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Chapter 45

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“I’ve just called my mother’s cell phone, and it keeps telling me that the call is in progress.”

In the bedroom, Xia Tian had just changed his clothes. He frowned and continued, “She still isn’t here yet? I can’t get her through the phone… Is the car key here? I want to drive over and see.”

“I was talking with her just now.” Han Cheng rubbed Xia Tian’s head. ​​”Don’t worry. It’s alright.”

Han Cheng roughly explained Xia Sisi’s situation at the police station to Xia Tian and comforted him. “It has nothing to do with her. It’s just inconvenient for her to leave immediately. When she received the news, she was with Chairman Yan. It wasn’t appropriate for her to go. She didn’t expect other things to happen when she went to apply for bail… Some of those people took drugs and accidentally alerted the media. The situation is a bit complicated.”

Han Cheng sneered and continued, “Your grandmother and sister-in-law’s new year is really lively.”

After knowing nothing bad happened to his mother, he had a peace of mind. He sat down and shook his head and said, “It’s like this… I’ll call her again.”

“Wait.” Han Cheng gently held Xia Tian’s hand and said, “Just now I… made it clear to my mother-in-law about our relationship.”

Xia Tian was taken aback. “You said…said it?”

Xia Tian asked nervously, “My mother…What did she say?”

Han Cheng bowed his head and kissed Xia Tian’s hands, smiled and said, “Thank God, she has given us her blessings.”

A quarter of an hour ago, Han Cheng confessed to Zhou Yun on the phone that he and Xia Tian were already together.

The wedding was in preparation, and the unresolved property issues were also being dealt with. Before having the wedding, he had decided to elect Xia Tian as his first inheritor.

These days, Zhou Yun had been immersed in her son’s struggles to pursue the old hooligan. At first, after hearing these words, she was stunned for a long time.

Zhou Yun stuttered, “Xia… Xia Tian… really likes you. He won’t care about it, and… even if he doesn’t want the inheritance left to him by his grandfather, including his father’s and the ones I saved for him all these years, he also has a substantial amount of fortune, he doesn’t need…”

“I know he doesn’t care and there is a possibility that he doesn’t need it.” Han Cheng continued explaining, “That’s why I didn’t mention these details to him. The purpose of doing this… is to express my sincerity to you.”

Han Cheng calmly continued, “This method is very clumsy, but this is the most straightforward way of expression that a businessman like me can think of.”

“I won’t affect his studies. I’ll continue to supervise him and take responsibility. As for which university to apply for in the future, what major to pursue, and whether to continue his studies or work after graduation, I will not interfere. It will all be according to his wishes.” These words have been brewing in Han Cheng’s heart for many days. After a difficult beginning, the words became easier once they were spoken. “The Xia family shares that he has, belongs to him. When he goes to college, it will be given to him. After he graduates, if he wants to inherit his father’s work and take up the burden of the Xia family, I’ll help him. Of course… those things that belong to him, I won’t touch.”

Han Cheng’s frank speech left Zhou Yun, who was devoted to her son, speechless.

“But I can feel that my mother-in-law is still afraid that I’ll bully you.” Han Cheng squeezed Xia Tian’s hand and sighed softly. “I must treat you better… so that she can rest assured.”

Knowing that his mother had completely accepted the lie that had come true, Xia Tian was already happily rolling around. Hearing this, he felt warmer. He rubbed Han Cheng’s side and kissed his lips. “It’s good enough.”

“Really?” Han Cheng said with a smile in his eyes, “Last night, who was the one begging me to stop bullying him?”

Xia Tian instantly turned into a shy and embarrassed springbok.

“Okay, let’s not talk about it.” Han Cheng renounced a smile. “Speaking of which… Is that part still uncomfortable?”

Xia Tian’s face turned red and said vaguely, “A little bit. It’s okay.”

Han Cheng frowned slightly. He let go of Xia Tian, getting up to lock the door of the room and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window to close the curtain.

Xia Tian saw this and continued in horror, “N-no, no, Uncle Han, please give me a break. I’m actually a little uncomfortable, I can’t do that…”

Within Xia Tian’s sentence, seven points were true and three were false. It was true that there were still some discomfort, but he was more afraid of people figuring out that it was strange for him and Han Cheng not to stay with everyone last night. On the first day of the new year, the younger generations in the family were here for a while, and Zhou Yun probably also came at noon. Today was an exuberant day. What happened to him and Han Cheng upstairs… It was simply displaying bad behaviour.

“At a young age, what unclean things are in your mind all day?” Han Cheng glanced at Xia Tian and frowned. “Face down, let me take a look.”

Xia Tian was in a daze for a second, and with a boom, he turned red from the head to the tip of the tail.

“Did you have a drink last night?” Ruan Sihe looked at the expression on Xia Tian’s face just after coming downstairs and wondered, “Why is your face so red? Did you catch a cold?”

Xia Tian hurriedly rubbed his face and shook his head. “No, no. I’m afraid… afraid of catching a cold. I adjusted the temperature too high. It was a little hot when I first changed my clothes. It’s fine.”

