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Chapter 17 – Loan Casting!

Meeting The Wolf
71 Chapters

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Editor: SleepyMango123

When he arrived at the hospital, Bai Ruan went through the medical procedures for Shen Jia Han before and paid the examination fee in advance. He was so busy that his feet did not touch the ground.1Means to describe walking very fast, as if the toes are not touching the ground.

Not long after, Shen Jia Han’s parents rushed to the hospital, and the two thanked Bai Ruan. Father Shen hurriedly transferred the expenses paid by Bai Ruan back to him.

“Don’t be too anxious, it may just be hypoglycemia.2It is a condition in which your blood sugar (glucose) level is lower than normal.” Before the blood test results came out, Bai Ruan couldn’t bear to see Mother Shen looking lost, and comforted her, “Last month, there was a girl in Class Two. She was trying to lose weight and didn’t eat properly. She was so hungry that she fainted on the parade square during the flag-raising ceremony.”

Mother Shen was taken aback, and then quickly nodded and replied, “Yes, Jia Han is like that as well. She always says that she is fat and she doesn’t want to eat at night…”

Bai Ruan understood Shen Jia Han’s family situation very well. Ordinary working families were just worried about food and clothing, but her parents were different. They spent frugally on themselves but bought a piano for their daughter, hired tutors, and never skimped on cram school during winter and summer vacations since childhood. Shen Jia Han did not eat in the student cafeteria at noon and brought her mother’s box lunch. Bai Ruan happened to see her eating in the classroom during two lunch breaks. Her “bento” was not inferior compared to others.

The couple’s living requirements were very ordinary, but they were willing to do their best to make their daughter a little princess.

After the blood test results came out, Shen Jia Han was directly scheduled to do a bone marrow puncture.3is a procedure that involves taking a sample of the liquid part of the soft tissue inside your bones. Bone marrow is the spongy tissue found inside bones. It contains cells that produce white blood cells (WBCs), red blood cells (RBCs), and platelets inside larger bones, such as the breastbone.

This was somewhat an indication of how serious it was. The couple anxiously left Bai Ruan, caught the doctor in the consulting room, and kept asking questions. Several relatives such as Shen Jia Han’s aunts and uncles also came one after another. There was nothing much Bai Ruan could help with. In addition, there was still work waiting for him back in the school and the result of the bone puncture was slow, so he went back to school by car.

After returning to school, Bai Ruan explained to the students that Shen Jia Han would take a few days of sick leave, and told her deskmates to remember to help her keep the handouts from the various classroom quizzes and homework for the next few days. Bai Ruan did not mention the seriousness of Shen Jia Han’s situation, and when the girls who had a good relationship with her came to ask, Bai Ruan lightly said that there should not be much of a problem.

A few days passed quickly. Since the mid-term exams were in sight, the studious atmosphere in Class Four was very good during this time.

The last two classes on Saturday afternoon were self-study, and Bai Ruan sat behind the desk to supervise.

Halfway through the self-study, Bai Ruan went to the bathroom. When he came back, he didn’t directly enter the class.

To Bai Ruan’s comfort, not a single student in the class was playing around, even Lang Jing Feng held the pen in his hand impatiently, staring fiercely at the questions on the notebook in front of him. He wrote a few strokes on the exercise book, paused, and anxiously took out a textbook to flip through the formulas. After checking, he sullenly immersed himself in the calculations.

After volunteering last time, Lang Jing Feng’s negative merits had faded a little bit.

Bai Ruan looked at the thriving little wolf cub with the same joy as an elder farmer looking at his crops. His heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment, and the corners of his lips were raised uncontrollably, showing an aged father’s smile.

Because of his appearance, even as Bai Ruan smiled so amiably, he didn’t look like an elder. The shallow little pear dimple made him look bright and adorable, and a little sweet.

