Chapter 9


All the blood rushed to his head in an instant and the youth’s face was flushed red.

Fucfucfucfuc, what about being a cold faced person? What about pretending to be kind? Major General, you being such a rogue and so OOC1OOC: Out of character, is it really okay?

Miao Te opened his mouth, blushing, but didn’t know what to say. His lips opened and closed several times without making a sound.

【Relax, accept, and don’t resist me. 】

The youth now has the urge to slap himself. He should have known, he should have known about it ah!

You see, these words were so ambiguous and sounded so wrong, how could he be so stupid not to think about it carefully?!

No wonder Major Robin looked at him with such complicated eyes just now and showed him an ambiguous expression.

No wonder Major Robin showed a very surprised look when he agreed so easily.

… How can one not be surprised!

People wanted to make an ‘appointment’ with you, but you actually agreed without hesitation!

If it were replaced with the custom back in his time, what he said just now is equivalent to a person having an appointment at noon and then indifferently telling the person who he made an appointment at noon with that he had another appointment at night…

And just now in the dining hall, he also said generously to Major Robin: Come, let’s get it on, right here! You’re welcome!



Ha ha.

life has no meaning. jpg2 just saw this lol

The youth, who felt that all his face has been lost, hugged his head and squatted on the ground.

He buried his head like he was dead, the embarrassment that filled his head made him afraid to look at the current expressions of the two men around him.

If there was a dirt hole in front of him, he would definitely jump in without hesitation and then bury himself with the dirt.

The red-haired major, who was waiting for the BoSS to dispose of him, maintained a standing posture silently like a cicada in late autumn.3Too afraid to speak because of fear.

He stood upright and his expression was serious, but the pair of sneaky eyes glanced left and right, exposing his restlessness.

The young major general ignored the subordinate who wanted to sneak away, and just lowered his head to look at the young man who was squatting on the ground holding his head, causing him to slightly raise his slender eyebrows.

The terrible cold light in the dark blue pupils had disappeared, and the look of dislike had been replaced with an expression saying, “How can my chosen partner be this stupid?”

Yes, partner.

That was the decision he made before having Spiritual Harmonization with the little guy.

For the past few years, he has been walking alone, looking for the truth that he wanted to know. It wasn’t that no one showed him love or made ambiguous invitations, there were, but he just didn’t accept those people because he didn’t consider it at all and nor does he has the time to consider and think about this so-called partner issue. That’s why he hasn’t shown much interest in both men and women who have been around him. He has become accustomed to being alone, not even willing to get in too much contact with others and get too close.

He didn’t think it was necessary.

Because in his eyes, everyone is only divided into two types, those who can be used by him and those who cannot. But on that day, for the first time, he had wanted something and experienced something like ‘desire’. He understood the emotion ‘dissatisfaction’.

He wanted to take another look at the blue planet. Pictures couldn’t satisfy him and he wanted to feel the indescribable shock and thrill more deeply.

As long as the silly little guy was his partner, they can engage in Spiritual Harmonization and he can enter the other person’s consciousness and feel the blue planet.

Moreover, the youth had shown him love in public.

So in return, he accepted his love.

【I want to harmonize with you】

【Sure, no problem.. 】

After the above conversation, Taylor believed that he had conveyed his intention to choose Miao Te as his partner and the other party had agreed.

Both parties have agreed to this commitment. And in other words, this little guy was already his.

So when he walked into the restaurant just now and saw that the semicircular metal ring in Robin’s hand was about to be put onto the teenager’s neck, his gaze went cold.

Without saying a word, he smashed Robin’s personal Spiritual Simulator device directly.

It is true that some people can carelessly share their partners with other people and enjoy it, but he could not. Since he had chosen a partner, he would not look at anyone else. So his person must be the same and not give his heart to another.

