Chapter 62

Peach Fairy Arc #21

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The little flat peach had indeed drunk too much. He’d also forgotten how much he’d drunk and only at the last moment did he realise that the wine jar was empty.

Forget the fact that the wine jar was empty, the crux of the matter was that the little flat peach was already drunk. The little flat peach held the empty jug for a long time before mumbling, “Wu, why isn’t there any more?”

The little flat peach let out a drunken burp, then patted his belly before shuffling out of Yu Qing Palace and starting to walk around in all directions.

It was a pity that he was merely a peach spirit; the moment he started to drink wine, he’d return to his original form. And so, on the road, he let out a squeak before turning into a tender little flat peach.

Su Tang laid on the ground, which wasn’t that cold, and ended up falling asleep and snoring.

Who knew how long he’d slept for, but when he woke up, he was already on the fruit plate.

He was surrounded by his fellow brothers and sisters, peaches both big and small all pressed up against him. Since he had some difficulty breathing, he slowly climbed up, pushed the peaches away, and finally popped his head through the hoard.

His mind was muddled and his vision was blurry—he had no idea where he was or what he was even doing.

He squatted on the fruit plate, deep in thought. Then he finally came to the conclusion that, when he was sleeping on the floor, he must’ve been spotted by a fairy elder sister who thought someone had dropped him and thus sneakily placed him onto the fruit plate.

Coincidentally, he was brought to Qian Zhu’s table. This time, he caught the attention of the drunk immortal and managed to sober his fuzzy mind up.

He looked at Qian Zhu, who returned his gaze. The two stared at each other for a while in silence. Eventually, Su Tang broke it by belching out a continuous string of burps and rubbing his soft little tummy.

All eyes were on Qian Zhu, who directly took Su Tang into his arms. Everyone gawked at the two, not daring to make a sound.

“Are you going to eat me?” Su Tang’s head popped out from Qian Zhu’s clothes and he nervously looked at the other.

Qian Zhu didn’t reply. Still in a drunken stupor, Su Tang bluntly asked, “I asked you a question, why aren’t you replying to me?”

Although Su Tang’s voice was a little loud, because of Qian Zhu’s presence, nobody dared to stretch their necks and look over. Still, they were extremely curious and tuned their ears to carefully listen.

Despite the countless years they had lived, that was the first time they’d witnessed someone dare to speak to Ning Yan xianjun in this manner.

“I won’t eat you for now.” Qian Zhu replied and pushed Su Tang back into his arms. He pinched the little leaf on Su Tang’s head, prompting him to stay quiet.

Had this happened anytime earlier, Su Tang would’ve definitely nodded in obedience and shrunk back into Qian Zhu’s arms. However, he was drunk right now and rowdier than ever.

“No, I’ll say!” Su Tang jumped out of Qian Zhu’s arms and stood on the table, surveying his surroundings. He noticed the spiritual wine bottles he was surrounded by were as tall as him, and it was as if he himself was also one of them.

“You must want to eat me. That’s why you won’t let me talk, wuwuwu…” Su Tang clung to one of the big peaches on the fruit plate, crying and mumbling, “It wasn’t easy for me to turn into a human form. If I get eaten by you, not even a stalk will be left of me—just a peach pit.”

“You little drunkard.” Qian Zhu was left helpless at the sight of him like this. The people at the banquet were the least of his concerns; in fact, all he cared about was bringing Su Tang home to coax him.

But the little drunkard had already sunk into his own world, hugging the peach and bawling. Qian Zhu wasn’t successful in consoling him, and they soon attracted the attention of the Heavenly Emperor.

The Heavenly Emperor was extremely curious. Although the spiritual power in the peach garden was quite good, it was still inferior to that of the immortal realm. The peaches there lacked talent. There had never been a peach that managed to cultivate into a human form since the beginning of time.

Because of this, he hoisted himself off his seat, his eyes trained observantly on Su Tang. With some disbelief in his voice, he stated, “This peach cultivated into a human form.”

Being scrutinised like that petrified Su Tang; he wasn’t even able to hide his face behind the big peach he was clutching. He frantically turned away, itching to find a better hiding spot.

He glanced back at Qian Zhu and ran as fast as his short little legs could take him, but he’d barely taken two steps when the Heavenly Emperor gently waved his finger in the air, turning Su Tang from a small peach into a bigger peach—no, into a delicate and handsome youth.

Su Tang didn’t know that he’d turned into his human form, nor did he know that he was currently at the banquet. He was under the impression that he and Qian Zhu were back at Yu Qing Palace and thus dove into the other’s embrace.

He continued to say, “Qian Zhu, Qian Zhu, that person wants to eat me.”

There was an uproar at the banquet. One would say that Ning Yan xianjun was truly too cold and uptight. Usually, people would politely address him as Ning Yan xianjun. Some didn’t even know his real name was ‘Qian Zhu’. Furthermore, who dared to call him by his name?

But that little peach fairy dared, and he even called it out several times. He called out ‘Qian Zhu’ as he nestled in his embrace, looking extremely intimate. Plus, Qian Zhu didn’t say anything, seemingly indulging in him.

