Chapter 63

Peach Fairy Arc #22

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Qian Zhu lowered his head, resting it against Su Tang’s. He ran his fingers through Su Tang’s hair, gentle as ever. However, in the depths of his eyes, there was a fire that couldn’t be concealed.

Su Tang couldn’t think straight and, owing to the fact that he was drunk, he reacted slower than usual. Qian Zhu kissed him, and Su Tang quietly accepted it, his big eyes glittering, ignorant and innocent.

“Baby, do you really wanna do it?” Seeing Su Tang behave like this worried Qian Zhu. He feared that the alcohol had influenced Su Tang’s words and that he’d regret what they did together once he snapped out of it.

Su Tang titled his head, looking very serious. With his large eyes, he looked at Qian Zhu for a while and seemed to be thinking about what Qian Zhu had said. He thought for a bit longer before realising that his face had become redder than it was earlier.

“En, did my baby make up his mind?” Qian Zhu asked, smiling.

“En, I want to.” Su Tang nodded, his eyes showing how firm he was with his decision. It was as if he’d agreed to do something important with Qian Zhu, which Qian Zhu found hilarious.

“How can you be this cute?” Qian Zhu’s face rushed over and he kissed his eyebrow. Then Su Tang tugged on the other’s collar, wanting to pull Qian Zhu down.

Qian Zhu lowered his head, following his movement. Su Tang crawled up to kiss Qian Zhu’s lips and pressed his lips against Qian Zhu’s as if he was tasting wine.

Qian Zhu almost laughed at Su Tang; this little drunkard was really something. After playing for half a day, he only thought of drinking. And his nose was so good—wherever the scent of wine came from, he would follow.

“If anyone gave you wine to drink, would you be taken away by them?” Qian Zhu tilted his head and asked Su Tang.

“I won’t go.” Su Tang hugged Qian Zhu, refusing to let go. “I’ll only follow you.”

“For a lifetime?” Qian Zhu asked.

“For many lifetimes.” Su Tang thought for a while. “The number of lifetimes we have is the number of lifetimes we’ll be together.”

“Okay, ah.” Qian Zhu seemed to smile, but Su Tang didn’t get to see clearly because the other covered his eyes. He used his little hand to pull on Qian Zhu, who said, “If you look at me like that, how will I have the face1In Chinese culture, one’s face is akin to their dignity/pride so to ‘throw’ someone’s face is to humiliate do bad things to you?”

After Su Tang heard what Qian Zhu said, he obediently laid back down. He seemed to think of something, then his mouth moved and he suddenly smiled.

“So it turns out that there are times when Qian Zhu feels embarrassed ah,” he said.

“Of course.” While covering Su Tang’s eyes, Qian Zhu pressed his lips against Su Tang’s before saying, “I didn’t have them before, but I developed a sense for it after I met you.”

“Actually, me too.” Su Tang hugged him tightly and spoke in a soft voice, “When I’m with you, I always feel embarrassed.”

“I know.” Qian Zhu released Su Tang’s lips, moved down a little, and softly licked. He said, “You’re always embarrassed. Even if you’re drunk, you’re still as shy as before.”

Su Tang wanted to retort, but Qian Zhu bit his Adam’s apple and deepened his voice, allowing the warm air to blow across his neck as he said, “Look, I kissed you and you’re already trembling like this.”

“I’m not…” Su Tang didn’t want to admit it, but Qian Zhu continued to press him. He left a few pink peaches on Su Tang’s neck; they were pink, pink, pink, and Su Tang was left completely speechless.

“Baby, I like you.” Qian Zhu said gently, pulling off Su Tang’s clothes and pressing their skin together to experience the joys they’d never had before.

Su Tang’s courage was small, and the same could be said for this aspect—he was always shrinking away. When Qian Zhu touched him, he’d be so afraid that he’d forget to breathe. As a result, the pair had to slow down; every time Qian Zhu made a move, he’d ask Su Tang if it hurt.

Where did it hurt? It was obviously very comfortable. Su Tang had these hidden thoughts but was too embarrassed to say them out loud. He just continued to shake his head and urged Qian Zhu to continue.

Qian Zhu merely let out a chuckle and stilled his actions before moving the hand covering Su Tang’s eyes to reveal the other’s pitiful appearance.

Su Tang squinted his eyes, adjusting to suddenly leaving the darkness. It took awhile for him to calm down, and then his attention was brought to the emptiness of his body.

“Con– Continue ah.” He said, breathless.

“But you’re crying, ne.” Qian Zhu helped wipe the tears at the corner of Su Tang’s eyes and leaned over to kiss him. He cocked an eyebrow, asking, “If it’s not because you’re hurting, why else would you be crying?”

Su Tang’s face nearly exploded due to how red it was after hearing Qian Zhu’s words. How would he go about telling Qian Zhu that he couldn’t help crying due to how good it felt? He couldn’t possibly say that ah.

“You… You stop asking.” Su Tang turned his head away and used his foot to poke Qian Zhu’s leg, signalling for him to continue.

“Si2Hissing sound 🐍, little clingy spirit.” Qian Zhu said, but he didn’t continue to move. He only pinched the two dots on Su Tang’s white chest and asked, “Baby isn’t good, he’s always lying. You’re still not willing to tell the truth in front of big brother?”

