Chapter 50

Peach Fairy Arc #9

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“I know la.” Su Tang replied, his voice muffled. He looked down in embarrassment. Qian Zhu saw him and felt the urge to tease him more, “Yes, my family’s peach baby is the best.”  

“I’m not a peach baby.” Su Tang said in a small voice as he playfully pushed Qian Zhu.

“Then you’re a sweet baby.” Qian Zhu retorted, his tone more serious this time.

In an effort to get back at him, Su Tang reached out to pull his ear and said, “Hello, baby Qian Zhu!”

He burst into a giggling fit.

He laughed for a while before reacting, his heart a little depressed as he said, “Why can you call me baby, but when I do it, it sounds funny?”

Qian Zhu ruffled Su Tang’s hair and said, “That’s because you’re already a baby. I’m your big brother, and the big brother protects the baby. If we switch roles, it’s bound to sound weird.”

“Is that really how it works?” Qian Zhu’s words sounded nonsensical, yet they almost made sense. He glanced up at Qian Zhu’s face, which seemed all but insincere. Su Tang shrugged it off and decided to believe him.

“Well… but I don’t think you should call me that any more…” Su Tang quietly said. 

“Why? You don’t like it?” Qian Zhu asked.

“No ah, it’s just, it’s just…” Su Tang stuttered. “It’ll be embarrassing if anyone hears it.”

“Then I’ll only call you baby when no one’s around, okay?” Qian Zhu assured.

“Okay.” Su Tang gave in.

Su Tang soon remembered that barely anyone ever dared to go near Qian Zhu, so he’d be able to call Su Tang ‘baby’ all the time.

If they were in the presence of anyone, Qian Zhu would just call him Tang Tang1The ‘tang’ used here is 糖, which means candy/sweet. Su Tang’s name is 苏棠 instead.  

Qian Zhu decided not to divulge this to Su Tang. He changed the topic, “Didn’t you say you wanted to come chat with me? Why are you talking about other people now?”

Qian Zhu was completely right about Su Tang’s intentions. Su Ting racked his brains for an excuse—if Qian Zhu knew he was right, it would’ve been really awkward. He eventually responded, “Of course not, I was just a bit worried about it.”

Ai.2唉 Āi = a sigh. I will not be putting this into footnotes in the future so please take note of its meaning!” He sighed, his small face looking defeated and a little pitiful, “What happens if I don’t finish the old man’s mission?”

Qian Zhu simply answered, “Marriage is decided by fate. Whether or not there’s a matchmaker, couples who are meant to be will end up together.”

“But…” Su Tang was about to continue when the system abruptly interrupted, “Don’t listen to him, little ancestor, he wants to…”

“He wants to what?” Su Tang asked.

He wants to get in your pants, the system remarked silently in its heart. It bit its tongue before saying, “Anyway, just remember that your mission is to match the male and female leads. Don’t listen to Qian Zhu; he is more crafty than you. Don’t fall for his trickery.”

Su Tang was dissatisfied with the system’s comments; Qian Zhu treated him so well, and there was no way he’d ever lie to Su Tang. He could almost say he fully trusted Qian Zhu, but the system was unwilling to do so, and it even scolded Qian Zhu. This unnerved Su Tang, who said with uncertainty, “But I don’t feel like he’s lied to me.”

“Don’t forget that it was you who failed the previous two worlds.” The system was extremely anxious, its voice was harsher than expected. The system wasn’t blaming Su Tang—it was merely still recoiling from the failure that was the last two worlds. Each time Qian Zhu was present, it would only be reminded of how Su Tang had been deceived by the male leads in the past.

“Let’s not forget who messed up the plot’s timeline in the first place.” Su Tang refused to back down.

“…” The system choked, swarmed with guilt. It promptly digressed from their argument and hurriedly explained, “I was just a little careless. Everyone makes mistakes ah. I’ve already apologised to you, so let’s not fight anymore. Let’s be each other’s angels from now on, okay?”

“Okay, okay, okay. I forgive you la.” Su Tang couldn’t find it within himself to get angry anymore. In fact, the recollection of the system’s words gave him the urge to laugh, and he couldn’t help but give in to it.

It took Su Tang a few seconds of laughter for him to remember he was still by Qian Zhu’s side and he quickly stopped himself from giggling. Bewildered, Qian Zhu looked down at him and asked, “What’s so funny?”

The moment Qian Zhu said that, Su Tang recalled something and happily said, “I suddenly remembered, once that fairy elder sister shows up, I’ll sneak over to see the Moon Elder3月老 yuè lǎo = God of Marriage, God of the Moon // Those are a little wordy so I tweaked it and used ‘Moon Elder’ and tie their red strings of fate together.”

Su Tang’s words riled Qian Zhu. He’d been nothing short of kind to his little peach, protecting and caring for him, and wanting nothing more than to have Su Tang by his side. But alas, Su Tang wanted to play matchmaker and set Qian Zhu up with someone else. 

