Chapter 18

Early in the morning, loud laughter erupted from the high-end dining hall dedicated to officers.

The red-haired Major whose forehead was against the table couldn’t stop laughing.

Each day has been a lot more interesting since this little guy came.

Thought Robin who couldn’t stop laughing and was lying on the table without a care for his image, squinting at the little guy who had provided him with so much entertainment in the past few days.

“You can do it.” He said with a grin.

“At first I exercised at five times the gravity at most, up to six times, then ten times the gravity. Until now, I have only seen the Boss this pervert……cough, no, what I meant to say is I have only seen the Boss this mighty one move freely under the force of ten times gravity.”

He squinted and said, “Then you, with just your small body, dared to go up to ten times gravity, oh damn hahahaha——and you’re not crushed to death——”

With that said, he couldn’t stop laughing again.

It was said that yesterday he had to find the Boss for something, but as a result he came upon a scene that scared him to turning around and fleeing for fear of the Boss kicking him out for disturbing the Boss’ personal interests.

He was not in a hurry to find the Boss anyway. He just wanted to grind the Boss and have him upgrade the attack weapon equipment of his fleet, that’s all.

Back in his room, he was so excited that he wasn’t able to fall asleep for most of the night. Since following Boss, he has only been able to see the Boss’ cold abstinence. So when he saw, how can he not eat this scene looking like fireworks between people? Who knows that once that room was opened an awesome scene would suddenly be showed——looking at the little guy that seemed to have been given a tossing——tch tch.

So, because of privately pondering upon his Boss’ gossip, the Major who haven’t slept for hours woke up in the morning yawning as he went for breakfast.

As soon as he arrived at the dining hall, he saw Miao Te who had just ordered bread, and suddenly, his eyes widened in amazement, his face held an expression of disbelief.

“You can actually still get up?”

He glanced at the little guy’s down there with incomparably subtle eyes.

With Robin’s words and gaze, Miao Te instantly emitted smoke from his seven apertures.

He didn’t even care about the hot bread that had just arrived and quickly explained yesterday’s misunderstanding first in order to save this mouth with no filter from spilling it to everyone.

If this guy spreads the story then he would really be finished.

When he heard that he misunderstood it, Major Robin, who was not afraid of bringing chaos in the world, pouted, a little regretful.

He was originally happily planning to have a meal today and spread the Boss’ gossip with them at the same time, but now, it’s no fun anymore and really boring instead.

However, when he heard Miao Te said that he was lying down on his stomach under the pressure of ten times gravity, this little regret was instantly thrown out of the clouds of the ninth heavens and Robin opened his mouth and laughed.

This little guy is very good ah.

Those elites under his command usually exercise under triple gravity mode, the ones who were a bit better were under quadruple gravity, and he was only under five times. In addition, these modes are challenged step by step from twofold, threefold, fourfold, and so on.

He did not expect this little arms and little calves to actually enter, and under ten times gravity at that.

It wouldn’t be strange if he was crushed to death.

The ignorant are fearless indeed.

The teenager knew that the cat was now out of the bag, and expressed that he didn’t want to pay attention to the laughing red-haired major beside him.

He just felt that instead of being seen by this major who he knew has no filter on his mouth and spread around that he got laid by Major General, he would rather it be known by everyone that he was laid down by ten times the gravity.

He held his breath, took out the red fruit jam he boiled yesterday and wiped it on the bland bread. With big bites, the big loaf was cleaned in a few mouthfuls.

Turning grief into appetite——

But also because the jam coated bread was delicious.

The red-haired major was still laughing to the side, not even thinking about eating, but suddenly, a sweet and sour fragrance drifted over.

Robbin sniffed and only felt the fragrance and the sweetness.

He looked again and saw the excellent appearance of the bread in the youth’s hand. Baked into a golden yellow, crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside, and feels great to smell.

However, the appearance is the only thing that’s appetizing

Robin couldn’t count how many times he has eaten this, but it was clear that no matter how good-looking the bread made by AIs was, the bite was always dry and tasteless.

At this moment, the golden bread in the little guy’s hand was smeared with something that he can’t identify. The color was red and bright like the delicate red fruit, and it dripping on the crispy yellow bread skin was beautiful.

The thick, sweet scent drifted over and made Robin instantly feel hungry.

As soon as his eyes shifted, his gaze fell on the glass jar of red jam on the table.

“What is this?” He said while pointing at the jam, with an undisguised expression of wanting to eat on his face.

Miao Te did not give him any directly, but it doesn’t mean he was being stingy.

After all, Robin is different from him who intends to transfer to a civilian office. Robin is a professional soldier. It was also said that he belongs to the elite fleet, so he must maintain a strong body and firm muscles.

“It’s fine. Today’s training is changed to six times gravity.”

The red-haired major said with a big grin as he unceremoniously reached out for the jar of jam and took a piece of bread to spread it over on.

With a bite, Robin’s eyes lit up instantly.

