Chapter 64

Little Cutie Arc #1

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“Don’t want, don’t want.” Su Tang frantically waved his hands before covering his little butt and shrinking away, shooting the other a warning with his eyes.

“I’m just playing with you, look at you.” Qian Zhu smiled. He snatched the thing away and rubbed Su Tang’s head, then he said, “Rest well these two days. When I come back, I’ll settle the score with you.”

“Ah?” Qian Zhu’s words confused Su Tang. He asked, “Settle what score?”

“You took advantage of my absence at home to drink. When you got drunk, you ran about and even refused to let go of my lips in front of so many people.” Qian Zhu recounted the events that happened, and this made Su Tang feel so guilty that he had to suppress the urge to hide under the covers.

“I was just a little careless.” Su Tang weakly replied.

“You consider secretly drinking wine careless?” Qian Zhu cocked his head, his eyebrows raised as he questioned, “So, you accidentally found the wine jar, accidentally moved a small stool there, then accidentally grabbed the wine jar to accidentally take a swig of it? And you accidentally finished the whole jar?”

“Oh, something like that.” Su Tang replied expressionlessly, nodding his head.

“Then, can I accidentally hug and kiss you ma?” Qian Zhu asked with a smile.

“…” Su Tang hurriedly shook his head, and upon seeing Qian Zhu’s natural expression, he worried the other was being serious. He admitted defeat, “Brother Qian Zhu, I was wrong. I won’t secretly drink wine again.”

“En, baby’s so good.” Qian Zhu pinched his little face, then Su Tang retorted, “I won’t kiss you when we’re outside either.”

Qian Zhu was stunned. It felt like he’d dropped a stone on his own foot; it was both depressing and amusing. He said to Su Tang, “You don’t need to fix that.”

“Hmph.” Su Tang’s ahoge1Ahoge, a Japanese slang, is an exaggerated cowlick (click here to see). According to Wiki, it adds cuteness to a character and is usually indicative of character traits like airheadedness. stood up, and he said, satisfied, “When I make a mistake, I have to fix it—this is what brother Qian Zhu taught me.”

“You little smarty-pants.” Qian Zhu flicked Su Tang’s little forehead.

“Wu, you big baddie.” Su Tang shielded his forehead and rushed forward to Qian Zhu. It was a pity that he was tossed around last night, leaving his body soft. When he lunged forward, his body went limp. Not only was he unable to reach Qian Zhu’s forehead, he even fell onto the other’s body.

“Ai, why did you hug me?” Qian Zhu continued to tease him.

“I didn’t.” Su Tang moved back and forth before Qian Zhu decided to support his body, and only then was he able to barely sit upright. He disregarded his own embarrassment and said, “You’re not allowed to move. Just let me tease you this once.”

Qian Zhu looked Su Tang up and down, then he leaned forward and said helplessly, “You little baby, just rely on me to spoil you.”

Su Tang let out a ‘hmph’ and hurriedly leaned over to grab Qian Zhu’s face. He smacked his lips before kissing Qian Zhu and saying, “Then I’ll also spoil you.”

“Okay.” Qian Zhu responded with a smile and kissed Su Tang’s cheek and forehead before moving down to his lips. “I’ll always spoil you.”

“Me too!” Su Tang followed suit and smiled along with Qian Zhu, revealing his shallow dimples. His eyes were full of light, like little suns that warmed the hearts of everyone who saw them.

The two lazed around in Yu Qing Palace for a few days until Su Tang had almost fully regained his sobriety. The two then proceeded to roll around in bed for the next couple of days. In fact, it wasn’t just the bed—there were many other places suitable for engaging in that. Still though, they spent most of their time in bed, which Su Tang eventually couldn’t bear any longer.

In the end, he begged for mercy and signed countless ‘treaties’ with Qian Zhu, who finally let him off. When Qian Zhu released him, Su Tang’s legs were still wobbly.

The Immortal Realm didn’t pursue the incident involving Su Tang all that much; although the loss of a refined peach spirit from the peach forest was considered to be a big deal, since this lost refined peach spirit had the ability to calm the dangerous Ning Yan xianjun down, it was a good choice.

As a result, the Heavenly Emperor dismissed this matter and placed Su Tang into the ‘fairy’ class. He also didn’t discuss any of this with Qian Zhu.

The Immortal Realm was large, to the point where it never ended; just like their relationship, it would never come to an end. It was the same in their previous lives, their current one, and it would remain the same in their lives to come.

Time flew and the positions of the stars changed. The floor of Yu Qing Palace was soon covered in petals. Just like when they were younger, Su Tang and Qian Zhu sat perched atop the tree together and whispered sweet nothings to each other.

“Do you think immortals will have a next life?” Su Tang suddenly asked.

“They will.” Qian Zhu clung to Su Tang.

“Then, will they continue to be immortals?” Su Tang asked again.

“Just how many good things have you encountered?” Qian Zhu teased him. “Maybe you’ll become a mortal, or maybe you’ll become a little cat or dog. Some immortals don’t even want to reincarnate—they become lonely ghosts in the underworld.”

“Why don’t they want to reincarnate? That’s definitely better than being a ghost ba.” Su Tang didn’t really understand.

