Chapter 41

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Vampire Arc #21

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There was a rule in the blood hunting organisation that vampires who had lost their reason and tried to suck blood from humans must be handcuffed, and then injected with anesthesia to prevent further injuries. Su Tang, obviously, should be taken away.

    “The organisation has given me command over this operation. You don’t need to intervene in his affairs.” Shen Lan said.

    “But you were bitten…” The man was still a little hesitant. He believed in Shen Lan’s strength and knew that the other party’s power was far above his own. He knew he should not say anymore, but Su Tang’s reaction was terrible. If a strong vampire really loses their mind, their team might be wiped out. 

    “I’m fine. The task is to deal with Ravel, don’t waste time.” Shen Lan finished, but no one was willing to move, all staring at Su Tang who was on him.

    Their intentions were obvious. It doesn’t matter what Shen Lan does, but Su Tang must stay and be handed over to them to deal with.

    Shen Lan frowned, and his eyes showed traces of hostility. He seemed to be very dissatisfied with the reactions of these people. He showed his identification card1Basically, it’s a card with his credentials and shows he’s the strongest in the organization. , the two golden six-pointed stars on the very top shone. The blood hunting organisation has declared that he was the strongest person in the entire organization.   

    Shen Lan’s eyes swept through the crowd coldly and said, “Based on my experience, in this room, no one but me has enough strength to control him. If I were to give him to you, it could lead to the failure of the mission. How serious the consequences are, I’m sure you know.”

   After he finished speaking, the person who stopped him finally dropped the issue, and Shen Lan kicked the door open, holding Su Tang to leave quickly.

    The vampires in the hall had all been captured and were being taken to the Blood Prison. The luxurious hall quickly became messy, glass shards were scattered all over the place, and there was no place to fall.

    The scene has been blocked, and several staff members were taking photos to obtain evidence. At this moment, the night was thick, but the sky was invisible.

    Shen Lan’s task has been completed, and it should be reasonable to report back to the organisation, but he directly asked to leave, and then turned off his phone, holding Su Tang jumping out of the hall.

    He did not go out from the main entrance, because then he would encounter a series of obstacles, especially Su Tang’s special status, the organisation would probably take him back to interrogation regardless of his life and death, he could temporarily deceive the group of people in the action team, but he couldn’t deceive the upper leaders.

    He drove the car here when he came, and he would be able to get there in a few steps. Without being discovered, Shen Lan opened the car door and placed Su Tang into it.

    At the moment, Su Tang was semi-conscious, but the toxins still remained in his body after being bitten by An Shiyu. Half-bloods were different from purebloods. They needed to be embraced by other vampires before they could be transformed into pure blood. So when they sucked blood, they would produce this kind of toxin that urges the other party to embrace themselves for the first time. This toxin was very stubborn. Unless the other party has very strong willpower, it would be easy to lose reason.2After being bitten by half-bloods, the bitten party will feel the urge to sleep with them.

    There was only Shen Lan in front of Su Tang, so he could only vent on Shen Lan. He opened his mouth and sunk his teeth in the other person’s skin, but he did not suck blood, his reason told him not to do so.

    Humans and half-bloods were different. They have a very low survival rate, only around one in a few hundred people would survive.

    Su Tang was clear about it and naturally, he refused to do such a thing to Shen Lan, but his body did not allow him to resist. The heat was gradually rising, his sweat has almost soaked his clothes. He leaned helplessly on Shen Lan, the other party’s breath and taste drove him crazy.

    He wanted to endure it, but he couldn’t help it. The sense of helplessness scared him, and tears flowed down his cheeks.

    “Shen Lan, I’m so uncomfortable.” Su Tang said weakly, his hands grasped the other’s shoulder tightly.

    “Don’t be afraid, baby, I’m here.” Shen Lan rubbed Su Tang’s head, his heart hurt like it was pierced with a needle upon seeing the other person’s uncomfortable appearance. He was more than willing to bear it on his behalf.

    Su Tang kept arching against him and his lips were rubbing constantly against his shoulders. He heard Shen Lan say, “Be good, just suck, you don’t need to hold back.”

    “No…” Su Tang shook his head, pushed away with all his strength, and then tore off the collar of his clothes, exposing a patch of fair skin.

    “You bite me instead.” He said.

    Shen Lan hesitated, and Su Tang urged again. He believed that the pain might restrain his emotions, so he kept insisting.

    “Okay.” Shen Lan finally gave in, he leaned closer to the exposed skin, and then gently bit down.

