Chapter 9

Lian Yu leaned half of his body on Cen Zhen’s shoulders as if he had no bones. He doesn’t have a red brooch on him, and there’s no way a seventh-grade Sentinel has co-curricular courses in the White Tower. No clue how this man slipped himself into the White Tower during the school year.

However, there is one clear thing, which is Lian Yu’s target for this trip. After he casually said that sentence, he disregarded everyone else, and stared solely at Cen Zhen with burning eyes and said: “Cen Zhen, I know your spiritual body is a……”

Before Cen Zhen could shake him off, Fan suddenly took a step forward to grab Lian Yu’s shoulder, but Lian Yu reacted quickly. Even though he only had Cen Zhen’s profile in his eyes, he still swiftly avoided Fan’s hand, and fiercely counterattacked with a hand knife.

Fan suffered from pain, but still shouted out the anger welling up in his throat: “Don’t touch him!”

Cen Zhen: “…..”

Cen Zhen: “?”

Who should not touch who?

Everyone present have heard more or less about the rumor that ‘Cen Zhen’ pursued Fan and Fan hated ‘Cen Zhen’, but as soon as Fan said don’t touch him, everyone found that the reality seemed to be completely different from the rumors. Fan didn’t seem as indifferent about Cen Zhen’s feelings as the rumor presents.

At least Fan has a very strong possessive desire for Cen Zhen, and possessive desire is the strongest external expression a Sentinel shows for a Guide they like.

Yao Jin’s expression was very vivid, as if he was using a dialog box to announce his inner thoughts to the public: Wow, you lied to me that you hate this Guide. I didn’t expect you to be a duplicity tsundere.

Hong Xing looked left and right pretending to be surprised, and stepped forward to pull Fan aside, admonishing him not to fight here. After all, it is too common for Sentinels to start a fight over Guides.

As for Lian Yu who was warned by Fan, he was almost like a fox stealing fish. Before he stood up straight, he deliberately rubbed against Cen Zhen’s clothes, and then proudly folded his arms around his chest, and said provocatively to Fan: “Who are you, what right do you have to tell me not to touch him?”

Since Lian Yu no longer leaned on him, Cen Zhen didn’t say anything. The current development of the plot has completely deviated from the original novel. In this chapter of the novel, there is neither Lian Yu nor Fan, and Hongxing was just a supporting role with no lines who has just shown up ……

“He asked me out for dinner.” Fan raised his jaw confidently, “You’re Lian Yu? I watched the playback of yesterday’s match-making party. You have a hard time finding a GUide because of your narrow mental domain, but 60.19% compatibility, he-ha, it makes people laugh when you say it out loud. By the way, I have 81.64% compatibility with him, so I advise you to mind yourself and don’t come near Cen Zhen ever again in the future. “

“Did you ask him out for dinner?” Lian Yu turned his head and asked Cen Zhen, and although Fan looked confident from the outside, he felt insecure on the inside. He was telling the truth but he did conceal the time. It was three months ago when Cen Zhen last invited him on a date. He scoffed at him at the time and didn’t reply at all, because of that, he was afraid that Cen Zhen might deny it in a fit of anger, so Fan hurriedly said, “Cen Zhen, I accept your invitation.”

“No.” Cen Zhen shook his head. He didn’t understand how he became the main character in this scene. The male lead Yao Jin hadn’t had his turn to speak for a long time, and Pan the second male lead was even more pitiful, he’s basically just a background now. With a face full of confusion, Pan has no clue what’s going on. Instead, Cen Zhen the cannon fodder who died early in the story is now the center of attention and tension, with men on his left and right.

Cen Zhen was not interested in knowing what kind of psychological mutation Fan had undergone during the past three months that made him suddenly want to pursue him. He just wanted to quietly create a sense of presence in front of the male leads, and then disappear.

“You—” Fan was furious and wanted to curse, but Hong Xing grabbed his shoulders and took him to the back. Yao Jin was pushed to the front and didn’t know how to explain the situation, so all he could do was to ask for help from Pan with eyes full of embarrassment. The most innocent and dazed person in the crowd is definitely Pan, and when Yao Jin requests his help, he panics.

