Chapter 42

Peach Fairy Arc #1

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When Su Tang woke up, his whole body was sore, like it’d been crushed by a car, and his back was slightly uncomfortable. He constantly felt as if that thing was still in his body, but he brushed it off.

    The curtains were drawn, making the room a little dark, and he couldn’t tell whether it was day or night. Su Tang felt that he’d slept for a long time and fell in a trance when he woke up again. In fact, this may have been caused by excessive lust.

    When he thought of this, he blushed a little. He was only wearing Shen Lan’s shirt, with almost nothing on his lower body. Needless to say, the other party had intentionally dressed him in this way. Su Tang turned over and pulled the quilt over his body. He laid straight on the bed and started thinking about life.

    Although he’d slept for a long time, he was, fortunately enough, only a little swollen down there after last night. It seemed that he’d been entangled with Shen Lan and let the other party embrace him…

    It was truly shameful!

    Su Tang flinched and curled himself into a small ball. The bed was full of Shen Lan’s scent, which reminded him of the things they’d done. Thankfully, the other party wasn’t beside him, otherwise he’d definitely crawl into the quilt and not come out.

    It wasn’t good to stay in bed all the time though. Su Tang slowly crawled out of bed, just like a panda in a zoo, his small arms and legs rubbing against the sheets, and he finally sat on the edge of the mattress. His legs were still  somewhat soft and unable to  support him at all, so Su Tang rolled over and off the bed.

    While the floor was covered with a fluffy carpet, it still hurt a bit when he fell down. Su Tang quietly rubbed his buttocks and wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes before he stood on his feet.

    He wanted to go to the toilet, yet he couldn’t help glancing at the mirror when he passed by he blushed, hesitated for a bit, and then finally walked in.

The weak light wasn’t very good, but he could still see the traces from last night on his body. A single shirt couldn’t cover all of it. Su Tang turned and looked at his back, suddenly remembering every bit from that day.

    At that time, the two were in a car, and there wasn’t too much space. As such, many actions weren’t performed. Shen Lan had put Su Tang’s leg on his shoulder, so there were many marks there.

    And not only that, he found his buttocks also kinda hurt. Maybe the other person had pinched him at that time. Su Tang took photos using the mirror and found a little bruise he wanted to reach out and knead. After a while, he wished to change the angle, and he turned around and saw Shen Lan standing at the door, watching him.

    Su Tang was startled. He quickly relaxed his hand. Feeling a little ashamed, he tugged down the hem of his clothing, but no matter how big it was, it could only cover his buttocks, leaving his inner thighs still able to be clearly seen.

    Shen Lan smoothly turned on the light , and his eyes roamed the other’s legs. Su Tang’s legs were thin, straight, and as white as enamel.1Enamel is the hard glossy substance that covers the crown of a tooth –  basically the author’s just saying that Su Tang’s legs are super white. They even reflected some light. However, this good enamel had plenty of red marks, like they’d been touched by rouge with someone’s fingers, adding style and beauty. 

    He intently stared at Su Tang , causing the other party’s legs and feet to soften, which thus left him without the strength to stand. Shen Lan’s face had no expression, and no one could tell what he was thinking as he quickly walked to Su Tang and picked him up.

    “Wah!” Su Tang yelled, and quickly wrapped his arms around the other, afraid that he’d fall. Shen Lan took him to the bed in two steps and then pressed him into the mattress.

    Shen Lan buried his head in his neck, clasped him tightly with his hands, and kept kissing his side and chin with his lips. He kissed and said, “Baby, you finally woke up. I was worried to death.”

    For the first time, Su Tang saw Shen Lan’s feelings so exposed. He couldn’t help feeling sour, and he didn’t push away Shen Lan as he asked in a low voice, “How long have I slept?”

    “You slept for three days.” Shen Lan raised his head and stared at Su Tang for a while before rubbing his small face. “Fortunately, you’re awake now, otherwise I might be even more worried.”

    “I’m okay now, don’t worry about it.” Su Tang finished, pushing Shen Lan away again, his face red. He tugged the quilt, covered his bare legs, and then said, “I slept for three days—why didn’t you find me a pair of pants to wear?”

    “Heh, I forgot.” Shen Lan smiled. Anyone could tell at a glance that he was lying, but he was very frank and wasn’t afraid of being exposed by Su Tang. If not for his character, Su Tang would’ve really thought that whatever Shen Lan said was the truth .

    Now wasn’t the time to care about these. Su Tang turned over, and Shen Lan quickly stretched out an arm to pillow him. It seemed to have become a habit.

    Su Tang leaned forward again, almost burrowing into Shen Lan’s arms before he poked him and asked, “How’s the situation now?”

    “Ravel was arrested, but he was in poor health. There were no signs of life from him while on the road.” Shen Lan began to talk to Su Tang carefully.

    An Shiyu was rescued in time and hadn’t turned into a vampire. The organisation wiped her memory for her and she was sent back to the countryside to recuperate. There were no major problems.

    Because Ravel was dead, An Shiyu was still human, and all the assets previously in Ravel’s hands would be transferred to Su Tang, but the government needed to strictly supervise  them to prevent such an incident from reoccuring

    “What about you?” Su Tang listened to Shen Lan, only to realise that something was wrong.  He remembered that Shen Lan had taken him away from the organisation, and he was suddenly nervous.

    “Me?” Shen Lan smiled helplessly and told him, “Because of something, my qualification certificate was revoked.”

