Chapter 39

Vampire Arc #19

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“Oh, that’s true.” Prince Ravel obviously didn’t expect Shen Lan to butt in, much less the other’s mocking tone. The corner of his lips hooked up and he took a whiff; sure enough, Shen Lan’s scent was on Su Tang.

    His younger brother—he would enjoy him more and more. That sweet and fresh blood, if it was ingested, how delicious it would be. Prince Ravel smiled, a few wrinkles appearing on his pale face, and it was especially gloomy under the light. As he stared at the pair for a long time, no one could tell what he was thinking.

    Su Tang couldn’t stand his prying eyes, and yet, at the same time, he was unable to look away. He and Prince Ravel had the same blood flowing through their veins, but when they faced each other, he could feel the killing intent from the other’s gaze.

    In fact, Prince Ravel had wished to kill him since long ago, but the crime of killing a relative was not something he wanted to be known for, so he’d put Su Tang to sleep and then divided his property and rights.

    But now everything is different. Ravel’s body has reached its limit. He needed the blood of one of his closest relatives to survive. When he was reborn, everyone would know what he had done, and someone would come forward to convict him. So what? He would have gained the most powerful force, and those lowly humans and law enforcement teams would be unable to stop him.

    As for Su Tang, it was even more so.

    Ravel thought of this and withdrew his gaze,  the murderous intentions also hidden in his dark red eyes. He smiled and took back his hand. It was casual yet elegant, telling of his noble upbringing. Kindly, he said: “It looks like you’re doing pretty well.”

    Su Tang hesitated for a moment before nodding  in affirmation.

    “Then I won’t disturb you. I hope you spend a pleasant night here.” Prince Ravel finished, then he turned and looked at An Shiyu to the side.

    “You look like someone I knew; they were extremely beautiful.” Prince Ravel said.

    “Thank you.” An Shiyu felt there were hidden intentions in the other party’s words, but she couldn’t see through them. The other party’s dark red eyes stared intently at her , giving her the chills.

    “I have a picture of her—do you want to see it?” Prince Ravel asked again.

    “No…” An Shiyu wanted to refuse, and she heard Prince Ravel say again: “She’s surnamed An and comes from country Z.”

    An Shiyu’s brain felt like it’d been hit hard by a hammer. She was also from Z country and had taken her mother’s surname, though she’d never seen her mother. Since childhood, she was raised by her grandfather and grandmother, and all she had of her parents were a few old, yellow photographs.

    Whenever she asked about her parents, her grandfather and grandmother always avoided talking about it. Every descriptor Ravel provided reminded her of her mother. She knew that the other party had a purpose—she also knew that she’d be in danger when she went there, but she couldn’t find it in herself to reject his offer.

    “You go ba, we’ll wait for you here.” Su Tang suddenly spoke up from beside her when she was hesitant.

    “Thank you.” An Shiyu nodded and followed Ravel up the stairs.

    The party continued. Su Tang and Shen Lan didn’t speak, but they both knew very well that An Shiyu was actually the bait in their plan to capture Prince Ravel. Even if it was very dangerous, she had to go.

    At the time, Shen Lan didn’t agree to this, it’s just that there was no better way. Fortunately, An Shiyu wanted to go today, otherwise even if they stopped her, the organisation would send someone to let her go.

    After Ravel left, the music continued to play again, and the people in the hall began to dance and laugh once more. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and yet, in those crowds, there were always one or two eyes constantly monitoring their every move.

    “Everything will go well, don’t be afraid.” Shen Lan said, holding Su Tang’s hand and comforting him.

    “What should we do now?” Su Tang pulled the other person to sit beside him, resting his head on the other’s shoulder. He closed his eyes, his tense spirit a little tired. Shen Lan touched his head and said softly, “We’ll have to wait.” 

    Shen Lan had reported the situation to the organisation; all he needed to do was stand by here.  Prince Ravel’s manor had no doubt been surrounded by blood hunters by now, and they would have already begun to silently sneak into the mansion .

    “Okay.” Su Tang nodded, his previously closed eyes opened a little, revealing dark red orbs. His face was very delicate, taking on air mysterious after putting on the mask, and he also carried a human servant beside him whose looks were exceptionally handsome and who provided him with blood. He must be a low-key nobleman.

    When Prince Ravel invited him to have a drink, everyone felt that Su Tang’s identity was not simple. That he could be treated like this by even Prince Ravel meant his identity was probably comparable to the Prince’s.