Therefore, when he saw the youth indifferently agree with Robin’s request for harmonization and even allowed Robin to attach the Spiritual Simulation device on his neck without resistance–

The cold light in the young major general’s eyes became terrifying, and his gaze on Miao Te also became cold to the extreme.


It turned out that the little guy didn’t even understand what the so-called harmonization meant. Taylor was angry for a moment then troubled the next. However, now that this misunderstanding was resolved, the extreme cold that suddenly filled his heart had already dissipated.

He lifted his feet and the black military boots gently nudged the boy crouching on the ground.

“Stand up.” He said. His tone was light and no emotion could be heard.

“I won’t–“

The youth who was so embarrassed he felt like he could go to the heavens at any moment, continued to hug his head and firmly squat on the ground.

“Stand up.” Taylor nudged him again slightly, his tone increased slightly.

“Not yet!”

Anyway, he would live and die on the ground. He doesn’t really want to raise his face–so fucking shameful!


The corner of the major general’s lips twitched lightly, no one had ever done such a shameless act in front of him so shamelessly.

For the first time, he was made to feel helpless by being this youth.

The light-colored thin lips exhaled slightly and Taylor bent down, reached out to grab Miao Te’s arm that was still holding his head.

Just exerting a little amount of force on his hand as he pulled, the whole body of the silly kid was dragged.

Because he pulled suddenly, the unsuspecting youth was dragged by him and lost his balance and then fell on him in a flash.

The black-haired major general naturally embraced Miao Te who fell on himself, and patted the back of the young man in his arms with his right hand.

“Don’t make trouble.” He said as the long eyelashes drooped slightly and he looked at the person in his arms.

He held Miao Te’s arm, and he raised his other hand to stroke the soft brown hair on the back of the boy’s head.

He pondered for a while, as if thinking about what he should say next in a kind of situation that he had never experienced before. After thinking for half a minute, he seemed to have made a decision.

He then said, “Be good.” As he said this, he rubbed the youth’s hair again.


He touched his head and said the sentence that caused the youth in his arms to stiffen before he could start to protest.

The red-haired major who was secretly watching the scene next to him was completely stunned silly.

Damn. Boss, are you okay?!

Boss, are you really okay?

Boss, did you know that your expression, what you are doing, and what you said just now–it looked like someone coaxing their lover! Why are you so skilled?

You have obviously been single for so many years, how could you suddenly mastered such high-end skills without a teacher?


And Boss, is it really okay for you to coax someone in front of me?

Don’t you know that you have to do these kinds of things privately? You know, you’ll curse other people’s eyes to go blind at this point!

Major Robin, who’s jaw was about to fall to the ground, was still exhausting his empty stomach to vomit with his thoughts, when suddenly, a sharp and urgent alarm sounded from all sides.

And at the same time, a dazzling red light flashed.

The dazzling red light illuminated the young major general’s face, his gaze slightly stilled. The slender phoenix eyes reflected the red light, showing that it’s ends was now raised into a sharp arc.

“Follow.” He whispered in a cold voice as he let go of Miao Te’s arm and walked away.

The white cloak flew up at the instant he turned and fell slowly, reflecting the red light that went with the alarm.

Miao Te, whose brain has crashed because of the major general’s “be good”, had not yet responded. The red-haired major next to him whistled and had already excitedly followed closely with large strides.

The two of them walked very fast, causing him to fall into a daze. They had already been about ten meters away from Miao Te when he returned from his dazed state and quickly ran to catch up.

“What happened?”

He dared not to provoke the cold-faced major general at this moment, so he whispered to the red-haired major instead.

Robbin glanced at him and grinned.

“An enemy attack.” He said, looking carefree.

“Yoho, it’s time to exercise again!”

He seemed to be smiling carefreely as he said this, but the fierce light that his eyes emitted at this moment was like that of a wolf’s that smelled blood and proceeded to ran eagerly towards its prey.


Chapter 9 Preview: In this vast universe, life is such a fleeting thing.

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    Too afraid to speak because of fear.


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