Chapter 59

Peach Fairy Arc #18

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Counting down the number of days, today was already the fifteenth day of their cultivation. Shifu1师父 shī fu = master Qian Zhu was a good teacher; he used both emotions and logic, and though disciple Su Tang expressed his dissatisfaction, it was hard to go against shifu’s orders.

“Have you learnt it?” Qian Zhu asked as he released Su Tang, allowing the other to breathe.

“I learnt it, I learnt it!” Su Tang hurriedly nodded his head, looking like he’d just been bullied.

If this had happened before, he would’ve definitely beaten and bitten Qian Zhu and called the other a rogue. However, he now knew that this was of no use because Qian Zhu was a rogue to begin with.

Qian Zhu wanted to start being a rogue again.

“Have you really learnt it?” Qian Zhu asked.

“Really learnt!” Su Tang nodded.

“Then do it again and let me see.” Qian Zhu replied.

“I won’t do it.” Su Tang almost stood out of irritation.

“That means you haven’t learnt it. Come, I’ll teach you.” After Qian Zhu said this, Su Tang stepped on him.

Su Tang’s kicks didn’t hurt and Qian Zhu had no reaction, only continuing to stare at Su Tang. The thing Su Tang didn’t like the most was Qian Zhu’s expression that seemed similar to the way a shifu would look disappointedly at a stupid disciple.

In reality, Qian Zhu’s heart didn’t have these kinds of thoughts at all.

The two argued for a while before words finally turned into actions and they hugged each other. It wasn’t until Su Tang started crying and begging for mercy that Qian Zhu released his lips, appearing content.

Su Tang’s little face was red and his lips were a tad swollen. He hugged his blanket and moved back before saying indignantly, “How is this shifu so improper, taking advantage of your own disciple?”

“Then who should I take advantage of?” Qian Zhu asked, his eyebrows raised.

Su Tang was stunned by his question and didn’t know what to say. He thought for half a day before weakly replying, “You weren’t like this last time.”

What he said was true—before Qian Zhu met Su Tang, he was a cold and noble flower, and after Qian Zhu met Su Tang, he was a warm and kind big brother. Later, he’d turned into a rogue.

“Then how was I like before ah?” Qian Zhu asked.

“You were…” Su Tang faltered for a moment before he said, “Last time, you were… like a gentleman, warm and refined. Now you always kiss me and your limbs aren’t truthful either2Su Tang is just saying that Qian Zhu can’t keep his hands to himself lol.”

Ai, then should we not kiss anymore?” Qian Zhu asked smilingly.

“Ah?” Su Tang’s face fell when he heard Qian Zhu’s words. He actually really liked it when Qian Zhu was near him, and every time they kissed felt very comfortable. En, it was only a little comfortable. However, he was just too shy to admit it and he could never keep up with Qian Zhu’s pace. After they kissed, he’d always be left teary-eyed and panting for air, and it also made him feel very shy.

But Qian Zhu said they’d kiss each other again in the future and he was unwilling. He was aware that the reason he felt this way was due to him being arrogant and pampered. This couldn’t be fixed, and they weren’t something that could be cured. Not only could it not be cured, but sometimes when Su Tang was in a rush, he’d cry aggrievedly.

Now Su Tang was close to tears again.

“I was just playing around, so why are you crying?” Qian Zhu hurriedly comforted Su Tang.

“This isn’t fun at all.” Su Tang turned away, refusing to look at Qian Zhu.

“Okay, okay, okay, I won’t do it anymore. Who knew you’d cry as soon as you were kissed.” Qian Zhu spoke until here and was unsure as to whether he should cry or laugh. This little guy was seriously silly and he took every sentence he heard at face value.

And while he took it at face value, he was still a spoiled crybaby. When he felt wronged, he’d cry in grievance, and so long as those little tears rolled down, Qian Zhu would find it extremely heart-wrenching to look at.

Su Tang also felt that his previous self was a little embarrassing so he wanted to jump over the topic. He covered his ears and pretended as if he didn’t hear or see anything. Then he said to Qian Zhu, “You’re not allowed to talk about this anymore.”

Qian Zhu nodded and removed Su Tang’s hands from his ears, taking them into the palms of his own. He asked, “If I’ve changed so much, why haven’t you changed at all?”

“Me?” Su Tang thought about it for a while but still couldn’t think of an answer. “What’s up with me?”

“You’re a little cutie ah.” Qian Zhu gently kissed Su Tang’s forehead before saying, “You’re also a little silly.”

Since Su Tang’s hands were held by Qian Zhu, he couldn’t cover his forehead and could only stare at the other. He was a little upset and shy, asking softly, “Why haven’t I changed ah?”

“Because from the moment I saw you, I’ve always been spoiling you.” Qian Zhu rubbed his head.

“Smooth-talker.” Su Tang’s heart was filled with warmth. It felt like the sun was shining on his body and everything had turned gold and shiny.

His heart was also filled with shock. He stared at Qian Zhu, and out of the blue, he rushed over and kissed him, just like a kitty trying to steal a treat.

Then he was caught by Qian Zhu and it turned into a you-push-I-pull where they rolled around together for a while. A breeze blew across their faces and felt especially pleasant. Qian Zhu pressed against Su Tang’s body with almost no intention of getting up. Their eyes met and they were attracted to each other like magnets—inseparable.