At this moment, Lang Jing Feng, who sensed that someone was watching him, suddenly turned his head and was facing Bai Ruan’s sight. Bai Ruan froze for a moment and turned his head away from the offensive glance.

Lang Jing Feng’s fiery fire immediately burned brightly, causing him to be so restless that he couldn’t continue to read the questions.

A few seconds later, Bai Ruan returned to the podium from the front door of the classroom, sat down at the desk, and continued to organise the lesson plans.

His expression was serious, and he didn’t even look at Lang Jing Feng. It was as if the person who had just smiled sweetly and gently wasn’t him.

… Still putting on an act. Fuck.

Lang Jing Feng was short of breath. He pulled his tie loose, and unbuttoned the two collar buttons, wishing to immediately take Bai Ruan back into the wolf’s den, strip him naked, and rub him roughly.

For animals, mating was an extremely natural thing. It wasn’t vulgar, there was no need to hide desires and lust, and there was no need for both parties to come and sound the other out.  

If animals needed to mate like humans did, going through the process of “mutual flirting-confession-formal communication-enhancing understanding-determining true love-deciding to mate”, many species on earth may have already become extinct. These twists and turns were exclusive to humans.

Lang Jing Feng stared at Bai Ruan behind the desk with scorching eyes, dreaming that Bai Ruan was not an upright human with rules, but a demon like himself…

If that were the case, things would be much simpler.

“Hu…” After being tortured by unrealistic fantasy for a long time, Lang Jing Feng took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

… Bai Ruan is human.

The barbaric logic of nature did not apply to Bai Ruan.

Lang Jing Feng closed his eyes tightly and warned himself that everything must be done according to human rules.

The hot blood coursing through his body gradually cooled down. Lang Jing Feng calmed down, stroked his forehead depressedly as he shook his head, and continued to struggle with the half-written math question.

The school bell rang and the self-study period ended.

Shen Jia Han didn’t come to class for a whole week. Two days ago, Bai Ruan asked her parents about the situation and learnt that the result of bone puncture was not optimistic. Bai Ruan had planned to visit her at the hospital tonight.

Forty minutes later, Bai Ruan entered Shen Jia Han’s ward carrying two bags of fruits. She was slumped on the hospital bed. Not seeing her for just a few days, she was like an entirely different person. Her skin was morbidly blue and white like an inorganic jade, and her body was frail and much thinner, as if she were going to slip through the wide neckline of the hospital gown.

“Teacher Bai, you’re here,” Mother Shen smiled enthusiastically. Her voice was loud and cheerful as she greeted him. Both she and Father Shen quickly put a pillow behind Shen Jia Han’s back. “Jia Han, Teacher Bai is here to see you. Come and sit up a bit.”

If it weren’t for the swollen eyelids that dragged down her acting skills, her lively tone and expression could completely convince the people present that her daughter’s body did not have any major problems.

“Teacher Bai.” Shen Jia Han smiled at Bai Ruan, her eyes moist and bright, like glistening water.

With just one glance, Bai Ruan knew that Shen Jia Han had understood her condition.

A malignant haematological disease. One that occurs infrequently in young people, with a small probability of a few out of 100,000 incidents, happened to her.

Bai Ruan didn’t say anything else, just told Shen Jia Han not to worry about anything and concentrate on recovering from her illness. Her dropped courses could wait for her body to heal, and he rigidly comforted her, as if it would not take long for her to return to school to attend classes normally.

Shen Jia Han did not refute, but responded weakly. The three family members were putting on an act for fear that the other party would be in distress.

Bai Ruan sat for ten minutes, then got up to bid goodbye. Shen Jia Han laid down to rest, and her parents sent Bai Ruan out together. The three of them walked some distance before they began to discuss Shen Jia Han’s condition in a low voice in the corridor. Bai Ruan had read Shen Jia Han’s examination report and medical records. She had an acute blood disease4Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow — the spongy tissue inside bones where blood cells are made. The word “acute” in acute lymphocytic leukemia comes from the fact that the disease progresses rapidly and creates immature blood cells, rather than mature ones. and needed chemotherapy as soon as possible. In the future, she might need a bone marrow transplant. Her parents started to break down as they spoke. In just a few days, they were both tortured by the sad news.

