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Chapter 19 – Four Little White Shoes!

Meeting The Wolf
69 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

Soon, Mother Shen, who had been out, came back from buying water. Bai Ruan unscrewed the bottle cap and took a few sips, gave Shen Jia Han routine encouragement, got up and left.

It was six o’clock when he left the hospital. Bai Ruan first drove home and had dinner with the bunnies. He stole a few bites of the babies’ alfalfa and played with them until eight. After seeing it was almost the right time, Bai Ruan drove back to the hospital. He then walked into a men’s restroom on the fourth floor of the inpatient building, locked the compartment door, and began to undress.

Shen Jia Han stayed in a three-person ward. The three patients plus their relatives, and the nurses who come in and out, made it a crowded area. Bai Ruan couldn’t openly perform the spells in the ward. He had to wait until midnight when the patients were asleep and the attendants were gone. Then he could make his move quietly.

The hospital’s stipulated visiting time was until nine o’clock in the evening. After nine o’clock, Bai Ruan could enter and exit the inpatient building with ease, but the wards were restricted. At 9:01 pm, a nurse would go to each ward to check whether there were any wandering personnel. Bai Ruan was a big living human being. It was obviously unreasonable to hide in the ward until midnight. It was even more impossible to stay openly as an accompanying family member. The only way was to become a palm-sized shape and sneak into the ward to hide. He could then come out again in the middle of the night to complete his objective.

Bai Ruan stripped himself naked, folded his clothes and put them in a pre-prepared plastic bag, hung the bag on the hook on the inner wall of the toilet compartment. His body shook slightly, and his body disappeared, leaving only a fluffy white dumpling nestling in his shoes.

Bai Ruan, who had turned back to his original shape, jumped out of his shoes and onto a piece of disposable plastic sheet that had been laid out in advance. Two pairs of small white shoes were placed on the plastic sheet. The shoes that were made of white rabbit fur were given to Bai Ruan by Yun Qing. They were exquisite, lovely, durable and warm. Once Bai Ruan skillfully put on his four rabbit shoes, he dared to step on the floor of the men’s toilet.

Bai Ruan had become more and more human-like in his life habits after becoming cultivated. From the age of five, he knew that the ground was cold and dirty. When he turned into his original form, he insisted on wearing small shoes. Yun Qing had no choice but to coax an ingenious elder brother to make shoes for Bai Ruan. It was also promised beforehand for him to make Bai Run two new sets every year.

As a result, even after so many years, Bai Ruan would receive parcels from his Master’s brother during the Spring Festival annually. In the past few years, he had to go to the post office to collect it by himself and only recently, it came via SF Express.

There were always two sets of eight homemade bunny shoes in Master Brother’s New Year’s parcel, and special products from various places were often attached. The specific products depend on where Master Yun travelled to.

Bai Ruan didn’t know why Master’s brother was so good to him. He remembered his skilful hands but the man had a terrifying temper. When Bai Ruan was a child, he often heard him and Master Yun Qing quarrel, usually because of trivial things. For example, if Master Yun Qing took a look at the beautiful woman who came to the Taoist temple that day, Master’s brother would reprimand Yun Qing for being in the wrong. After being hostile for three days and three nights, Yun Qing would coax him with a “good brother” and “beloved senior brother”. If he didn’t, the other would never calm down.

When Bai Ruan was young, he thought that the Master’s brother was really uncomfortable with his master. When he grew up, he gradually felt something was wrong…

Bai Ruan shook his head and waved the memory away. He pricked his ears and listened for a while. Confirming that there was no one in the men’s room, he got out of the gap under the cubicle door with his short body that was wearing the four small white shoes and slipped out of the toilet.

The visitation time had not passed, and the inpatient department was still buzzing with people coming and going. Bai Ruan stuck closely to the wall and slipped into the nurse’s station not far from the toilet. He went around to the nurse’s station, shrunk into a ball in a corner under the table, and waited for a while. When a nurse pushed a medical trolley, Bai Ruan jumped out like lightning and jumped to the bottom of the trolley, quickly and silently. On the lower floor were two empty buckets of medical waste. Bai Ruan squatted in the gap between the two canisters and took a ride.

As the nurse went to the ward to take care of the patient, the cart passed by Shen Jia Han’s ward. The door happened to be open. Bai Ruan jumped out of the cart and slid into the ward. He got under the bed against the wall and shrank into a ball again in the corner.

He wasn’t seen.

Time passed. Minute by minute, the visitation time quickly flew, and the inpatient department quieted down. Another hour went by, the lights in the ward went out. The corridor lights passed through the small windows of the door, stamping bright quadrangular blocks on the ground.

Bai Ruan poked his head out of the bed from time to time to investigate the situation. The two elderly patients both went to bed early. Shen Jia Han slumped on the bed and fiddled with her mobile phone. After playing with the phone for a while, she also slid into the bed and fell asleep.

Bai Ruan waited cautiously. After an unknown period of time, he felt that Shen Jia Han should be asleep before slipping out. The powerful white dumpling leapt and landed on the edge of Shen Jia Han’s bed.

Bai Ruan jumped to the bedside, stared at Shen Jia Han for a while, then stretched out his front paws and knocked the water glass on the bedside table a few times. Seeing that Shen Jia Han showed no signs of waking up, he jumped out of the bed and squeezed his small soft body to the bottom of the bedside table. He bit the file bag and the plastic bag containing Lang Jing Feng’s clothes, dragged them out one by one, and opened the two bags with his nimble paws.

