Chapter 43

Peach Fairy Arc #2 

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    Su Tang stretched out his hands and found them fleshy and delicate. He poked his skin with a finger, which left behind a little dent.

    He’d just turned into his mature form and wasn’t wearing any clothes yet, however, fortunately enough, the aura in the peach forest was abundant. He used a small spell and made himself a moss-green cardigan.

    The colour of this robe suited him very well; it was a little bit green, but had more of a breath of life—the breeze was blowing, and the corners of the clothes fluttered, seeming to blend in with this peach forest.

    But Su Tang wasn’t satisfied, because he still had the mindset of a child.

    Based on his appearance, it was as if he were only around the age of six or seven. Cute was cute, but he was too young.

    “System, you said that I’ve been to so many worlds; how can I be hundreds of years old altogether if I have to be dressed like a child?” Su Tang asked, sitting on the branch with a wronged expression.

   “Come, let me tell you the truth. Although your appearance is young, in fact, at this age,you can kill at least half of the gods in the heavens.” The system said.

    “Really?” Su Tang immediately felt the system was unreliable, and he asked, “If that’s the case, why am I still so young?”

    “Because you’re lazy and don’t know how to practice. With you drinking dew and sleeping all day, it’s good enough that you were able to transform into an adult form. You also chose this appearance. What you’re doing is going to see the female and male leads’ meeting, not going for a blind date.” Fortunately, Su Tang looked small this time, otherwise he’d be seen by the male lead and they might end up crying and dying in the mission cycle.

    As soon as the system thought of this, it was a little scared. It wanted to tell Su Tang a few words, but then it saw the other person’s carefree face and didn’t know how to speak up.

    “You didn’t complete your tasks in the previous two worlds. This world, you need to work harder,” the system said.

    “Oh.” Su Tang nodded, and he found that he couldn’t remember what had happened in the previous world. Not who he’d met, what’d happened, or what kind of feelings he’d had—he couldn’t remember them at all.

    He wanted to ask the system, but remembered that the other party had told him that his memories would be wiped if he failed the task. There was nothing he could do about it.

    Su Tang was a little sad, and his mood soon became depressed until the system muttered next to him in order to blow away these emotions.

    “Be happy, you’re the big boss in this peach forest now. Those little peach fairies all listen to you. Have them look around for you in the future. When the male lead appears, they’ll immediately give you a report, and when that time comes, do the task right.” The system made suggestions on one side, and after their talk, it also imagined the joy of the next task.

    “Okay, I’ll go there.” Su Tang nodded. He tried  to jump from the tree, but was then a little dazed. If he jumped like this, he’d get injured.

    Su Tang stretched out his feet and found that he couldn’t reach the ground. He wanted to crawl down the trunk, but he couldn’t hold it and nearly slipped. He tossed around and finally sat on the tree without moving.

    “System, what do I do?” Su Tang asked.

    “Why don’t you jump? It’s not that high, you won’t fall to your death,” the system said.

    “But it’ll hurt so much.” Su Tang hesitated.

    The both of them exchanged sentences, and in the end didn’t come up with any good solution. Su Tang couldn’t just keep staying in the tree, so he closed his eyes and prepared to jump down.

    “Are you going to jump down?” A cold but very naive-sounding voice interrupted.

      Su Tang was stunned and quickly opened his eyes , but found that there was a young boy with pink makeup and jade standing beneath him. The other party looked slightly older than himself, just around ten-years of age, yet his demeanor was inconsistent with this age group. It was steady and cold.

   He looked very good. Though Su Tang couldn’t describe it, he felt that the other party was like a beautiful jade, surrounded by celestial mist. This jade wasn’t warm, but rather cold, like the streams that resulted from snow melting in the spring when everything began to thaw and bud.

    The stream was very clear, like the other person’s eyes. Those slender phoenix eyes were slightly upturned, and there seemed to be water flowing within.

    When Su Tang saw him, he was stunned. He felt his heart race wildly in his chest, thumping, and he felt the breeze gently blow, along with the peach forest’s blossoms rain down like they were separating the two, blurring his vision but also making him feel a sense of deja vu, as if, in a sealed memory, the two had met before.

    And yet he couldn’t remember. He wanted to pursue this thought, but there was nothing to pursue.

    Su Tang blankly looked at him , tears unconsciously flowing from his eyes, and he saw the ten-year-old boy frown. Said boy stretched his hands towards him and said, “Don’t cry. Jump down, I’ll catch you.”

    Su Tang was stunned and forgot to nod. Tears ran across his white face and he didn’t have time to dry them away. He sniffed and looked at the other’s arms, and weakly said, “I’m afraid… “

     “Don’t be afraid, I said I’ll catch you.” The boy finished, and he paused again. Suddenly remembering that the fairies always smiled when coaxing children, he finally lifted the corners of his mouth and revealed a faint smile.

