Chapter 49

Peach Fairy Arc #8

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“Just – just wanted to come chat with you ah.” Su Tang stammered out.

“Chat?” Qian Zhu asked.

“Yeah…” Su Tang answered weakly.

He actually wanted to sleep with Qian Zhu in his room.

It wasn’t that Su Tang was embarrassed to admit it, nor was he afraid of Qian Zhu’s ridicule. He just found it rather strange to do so—and he didn’t understand why.

Qian Zhu’s expression remained the same, but the little dumpling on his lap curled in on itself like a little bunny. Qian Zhu wanted to bring this bunny into his own nest.

Making a nest didn’t require much effort, however with Su Tang all curled in on himself, he definitely didn’t feel comfortable doing so. Feeling compromised, Qian Zhu said, “Should we really talk in this manner?”

“Ah.” Su Tang quickly raised his head upon hearing Qian Zhu’s hesitant tone. In trying to distance himself from the other, Su Tang ended up knocking his little head into Qian Zhu’s lower jaw.

Su Tang didn’t feel any pain, but he did hear a rather loud sound on impact. Crack. Alarmed, he raised his eyes to look at Qian Zhu. Though he reassured Su Tang that it didn’t hurt, the redness of his lower jaw said otherwise.

“Ah, sorry.” Su Tang hurriedly apologised before crawling over and asking, “Does it hurt?”

He immediately felt stupid asking the question—obviously it hurt. Qian Zhu wasn’t made of wood. Not to mention, his jaw had swelled and turned a bright red; there was no way he wasn’t in pain. Overwhelmed by guilt, Su Tang reached out his finger and poked Qian Zhu, asking, “Want me to rub it?”

“No… En.” Qian Zhu reluctantly nodded his head and directed his gaze away, flustered.

An injury this minor would’ve been a piece of cake to heal, for all he needed to do was send some spiritual power to the area. And yet the thought of Su Tang caressing his jaw was enough for Qian Zhu to rethink his decision.

Seeing Qian Zhu’s initial aversion, Su Tang thought he was still upset about being knocked in the jaw. If it didn’t hurt, why would he have looked away? Su Tang grew even more ashamed at the thought, so he reached out to gently rub Qian Zhu’s jaw, only to find it getting redder by the second.

He awkwardly turned to look at Qian Zhu, wanting to pull his hand back, but Qian Zhu was one step ahead of him. He caught Su Tang’s hand and the pair’s eyes met, leaving Su Tang momentarily petrified.

“Why did you stop?” Qian Zhu asked.

Er, I thought of a better plan.” Su Tang timidly replied.

Qian Zhu was shocked and thought that Su Tang had seen through his original intentions. He quickly asked, “What plan?”

“Look down.” Su Tang said as he tugged on the corner of Qian Zhu’s clothes.

While Qian Zhu didn’t know what Su Tang intended to do, he still did as he was told and lowered his head. Su Tang looked up at him, his eyelashes trembling, and caused Qian Zhu to hold his breath.

He drew closer to his jaw, then parted his lips before finally blowing a hot breath on Qian Zhu’s chin.

To be accurate, it was spiritual force.

It was also peach flavoured.

Especially sweet.

Qian Zhu suddenly felt like moving closer to take a bite.

Su Tang saw the redness subside slightly and asked happily, “Does it still hurt now?”

Qian Zhu shook his head, his eyes fixed on Su Tang. His stare was a little strange; Su Tang couldn’t make out what it meant, but it felt as if he was about to be swept away by Qian Zhu’s gaze.

“Why are you looking at me ah?” Su Tang said abashedly as he nudged Qian Zhu away.

Qian Zhu silently maintained his steady gaze before muttering, “Because you’re cute.”

Su Tang couldn’t take it—his entire body grew hot, as if he were a boiling kettle puffing out steam. Qian Zhu had called him cute several times before, yet no matter how many times he said it, Su Tang couldn’t help feeling ecstatic.

His happiness brought him to the brink of laughter, but he suppressed himself. Laughing at a time like this would only give away how delighted he was. Although he shut his mouth and didn’t let Qian Zhu see, his eyes betrayed him as they shone with immense joy.

Qian Zhu didn’t question him, and he only continued to observe Su Tang. He waited for Su Tang to calm down before rubbing his head and saying, “Didn’t you come here to chat with me? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Su Tang hid his face after hearing Qian Zhu’s words. He truly had a terrible memory. Qian Zhu had to remind him about the things he wanted to do, otherwise he’d forget all about them.

He coughed twice. He wanted to speak but realised they were both on the bed. Then he said to Qian Zhu, “I was going to say that I think sitting here and chatting has no atmosphere.”

Qian Zhu found this hilarious. What was this little baby talking about? Since when did the atmosphere affect their conversation? He didn’t find it annoying, only funny.

Maybe Qian Zhu just didn’t know where to find this ‘chatting atmosphere’. He may have lived for many years, however he’d only spoken to a few people. He asked Su Tang, but he didn’t know either.

Su Tang sighed. Qian Zhu recalled how the two had played for the whole day; the other must have been tired, so he suggested, “Let’s lie down on the bed and rest ba.”

Su Tang was stunned by Qian Zhu’s suggestion, and he felt hesitant. He wanted to refuse but couldn’t come up with a good reason. As he wracked his brain for a solution, Qian Zhu placed him on the bed, covered him with a blanket and laid down next to him.

