Chapter 33

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“Why are you crying?” Han Cheng took out his handkerchief and wiped his tears. “It’s even the same for people with money. I haven’t cried yet.”

Xia Tian tightly grasped the ring box in his hand. He took over the handkerchief, wiped his face, and took a deep breath and asked, “I want to agree now, can’t I?”

“I hope you will think about it again. I’m not in a hurry to ask for your answer.” Han Cheng said in a deep voice, “And… I hope you can learn more about me.”

Xia Tian eagerly replied, “I already know…”

“No.” Han Cheng helplessly interrupted, “Do I have to make it that clear? Xia Tian, I had been holding myself back in front of you, or you could say I was pretending.”

“When there are outsiders, I need to play the image of a good husband, so that others think that our marriage life is very harmonious. When in front of you… I’m afraid that because of your young age, being with me every day, you’ll learn the wrong thing. So I have to be wary.”

Han Cheng snickered to himself, “If I knew I would come to like you, I wouldn’t…”

Han Cheng continued, “Forget it, it doesn’t make sense to talk about it now, but I’m sure, if we are really together, I won’t be so restrained and gentle towards you… you may not like it.”

Han Cheng was afraid of mentioning Xia Tian’s sad past and did not say things clearly. He was worried that Xia Tian had a particularly good impression of him only because of the loss of his father when he was young.

Xia Tian stared at Han Cheng, his voice hoarse as he refuted, “No, I’ll still like you. Regardless of whether you believe it or not.”

Han Cheng tried his best to restrain the desire to directly press Xia Tian against the wall and truthfully said, “Xia Tian, there are some things you may not have thought about. Do you think that once we are together, I’ll eat and chat with you every day, accompany you to do homework and after that return to our separate rooms? Then the next day, wait for you downstairs to have breakfast together, and send you to school afterwards?”

Xia Tian blinked his eyes, stunned by his response.

“That’s raising a son, not having a relationship.” Han Cheng said softly, “Of course, we can still maintain this way before you grow up some more, but when we really confirm our relationship… we need to become a real couple.”

“And I wouldn’t be like one of your elders, being that harmless.”

Xia Tian blushed a bit, finally understanding what the older man had meant.

Han Cheng whispered, “Let’s give each other some time to slowly get used to it, okay?”

He tried his best to suppress his desires. God only knew how lucky he was when he heard Xia Tian say “I want to agree now”, but he was young, too young. Han Cheng couldn’t trust him to be responsible for his own actions.

Han Cheng was Xia Tian’s guardian, and when Xia Tian couldn’t be responsible for himself, Han Cheng would defend and protect him from this level of harm.

He wanted to give Xia Tian plenty of time to consider his choices.

“My heart…” Han Cheng looked at the ring in Xia Tian’s hand and continued, “It’s already in your hands. No matter when you reply to me, my answer will not change, so don’t worry.”

Han Cheng’s calm eyes carried subtle gentleness that was not easily detectable. “In this relationship, I am destined to be passive.”

“So let me pursue you for a while, okay?”

Han Cheng continued, “Besides, I also have selfish intentions… I want to treat you better and win more favors for myself. I want you to be with me and make you never want to leave my side.”

In past relationships, Han Cheng was irritated about being implicated too much and being unclear at the end. But now, he couldn’t wait for Xia Tian to take root by his side and never leave.

Xia Tian’s heart was warm and yet it ached. He looked down at the ring in his hand and quietly asked, “This… in the future, you won’t take it back, right?”

Han Cheng laughed lightly in his heart. What he gave was his sincerity, it was not something he could take back.

Han Cheng nodded. “Even if you don’t care, don’t want it, throw it away, I won’t take it back.”

Xia Tian let go of his worries and asked, “Then… how long will you test me for?”

Han Cheng chuckled, “How has this become a test? I just want you to think clearly.”

“It’s the same, anyway, you haven’t promised…” Xia Tian held the ring in his hand tightly, feeling aggrieved. He had never seen such a confession: I tell you that I like you, but don’t worry, you go back and think about it for a month. Reply to me if you want to be with me or not.

I’ll give you plenty of time to consider. Once you promise me, you can’t regret it.

Xia Tian roughly wiped away the tears accumulated in his eyes and believed Han Cheng’s words of never being in love before.

If Xia Tian hadn’t like him that much, he might have fallen in love with someone else.

Xia Tian’s heart moved… Han Cheng probably feared that he liked him on a whim.

He somewhat understood Han Cheng’s concerns and nodded. “I’ll listen to you.”

“But…” Xia Tian pursed his lips and asked softly, “You just said, now is the time to adjust, isn’t it?”