Bai Ruan felt sorrow in his heart. In a gentle voice, he calmed them for a while and said that the school could organise fundraising if needed. In the end, the two were afraid that their daughter would become suspicious after being out too long, so they wiped away their tears and walked back towards the ward.

In a place where Shen Jia Han couldn’t see, their figures crouched like two elderly beings. 

After returning home, Bai Ruan routinely cleaned the rabbit cages and made dinner for the bunnies. After finishing this session, Bai Ruan picked up a baby bunny with spiritual consciousness and slumped on the sofa. He put the warm and soft fluffy ball in his arms, and slowly combed the snowy white bunny with his fingers. The baby bunny politely communicated with him, sticking out his red and soft tongue to lick Bai Ruan’s fingertips.

Bai Ruan was sitting on the sofa in a daze. Before he realised it, the baby bunny had curled up in his arms and fell asleep.

Bai Ruan carefully held the small furball in his hand and sent it back to the cage. He then entered the study, opened the bookshelf, took out one of the old thread-bound books that looked like it would come undone after a poke. He then placed it gently on the table, spreading it out.

In fact, he had a way to save Shen Jia Han.

This was one of the many ancient books that Yun Qing left to him, in which it recorded a kind of Taoism that could revive the dead and flesh to grow on bones. The difficulty was that the caster needed to overdraw a lot of demon power or spiritual power.

Overdrawing meant that the magical power required by this spell was so great that ordinary spellcasters couldn’t use it even if they squeezed themselves dry, so they could only borrow from the future.

After Bai Ruan used this method, his demon power would be greatly reduced for a long time in the future. This was actually similar to the principle of buying a house with a loan and could be understood as a loan spell.

The demon power required by this spell was related to the severity of the illness of the rescued person. Shen Jia Han’s illness had just been detected, and if she was rescued, the demon power that Bai Ruan used to repay the loan should still be within his tolerance level. If he were to delay and only rescue Shen Jia Han when she was dying, the demon power consumed may be many times above.

Not buying the house when it was cheap and delaying for two years only to find that the down payment couldn’t be paid was another viewpoint.

Bai Ruan used his fingers to calculate. After saving Shen Jiahan, his demon power would be reduced a lot. This loss would last for one or two years, and included the amount the seal amulet used to block the wolves’ aura. Within the next two years, Bai Ruan’s demon power would be quite scarce and he would be unable to use powerful spells. When maintaining a human form, he would have to carefully consider the consumption of demon power, and always beware of revealing his original form outside… However, such inconvenience was not worth mentioning compared to a student’s life.

As a mighty and majestic male rabbit, in Bai Ruan’s eyes, the students he had taken care of for nearly two years were like his little rabbits. The male rabbit master must protect his little bunnies, otherwise, he would not be a qualified male rabbit.

The author has something to say:

Lang Jing Feng: Teacher Xiao Bai is a human. I want to fall in love with Teacher Xiao Bai according to human rules.

Bai Ruan Ruan whose demon power had been depleted again and again accidentally exposing his original form: QAQ

Lang Jing Feng: Since he is a rabbit who is in estrus all year round, I won’t hold back anymore. What kind of position does Teacher Xiao Bai like? 🙂

Jeanie wanna say:

Hello MTW readers! As you may have noticed, this chapter is not being proofread (actual it was, Sleepy and I will do another round of reading before posting of chapters). We had a small discussion and decided that it would be better to have just a translator and editor for this project. I would like to thank xiaoxiao for proofreading chapter 9 to 16 ( She has been a great help^^) and wish her all the best in her editing and proofreading journey:)

Thank you for your understanding and hope you guys enjoy our project ~



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