A bite of the bread’s crispy crust on the outside and the soft texture on the inside brings with it a sweet taste.

Crunchy, sweet, and with a bit of sourness it just happens to neutralize the sweetness so that people won’t feel it too cloying, and also accelerate the secretion of saliva in the mouth.

He bit down and he just felt full of sweetness, but still he ate the jam-coated bread in a few mouthfuls, licking the jam left on his fingers with dissatisfaction.

“You made it?” Robin asked.

It was quite clear that his Boss lacks the desire of the tongue, so no one would be so bored as to do things like give the Boss or serve him food.

“My grandfather taught.”

“Unfortunately it’s too sweet.” The red-haired major pouted.

“……” Miao Te hesitated a bit before opening his mouth to say, “There’s also some unsweetened ones.”

He should be able to make spicy meat sauce and the like.

“I can make it for you, but …”

He leaned over and stared at Robin, then said, “You have to promise me that you will never tell anyone about the matter yesterday.”

Although between two devils you have to take the right1Between two devils take the right: compromise and take the option with the least disadvantages. Miao Te planned to stop the gossip about him and the major general from spreading by giving another less humiliating information to Robin., it would be much better if he could stop the news that he was pressed down by ten times gravity from spreading too.

“No problem!”

Robin grinned and reached out for Miao Te’s shoulders.

“My mouth is the tightest, you can rest assured.”

He said so completely forgetting the fact that just a while ago he was planning to spread the Boss’ gossip today.

He hugged Miao Te’s shoulders causing his head to be side by side to Miao Te affectionately. They looked like a pair of good brothers.

“So don’t forget, just give me tomorrow——”

Before the words were finished, the automatic metal door of the dining hall opened with a shua and the cold faced young major general appeared at the doorway.

“Ah, Boss.” Robin shouted instinctively.

As soon as he shouted, he saw his family’s Boss glance towards him.

The slender phoenix eyes seemed to have just given a casual glance, a seemingly careless glance with no emotion to be seen.

But Robin inexplicably felt that his right hand was stinging like it was being pricked by needles which caused his instincts to move faster than his thinking. He shook his hand off of Miao Te’s shoulder and shrank back in one click.

The black-haired major general stepped forward, and as a matter of course sat down on the seat beside the two.

With slender legs crossed as he leaned back against the back of the chair.

A round silver-white metal saucer flew over almost at the instant he sat down, hovering beside Taylor and within his reach. On top of the saucer is a cup of light blue tea which exudes heat and emits a light fragrance.

“What’s the something?” He took a sip of the tea and asked lightly.

Miao Te was still biting at the bread while Robin had already pondered on it.

Is Boss asking him about the something he had to report to him last night?

As soon as this matter was mentioned, the red-haired major was instantly in high spirits.

“Boss you see, our equipment is outdated so can you change it to a better one?” He happily stepped forward and said.

“The Destroyer Fleet’s last change of equipment was no less than a year ago.”

Taylor said eyeing the jar of jam on the table that was already half empty.

Then the slender phoenix eyes narrowed slightly as it glanced at Miao Te whose head was buried in the jam-coated bread.

The Major General began to consider if he should take away the remaining half of the jam, just like the half of steak that was taken and thrown yesterday.

“But Boss, you don’t know how fast weapons are being replaced nowadays——what’s only been a year——has it been more than year? We are now outdated. Look at the new equipment of the Navalier fleet last time. How much trouble did their space jump disrupting instrument gave to us? We need to be equipped with anti-jamming devices. The capacity of our fleet’s shield booster also needs to be increased, it’s too small. More importantly, the power of the magnetic railgun on the battleship is insufficient and the caliber needs to be increased. It is said that the Phil Institute has developed a cannon with increased range, we cannot fall behind——”

When talking about the fleet’s equipment, Robbin suddenly overflowed with things to say, wishing that all the best things can be piled on his team.

He fights regardless of the logistics so he naturally didn’t know that the horror of the cost of the equipment change of the Destroyer Fleet a year ago was enough for Lieutenant Colonel Via to have a black face for a week.

You spendthrift who refuses to return as long as you don’t shoot all of your bullets! Do you know that what you’re consuming in one strike is of a frigate’s!

If Via were here now, he would have roared at Robin like this.

En, can’t understand a thing.

The teenager, who knew nothing about what Robin was saying, expressed that it was none of his business and so continued to bury his head on the bread.

In the face of Robin’s brainwashing thoughts, the black haired major general still sat firmly and motionless without care.

He took another sip of the hot tea.

“Talk to Via.”

He said that with a cold look and an indifferent tone as the fine, shiny black hair fell on the corners of his slender eyes.

With these words, Robin, who had been injected with chicken blood just now was instantly mute.

It was because he knows that Via that stingy guy would definitely not agree with him, so he wanted to come to Boss. As long as Boss agreed, Via would obey the order even if he was unhappy.

Speak of the devil and the devil arrives. Robin was still slandering stingy Via in his stomach, when a transparent hologram suddenly popped up in front of everyone.