    He bit very softly and it didn’t hurt at all, but Su Tang inhaled sharply, breathing faster and he could not stop panting. His body was unbearably hot, but at the moment when Shen Lan bit him, he seemed to feel a trace of ease.

    Something flashed in his brain, he vaguely felt it was feasible, but he had no time to think much about it. Shen Lan bit his neck gently again. This place was very sensitive. He used a little more strength to bite, and a mark soon appeared on Su Tang’s neck. A wonderful response. 

    He put his hand on Shen Lan’s back, and then slowly moved upwards, his fingers entangled in the other person’s soft hair. Shen Lan wanted to raise his head but was held by Su Tang in place.

    “Shen Lan, hug me.” He closed his eyes, his face flushed, the tone of his voice sounded a little dumb, and he also had light breathing.

    “What?” Shen Lan froze for a moment, before being able to respond to anything, he felt the other’s legs hooked around his waist.

    The answer was obvious. No one would refuse this request. The space in the car was not large, but it was enough to accommodate two people.

    Su Tang was feeling very hot, but the temperature outside was too low. Shen Lan turned on the air conditioner, and then quickly took off each other’s underwear and leaned down to explore.

    Sexual desires could dilute the blood-sucking desire, but it would also throw the vampire into another emotion. Shen Lan’s movements were eager, and his strength was heavier than usual. It was not as gentle as before, and it was a different kind of experience.

    Su Tang gasped, feeling cool lips slipping from his chest to his abdomen, and then paused a little, then wrapped around his thing. The sudden feeling made him let out a scream, but Shen Lan had an iron heart. He couldn’t stop sweeping with the tip of his tongue. 

    Pleasure crashed over him in waves. Su Tang was like a stranded fish. He was continuously pushed towards the beach. The wave moistened his body, and soon dissipated, depriving him of breath, leaving him unable to think.

    Su Tang covered his mouth and refused to make a sound, letting out a low groan, he couldn’t bear it when Shen Lan treated him like this. Tears rolled down his face pitifully, he looked miserable and like he was being bullied.

    He was stimulated for some time, but when he finally thought he was about to reach the climax, Shen Lan released him.

    “Wuwu…” Su Tang was unsatisfied and began to sob in a low tone.

    “Do you want me to continue?” Shen Lan took off his jacket and asked him with a burning gaze.

    Su Tang nodded, but Shen Lan leaned over and licked his ear, then lowered his voice and said, “I will not stop, is it okay?”

    Su Tang has been confused by him. He listened to what Shen Lan said, nodding. He felt that his body had been turned over, and then he was pressed under another familiar body.

    The lights were not turned on in the car, and the two only relied on their sense of touch to explore. When the vision was deprived, the other senses would be enhanced, it seems that each touch could bring different feelings. And each other’s breathing and heartbeat sounded more clearly.

    When Shen Lan said that he could do it, he really controlled it all the way. Whether it was in strength or speed, Su Tang flew to the clouds and then submerged under the water. Su Tang’s brain was blank, and tears flowed down his face. The crying continued, but Shen Lan regarded it as the best response, constantly deepening the ceremony.

    The night of late autumn was very lonely, only the cold wind continued to roar, the fallen leaves and dry branches were scraped, and the rustling noise was rubbed against the ground. Ravel’s manor still glowed dimly, but it could not shine outside the iron fence. 

    The car seemed to sway a little, and one could even hear heavy gasps and low groans. No one knew how long had passed. Perhaps the sky had begun to whiten, and all this completely calmed down.

    Su Tang seems to have been drowned in water. His whole body was wet, with both sweat and white turbid liquids. The pale red traces covered the whole body, extending from the neck to the ankle, and the marks on the inner side of the thigh were particularly dense. The two did not know how many times they did it, he was too tired to care.

    Shen Lan took out the paper towel and simply wiped his body again. Some liquid kept pouring out. It seemed that it could not be wiped clean, he didn’t stay too much. Instead, he put the coat on the other party and returned home to wash the other.

    As for hiding vampires, the organisation would surely pursue them. If he was asked to hand over Su Tang, he would definitely not agree.

    Shen Lan lowered his head, gently kissed Su Tang’s cheek, and buried his head in the other’s shoulder.

    If you wanted to grab Su Tang from his hands, it wouldn’t be so simple.

  • 1
    Basically, it’s a card with his credentials and shows he’s the strongest in the organization.
  • 2
    After being bitten by half-bloods, the bitten party will feel the urge to sleep with them.

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