Su Tang didn’t react until they were both lying on the bed. They had only agreed to chat, so why were they now in bed together?

Chatting under the blankets was completely normal, and there was nothing wrong with that.

That is, until Su Tang forgot what topics he wanted to chat about.

Qian Zhu wasn’t exactly one to chat either. The two just eyed each other and the atmosphere between them started to feel a little abnormal.

“System, what should I say ah?” Su Tang asked.

“What’s wrong? Why is it that whenever you see a handsome man, you become a mute ah?” The system replied.

Su Tang’s face turned red and flustered, and he quickly said, “What are you thinking about ah, I’m asking a genuine question.”

“Hehe.” The system didn’t want to argue with Su Tang over this and said, “You should ask where the male and female leads are at the same time. Something could have gone wrong with the mission.”

“Okay ba.” Su Tang agreed. He then pondered over his words and asked, “How did you get into the peach forest before?”

“I happened to run into someone, but I saw that the formation magic around the place was especially strong, so I decided to try breaking in.” He replied.

Su Tang was awed by his courage, and without thinking too much of it, he asked, “Did you run into the fairy elder sisters who guard the peach forest?”

Qian Zhu furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Why didn’t I ever hear about there being guards around the peach forest?”

Ah?” Su Tang was shocked speechless, very nearly jumping out of bed. He didn’t think Qian Zhu would lie to him, but he was certain that the female lead guarded the peach forest in the plot. “What… what’s going on ah!”

“Is this the latest decision made by the higher-ups?” Su Tang hurriedly asked.

“Impossible.” Qian Zhu shook his head and replied, “In the celestial world, regardless of how big or small the decision, as long as there’s any mobilisation of people, the Heavenly Emperor will pass a decree. Even if the Heavenly Emperor forgets to do so, there’d definitely be records of it.”

Su Tang felt his head go empty and he quickly questioned the system.

“It’s my first time handling this situation too. Why don’t you ask him where the male lead is?” The system choked.

Su Tang couldn’t think much further. He frantically asked, “Then, have you heard of Ning Yan xianjun1仙君 xiān jūn = respected immortal?”

“Who?” Qian Zhu looked like he couldn’t believe his ears.

Su Tang repeated himself but Qian Zhu continued to stare at Su Tang, perplexed.

“Why are you asking about him? In fact, where did you hear about people guarding the peach forest? How do you know all this?” He questioned.

“I…” Su Tang hesitated, his heart racing. He knew he couldn’t possibly tell Qian Zhu the truth, but lying wasn’t one of his strengths. If he couldn’t come up with something, Qian Zhu would definitely be suspicious of him.

“I had a dream once.” Su Tang blurted out, “In the dream, an old man with a white beard asked me to play matchmaker and told me these two names. Then he disappeared.”

Su Tang’s heart rate was at a million miles a second. His worry that he’d been seen through was only heightened when he saw Qian Zhu raise an eyebrow.

In the end, Qian Zhu didn’t get angry. Still suspicious, he ascertained, “Are you sure the other person was called Ning Yan xianjun?”

“Certain.” Su Tang nodded.

Qian Zhu replied with a complicated expression, “But Ning Yan xianjun is still… a youth.”

Su Tang had mixed feelings after hearing his words; he was glad he didn’t enter the wrong world, but disappointed that the male lead was still a child. Would the plot still proceed as planned?

He mulled it over until his head began to hurt. Qian Zhu comforted him, “Don’t worry. That old man must’ve been joking with you. Marriage is decided by the Moon Elder. 2月老 yuè lǎo = God of Marriage, God of the Moon // Those are a little wordy so I tweaked it and used ‘Moon Elder’

Su Tang’s conflicted thoughts were immediately brought to a halt. Intrigued, he hastily asked again, “When I find that fairy elder sister, then can I go find the Moon Elder and ask him to connect their red strings of fate?”

Qian Zhu’s face darkened, and he replied, “What if Ning Yan xianjun doesn’t like that lady?”

“That’s impossible.” Su Tang continued, unaware of Qian Zhu’s displeasure, “The old man already said that the fairy elder sister is especially pretty, kind, and warm. Whoever sees her will definitely love her.”

“She’s really that good?” Qian Zhu huffed.

“Of course ah.” Su Tang said, glancing at Qian Zhu.

“Better than me?” Qian Zhu asked again.

“Ah?” Su Tang was stunned for a couple of seconds, somewhat unable to believe that Qian Zhu would say something like that. But Qian Zhu seemed like an honest, upright youth, so he said, “Not better than you.”

Qian Zhu unfurrowed his brows and took Su Tang into his embrace. He rubbed his head and cooed, “Not better than you either.”

In his heart, Qian Zhu remarked, ‘In my eyes, you’re the best, my little candy.3 This is a play on words. Word used here is 酥糖 which is also read as Su Tang and it roughly means candy

dreamy here~ thank you for reading! my semester break is starting soon and i got a great new editor (love u noot x)! see you next friday! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

p.s if you see any mistakes, please remember to @𝓭𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶𝔂𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓮#3049 in the discord channel in the typos and errors channel! you can dm me any mistakes too if you’re shy (❁´◡`❁)

  • 1
    仙君 xiān jūn = respected immortal
  • 2
    月老 yuè lǎo = God of Marriage, God of the Moon // Those are a little wordy so I tweaked it and used ‘Moon Elder’
  • 3
    This is a play on words. Word used here is 酥糖 which is also read as Su Tang and it roughly means candy

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