Chapter 40

Vampire Arc #20

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The vampires who were previously full of hope were stunned, not having expected the relationship between the two to be like this. Obviously, the human servant was more domineering, and in bed, he was probably the controlling party. This noble and mysterious vampire lord, they were afraid he was very happy. 1 Bloodkins and vampires are the same thing.

    This much could be seen just by looking at the actions of the two.

    After all, creatures such as vampires would always have a strong and terrible possessiveness towards their own food. Wiping the corners of their mouths, to them, was equal to snatching food, but Su Tang didn’t mind—to be precise, it seemed like a habitual occurrence.

    Later, they kissed again. Maybe the human simply licked the vampire’s lips, but this was enough, because the vampire lord didn’t hide, and it can even be said that he gently accepted the other party’s kiss. 

    Bloodkins were cold-blooded and rarely had feelings, and since they experienced pleasure just by sucking blood, they weren’t really keen on kissing. The bloodkins’ sense of superiority emerged hundreds of years ago and almost succeeded in brainwashing the entire race. They, unlike humans, believed that useless things like kissing should be abandoned.

    So up until now, bloodkins rarely kissed others. Although this idea of superiority had been eliminated, they still retained this habit. Only humans liked to kiss, and the vampire lord could be said to only be accommodating the other.

    Their relationship might be much deeper than expected. This was truly incredible.

    They suddenly remembered that when the human servant ordered the guests to leave not too long ago, they showed contemptuous eyes. It was simply foolish to think about now. This lord was spoiling his human.

    So they apologetically  smiled and bowed, looking very humble before they finally excused themselves to leave.

    After all, no matter how badly they wanted to climb up to the upper-class nobility, they would think about their own small lives first.

    After the group of vampires left, Shen Lan hugged Su Tang on his lap and began to stroke the other person’s hair. No one dared to say anything, and no one even dared to glance here. If they were lucky enough to glance over, then, of course, the chance was not to be wasted.

    Shen Lan looked at his watch. It had been almost twenty minutes since An Shiyu was taken away. The organisation had not yet made any movements, which indicated that the other party was still safe.

    At 9:10pm, the music was replaced by an exciting tune, the ingredients in the wine began to play their role, and almost all the vampires present began to become restless; the two knew that Prince Ravel was about to start.

    He would make noise during the blood ritual, but because he feared that, if he was heard by this group of people, his major arrangements may be ruined, he put a potion 2 I guess the potion “de-heightens” their senses, so they won’t hear what happens. into the wine glasses to temporarily numb the senses of these vampires.

    However, Prince Ravel didn’t know that he’d brought misfortune upon himself, giving the organisation their chance to sneak into the manor.

    Shen Lan didn’t hurry, but first carefully checked the surroundings to ensure that there were no hidden dangers, before relaxing and sending a signal through his communicator.

    Just a second later, a snap was heard, and the lights in the hall turned a dim red. It was very sudden, but to the vampires who’d been restless for a while, the light seemed akin to  an aphrodisiac poison, the colour of blood arousing the mania in their hearts, and the crowd finally fell into a craze.

    Shen Lan took Su Tang’s hand and, under the communicator’s guidance, quickly moved through the riotous crowd. The vampires were wildly dancing, so none would notice that someone was trying to leave.

    Prince Ravel’s manor was cleverly designed, with countless dark doors and underground passages. Upon pushing a candlestick on the wall, the originally sealed wall exposed a small hole that was big enough for one person. Shen Lan went in front, and Su Tang was behind him.

    Prince Ravel was very cautious. This secret passage was his escape route, and aside from himself, even his closest servant wasn’t aware of its existence. Fortunately, some of An Shiyu’s scent remained from when she’d left, otherwise they would’ve had no way to find it.

    The secret passageway was long, the air within was thin, and it was without candlelight. Prince Ravel didn’t like modern things very much, so lights were rarely used. This caused the secret passage to be extremely dark, and not even one’s feet could be seen.

    Su Tang, as a bloodkin, naturally had night vision, so he took Shen Lan’s hand and moved forward.

    No one knew when it started, but a singing voice slowly began to be heard in the secret passage. The sound was erratic. It seemed to come from far away, yet it also seemed to be right next to their ears.

    Su Tang’s heart tightened, knowing that Prince Ravel had already started the ceremony, and that they had to speed up. The whole while, they kept in contact with those on the other end of the communicator. 

Unconsciously, they followed the secret passageway to the attic on the other side of the manor.