    He didn’t seem to be accustomed to smiling, nor was he good at it, so this smile was rather short-lived, and it soon disappeared. When he smiled, he was really good-looking. Su Tang stared at him, seemingly thinking of something. He wanted to remember, but found himself unable to.

    “Be good, jump down.” The boy said.

    “Okay.” Su Tang looked at his eyes, and suddenly he wasn’t afraid anymore. He nodded, squatted down while holding the tree trunk, and then, due to the encouragement in the other’s eyes, jumped down.

    He didn’t hit the hard ground like in his imagination. Instead, he was enveloped in a warm embrace. The little boy had a good smell on his body  that was a bit like the fragrance of grass. Su Tang pressed him to the ground, the branches swayed, and the flowers fell, covering them with petals.

    “Is there any pain?” The little boy sat up and asked with concern, like an adult.

    Su Tang shook his head and remained laying on the other person’s body. The petals slipped into his hair, as if a lover had affixed silk flowers to his head. He looked at the other person with clear and bright eyes.

    Su Tang wasn’t heavy, and his body was very soft. The little boy didn’t rush to push him away, allowing Su Tang to lie on him as he reached out, took the petals from his hair, clutched them in the palm of his hand, and asked Su Tang, “What’s your name?”

    “My name is Su Tang.” Su Tang finished. All of a sudden, he felt nervous and asked, “What about you? What’s your name?”

    “Qian Zhu.” The little boy said.

    “Qian Zhu?” Su Tang repeated it, and his dangling heart fell. Before, when he’d seen the other, he was still afraid of the other person being the male lead, but the names of the two were different, meaning this mustn’t be the case.

    “En.” Qian Zhu said.

    “Where do you live?” Su Tang asked again.

    “Yu Qing Hall.” Qian Zhu said.

    After Su Tang heard his words, he thoroughly determined that the other party wasn’t the male host, and then said to him, “I live in this peach forest.”

    “I know.” Qian Zhu nodded. Then he got up, stretched out his hand to pull Su Tang up, and said, “You’re a little fairy peach from here.”

    “Wah, you guessed it.” Su Tang was very surprised. He looked at himself right and left, but was unable to see what had given him away, so he asked, “How could you tell?”

    But this time, Qian Zhu didn’t speak. He felt that his face was a little hot, but the peach blossoms around them made it less obvious.

    “Qian Zhu? Qian Zhu?” Su Tang tugged at the corner of the other’s clothing, tilting his head slightly, using his big, watery eyes to gaze at the other.

    He looked like a kitty with his tilted head, very cute, and although he didn’t have cat ears, he has a tuft of messy hair that, with it shaking left and right, made Qian Zhu want to touch it very much.

    But after he thought about it, he held back, though his eyes couldn’t move away from Su Tang. Su Tang was really cute, with a little baby fat on his face that appeared especially squishy while he looked at Qian Zhu,bulging his cheeks. 

    He wanted to poke again, to see if his fingers would sink into the other’s cheeks.

    But Qian Zhu restrained himself.

    He was silent, causing Su Tang to get more curious. Still, no matter what Su Tang said, he refused to tell him the answer.

    “You’re so annoying.” Su Tang suddenly said, feeling wronged.

    He heard Su Tang and suddenly panicked. While he didn’t know if he, by doing this, would be hated by Su Tang, if he told the truth, he might still be hated by Su Tang.

    “Do I have to say it?” Qian Zhu hesitantly asked.

    “You must.” Su Tang nodded vigorously.

    “Then…” Qian Zhu imagined what Su Tang would do when he knew the truth. He was a little scared in his heart. Who knew what he was thinking when he abruptly said, “Can you let me touch it?”

    “Wu, it’s okay…” Su Tang didn’t refuse. He was a little caught off guard, but he hadn’t had time to think too deeply before Qian Zhu’s hand was on his head.

    He felt Su Tang’s fluffy hair and it was as soft as he’d imagined. He liked it very much, except he was embarrassed to continue touching, so he had to retract his hand and he stared at Su Tang’s cheeks with an eager gaze.

    “That… you can pinch it.” Su Tang saw Qian Zhu’s eagerness and didn’t have the heart to refuse him, so he could only shyly say this.

    “Thank you.” Qian Zhu was pleased, and there was a smile in his eyes. He gently poked Su Tang’s face with his finger, and it was soft and elastic, just as he’d thought.

    “Alright, please tell me, how’d you know that I’m a peach fairy?” Su Tang seized Qian Zhu’s hand, fearing he’d run away.

    Qian Zhu felt an electric current flow through his hand, leaving behind a numb sensation. He was reluctant to move his hand away, and finally he could only answer, “I saw you transform.”

    “Oh, so it’s like that.” After Su Tang said this, he saw Qian Zhu’s face turn red. He couldn’t figure out why the other party was like this, and asked, “What are you blushing for?”

    “…” Qian Zhu didn’t speak. He looked at Su Tang’s body, and then guiltily looked away.

    Su Tang suddenly understood the other’s meaning.

    Now his face got even redder than Qian Zhu’s.

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