai Ruan, letting the two foreheads touch each other. One arm quietly went towards Bai Ruan’s waist, gently looped over, and he whispered, “Anyway, I don’t have to go hunting in the deep mountains and old forests…I have fists. This is enough to protect you in this life.”

Bai Ruan clenched his fists and said, “I have that too. I don’t need you.”

Lang Jing Feng chuckled. “Okay. Then, let’s protect each other.”

After all, the two people were pulled together.

“In the future, will you still be afraid of me?” Lang Jing Feng calmly tightened his arms around Bai Ruan’s waist and moved his feet towards Bai Ruan. Bai Ruan was unknowingly embraced by him.

Bai Ruan shook his head firmly. “Not afraid.”

Let’s not talk about whether or not he was truly frightened. Even if there were still some lingering fears, he couldn’t admit that he was still scared when Lang Jing Feng had made such a sacrifice.

“Then,” Lang Jing Feng rubbed the tip of Bai Ruan’s nose with the tip of his nose. Thanks to Bai Ruan’s cooperation, he degenerated from a blackened wolf back to an innocent milk dog. He whispered coquettishly with a smile, “May I kiss you? Why are you so good looking when you blush?”

“No. You can’t.” Bai Ruan squirmed in Lang Jing Feng’s arms. Flogged by a sense of morality and trying to break away, he continued, “What did you tell me in the corridor? You said if you were to…”

Lang Jing Feng interrupted him and finished the sentence by himself. “What I said was,’If I kiss you or randomly touch you today, I’m a fucking dog’.”

“Uh.” Bai Ruan suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Lang Jing Feng smirked and crudely replied, “Sorry Teacher Bai. I’ll just be a fucking dog. Woof, woof, woof.”

The author has something to say:  

Lang third crazy: In order to chase my wife, I’m not only shameless, but I also can abandon my fangs, can you do that? 🙂

Big crazy and Second crazy, who wants to keep their fangs: Social society3It is an internet buzzword that literally describes the other party’s awesomeness, with the domineering aura of the big brother of the society, most people can’t provoke them and dare not provoke them. The more common usage is to mock some people who prefer to speak ruthlessly and pretend to be forced., we can’t exceed that madness.

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    It refers to heartache to the extent where your nose becomes sour.
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    It is an internet buzzword that literally describes the other party’s awesomeness, with the domineering aura of the big brother of the society, most people can’t provoke them and dare not provoke them. The more common usage is to mock some people who prefer to speak ruthlessly and pretend to be forced.


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