Immediately, he went to push the other’s butt a little.

Su Tang was about to cry, his face carrying an extremely wronged expression. However, Qian Zhu was still a baddie and was unwilling to let him off.

In the end, Su Tang could only hook his legs around Qian Zhu’s waist with a red face. Their things touched and leaked out some sticky liquid. Qian Zhu smiled, staring at him, and Su Tang finally spoke with embarrassment, “Big brother Qian Zhu, give it to me, okay?”

“Okay.” Qian Zhu pressed him under his body and bit Su Tang’s ear, saying, “I’ll give it to you, I’ll give you everything. I’m willing to give you anything you want.”

Their gasps and whispers blended with the sound of water, filled with ambiguous and lustful feelings. The entanglement of their limbs left them feeling intoxicated, along with the mumbling and whispering. After an unknown period of time, the room was filled with low sobbing. It seemed like the person being pressed under the other was bullied into crying and unable to retaliate.

Su Tang even had some regret for wanting this from Qian Zhu, because after the other had agreed to it, he was unwilling to stop. He was full of ‘water,’ and while some was spilling out, more was shot into him. Su Tang felt that he was soon unable to endure it anymore, yet he still had to endure, following Qian Zhu into the depths of the ocean of pleasure.

“I don’t want it anymore. Qian Zhu, you stop now, okay…” Su Tang was lifted by the other and then seated on his body. This angle was too deep for Su Tang and he couldn’t help wanting to escape.

Qian Zhu shook his head, letting Su Tang lean on his chest as he ran his fingers through Su Tang’s hair. Yet his lower body’s movements weren’t as gentle.

When Qian Zhu finally reached his final climax, Su Tang was about to pass out, and then once he was picked up by Qian Zhu, the sticky liquid flowed down his thighs.

He let out a ‘humph’ and kicked his little feet around, feeling shy and embarrassed. However, his body was extremely soft and he didn’t even have half of his strength. He could only be carried by Qian Zhu to be washed and have the stuff inside him cleaned out.

When he woke up, it was already the afternoon of the following day. Su Tang’s whole body was sore and he felt just as uncomfortable as before. Qian Zhu went out to buy medicine and brought it to him, wanting to put some on him. Su Tang, on the other hand, was unwilling.

“I can do it myself.” Su Tang said, covering his little butt.

“Are you shy?” Qian Zhu smiled, and when he saw that Su Tang was remaining silent, he said, “Everything that shouldn’t have been seen has been seen. This time, we’re just shifting things around; does your butt not hurt?”

“Hurts! You’re so fierce, how can it not hurt!” Su Tang grew angry when he thought of this. He’d obviously said that he didn’t want it anymore, but Qian Zhu had still continued. Once or twice were okay, however later it became countless times—how could he endure it.

“This was our first time, so I didn’t have much self-control. I’ll be gentler next time?” Qian Zhu said, which resulted in Su Tang throwing a pillow at him after he spoke.

“Next time only do it once.” Su Tang replied.

“My once or your once?” Qian Zhu put the pillow down, asking this with his eyebrows raised.

The conversation simply had no way to continue. Su Tang was both angry and shy, and in the end, he could only climb out of bed. Suddenly, his legs went soft and he ended up sitting on the floor. Then Qian Zhu picked him up again and pressed him onto the bed.

Su Tang cried out with ‘wuwuwahwah’ but Qian Zhu wasn’t deterred. He only flipped the other over, wanting to continue, and this caused Su Tang to use his little foot to kick him.

“Baby, be obedient. I’m just applying medicine.” Qian Zhu held Su Tang down with one hand.

“Won’t listen, won’t listen.” Su Tang resisted.

However, the other was too strong. Su Tang was unable to fight back. His little feet kicked around wildly and his pants were pulled off by Qian Zhu, revealing his little white butt so that Qian Zhu could apply medicine.

He looked extremely pitiful, as if he was being forced.

Qian Zhu was also helpless; Su Tang’s legs kept moving around, so he couldn’t apply the medicine at all. If he kept pressing Su Tang down, he was afraid he’d hurt him. In the end, he could only say, “Baby, don’t mess around.”

Su Tang was stunned and immediately understood. His face was red beyond belief and he didn’t move an inch. He was afraid that Qian Zhu would get hard if he touched him. Then they’d have to do it again and again…

Qian Zhu was very satisfied. His hands moved fast and, after a short while, the medicine was applied. He pinched the other’s little butt, and before Su Tang could react, he took his hand back. He helped the other wear his pants and said, “I applied it already. Every day, you have to apply it twice. Tonight will need one more round.”

“I know…” Su Tang reluctantly agreed and slowly turned his body over. Seeing that Qian Zhu was looking down to close the lid of the medicine, he sneaked a glance at his crotch area.

“You, you, you, you’re not hard at all!” Su Tang immediately yelled.

Qian Zhu instantly looked back up and met Su Tang’s gaze. The other realised his mistake right away. He wanted to crawl away and escape, but his little foot was caught by Qian Zhu.

Though his face was expressionless, his tone was full of hidden meaning, “Baby wanted me to be?”

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    In Chinese culture, one’s face is akin to their dignity/pride so to ‘throw’ someone’s face is to humiliate them.
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    Hissing sound 🐍

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