Bai Ruan endured his fear. He bit a corner of Lang Jing Feng’s clothes and dragged it to the bottom of the bed just under Shen Jia Han’s body. He then marched into the open file bag and picked up a piece of talisman and placed it on top of Lang Jing Feng’s clothes. This talisman was used to drain merits.

After the merit talisman was set up, Bai Ruan picked up the remaining eight talismans, jumping and pasting them onto the eight gate positions centred on Shen Jia Han.

Four talisman papers were pasted in the middle of the four bed sides, and the other four talisman papers were pasted on the four legs of the bed. These charms were ordinary yellow paper, with no glue on the back, but they were firmly attached to a fixed position when Bai Ruan relaxed his mouth. They seem to be assisted by a powerful airflow that couldn’t be sensed.

The eighth position talisman paper had been set, and the little white being once again vacated the table and landed on the edge of the bed. He crawled up to Shen Jia Han with his round tail wiggling, when suddenly the pair of big ruby-like beautiful eyes blinked, and then his gaze suddenly slammed onto the girl in the bed!

In an instant, Bai Ruan’s demon energy soared. Bai Ruan’s powerful demon energy for the next two years centred on Shen Jia Han, and it filled the entire ward like a torrent. The dense demon gas was thick like glue and viscous like a liquid, and they strongly invaded the ward. Even an inch of space was not spared; the curtains were firmly fixed on the windows by an invisible force. The kettle on the bedside table squeaked and trembled, and vibrated about on the surface of the cabinet; the door was slightly squeezed while the wood fibre broke and shattered, making a soft beeping sound. Even the old ladies on the other two beds were pushed slowly to the side of their beds…

All this happened in just a few seconds. At the moment when the demon energy reached its peak, the energy of the seven gates were pulled by the demon force. It forcibly gathered to Shen Jia Han’s life gate like a strong-abled man, and stuck to the edge and the legs of the bed. The eight talisman papers on the top rustled like leaves without wind under the caress of the energy flow strong enough to affect the material world.

After the energy reversal of the seven gates was completed, the Bai Ruan stood up and clasped his claws together. With sharp eyes, he opened his three-lobed mouth, and let out a strong growl, “Ji! “

Hurry like the law!1The matter is too urgent and needs to be dealt with immediately, as if the law is rushing to solve it.

The roar settled, and the talisman paper guarding the eight gates raised eight groups of blue and white flames at the same time. In the blink of an eye, the eight talisman papers were swallowed by the green fire, and there was no paper dust left. At the moment when the talisman burned out, the turbulent demon energy in the room disappeared without a trace. Except for a little white rabbit that was so tired that it collapsed on the quilt, the ward was quiet, like nothing had happened.

Hu…hu…” Bai Ruan was gasping for breath, and the strength of his whole body was completely wiped out by the spell just now. Not to mention his four legs, he couldn’t even raise his ears now. Like two willow leaves, his little ears slumped feebly, and his legs and body lay flat and soft, looking like a flattened rabbit cake from a distance.

Shen Jia Han was nourished by the powerful energy from the spell. Her pale face gradually became healthy and ruddy, and the breath in her sleep became longer and stronger.

The effect of this spell was immediate. He believed that Shen Jia Han would be discharged from the hospital within a few days. As for how to explain this miraculous recovery, it was not within Bai Ruan’s consideration. The worst thing would be to get a few more blood tubes and rounds of examinations, cooperating with the research. At most, she would be bombarded with interviews by various reporters. These were nothing compared to her recovered health.

Bai Ruan rested for a while. When both his demon power and physical strength had returned a little, he jumped to Shen Jia Han’s pillow, took off a small white shoe, and stretched out a clean and soft rabbit claw, lightly caressing Shen Jia Han’s head like an elder.

As Shen Jia Han felt the sensitive touch, her eyelids trembled, but did not open. She only whispered, “Teacher Bai…”

Bai Ruan put on the white shoes that he had taken off, turned around and jumped out of the bed. He threw the bag with the materials into the wastebasket, and threw Lang Jing Feng’s clothes down the window to the flower garden. After disposing of the evidence, Bai Ruan rested in the ward for a while. He had enough demon power to transform into his human form before jumping back to the men’s restroom without being noticed.

In the toilet, he changed into his human form and put on his clothes. Bai Ruan blatantly walked out of the inpatient department building, went to the flower garden to pick up Lang Jing Feng’s clothes and drove home.

The next day, the students had a two-day midterm exam.

Lang Jing Feng was not assigned to the examination room under Bai Ruan’s invigilation. Bai Ruan was worried and wanted to see whether Lang Jing Feng’s merits had improved, so after the first Chinese test, Bai Ruan came to Lang Jing Feng’s examination room to find him.

In the examination room, the students were discussing the Chinese examination questions in a noisy manner. By the corridor window, Lang Jing Feng stood leaning against the wall with his hands in his trouser pockets. His tall figure was very eye-catching.  

The moment he saw Bai Ruan, the lazy look on Lang Jing Feng’s face disappeared and was replaced by a handsome smile that looked slightly naughty.

“Hello, Teacher Bai.” Lang Jing Feng stood up straight and took a step to stand in front of Bai Ruan. He was obviously saying hello to the teacher, but the way he acted was similar to a robber blocking the road during a robbery.

The author has something to say:

Lang Jing Feng: Was the rubbing session exhilarating last night?

Bai Ruan Ruan: It was late at night when I got home, and I was so tired that I couldn’t even transform my paw into a human’s hand. Rub my ass. 🙂

Bai Ruan Ruan (suddenly surprised): …No! What am I answering!? What is he asking!?

  • 1
    The matter is too urgent and needs to be dealt with immediately, as if the law is rushing to solve it.


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