When he saw that his own little peach was about to disrupt the flat peach festival, Qian Zhu rose to his feet, picked Su Tang up, and rubbed his head. He whispered a few words into Su Tang’s ear before addressing the crowd, “This is the little peach I’m raising. In a moment of my negligence, he managed to get himself drunk and come here to cause a disturbance. He affected everyone’s good mood; I can only make it up to everyone by drinking.”

Qian Zhu held Su Tang with one hand and downed a few cups of wine with the other. When he put the cup down, he said, “This little peach got drunk and I’m afraid that won’t be a good thing. I’ll bring him back home and teach him a good lesson.”

Qian Zhu hadn’t finished talking when Su Tang tugged on his collar, urging him to lower his head. The little drunkard rushed forward and kissed Qian Zhu’s lips several times.

He even said, “I want to drink wine.”

“There’s no more wine.” Qian Zhu coughed twice, feeling a little awkward. However, Su Tang seemed to be stuck to him. He was whining about how he wanted wine and even held onto Qian Zhu’s lips with his own, unwilling to let go.

There were many types of drunkards, but people rarely saw ones like Su Tang. If this had happened before, Qian Zhu would definitely be happy that Su Tang was behaving in this manner with him. Perhaps he might’ve even pressed him down to ‘treat’ him. Alas, he couldn’t do that now ah. There were so many people watching, who could possibly do that calmly while being observed so intently?

“I’ll be going first.” Qian Zhu quickly said and turned around to leave. Everyone was at a loss, blank expressions on each one of their faces. They still wanted to witness their gossip. This was the famous cold and noble flower, Ning Yan xianjun, whose face alone struck fear into anyone who dared look at it. This same Ning Yan xianjun was kissed by a little peach spirit in front of so many people.

The key thing was that Ning Yan xianjun didn’t try to shrink away at all.

This was shocking to all of them.

Thus, the atmosphere of the flat peach festival took a turn; everyone began to discuss Ning Yan xianjun’s relationship with that little peach spirit.

Qian Zhu wasn’t concerned about any of the chatter that surrounded him, nor did he want to be. He just carried Su Tang home in a hurry. On the way back, Su Tang clung to him and acted like a baby. When they returned to Yu Qing Palace, their lips were even a little red.

“Go and bathe, you reek of wine.” It was hard for Qian Zhu to peel the sticky dumpling – who showed signs of wanting to stick to him again – off his body.

“I don’t want to bathe, I don’t want to bathe. I want to drink wine.” Su Tang spoke in a sticky, sweet tone and pulled on Qian Zhu’s hand.

“Not allowed.” Qian Zhu loved it when Su Tang pleaded with him like that. He hurriedly cast his gaze away before picking Su Tang up and walking to the hot springs.

“Big baddie, big baddie, I want to drink wine, wuwuwu…” Su Tang yelled, kicking his little feet around. No matter how much he cried and kicked up a fuss, Qian Zhu refused to let him go. When they finally reached the hot springs, Qian Zhu sat him down by the bank and helped him undress.

This tussle carried on for a long while before Su Tang’s clothes were finally all taken off by Qian Zhu. Su Tang sat quietly in the water, dozing off. Of course, Qian Zhu was more inclined than Su Tang to feel tired.

However, it was good to quieten down—Qian Zhu thought so in his heart. He carried Su Tang back to the bedroom, and because it was still early, there was still light out. Qian Zhu drew the curtains and, with peace of mind, finally laid Su Tang down on the bed to sleep for a while.

He simply laid beside Su Tang and watched the other sleep, and then he drifted off to sleep himself.

When he woke up, he found Su Tang on top of him and using his little mouth to kiss his lips.

Su Tang was only wearing an unlined garment. That, coupled with his messy way of sleeping, had the cloth sliding down, revealing half of his rounded shoulders and waist. When he saw that Qian Zhu was awake, he looked up, his eyes clouded with a drunken haze, akin to that of a bowl of sweet wine.

Qian Zhu’s breathing paused, but Su Tang acted as if it was nothing, continuing to bend down and kiss him. Those soft lips carried the taste of peach blossom wine, along with the sweetness of peaches. This caused Qian Zhu to close his eyes, drunk on the taste and wanting to silently enjoy this tender kiss.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Tang got up from his body, his eyes filled with dissatisfaction and some unspeakable emotions. He softly called Qian Zhu’s name, wanting the other to look at him.

“What is it?” Qian Zhu’s voice was hoarse. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at Su Tang.

“Don’t know.” Su Tang pressed his head against Qian Zhu’s chest and listened to the other’s racing heartbeat.

Su Tang’s heart began to race in tandem with his.

“Do… Do you like eating peaches?” Su Tang abruptly asked.

“I do.” Qian Zhu stroked his head and asked, “Then, do you like being eaten by Qian Zhu?”

“En… I like it a little.” Su Tang replied.

dreamy here! this peach arc is coming to an end soon and i’m so sad… QAQ no more peach baby!!! but we’ll be moving onto a college arc, which is the second last arc and is also the longest… *cries in many papers due*

thanks for reading and see you next week, my peachies 🍑

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