Han Cheng nodded.

Xia Tian gathered up his courage and took a step in front of Han Cheng. He grabbed his hands, with ears blushing, and said, “First… let’s get used to kissing, can we?”

Han Cheng closed his eyes, turned his head and responded, “No.”

“That was my first kiss today…” Xia Tian whispered, “I was terrified at the time and I forgot what it was like.”

Han Cheng said lightly, “It’s fine if I remember it.”

Xia Tian was stunned for a moment, understood, and was touched.

How could such a good person exist?

“Let’s kiss.” Xia Tian whispered softly, “Will you take the initiative to kiss me?”

Xia Tian miserably continued, “I was the one who took the initiative in the afternoon.”

Han Cheng couldn’t help but smile. “Finally admitting to it?”

“Admitted. I will admit to whatever you say…” Xia Tian’s nervous fingers were numb, “Could you?”

Han Cheng sighed, how could he refuse?

He slowly and gently hugged Xia Tian, lowered his head, and kissed his lips.

Xia Tian’s lips were slightly cold, and he trembled slightly because of excitement.

Han Cheng still didn’t go deep, but his actions were a bit more aggressive than in the afternoon. Xia Tian was nervous, and his hands awkwardly spread aside. Han Cheng smiled, holding the younger man’s wrist and supporting his waist, and then continued kissing him.

A few minutes later, Han Cheng let go of him. He pressed his lips with the back of his hand, his voice was hoarse, “Alright, it’s late now… you should go to bed.”

While Xia Tian was in a daze, Han Cheng gave the order to return to his room. He had only remembered to grasp his ring box tightly, and obediently returned to his room.

It was a night of silence.

When Xia Tian woke up the next day, he laid on his bed and was in a daze for a long time. If it weren’t for the ring with Han Cheng’s name on his pillow, he would have suspected that what had happened last night was a dream caused by his crazy infatuation with Han Cheng.

Han Cheng confessed to him.

Then he pushed him back to his room and asked him to think carefully.

Looking at the morning light outside the window, Xia Tian couldn’t understand.

He didn’t sleepwalk into Han Cheng’s bedroom last night.

It was truly a miracle.

Putting on the ring that he cherished so much, he washed up and went downstairs.

During breakfast together, Xia Tian gradually felt the changes in Han Cheng.

Han Cheng no longer read the newspaper at the table, nor did he look at his mobile phone. His focus was all on Xia Tian, serving him soup, spreading jam on bread for him, adding something to his plate from time to time, and chatting with him.

He paid attention to Xia Tian and would remind him when he didn’t finish the milk. Of course, his tone was no longer that of an elder.

If it was before, Han Cheng would not have noticed this at all. If he had, at most, he’d say, “You’re still growing, don’t be a picky eater.”

Or, “When did you have the habit of having leftovers?”

But now…

Han Cheng looked at Xia Tian calmly, “Leaving just a little bit, Are you intending for me to drink for you?”

Xia Tian and Auntie, “…”

Auntie was secretly overjoyed and thoughtfully returned to her room, leaving the beautiful early morning time to the couple who had already finished their honeymoon but were becoming sweeter and sweeter.

Han Cheng glanced at Xia Tian’s milk cup, Xia Tian was afraid that Han Cheng would really drink it for him. With a flushed face, he quickly picked up the cup, raised his neck, and drained it.

Han Cheng’s expression remained unchanged, and commented, “Drink slowly.”

Xia Tian nodded hard, feeling slandered… for whom was it?!

After eating this meal, the breakfast was full of an ambiguous atmosphere. Because it was Sunday, the two continued to work in the study room. Xia Tian revised the homework he did previously while Han Cheng and Liang Qingfeng had a video conference.

Liang Qingfeng reported on next week’s plans and Han Cheng’s itinerary for tomorrow. He continued, “Yesterday, Schindler asked if you have the time to go to their celebration party tonight.”

Usually, Han Cheng would go, or if he didn’t, he would briefly say he wasn’t going. However, today Han Cheng replied without thinking, “I’m not going. I’ll be staying with my husband at home.”

Xia Tian looked up from the overwhelming test papers, at a loss for words. “!”

Han Cheng glanced at him and said to Liang Qingfeng, “Being by his side is more important.”

There were many wrong questions that he needed to explain.

Liang Qingfeng paused for a second and then nodded. “Of course.”

Xia Tian buried his red face in the tests, crying without tears.

He understood what Han Cheng was making him adjust to…

He really had to adapt. Being teased all day long, who would have the mind to do other things!  


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