“Because after crossing Naihe bridge, they have to drink Mo Peng soup2奈何 nài hé = basically the bridge to hell // 孟婆汤 mèng pó tāng = soup of forgetfulness, makes you forget your memories. There’s an english word for this but I don’t know what’s the exact word. and lose all their previous memories; your interests, the person you liked—everything would be forgotten.”

“If they want to wait for someone, isn’t waiting for someone in the underworld okay?” Qian Zhu stopped speaking and brushed away the petals that had fallen on him as he gazed at Su Tang’s dazed face.

“But what if they can’t wait that long?” Su Tang felt a sudden, silent throbbing in his heart. He was a mere transmigrator, so he wouldn’t reincarnate, nor would he get to cross Naihe bridge to meet the person he was waiting for.

“They’d always wait.” Qian Zhu answered, his head lowered.

“If… I’m just saying… but if, because of an accident, that person can never come down to the underworld and never meet him, then he… what would he do?”

“Continue to wait.” Qian Zhu lowered his gaze and softly said, “If he gets lonely, he can look back through his memories. At least he has those memories to reminisce over.”

“However, if it’s us two, we’ll definitely meet again.” Qian Zhu suddenly smiled and rubbed Su Tang’s hair. His gaze was firm, as if holding a silent promise.

“How are you so sure?” Su Tang asked in a small voice, his mood conflicted.

“Because we’re a match made in heaven.” Qian Zhu finished and leaned over to kiss Su Tang.

Su Tang accepted his kiss with a red face. After Qian Zhu pulled away, he muttered, “What if one of us is reincarnated into a little cat or dog…”

He didn’t even get to finish speaking before Qian Zhu interrupted with a laugh. Su Tang looked at him with raised eyebrows and Qian Zhu coughed. “If you were to turn into a little cat or dog, I’d bring you home, feed you, and hug you to sleep. I’d spend my life with you again.”

“You’d be able to recognise me?” Su Tang asked, his head tilted.

“Of course.” Qian Zhu moved to kiss him once more. “The moment I meet your eyes, I’ll know right away that you’re my baby.”

Su Tang heard his musings and at once earnestly said, “If you were to turn into a little animal, I’d look after you!”

“How can you hope that your husband becomes a cat or dog?” Qian Zhu pinched Su Tang’s nose, and Su Tang opened his mouth to bite him in retaliation.

After all ah, those teeth marks were in the shape of love.

August had ended and the heat had yet to retreat. The sun’s heat was poisonous in the afternoon, and even the wind was hot… The classroom was empty and there were no curtains. They’d likely been brought home by a student to be washed. As for the ceiling fans, a thick coat of dust laid on the blades thanks to them being unused for so long.

Su Tang found a well-shaded area to sit down, holding a large tub of ice cream to eat scoop by scoop.

“You failed the previous world’s mission again, so how can you still have the heart to eat?” The system asked unhappily.

“Then what should I do?” Su Tang picked up the spoon and mumbled, “I’m always thinking of getting more experience and trying to better myself, but you wiped my memory so I couldn’t improve if I tried.”

The system choked after hearing his sentiment, at a loss for what to say. It could only change the subject and go through the plot with Su Tang.

This time the world was campus life. The male lead, Chi Shu Yan, and the female lead, Sun Qi, were classmates, and their results were always outstanding. They looked perfect walking together, and in whatever event the school held, the two of them would always be considered first.

When they entered year three, Su Tang would enter their class as a new transfer student. He was a haughty person with the aura with a young master who was arranged to sit next to the male lead and then started to harbour some jealousy towards the male lead. It was just that his results, his artistic talents, and even his height weren’t comparable to that of the male lead’s. Ultimately, he heard about the male and female leads’ relationship. He’d hatch a plan to snatch away the male lead’s ‘girlfriend’ and anger the male lead.

At that time, the male and female leads were still friends. Su Tang’s interference would prompt the female lead to grow closer to the male lead.

And Su Tang’s task was to harass, no, unite the male and female leads.

He was a transfer student and his family was busy handling the transfer procedures for him. They’d had him visit the classroom to familiarise himself with the environment. It was just that today was too hot and Su Tang couldn’t bear the heat. He secretly bought ice cream from the canteen to eat.

He ate for a while and his seat grew warmer by the second. He then looked around and his gaze landed on the speaking stage, which happened to look fun to stand on.

Besides, no one was here. Sneaking up there wouldn’t be that big of a big deal.

He squinted his eyes and gleefully swung his legs around, unable to stop himself from ‘humph’-ing a few times.

Perhaps it was due to Su Tang’s distracted daze that he didn’t hear someone walking towards the classroom. Only when the person outside walked in did he finally notice them.

In a moment of panic, he almost fell from the stage.

“Look out!” That person yelled and took Su Tang into their arms.

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  • 1
    Ahoge, a Japanese slang, is an exaggerated cowlick (click here to see). According to Wiki, it adds cuteness to a character and is usually indicative of character traits like airheadedness.
  • 2
    奈何 nài hé = basically the bridge to hell // 孟婆汤 mèng pó tāng = soup of forgetfulness, makes you forget your memories. There’s an english word for this but I don’t know what’s the exact word.

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