Ruan Sihe didn’t doubt him and smiled. “As long as you are fine. Are you hungry? I got up late and didn’t eat breakfast, so I prepared some snacks. Everyone is eating in the living room, so you should go and eat.”

“He doesn’t like dim sum1A large range of small dishes that Cantonese people traditionally enjoy in restaurants for breakfast and lunch..” Han Cheng and Xia Tian walked downstairs and heard the words. “When I went downstairs just now, I had asked the helpers to cook porridge for him. In a while, he can drink some porridge.”

Ruan Sihe chuckled. “I was still asking who wanted porridge in the morning. You’re virtuous.”

“Naturally.” Han Cheng, who went downstairs, had already recovered his previous scum-like appearance. He was not like the lover of the cloaked beast who forced Xia Tian on his lap just now. He was afraid that Xia Tian had a thin face and was embarrassed, so he took the initiative to hold back. “Actually, my stomach is upset and I want to drink porridge so I made him accompany me.”

Ruan Sihe nagged as usual. “I told you a long time ago to drink less alcohol. Too much will hurt your stomach.”

Han Cheng waited for Ruan Sihe to nag enough and took Xia Tian by the shoulders and pulled him to the garden pavilion.

Two bowls of porridge and a few pickles were already set up there. The aunt at home asked, “How about I add something more? Isn’t it too simple?”

Han Cheng put a cushion on Xia Tian’s seat and replied, “No need.”

When the auntie was gone, Han Cheng and Xia Tian sat down to drink porridge.

“I’ve contacted a private tailor’s shop two days ago. On the sixth day, they’ll come over and take our measurements.” Han Cheng scooped the porridge in a small porcelain bowl. “Also, in the meantime, we need to decide on the styles of the two outfits for the wedding. So if my mother wants you to stay for a few more days, don’t agree to it. The store’s business is very good, and their variety is not limited. Liang Qingfeng took some effort to convince one of the tailors to start work on the sixth day. “

Xia Tian swallowed a mouthful of porridge. “Didn’t you say…when the time comes, we can just order the outfits? Anyway, it’s just two suits. Do we have to order it so early?”

Han Cheng replied, “It’s safer to make a reservation early.”

Xia Tian still didn’t understand why Han Cheng would be bothered with this kind of thing.

Han Cheng hesitated and explained softly, “When I was attending the charity party and took off that day, I accidentally overheard a wife say that the couple who ordered wedding outfits in that tailor shop… were very affectionate throughout their marriage.”

Xia Tian couldn’t help laughing. “You still believe this…”

“So why do you have to ask?” Han Cheng smiled helplessly, “How silly I looked when I said it out loud.”

Xia Tian’s heart was sweet and warm.

Han Cheng smiled and asked, “Now do you think it’s too early to prepare?”

Xia Tian shook his head hurriedly. “It’s not early at all.”

Since his mother had accepted their relationship, this meant that they’d get blessings from everyone at the wedding. It wasn’t too early to start preparing now.

After breakfast, the two went to the living room to find everyone. The old people at home were sitting on the sofa and chatting. Seeing that the two came to make room for them, Ruan Sihe joked with the people around her. She suddenly remembered something, got up and went to the room next door.

After a while, Ruan Sihe took out a large stack of red packets. She handed it to Han Cheng and said, “New Year’s money. Take it to the children. They’re playing in the small tea house. More or less, it adds a little joy and is considered part of your sincerity. Now they won’t be afraid of you all day long.”

Han Cheng picked up a red envelope and twisted it lightly, to estimate the “sincerity” inside. He picked the thickest one and set it aside.

Ruan Sihe raised his eyebrows. “What are you going to do with this one?”

“Keeping it for Xia Tian.” Han Cheng picked up the rest, got up and headed to the living room to distribute the gifts to the children.

Xia Tian,”!”

After Han Cheng lifted his foot and left, the living room instantly became quiet. Everyone subconsciously looked at Xia Tian.

Xia Tian couldn’t help snarling in his heart.

Xia Tian gave a dry laugh, took the red envelope with as natural an expression as possible. He murmured, “Then I will take it… Well, it’s really embarrassing. This… It’s pretty thick too. I’m all grown-up. New Year’s money… I’m already older. If I were to be given less, it wouldn’t suppress the evil spirits2In China during Spring Festival, children receive money called “压岁钱” after they wish their elders a happy new year. Tradition has it that “压岁钱” money will suppress evil spirits, allowing the younger generation to spend their year in peace and safety.

Everyone smiled bitterly, and Ruan Sihe didn’t even look. She hurriedly diverted their attention towards a new topic to help Xia Tian relieve the situation.

  • 1
    A large range of small dishes that Cantonese people traditionally enjoy in restaurants for breakfast and lunch.
  • 2
    In China during Spring Festival, children receive money called “压岁钱” after they wish their elders a happy new year. Tradition has it that “压岁钱” money will suppress evil spirits, allowing the younger generation to spend their year in peace and safety.


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