Lian Yu on the other hand smiled and whispered to Cen Zhen: “Nice job, little kitty.”

While he spoke, a huge golden lion walked around Cen Zhen’s legs. It looked like it was patrolling its territory with a proud look. As soon as Lian Yu finished speaking, the lion flicked its tail majestically and disappeared into the air.

“……” Cen Zhen had the urge to pin Lian Yu to the ground and beat him up. ‘Cen Zhen’s’ spiritual body is a beautiful pure white Persian cat with pupils of two different colors, one golden and one blue, dignified and elegant. There is a detailed record of this in ‘Cen Zhen’s’ student file. Lian Yu obviously spent the night digging through ‘Cen Zhen’s’ information from top to bottom and couldn’t wait to come over early in the morning to show it off.

After Hong Xing had finished persuading Fan, he came over to make friends with manners. He walked up to Cen Zhen and said softly, “Cen Zhen, there were many misunderstandings between Fan and you due to various reasons, and I know there was a lot of bad gossip too. I think you have indeed been hurt a lot, but it would be a pity if you missed out on a Sentinel who has 80% compatibility with you because of this. Fan is sincerely asking for your understanding now, and I hope you can give him another chance.”

If it wasn’t for the spoiler, knowing that Hong Xing is a duplicitous, jealous, and vicious Sentinel, even someone like Cen Zhen would not leave a bad impression on him. The relatable friend who always looks after his annoying trouble-making friends with no complaints or regrets. He is a true genius in acting that will make countless actors feel ashamed.

Cen Zhen couldn’t help but take another look at Hong Xing, trying to catch the slightest flaw in his expression, but the next moment, Lian Yu suddenly pulled him back.

“You want to enter the snake’s lair just after leaving the shark’s den?”

Fan’s spiritual body is a white shark, while Hong Xing’s is a python. Lian Yu’s words are quite informational. Cen Zhen couldn’t help staring at him but found that his acting skills are just as good as Hong Xing’s. Lian Yu pursues his lips slightly, looking innocent and pure.

Can’t everyone be a little more sincere?

In the end, the class bell came to the rescue. Fan gave Lian Yu a warning look, and was reluctantly dragged away by Hong Xing; Yao Jin scratched his head and said ‘See you next time’ to Pan as he ran away; Pan on the other hand stood in a daze watching Yao Jin’s figure completely fade into the distance before reluctantly turning his head……Then he found the Sentinel with long light-blond hair was still trying to bother Cen Zhen and refused to leave.

“Let me see the kitty, just one look.”

“Fxxx off”

“Pity me please~ Let me see the kitty, QAQ”

“……” Cen Zhen put on a cold face, his patience reached the limit, and it seemed like he would have started the fight long ago if he didn’t know he couldn’t win.

Pan timidly went up to rescue Cen Zhen, “Hi there… class will start soon, shouldn’t you also…” 

“I skipped class.” Lian Yu said naturally, “Why do you have to go to class, class is so boring.”

“Uh… But Cen Zhen and I are going to class.” Pan desperately winked at Cen Zhen, “We’ll be leaving first… Then, goodbye!” Pan had PTSD from the last time he tried to pull Cen Zhen but he stood motionless like a stone statue, so this time, he just slightly pulled on Cen Zhen’s sleeve, walked a few steps, and watched Cen Zhen and Lian Yu nervously.

Cen Zhen complied with Pan’s expectations. He pushed Lian Yu’s shoulders away with his arms and followed Pan to their respective classrooms. Lian Yu didn’t stop him, and he didn’t catch up, which made Cen Zhen sure that things were not that simple. When he turned around, he saw Lian Yu smiling and waving to him, “See you in a bit.”

Cen Zhen didn’t respond, but Pan suddenly felt hectic, and when they turned around the corner, Pan immediately said in a hurry: “What does he mean by seeing you in a bit? Is that Sentinel planning to guard you until you get out of class? OM…..That’s so scary. Cen Zhen, I don’t think he is a good person, you don’t like him, do you?”

“You don’t think he’s a good person?” Cen Zhen asked back, but Pan was taken aback by his question and said dully, “…Could it be that I misunderstood?”