    Vampires were different from humans, with their identity levels being more strictly divided. The power of nobles was always higher than that of ordinary vampires, with there being little to no chance for them to come into contact with higher-ranking vampires. The higher the social hierarchy they went, the harder it was for the ones on the lower levels to reach.

    Today’s fancy-dress ball was a great opportunity for them to meet said upper-class vampires.

    Su Tang originally had his eyes closed and was resting. Upon sensing the bloody smell gradually coming closer and closer, he opened his eyes and was almost startled by the scene in front of him.

    There were many beautiful women and handsome men approaching him with flattering smiles on their faces. If he looked at their smiles for too long, he’d find them fake and feel uncomfortable.

    “What are they going to do?” Su Tang nervously pulled on Shen Lan’s clothes and quietly asked.

    “They want to talk to you,” Shen Lan said.

    “Oh, that’s weird.” Su Tang leaned against Shen Lan. In fact, he was already clinging to him, so any closer and he’d be in the other’s lap.

    “Do you want me to help you drive them away?” Shen Lan glanced at those people, his brows furrowed. Actually, he’d noticed these vampires standing there for a long time, but he’d stayed still until they’d looked at Su Tang with their greedy eyes, which had made him unbearably upset.

    If the environment was different, he would have stood up and arrested them before sending them straight to prison.

    But he still had to wait. Hmph.

    Shen Lan was a little unhappy, and there was an unmissable chill in his eyes. Su Tang saw it and couldn’t help but worry. He took Shen Lan’s hand and said: “Don’t mess up now. It’s not good to get upset here.”

    When Shen Lan heard it, he suddenly smiled and placed his lips on Su Tang’s hand, before saying, “You little baby, what are you thinking? Am I such an impulsive person?”

    “Because you were so scary just now…” Su Tang said, feeling wronged.

    Shen Lan smiled and pulled him onto his lap, and then moved closer to Su Tang’s ear and asked, “Am I still scary now?”

    “What are you doing?” Su Tang was startled and a little embarrassed. So many people were looking at them. Shen Lan had picked him up so nonchalantly that he blushed and couldn’t help but want to break free.

    “Don’t move, don’t you want to drive them away? Come closer to me.” Shen Lan hugged him tightly, but Su Tang whispered, “Is this really okay?”

    “When have I lied to you?” Shen Lan said with a smile, knowing that the other person was shy, and he said, “If you’re embarrassed, just turn to face me.”

    Su Tang quickly turned around, his legs apart as he sat on Shen Lan. His posture allowed him to be directly within the other party’s line of sight, Shen Lan’s pupils reflecting only him.

    Su Tang felt suffocated. Shen Lan stretched out a hand to hold Su Tang’s waist and pressed him against his shoulder. The vampires around them saw this scene and hesitated a little, wondering if they should still step forward and speak.

    “Don’t move.” After he finished talking with Su Tang, he turned his head and loosened his bow tie, unbuttoning the top two buttons to expose his throat and neck.

    There were no wounds on it, but there was a little red blemish, together with  small tooth marks. At first glance, they were traces of love. Obviously, he and Su Tang didn’t have the simple bond of master and servant, for bloodsucking was another very ambiguous and taboo relationship.

    Shen Lan didn’t care much about it. He just gently touched Su Tang’s head and asked, “Do you want to drink?”

    “Huh.” Su Tang answered. Though he didn’t really want to bite, he still gently nipped on the other person’s shoulder. The sweet smell of blood began to diffuse throughout the room. He dragged his tongue over the wound and waited for it to heal, pretending to suck blood.

    Shen Lan glanced carelessly at those people, a warning in his gaze. Some people had given up speaking to Su Tang, after all, in the blood clan, there were many noble vampires who didn’t like being disturbed while they were sucking blood.

    However, there were still many people who refused to give up. Shen Lan was only his servant or bed partner, meaning that what he conveyed might not be the master’s intentions and may instead be false.

    They still held a glimmer of hope and waited around, just staring at Shen Lan. Su Tang finally turned around with a little blood on the corner of his mouth, looking tender and sexy. Shen Lan leaned in to help him kiss it away, giving the other a lick on the lips. Throughout the entire process, Su Tang remained docile.

    Shen Lan raised his head, revealing a sneer, and then said to the men and women who tried to talk to Su Tang, “My master doesn’t want to be disturbed. Everyone, please step back.”

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