    An Shiyu’s scent abruptly stopped in front of a black iron door. There was a rich bloody smell coming from the other side, and the singing voice had finally become clear. Shen Lan guarded Su Tang behind him and quickly reported the situation to the organisation. After that, he kicked the door open.

    It’d been a long time since this room was visited by anyone. The walls were covered in dust, and though there were windows, they were blocked by black velvet curtains. The whole room was especially dark, with only the candlestick on the ground still emitting a faint light.

    Photos were scattered on the floor, some in black and white, some in colour. They were of a beautiful woman from country Z who was most likely An Shiyu’s mother.

    It seemed that Prince Ravel had already told An Shiyu about her mother. Su Tang frowned, seeing the candlestick and the white wax that rolled down along its body before finally dropping into a pool of blood.

    It was a prototype rune drawn with blood, with a different kind of light shining under the candlelight. It was clearly a bright red, and it burned endlessly.

    An Shiyu was tied to an iron frame, her limbs imprisoned by chains and her head fallen  limp. She was already in a coma, her wrists and ankles were slit, and her long white skirt was stained with blood.

    An Shiyu had a visible scar on her neck in the shape of a vampire’s teeth, but she had not yet become a vampire because her blood was being drawn by Ravel.

    There was a long, slender, transparent tube inserted into the wound on her neck, and bright red blood slowly flowed through the hose  and into Ravel’s mouth. He laid in a bathtub, his eyes closed, his face pale and lifeless. If  it hadn’t been for the rising and falling of his chest, Su Tang would have thought that he’d died in an accident during the ceremony.

    He’d inserted a tube into his mouth, and his skin had become transparent, giving people the illusion that they could see the internal skeleton through his skin, though this was in fact completely impossible. His body was soaked with black blood, it was like he was being embraced by the god of death. As for all this black blood, it all came from inside of him.

    Because Ravel’s body had dried up like a piece of rotten wood without the slightest speck of opportunity for life, he, drenched in black blood, appeared as if he were in the embrace of the god of death. As for this black blood,  it all came from within him.

    He needed to draw out all of his old blood and then replace it with fresh blood.

    At this moment, he was in a period of weakness, yet his body hadn’t experienced a great deal of pain. There was no blood flow, which made his whole body dry up; if he was unable to get a supplement of fresh blood, he would probably sleep there forever.

    Prince Ravel had been greedy and cunning all his life, but he was very arrogant, and one could even say he was a bit ignorant. He looked down on the modern technologies of mankind, never expecting that, one day, he would lose his life due to these things.

    His thoughts were still clear, and he wanted to get up, but his weak and feeble body couldn’t do so. When Shen Lan pulled the tube from his mouth, Prince Ravel could only repeatedly let out “ho ho” like a fish removed from  water. 

    An anesthetic was injected into his body, causing him to temporarily fall asleep. His limbs were then handcuffed,, and upon confirming that he would not escape again, Shen Lan opened the curtains to let sunlight into the room.

    The candle’s light was extinguished in an instant, and the blood-stained rune drawn on the floor immediately turned into black dust. Su Tang walked to An Shiyu to release her from imprisonment.

    However, when his hand touched the other party, An Shiyu suddenly opened her eyes. Her irises were bright red, almost the same as that of the bloodkins’ downstairs.

    Su Tang was stunned by this change, and she easily extended her fangs to bite Su Tang’s wrist. Once her teeth pierced skin, she began to suck his blood.

    “Ah!” Su Tang shouted, and Shen Lan immediately turned back . His face was blue, and he grabbed Su Tang’s wrist, then quickly took out a blood inhibitor and injected it into An Shiyu’s neck.

    At this time, members of the Blood Hunting Organisation also rushed into the room. Before they could move any further, An Shiyu entered a coma, falling into a deep sleep once again.

    Su Tang sat on the ground, breathing heavily and constantly trembling, An Shiyu’s bite having truly hurt him. Shen Lan felt cold all over and he quickly embraced Su Tang. The other party’s face was flushed, his gaze confused. He looked up at Shen Lan and opened his mouth to bite his shoulder.

    “He’s a vampire!” Someone exclaimed, pointing a gun at Su Tang.

    Shen Lan, who was leaning against the wall, raised his head, his voice cold and chilly as he fiercely glared at the other and warned in a low voice, “Don’t touch him.”

  • 1
    Bloodkins and vampires are the same thing.
  • 2
    I guess the potion “de-heightens” their senses, so they won’t hear what happens.

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