“No.” Cen Zhen retracted his gaze and shook his head, “He is indeed a bad person, I suggest you stay away from him.” Hong Xing alone is enough to cause trouble, plus a suspicious Dark Sentinel 1802 that shouldn’t appear here, he’s afraid that Yao Jin would be played so hard that he could not hold on to his sunny persona, and collapses into darkness.

Pan’s eyes widened because of Cen Zhen’s words, and after a while, he was very surprised and said sincerely: “Thank you! Thank you for your advice, I will remember it.” Then he waved his hand happily, ” My classroom is here, Cen Zhen goodbye.”

“……” Cen Zhen didn’t understand what was there to be happy about. However, what he didn’t understand the most was what was going on in Lian Yu’s mind. It’s just a spiritual body, what’s so interesting about it? Why is he so desperate to see it?

According to the amount of reading he has done with the mindset of “As long as you’re alive, learn until you’re dead” in the past three months, there are no rumors regarding if anything special will happen if a Sentinel sees a Guide’s Spiritual body. It’s very common and nothing special. Not sure why Lian Yu valued it so much.

Since Lian Yu said to see him in a bit, it’s probably going to happen for sure. After class, Cen Zhen ate lunch calmly and when he passed by the supermarket, he went in and grabbed some plain bread. As soon as he opens the door to his dorm room, what welcomes him is rainstorm white noise and a lion’s cuddling and barb licking.

Cen Zhen managed to handle the 200-kilogram weight easily, but he couldn’t bear the barb. Fortunately, the lion knew the limit and stopped soon. The tongue fell on Cen Zhen’s clothes, and its saliva got it all wet.


Seeing that Cen Zhen’s face was extremely livid, Lian Yu hurried over to snatch the bread in his hand, quickly tore open the package, and stuffed it into his mouth hungrily, “You prepared this for me because you know I got nothing to eat, huh? Dear Cen Zhen, you are so kind.”

“Spit it out.”

At this time, Lian Yu had already swallowed the last bite down his throat, as if he had never eaten anything in his life, he threw the wrapping paper into the trash can, turned his head, and stared at Cen Zhen silently for a while, and suddenly said: ” Why didn’t you ask me how I got in?”

Cen Zhen continued to sort out the class notes in the terminal without raising his head, “I don’t have anything to ask, the fact is that you’re here, and I already guessed that you would be here.”

“Aren’t you going to kick me out?”

“Will you leave if I kick you out?”

“No.” As he spoke, Lian Yu laughed to himself, rolling on the bed and clutching his stomach.

Cen Zhen knew this would be the answer. He used his mind power to block the distracting noise from Lian Yu and focused on his notes.

“Cen Zhen,” Lian Yu half-raised his upper body, and called Cen Zhen’s name meaningfully. The image of the Guide’s upright sitting posture was reflected in his eyes, and his speech was as slow as an unopened blade as if he was tasting the aftertaste of each syllable as he spoke, “……You are very different from the rumors.”

“……” Cen Zhen stopped what he was doing but still did not raise his head.

“It’s like…” Lian Yu walked slowly to Cen Zhen’s side, “You’re a different person.”

This is already an obvious hint, especially in the ears of Cen Zhen who has really changed a spirit. It just so happens that he was also doubting Lian Yu’s identity, otherwise, it would be impossible to explain Lian Yu’s behavior that is completely inconsistent with the plot. Well, at least other people’s actions have some kind of traces, but this long-haired Sentinel acts like someone the screenwriter forced in to steal the show.

Cen Zhen simply raised his head and looked at Lian Yu, and asked, “Lian Yu, if Putin has a spiritual body, what would it most likely be in your opinion?”

“……” Lian Yu froze, “Putin?”

“Yes, his full name is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

Lian Yu: “……”

Lian Yu: “???”

Looking at the Sentinel’s face of, “You Fxxxing crazy, or are you pretending to be crazy to scare me off?” ’, Cen Zhen was sure that this person did not transmigrate like himself, at least not from the same place as him.


Original Author’s Note:


Tell me what Putin’s spiritual body might be! Loud and clear please!!!!!


Translator’s note:


This chapter was so hard to translate >< I tried my very best, please let me know if anything sounds awkward.


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