The blue-haired lieutenant colonel’s face immediately appeared in the hologram.

“Lord Major General, Ishtar is about to arrive at the Mia’s Star Domain.”

The black-haired major general hummed en and stood up.

He turned around and walked a few steps then stopped.

“Follow.” He glanced at the boy who was motionless, and said.

“Ah? Aren’t I going to the history research department….”

The thought of going to see the old scholars seriously study little yellow book while he could only hold back his stomach full of vomit, Miao Te had an epiphany, feeling tired and unloved.

“There’s no need today.”

Taylor said, simple and clear.

“So follow me.”



The silver-blue Ishtar ship was slowly traversed through the universe. Its spiral propellers slowly rotated, occasionally colliding with the meteorite fragments in the universe which send out a flash of sparks at the impact, spreading light spots. .

Like a huge silver fish2银鱼: Google says this is whitebait swimming leisurely among the sea of ​​stars, drawing a touch of silver and blue through the dark starry sky.

Major General Taylor’s fleet has entered the Mia Galaxy.

This Mia galaxy, which has been under the control of the noble family of Mia for generations, is a major force in the current Empire. The present old Marquis of Mia also occupies a pivotal position in the Empire.

With the voyage of the Flagship Ishtar, the core planet of the Mia Galaxy which is also the planet that the family has lived in for generations——Mia Star is already in sight.

Standing at the front desk and watching Mia Star which was gradually enlarging in front of him, the youth’s eyes were opened wide, revealing a look of awe.

The Mia star is known as one of the most beautiful planets in the Empire.

No matter when, its body is covered with two thin and long tulle. Just like the plumage of a heavenly goddess, it is flying up and spreading wavy arcs in the starry sky, winding softly and lightly around the planet.

Those two tulle-like feather coats danced around the planet as if being blown by the wind, shifting with magnificent brilliance and letting the pale yellow sphere appear amidst the tulle, partly hidden and partly visible, giving a kind of hazy and unreal beauty.

“This planet is so beautiful.”

Miao Te couldn’t help but sigh as he watched the planet half hidden and half visible amidst the flying tulle without blinking.

He was been following with Taylor all this time so the admiration was naturally heard by Taylor.

The young major general glanced at the little guy beside him and saw his black pupils shining brightly as he stared at Mia star, showing his admiration.

Does it look good?

He thought, looking up at the pale yellow planet in front of him that seemed to be hiding in tulle.

The blue planet that quietly revolves in the dark universe emerged in his mind, the blueness that seems to enter the deepest part of the human heart, that soft and peaceful blue.


Your Earth looks more beautiful.

The Major General wanted to say so.

But he had just spoken a word when he suddenly realized that they currently have a large audience. In addition, the fact that the spiritual environment of this child contains the image of the earth is not suitable for too many people to know.

Therefore, he omitted the word Earth.

“……looks more beautiful.”

As soon as Major General Taylor’s words came to an end, the whole hall was silent for a moment.

The entire space seemed to freeze at this moment, and almost everyone who heard this sentence froze on the spot.

Several female soldiers subconsciously held their faces, feeling the wild beating of their hearts and the heat that seemed rushed up their face and ears.

The miserable youth grimaced as he looked at the Major General beside him, and his eyes corners twitched uncontrollably.

Major General, I know what you wanted to say.

I know you wanted to say that the Earth in my memory looks more beautiful——but omitting the Earth?

I know you omitted the word Earth for confidentiality so as to not let the others know


Major General, do you really not know the consequences of omitting these two words?

En, Major General the consequence of omitting the word Earth in your words was——

That the sentence everyone heard was——

【You, look more beautiful. 】

Aiyaya, I didn’t expect that the Lord Major General, who was expressionless and so cool and cold all day long would be such a Sue when speaking words of love, such a Sue ah~~~3Sue: From Mary Sue which often describes the concept of over-perfect and over-beautiful TV dramas. As a popular buzzword on the Internet, the term is often used to describe boys who are handsome, gentleman, have a good voice… and so on. It can easily arouse a girl’s heart and their infatuation, making their whole body soft and uncontrollably excited.

The female soldiers with wild heartbeats and red ears were thinking about this as they unconsciously held their cheeks that turned hot.


The tired and unloved teenager expressed that he didn’t want to talk to Major General and only wanted to throw a blind eye on Major General.


Chapter 19 Preview: The youth thought that he should think about how to restore his reputation

  • 1
    Between two devils take the right: compromise and take the option with the least disadvantages. Miao Te planned to stop the gossip about him and the major general from spreading by giving another less humiliating information to Robin.
  • 2
    银鱼: Google says this is whitebait
  • 3
    Sue: From Mary Sue which often describes the concept of over-perfect and over-beautiful TV dramas. As a popular buzzword on the Internet, the term is often used to describe boys who are handsome, gentleman, have a good voice… and so on. It can easily arouse a girl’s heart and their infatuation, making their whole body soft and uncontrollably excited.


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