“Dang—Dang—Dang—” There was a commotion outside the door and it slowly pulled the two back out of their thoughts. Qian Zhu rose and pulled Su Tang up at the same time before they adjusted their clothes. There was the sound of a pancake3糖饼 táng bǐng = sweet pancake, it’s quite similar to the popular Korean street food, hotteok. Looks something like this. vendor shouting in the alleyways.

Previously, Qian Zhu had bought one of those pancakes, which had a layer of sesame seeds sprinkled on its soft dough, and when he’d bitten into it, he’d felt the sweet juices flood his mouth. It was heated up and scalding. At that moment, Qian Zhu had needed to first bring a cup of cold water over, then he’d told him he was a greedy little cat before blowing on his tongue.

Ever since then, Su Tang would whine every day about wanting to eat pancakes. His tongue would get burnt and then he’d let Qian Zhu blow on it every single time.

Today, the two had stayed in the house a little longer than usual and Qian Zhu didn’t have time to go out and buy one. Su Tang said, “I still want to eat pancakes.”

“Okay, I’ll go and buy them.” Qian Zhu nodded. Just as he was about to turn away, Su Tang pulled on his hand.

“Want… Want to go together.” Once Su Tang finished, he decided to ruin the effect of his words by tacking on4画蛇添足 huà shé tiān zú = (lit.) to draw legs on a snake,  (fig.) superfluous or to overdo it // basically to do something that is rather unnecessary. , “It’s not because I want to stick to you. I just want to go out and breathe some fresh air.”

“Okay.” Qian Zhu pulled Su Tang’s hand and laced their fingers together. “Actually, I want to stick to you. I want to go and walk around with you.”

The two left the house and ran into children playing hide-and-seek in the alleyway. The pancake vendor had been chased away by their ruckus. Su Tang was feeling a little sad about this, and when he turned to express it to Qian Zhu, someone hugged his thigh.

“Haha, I caught you!” The kid pretending to be a ‘ghost’ pulled down the cloth over his eyes and looked up, only to realise that he’d caught the wrong person. Furthermore, the person he’d caught was especially good-looking, even better looking than the fairy drawn in the New Year pictures.

Su Tang lowered his head to see the child, whose face couldn’t help but turn red. Maybe the child was too nervous, for he gripped Su Tang’s clothes and refused to let go.

?? Several question marks appeared above Su Tang’s head as he looked down to meet the child’s gaze. He wanted to say something, however Qian Zhu turned around and asked him what had happened.

“You… You guys are…” The child seemed to have thought of something and immediately let go, wanting to run back home. As he ran, he shouted, “An immortal big brother has appeared—two immortal big brothers have appeared!”

All the adults were busy working at present and had left this bunch of children at home, so after that child finished shouting, the alleyway was once again filled with little children.

They all eagerly stared at the two with both shock and admiration.

Su Tang felt extremely awkward and wanted to slip away with Qian Zhu. Unfortunately, they were surrounded by a bunch of children and he couldn’t move his legs—the more precise way to say it was that they were circling around them.

If you wanted to ask why, it would be because Su Tang was good-looking, even better looking than the fairy drawn in New Years paintings. He was adorable, and whoever saw him would definitely like him.

This wasn’t the same for Qian Zhu. Although his appearance wasn’t at all bad, it was just that his demeanor was too cold. Usually when he stood there expressionless, the sight could scare little children away.

Su Tang understood this logic and hurriedly turned to Qian Zhu for help. The other wordlessly walked over and directly carried Su Tang.

Then this bunch of children stared expectantly at Su Tang.

It looked as if Qian Zhu had snatched away their favorite toy.

Su Tang was helpless and could only say to the children, “Big brother has something to do and needs to go out. I can’t play with you guys anymore.”

“Then why can that big brother go and play with the pretty big brother?” Some of the more courageous children asked, feeling wronged.

“Because he’s my wife.” Qian Zhu replied before carrying Su Tang away.

By the time they walked out of the alleyway, Su Tang was still feeling shy about Qian Zhu’s words. How could he be like that, wasn’t he teaching little children the wrong things?

“Quickly put me down ba.” Su Tang poked Qian Zhu, speaking nervously and shyly.

“No.” Qian Zhu shook his head with a smile.

There were so many stores open, and vendors were chatting everywhere. The streets were full of pedestrians and the two of them standing there like that would attract many people’s gazes.

“We’ll be laughed at.” Su Tang anxiously replied.

“How can it be.” Qian Zhu bopped his nose. “My wife is so good-looking, who would laugh at him?”

they’re such relationship goals??? i cry. thank you for reading!

p.s if you see any mistakes, please remember to @𝓭𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶𝔂𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓮#3049 in the discord channel in the typos and errors channel! you can dm me any mistakes too if you’re shy (❁´◡`❁)

  • 1
    师父 shī fu = master
  • 2
    Su Tang is just saying that Qian Zhu can’t keep his hands to himself lol
  • 3
    糖饼 táng bǐng = sweet pancake, it’s quite similar to the popular Korean street food, hotteok. Looks something like this.
  • 4
    画蛇添足 huà shé tiān zú = (lit.) to draw legs on a snake,  (fig.) superfluous or to overdo it // basically to do something that is rather unnecessary.

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