Qian Zhu really wanted to tell Su Tang then and there that he was Ning Yan xianjun4 仙君 xiān jūn = respected immortal. He knew, however, that if he ever told him, Su Tang would grow to dislike him. Yet, Qian Zhu badly wanted to burst Su Tang’s bubble.

He was unwilling though, because if he did that, his little peach would cry. Those eyes welling up and reddening was a sight he couldn’t bear. Qian Zhu pondered briefly before saying, “But the Moon Elder doesn’t let others touch the red strings of fate.”

“It’s alright.” Su Tang’s expression was one that was hard to read. He smiled, glancing at Qian Zhu, “Don’t I still have you, big brother Qian Zhu?”

Qian Zhu immediately understood what Su Tang meant. Agitated, he felt the urge to yank Su Tang over and spank his butt. He barely suppressed the desire before coldly asking, “What do you mean?”

“You’re so awesome, all you need to do is talk to the Moon Elder and their red strings of fate will definitely connect together. When they get married, everything will be perfect!” Su Tang exclaimed excitedly.

“Oh.” Qian Zhu grunted in resignationand, then he took Su Tang into his embrace. He gingerly stroked Su Tang’s hair, saying, “I’ll help you check with him tomorrow.”

“But that fairy elder sister hasn’t shown up ah?” Su Tang questioned.

“I’ll instruct the Moon Elder to leave Ning Yan xianjun’s red string of fate alone so that it can’t connect with other red strings.” Qian Zhu replied.

“Okay!” Su Tang was ecstatic. He’d finally be able to finish this world’s mission and his glee was indescribable. In the spur of the moment, he hugged Qian Zhu and kissed the other’s face.

“You’re the best, brother Qian Zhu! I like you so much!” Su Tang exclaimed.

Qian Zhu was stunned. He only felt something soft brush up against his cheek, caressing it, but the sensation left as quickly as it came. The very recollection of Su Tang kissing him made him giddy with emotion. His heart would beat like a drop of water on a calm lake, causing many ripples. After the first drop came the second, and soon the third, just like rainfall. Qian Zhu couldn’t calm his heart down.

The guilt resonating in his heart was quickly washed away by the rain as it sunk into the depths of his mind. 

Tonight’s moon was so beautiful, and Qian Zhu was almost overwhelmed with its brilliance. The radiant moonlight shone as brightly as the stars that littered the night sky, casting a warm glow upon everything it overlooked. Qian Zhu stared at Su Tang for a long time before letting out a slight smile. “I like you too.”

“En, en, en!” Su Tang squealed with great delight. Seeing Qian Zhu’s smile only served to intensify his joy—it felt like there were fireworks being set off inside his heart. However, in his elation, he failed to notice Qian Zhu’s strange expression. Oblivious, he fawned, “Your smile is so good-looking.”

“Is it?” Qian Zhu asked.

“Of course, you’re the best-looking person I’ve ever seen. When you don’t smile, you’re handsome, and when you smile, you’re even more handsome.” Su Tang may have had the reputation of a sweet-talker, but he meant every word of his flattery towards Qian Zhu.

Qian Zhu simply smiled and said, “There’s actually someone better looking than me.”

“Who?” Su Tang was curious. Who could possibly be more handsome than Qian Zhu? Could it be the legendary Ning Yan xianjun?

Qian Zhu didn’t tell him, only saying, “You should guess who on your own. You only have one try. If you guess it right, you get a present.”

Qian Zhu’s offer only made Su Tang more curious, but he didn’t want to guess rashly. He thought hard, his eyes were glimmering with speculation. He didn’t look sleepy in the slightest.

Qian Zhu saw that it’d been a shichen5A 时辰 shí chén is roughly two hours and realised it had already gotten dark. Seeing Su Tang deep in thought so late into the night made Qian Zhu regret provoking him. He quickly said, “Let’s sleep first. You can slowly think about it tomorrow when there’s more time.”

Su Tang still didn’t sleep, and Qian Zhu could only say, “If you don’t sleep, you won’t get a present anymore.”

Su Tang instantly snapped out of it, but what little excitement he had left prevented him from falling asleep. Qian Zhu took him into his arms and rubbed Su Tang’s head, coaxing him into slumber.

Qian Zhu’s body was warm and smelled particularly good. Su Tang found this especially soporific, and he felt like he could trust Qian Zhu. He yawned and rubbed Qian Zhu’s arms before closing his eyes.

As Su Tang grew drowsier, his thoughts grew more and more incoherent. Su Tang unconsciously pursed his lips. The warm touch on his face was familiar. Though it was a little itchy, it was still very comfortable.

Qian Zhu huffed a laugh and a sweet smile crept onto his face.

So sweet, like a peach-flavoured candy.

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  • 1
    The ‘tang’ used here is 糖, which means candy/sweet. Su Tang’s name is 苏棠
  • 2
    唉 Āi = a sigh. I will not be putting this into footnotes in the future so please take note of its meaning!
  • 3
    月老 yuè lǎo = God of Marriage, God of the Moon // Those are a little wordy so I tweaked it and used ‘Moon Elder’
  • 4
     仙君 xiān jūn = respected immortal
  • 5
    A 时辰 shí chén is roughly two hours

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