    “Ah, what should I do,” Su Tang exclaimed.

    “You’ll raise me from now on.” Shen Lan saw him acting like this and deliberately teased the other person.

    Su Tang felt very good when he heard this. After all, Ravel’s assets were all transferred to his own hands and were enough for him and Shen Lan for several lifetimes. By then, he would have raised Shen Lan. His spirit soared.

    As soon as he thought of this, he was a little excited. He nodded quickly, and there was a light in his eyes saying eager to try. Just when he’d wanted to say yes, he was slapped (figuratively) by Shen Lan.

    “What are you thinking? I haven’t finished speaking yet.” Shen Lan raised an eyebrow, and then said to Su Tang, “There’s a shortage of manpower in the organisation, so I told them that my merits and demerits were even and managed to avoid trouble.”

    “During that time…” Su Tang also wanted to ask, and Shen Lan poked his face, saying, “I’ll go with you and choose a good day—let’s get married.”

    “You can’t disagree.” Shen Lan moved closer, his eyes full of affection.

    “No, I disagree.” Su Tang dumbly said  But he was a little excited, and he hugged Shen Lan’s neck, kissing him on the face.

    “I like you so much,” he said.

    “I like you too.” Shen Lan hugged him, gently kissed Su Tang’s brow, and then said, “I’ll always like you.”

    It seemed that the main events had ended, however Su Tang didn’t rush out of this world. Instead he stayed together with Shen Lan.

   There was a small worry amidst the happiness, which was Su Tang’s love of biting people, but he didn’t seem to be blamed for this. After all, Shen Lan bullied him every day, and, sometimes, the bullying was so cruel that he couldn’t help crying. Then he’d bite the other person in revenge.

    This little pain was nothing to Shen Lan. He didn’t pay much attention to it, just letting Su Tang bite as he wished.

    But there were times when he thought that this little vampire was really grinding; not only was he bitten on top, but even the bottom. Heh, he wanted to want to bully him even more.

When everything turned into dust, Su Tang finally entered the next world, and the memories of this world were then sealed.

    Su Tang opened his eyes and found himself surrounded by fog, with petals flying all over the place. It was as if he was in a peach forest.

    “System, System, where am I now?” Su Tang hurried to ask.

    “Su Tang, Su Tang, you’re in heaven now.” The system replied.

    “Don’t make trouble. Your joke isn’t funny at all. Hurry and tell me where this is. Why do I feel like I’m hanging in the air?” Su Tang said.

    “I’m not kidding you. You’re really in the heavens right now.” After the system finished, it recalled Su Tang’s identity and happily said, “This is the heavenly fairy world, and you’re a little peach fairy. Peaches grow on trees, so there’s no problem… “

    “What?” Su Tang was completely dumbfounded.

    It turned out that, within his current world, he was a fairy-like, chivalrous man. The male lead was named Ning Yan xianjun2仙君 xiān jūn = respected immortal . His character was cold and he was a lone wolf. Nothing moved his heart, and he was a typical high-mountain flower with confusing morals, often doing the wrong thing.

    For example, when the flat peaches matured recently, the Heavenly Emperor hosted a flat peach feast and invited all the immortals to come play. The flat peach garden was divided into four forests, with the female lead guarding the northern peach forest where the aura was the best; the flat peaches grown there would also become fine, and when she was praised from time to time, others became jealous of her. 

    Therefore, the imperial mission regarding the Taoist Appreciation Society was cut off by a rival from the eastern peach forest, and the female host didn’t receive it, meaning she naturally wasn’t aware of it.

The northern peach forest was a little far from heaven, and few people could go there. Still, the flat peaches3Flat peaches, also known as saturn peaches or doughnut peaches, are another species of peaches. Click here to learn more about them. that grew there were the best, and the illusionary surroundings were also the most meticulous.

   Outsiders could rarely find their way there, and even if they did, it was a difficult place to enter. 

    However, Ning Yan xianjun’s cultivation was profound, and this little illusion couldn’t stop him. He accidentally entered this place and was tricked by a fine, flat peach. When he tried to catch him, he was stopped by the female lead.

    Afterwards, according to the routine of love, the two fell in love at first sight, the male lead often took walks in the northern peach forest, the female lead made some wine to entertain them both, and then the two finally confessed that they were happy together.

    After listening to the system, Su Tang knew what he was. He must be the peach who’d made fun of the male lead and promoted the relationship between the two.

    Anyway, he had already passed through to this world and would concentrate on the task. Su Tang reached out and looked at his body, and found that he was no longer in the form of a peach, but a human figure with arms and legs. He sat on the branch and shook his legs, finding that the trees in the fairy world seemed… a bit tall?

    No, it was his short legs. The little doll Su Tang finally realised his overwhelming problem. 

Finally done with the vampire arc! ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Onto one of my favorites arcs out of the entire series, peach fairy arc! This one is a cultivation arc.

Just realized I didn’t introduce myself in the previous few chapters. I’m the new TL-er for Lovable Package, you can call me dreamy or rose! I used to upload them on Google Docs and I finally decided to move my work here. Feel free to point out any mistakes in the comments.

See you next chapter, loves <3

  • 1
    Enamel is the hard glossy substance that covers the crown of a tooth –  basically the author’s just saying that Su Tang’s legs are super white.
  • 2
    仙君 xiān jūn = respected immortal
  • 3
    Flat peaches, also known as saturn peaches or doughnut peaches, are another species of peaches. Click here to learn more about them.

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